A Comprehensive Bear Mattress Review

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Whether you are into sports or not, the affordability and high quality of the Bear Mattress cannot be ignored. This Bear Mattress Review will take you through the details of this impressive and luxurious mattress.

And because they build and produce in the United States and do not take advantage of any overseas middlemen, Bear offers you direct-from-the-factory prices on their specialized mattresses.

Basically, you are getting a premium and luxurious bed for much lower than you would under any normal circumstances. If you were to take your time visiting a mattress retailer, you would have to pay a lot more for a foam mattress of this quality—or maybe even a second-rate one.

Alternatively, most of the Bear’s cost goes into its premium materials, which are, for the most part, difficult to find in the traditional mattresses that you may have tried at the store. High quality, graphite-infused foam and a cover woven with Celliant fibers are not usual features at this price point.

The Bear mattress distinguishes itself from its competitors since it is essentially formulated for active people and athletes. But of course, it can also support you with a restful sleep to the laziest of us.

The Bear mattress is part of the impressive new generation of American mattresses that markets directly to the public, minimizing the cost and final price greatly, without sacrificing and forgoing quality. Also, it brings a lot of innovation in the mattress industry.

Introduction: Bear Mattress Review

The Bear Mattress is a bed made with athletes and active people in mind. It has several unique features that are intended to enhance and improve recovery after a tiring and active day. Aside from this fitness-centered design, the Bear mattress is built with eco-friendly and green materials by a distinguished company in the United States.

Furthermore, the free shipping and a generous trial make the Bear a solid option for anyone who needs a high-quality foam bed. The primary advantage of the Bear mattress is that it works well to people who, in particular, have an active lifestyle.

It is built around the concept of boosting recovery. And its design undoubtedly manifests this in both the way the layers are arranged and the materials used.

The Bear Mattress is composed of high-density memory foam with the inclusion of other premium materials, specially made for people who have an active lifestyle and for sports enthusiasts.

Bear is a popular name in the mattress industry, with a massive online presence and a collection of excellent reviews under their belt. Using their specialized Celliant technology, the Bear mattress provides a terrific solution to muscle recovery by taking advantage of heat-reactive fibers which boosts and enhances blood circulation.

As a result, this makes the Bear mattress perfect and ideal for those who have an active lifestyle, and the mattress is sold as such. However, that does not mean it evades on comfort. You will see in this post that the mattress also offers plenty of luxury.

Bear’s application of a gel-infused cooling foam layer, along with their breathable performance foam, makes the Bear mattress an interesting prospect for cool-sleeping. This mattress was made as the result of extensive testing by a team of athletes, in an effort to maximize recovery times.

With this kind of scientific innovation, Bear are offering an ordeal in the world of luxury, premium bedding. Moreover, Bear also gives a percentage of every sale to Good Sports – a fund that works to advocate healthy activities and sports for kids.

Purchasing a luxury mattress necessitates solid research, and an adequate knowledge of builds, materials, style, etc. This Bear Mattress Review will hand out everything you need to know about this mattress. So, read on, and find out if this is the perfect mattress for you.

About the Company

Bear started in the mattress business over twenty-five years ago. And the most significant and essential lessons learned were to create and build a first-class customer experience, provide top quality products and remarkable value.

Bear used those pillars as a bedrock or groundwork to develop Bear into a transparent, honest business that always puts the customer first.

You Might Like Bear If:

It is no secret that various mattresses target various consumers. And the story isn’t different with the Bear mattresses. Basically, you will like this mattress if:

  • You’re a physically active individual. – The Bear Mattress is a mattress that makes use of Celliant technology. It aims to ensure a fast recovery after intensive physical activity. Bear mattress is definitely a superb addition to a memory foam mattress.
  • You need an ultra-comfortable mattress. – There is no doubt that Bear Mattresses are some of the affordable yet very comfortable beds in the market today. Even the many reviews online speak for themselves.
  • You like the feel of a memory foam. – Unlike innerspring mattresses, memory foam has a different comfort and support structure, and the Bear mattress takes a very good advantage of this.
  • You’re looking for good value. – Unlike other brands, the Bear Mattress is 100% USA manufactured, which is typically shipped from the factory’s warehouse right to your doorstep. With that said, you can avoid the unnecessary and usual middleman costs associated with going through a retailer. So, that is why Bear offers the same luxurious qualities as other mattresses but at a fraction of their price.

