Parenthood is the most extravagant as well as the most stressful level of human life that a particular individual will encounter.  Becoming a parent is both a privilege as well as a responsibility. You will experience how a single baby can drastically change your perspectives, philosophy, and standpoint towards life and having a baby equates to duties because you are accountable to that being and a single baby deserves to be loved, to be cared by their parents, and to be showered with his or her needs. Parents are always paranoid whether their babies are ok if the babies are still breathing if the babies are comfortable with their position and even a little noise that the babies made will make the parents panic and checking your babies from time-to-time is a very stressful thing. Furthermore, with the innovation of technology, the prevalence of the contemporary and modern markets and the introduction of security cameras, becoming a responsible parent became very easy and smooth. Besides, it is normal for newbie parents to get worried about their babies because the safety of the infants is no joke. Parents always feel that their babies are no longer safe and the only way to get rid of that feeling is to monitor their babies now and then.

Moreover, the innovation of sleep monitors for baby has become famous in the market because there is a higher percentage of parents who are looking for the best creation or invention that can monitor their babies even they are not around or the baby has a separated room. Moreover, it is a fact that some busy parents cannot check their babies from time-to-time due to piles of paper works and the approaching deadlines. Some parents are considering the idea of having a nanny to take care of their baby, but the best solution is to consider purchasing and installing the baby sleep monitor. Baby sleep monitor is the same when you talk about baby alarms. Both are a radio system that monitors the movements and the sounds of the infant and immediately check if something wrong is happening. Baby sleep monitor will allow the parents to keep tabs on their babies most importantly during sleeping hours because this baby sleep monitor will sound or create an alarm that will notify the parents that their babies may be in danger. This lifesaving feature of the baby sleep monitor is very appealing to the newbie parents who always get worried about their babies.


Purpose of the Product

Securing the safety of the babies is a complicated way to triumph mainly if you are a workaholic parent. Instead of relying on little protection that you can offer and depending on the sounds that your baby creates during bedtime or naptime, installing and purchasing baby sleep monitor is the best option in achieving full-blown security. Furthermore, the purpose of this product is to spread protection toward the babies and to assist the parents in allaying their worries. Also, the baby sleep monitor holds features that equate to its purpose. Most of the baby sleep monitor brands offer various functions which are priceless like breathe monitoring, movement monitoring and it monitors the baby if they are asleep or waking up. This is a huge of help not only for the baby’s protection but for the parents to have better sleep quality.

Furthermore, when you are planning to purchase and install a baby sleep monitor, here are some recommended ideas that you need to consider upon establishing:

  • Battery life of the baby sleep monitor: When you are planning to purchase and install a baby sleep monitor, always find the battery life of your chosen product. If you prefer a baby sleep monitor with lower battery span for lesser expenses, make it sure that you always check the battery percentage before sleeping.
  • Camera: Some parents don’t like the idea of installing a baby sleep monitor with the camera. There is also a baby sleep monitor that offers audio record only. However, for those who are more into installing baby sleep monitor along with camera make it sure that the included camera holds a high definition of footage and can be used even during the night.
  • Range capacity: In purchasing a baby sleep monitor, consider the range that your chosen baby sleep monitor can do. It will be a significant advantage if your baby sleep monitor offers more extended range capacity for broader protection.
  • Audio: During bedtime, it assumes that you will no longer look from time-to-time to the video recordings, the sound is essential to be considered upon purchasing because it is the one who will alarm and notify you individually during bedtime.
  • These recommended things in purchasing baby sleep monitor are more likely to assist you towards purchase the best baby sleep monitor brand for your baby. Moreover, you cannot just secure the safety of your baby but the safety of your family members as well.