You Might Not Like The Bear If:

  • You are a stomach sleeper. – The Bear mattress is medium-firm and does not offer the best support and foundation for stomach sleepers. If you sleep mostly in this kind of sleeping position, you may want to find a more supportive mattress.
  • You prefer a firmer mattress. – This mattress is about medium when it comes to firmness. As such, if you need extra, additional support or wish to have the feeling of a firmer mattress, the Bear mattress may be too soft for you.
  • You are not a fan of memory foam. – And this mostly applies to innerspring lovers. Do not expect to shift from your traditional spring mattress to a memory foam without noticing a significant change. This change can be either negative or positive depending on where you are coming from and, of course, your personal preferences.

Celliant Technology

In its maximum fundamental form, Celliant is a sort of synthetic fiber composed of thermo-active minerals. Reputedly (going by using their legitimate website) those minerals convert conventional body warmness (radiant power) into some distance-infrared strength this is despatched back to the body.

As far as Celliant era is going, these far infra-crimson rays play a good sized role within the recuperation of one’s body after a hard day exterior – i.E. Compared to other traditional mattresses accessible.

However before you’re tempted to suppose that this means you’ll be uncomfortably heated even as the use of this bed, consider it this manner: unlike ordinary infrared rays, ways-infrared rays do no longer pass on warmth so you shouldn’t have any problems experiencing sweaty nights with the undergo mattress.

Does it include harmful chemical substances?

The undergo bed is certified by using certiPUR-us, ensuring compliance with the subsequent strict environmental and fitness requirements:

  • Low emission (low VOCs) for indoor air satisfactory
  • Made without prohibited phthalates
  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDEs (dangerous flame retardants)
  • Made without mercury, lead or different heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde

Those materials are utilized by many producers and this certification is a assure of high-quality that goes way past the prison necessities.


The Bear mattress includes four foam layers growing in firmness as you pass down thru the mattress. They designed this bed the use of a few specific materials with the aim of enhancing the recuperation process by enhancing blood drift and preserving the sleeper from overheating.

Cover– The duvet could be very gentle and thin to assist with breathability. The element that units the bear mattress cover aside is that it’s far made with a cloth called Celliant which can also be observed in some wearing equipment and apparel. Undergo used Celliant – a fabric imagined to resource in recovery by using turning body warmness into infrared light which in flip could enhance blood drift for increased oxygen move and temperature law. I don’t recognize the science Celliant myself, so I endorse investigating it for your own if that is a huge component for your decision with this bed.

Top layer – The top layer is 1.5” of a graphite infused reminiscence foam with a density of four lbs. It does a good process of relieving stress and the graphite infusion is extraordinary at temperature law and preserving the sleeper from overheating. It additionally performs well at an extensive range of temperatures, which means it responds to pressure pretty uniformly throughout a huge range of temperatures.

Middle layers – The center of the bed is made from response layers. Both of these layers are product of 1” of undergoes proprietary response foam with a three lb density and provide a few leaps to the mattress as well as ensuring the sleeper won’t sense caught inside the mattress. These layers respond quickly to pressure and act as a transition from the soft reminiscence foam pinnacle layer to the base.

Base – the base layer is 6.Five” of poly foam with a 1.8 lb density. It’s very firm to aid the comfort layers above and lend some sturdiness to the mattress. A base layer like this is quite not unusual amongst foam mattresses.

Off gassing

This mattress doesn’t use any stinky volatile compounds, so the scent is neutral. According to the manufacturer, there is probably a totally mild scent whilst you open the shipping package, however, it will dissipate straight away.

Firmness and Support

As pointed earlier, this mattress comes with only one default firmness placing – approximately 6.Five out 10 on the traditional firmness scale ( 10 being the most inflexible/firm).

Although other than this, there’s a layer or a quick response foam that lines the outside of the bed that makes the undergo a tad more responsive than the same old/trendy reminiscence foam bed.

In quick, the incorporating of the response foam presents a completely unique change-off to the bear bed, such that as much you could sink in effortlessly inside the mattress, you will nevertheless now not get stuck or feel trapped inside the morning or after spending multiple hours on it.

To be specific, ninety% of beyond undergo mattress users felt that it had quite an amazing stability as far as stress and firmness are concerned.

This mattress comes with best one default firmness placing, rated at approximately 6.Five out of 10 at the traditional firmness scale. This makes it appropriate for various sleepers because it is taken into consideration medium company.

However, there’s also a layer of quick reaction foam that lines the outdoors of the mattress, making the bed more responsive than the same old reminiscence foam bed.