How It Affects Sleep

Newbie parents are not comfortable in sleeping late at night and waking up early in the morning while taking care of an infant baby. Parents are always bothered on how to comfort their babies towards falling asleep quickly. Becoming a parent is a huge responsibility because you will probably sacrifice your usual sleeping quality to make sure that your baby is doing suitably and it increases your apprehension if you only have inadequate protection. Moreover, purchasing and installing baby sleep monitor in your home will enhance your sleep quality and opens the opportunity for the babies to sleep comfortably and to relax. The usage of baby sleep monitor is a great of help on keeping an eye on your baby and for you to lessen your worries. Besides, the advantage of having a baby sleep monitor at home is not only for the babies but for the parents as well. Also, it is a fact that parents will always check their baby due to their worries, hence, having poor sleep quality. When you have a baby sleep monitor at home, you can check and monitor your baby through your phone and even if you are away from the receiver. You can sleep at night easily knowing that your baby is comfortable and secure and you can bond with your other children as well.


Advantages and Disadvantages

The security of the baby is the topmost concern of each parent in this world and how can they monitor their baby from time-to-time to protect them and secure them from any means of harm. Furthermore, we cannot deny the fact that parents will always get paranoid when talking about their baby since babies are the most important blessing that the persons can ever receive. Baby sleep monitor allows the parents to check and monitor their babies if they are sleeping or awake. This also allows the parents to have extra time to continue their works and other responsibilities that also need their keen attention. Many are already aware of how baby sleep monitors can help the parents and can secure the babies, but it also holds a score of drawbacks as well. Baby sleep monitor can guarantee a full or broad measure of monitoring towards your babies, but it can be costly at the same time as well. If you are still confused if you will purchase and install baby sleep monitor or not, here is a list of baby sleep monitor’s advantages and disadvantages that might enlighten your mind.




Improves Parent’s Sleep Quality

It assumes that the newbie parents are always worried and paranoid regarding their babies safety and they tend to monitor their babies every five minutes if they can. Parents will always ensure that their babies are well supervised and comfortable particularly during sleeping hours. With this, parents are prone to having poor sleep quality since they tend to be awake to monitor their baby’s safety. Parents are considered incredible humans because they are never bothered whether they have enough sleep or not as long as their baby is beautiful. Moreover, baby sleep monitor is a stepping stone for a parent to improve their sleep quality because they have a device that can monitor their babies from time-to-time and can notify them if something wrong is happening to their babies. It allows them to sleep longer without worries in their minds and waking up in the morning feeling secured. Also, parents are stress about their works and other responsibilities; this baby sleep monitor will allow the parents to spend more time with their children at the same time monitoring their baby’s situation.


Lessen Your Stress

Parents will not only ensure the security of their family but the stable finances as well. They want to ensure that their children are eating three or more than times a day and ensuring that their children will experience what they have not experienced before. With that idea, to secure the finances of the family, parents will work harder to attain a more significant amount of salary. Some parents are also grabbing the opportunity to have multiple jobs to have a more substantial income to support their family. Furthermore, working for about eight hours or more than a day is already a stressful thing. Problems and complications might come your way that need and require your delicate attention and solution. There are often instances that you have to bring home your work to finish them within or before the deadline.

Moreover, parents who are already stressing at work and have a baby in their home should consider purchasing and installing the baby sleep monitor. As a parent, it is your responsibility to takes care and checks your baby every minute, hence, additional stressor. If you have a baby sleep monitor in your home, you will no longer review or monitor your baby by yourself from time-to-time because you can watch them through your device. Also, this baby sleep monitor will make a sound that will surely notify you if something wrong is happening towards your baby. With this, you can already focus on your bring home paper works and lessen your stress.


Ameliorate Peace of Mind

Having a greater peace of mind is a thing that newbie parents would have a hard time to attain. Parents will always doubt if their babies are well and still get worried if their baby is alright and comfortable. Because parents are worried about their babies, they will frequently check their baby’s situation if they are going through something or not. Having baby sleep monitor in your home will surely guarantee a broader peace of mind and alleviate your worries that makes your sleep quality poorer. If you purchase or install baby sleep monitor, you will attain a greater peace of mind because you are already aware that it will notify you if something wrong is happening towards your baby and will surely inform you with sounds. The baby sleep monitor will also allow you to keep tabs on your baby even if you are away and securing their comfortableness yet if you have separate rooms.


Keep Tabs on Your Hired Nanny

It is a fact that parents will surely work harder and work longer to have a higher or more significant income and to have stable finance. Some parents are lucky enough to have decent work or jobs that have a bigger salary and can provide their family more than what they need. Furthermore, some parents tend to hire nannies that will take care of their children and baby every time they away or at work and additional protection that parents always wanted to throw towards their precious sunshine. However, in today’s generation, it is not that easy to find a nanny that will do their job and responsibilities mainly if you are not around and the responsible nannies today are very hard to find and nowhere to be recognized. Moreover, if you already hired a nanny to take care of your baby and you still doubt towards her work and purpose of applying, you can check and keep tabs on them through your baby sleep monitor. It is hard for the parents to allow other individuals to take care of their little sunshine and they will often go home during lunch break or any break time to check on their baby. Baby sleep monitor will allow you to monitor your newly hired nanny through footage or video if they are doing their paid responsibilities and also to keep tabs towards your other children if they did their own assigned home chores.


Keeping Tabs towards Your Baby and Family

Parents always wanted the best for their babies but not just their babies but the best for their family as well. They want to secure that everything is going great and going adequately as it seems. A hard-working parent will surely have a lesser amount of time to monitor their family by themselves because they will focus more on their work and infant babies who need more the keen attention of the parents. Furthermore, having or installing baby sleep monitor will not only monitor your babies if they are great at all and if they are going through something but it allows the parents to watch their family as well. Besides, it is quite hard to monitor your family if you have a more significant number of family members and if you are a busy and hard-working type of parent.  If you want to secure if your baby is doing good and your other children are also doing their task and responsibilities at home, purchasing and installing baby sleep monitor is the best thing to do. You will now have alternative monitoring towards your family members and constant monitoring to your little sunshine to ensure its protection and situation.




Costly Prices

The utmost concern of the parents specifically the newbie parents is the security and protection towards their precious sunshine. They will always ensure that their babies are secured from any harm or any small feeling that will make their babies uncomfortable. Hiring a nanny to take care of your precious sunshine could also be a way but it is pretty hard to ensure their loyalty and if they are doing their responsibilities well.  Furthermore, installing a baby sleep monitor will surely alleviate the worries and doubts of the parents and can guarantee and the broader measure of protection. However, purchasing and installing baby sleep monitors are quite costly. Some parents would rely on a cheap baby sleep monitor without considering the features and its functionality. Securing the infant babies is very difficult and considering a reliable and robust measure of protection equates to costly prices. It is not recommended to consider installing cheaper baby sleep monitor particularly purchasing it from untrusted and unlicensed individuals. If you want to have active monitoring of your babies, you should also face a consequence of spending a more significant amount of money.


Maintenance is Important

Responsible parents will never wish to fail to protect their family and babies from any harm and danger that might arise. Some families and parents have already considered and believe that having a baby sleep monitor in the home can alleviate their worries. Furthermore, it is a fact and given that despite the higher competition between baby’s sleep monitor producers, there is still a top and high value towards the product and it remains costly. Furthermore, the money that you spend in purchasing and installing a baby sleep monitor is not only the thing that you need to pay. In having baby sleep monitor at home, it requires to be maintained regularly if you are looking forward to robust and stable monitoring towards your little sunshine.

Moreover, maintaining the quality of the baby sleep monitor equates to another set of payments as well. If you have a lesser salary amount every month and you don’t have another source of income at all, maintaining the quality of your baby sleep monitor will be a great hindrance in attaining extensive monitoring to your infant babies. However, when talking about protection and control towards your loved ones and particularly your babies, money should not be an issue.


False Alarms and Information

Protection and security is no joke for parents specifically if the safety and stability we are talking about are towards the baby infants. The baby’s welfare will always be a big deal and the first worries and concern of the fellow parents. However, we cannot deny the fact that in this world nobody is indeed perfect. Humans are continually committing sins and doing illegal actions.

Furthermore, if people are not perfect towards their actions and behavior, the baby sleep monitor is not excellent as well. Baby sleep monitor guarantees the parents the full monitoring towards their babies, but this device can commit false alarms also. In addition, if you are already in a deep sleep because you are confident that your baby is monitored and protected, you might be notify that your baby is going through something by sound alarm in the middle of the night and end up knowing that your baby is quite elegant and comfortable with his or her sleep. Baby sleep monitor is an invention that can commit false information to the parents, but the highlight of this invention is that it offers broader and broader monitoring towards your family members and baby that no one can ever.