This is particularly centered to offer with consolation/support tradeoff of reminiscence foam, without sinking into the mattress an excessive amount of and experience stuck.

Usual, it seems that the creators of the undergo bed succeed to offer a balanced experience.

If you decide to purchase a endure bed, you have to anticipate the form of aid on the way to assist fast healing relieving pressure points, even as nurture for proper spine alignment, targeted lumbar guide and decrease shoulder pressure.

Usual, it works in this way in order to grow your power ranges so as that will help you respond to your worrying lifestyle.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer with the undergo bed is pretty minimum – almost none at all. Which makes it a great alternative for couples if one in all them if without problems disturbed by using shuffling or movement from the opposite one.

Bear Mattress Add-ons

Bear bed has introduced to its circle of relatives of merchandise with new add-ons, the bear pillow and undergo protector.

Endure pillow

The endure bed pillow the endure pillow is an all-sleep position pillow designed with ultimate cooling and restoration era.

The pillow obviously contours to the sleeper’s desired function, and offering aid of the top, neck, and backbone.

The twin mesh facet panels aid non-stop air-waft ensuing in an appropriate cool & dry sleep weather.

Bear protect

The endure mattress protector the bear shield bed protector gives a five-sided, water-resistant, breathable cowl that enables you to sleep cool.

The heiQ adaptive material generation works with undergoing mattress’ Celliant era to move moisture and heat far from the frame.

The bear pillow and undergo protector offer high-quality options for all of us seeking out a cooler, extra restorative sleep.

Edge Support

If you’re going to share a mattress and need to use the entire surface then edge support is something you are going to want to take a look at. Foam mattresses sometimes struggle to live up to the edge support of traditional innerspring mattresses, so I wanted to have a look at how I would feel near the side of the mattress.

Lying near the edge of the mattress I felt even support from the center to the side. I was also confident I wouldn’t roll out of bed when changing positions near the side of the bed. I also felt support when hanging off the bed a little bit and didn’t see much compression in this position.

This position is to simulate maybe getting ready in the morning or getting into bed at night and with all of my weight concentrated on the side of the mattress, there is some compression, which is pretty common among foam mattresses. Overall I would say the Bear mattress has pretty good edge support.


The following are the current Bear mattress prices, including our exclusive coupon code TED60 which gives you a $60 discount on any size!

Size Price
Twin $540
Twin XL $640
Full $740
Queen $840
King $940
Cal King $940


Shipping, trial, warranty, return

The Bear Mattress offers free shipping, and like most online mattresses comes compressed in a box. So far, the company only ship in the US, however, intends to support free shipping to CA in future.

The Bear Mattress offers many of the same benefits that the online-only mattress companies offer, including:

  • 100 Night Risk-Free Trial You can return it within 100 days, no questions asked, for a full refund.
  • Made 100% in the USA
  • The company is committed to care and share. It provides charitable giveback on each mattress sale.
  • Offers 10 Year Warranty – typical for industry standards

Final Verdict

The Bear mattress speaks consolation and nice, especially in case you have interaction in a lively way of life and is a superb option, particularly for memory foam fanatics.  The Celliant technology is without a doubt fascinating and coming at this fee tag concentrated on athletes, you should, in reality, don’t forget it as amongst your top picks.


Whether you are into sports activities or no longer, the affordability and excessive best of the endure bed cannot be neglected. This endures mattress assessment will take you through the information of this spectacular and costly mattress.

And due to the fact they construct and bring inside the united states of America and do no longer take gain of any remote places middle guys, bear offers you direct-from-the-manufacturing unit fees on their specialized mattresses.

Basically, you are becoming a top class and costly bed for much lower than you would beneath any everyday situations. In case you had been to take some time traveling a mattress retailer, you would pay lots extra for a foam mattress of this first-rate—or perhaps even a 2d-charge one.

Alternatively, most of the bear’s cost is going into its top rate substances, which might be, for the maximum part, hard to discover within the traditional mattresses that you could have attempted at the shop. High excellent, graphite-infused foam and a cowl woven with Celliant fibers aren’t standard functions at this charging point.

The endure mattress distinguishes itself from its competitors since it is basically formulated for lively humans and athletes. However, of a route, it could also support you with a restful sleep to the laziest folks.

The endure mattress is a part of the incredible new generation of Yankee mattresses that markets immediately to the public, minimizing the fee and very last price significantly, without sacrificing and forgoing first-class. Additionally, it brings lots of innovation in the bed enterprise.

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