Safety Precautions

Having a baby in a family will complete the puzzle towards finding the exact essence of getting married and building your own family. That is why we cannot blame the parents if they are always paranoid and if they quickly get panic when there is a presence of unusual sounds if it is coming from their baby’s room. Parents will do everything as long as the safety of their family and babies are always secured. Furthermore, the usage of baby sleep monitory drastically increases for the past couple of years because parents always wanted to add up more extensive protection particularly for their little sunshine. Besides, we cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of literate individuals who can easily create a baby sleep monitor that looks very authentic and original and can easily deceit the parents. In this case, parents will end up spending a more significant amount of money for nothing, and the goal is not attained.

Moreover, here is relinquish tips and precautions to armor and safeguard the security and protection of the baby infants:

  • In installing the baby sleep monitor, always make sure that the device you are going to purchase is not harmful to the baby. Always check the quality, the materials used and of course always check its features to avoid regrets after buying and installing baby sleep monitor.
  • Check regularly your baby sleep monitor to avoid various damaging phenomena that might happen towards your baby and always ensure that professionals or literate individuals periodically check your baby sleep monitor.
  • When you already decided to install baby sleep monitor, consider the idea of placing them in areas that make your other children incapable of reaching it. It is a fact that a typical child will always play on things that he or she see around them and there is nothing you can do when the damage has already done. That is why when you install baby sleep monitor; place it to higher areas of your home to prevent cons from occurring.
  • It is well deliberated that having and purchasing baby sleep monitor correlates to expenses. As a parent, always ensure that the financial status is still going adequately to maintain the quality of your baby sleep monitor, hence, consistent expansive security and protection.
  • Avoid purchasing baby sleep monitors from untrusted individuals and stores. Parents might be deceiving due to the device’s low price but always consider that your purpose of acquiring one is for the safety and protection of your baby. Money should not be an issue.
  • Make it sure that you are doing your responsibility towards regularly checking the electric wiring that is connected to your baby sleep monitor. It will not only prevent and protect your baby from any means of harm, but you can prevent fires and electrical damages from occurring.
  • Upon purchasing, check the features of the baby sleep monitor to attain your goal why you are purchasing such product and consider the idea to upgrade it for you to have comprehensive protection.

The above-given safety precautions are likely to provide the parents with comprehensive protection and preventing the damaging phenomena to arise. Also, these safety precautions will assist the parents on what they need to do when the baby sleep monitor is already installed, or parents are still considering the idea. Thus, establishing baby sleep monitor in your home will lessen your worries towards your baby, and you can have more time to improve your sleeping quality.  


Review of the Top Brands

The percentages of parents that are looking forward to having broader and broader monitoring towards their babies are increasing drastically. Protection to babies should never be left unattended, unnoticed and parents should not just rely on little protection. Parents are paranoid that anytime something terrible and unexpected happenings might occur towards their babies that are why consistent monitoring is a must, and it can assist your sanity. Furthermore, with the existence and prevalence of contemporary or modern markets, baby sleep monitors come with different sizes, design, priceless features, and appealing colors. Baby sleep monitor is a stepping stone in attaining holistic protection towards family members and little sunshine of the family.

Moreover, parents can choose their baby sleep monitor base on their favorite colors, designs, and sizes that will complement with the home’s design. However, even if the baby sleep monitor can offer a variety and comprehensive baby monitoring, it equates to spending money as well. We cannot deny the fact that baby sleep monitor is very effective monitoring, but maintenance is necessary if you want to maintain its quality and features.

After discussing and tackling about the things you need to know, quality and the functions regarding baby sleep monitor, it is now the accurate time that you should choose your baby sleep monitor to purchase and install. In selecting and choosing the best baby sleep monitor, make it sure that your choice or product chosen is based on your taste and the purpose why you are purchasing one. With this, here is a list of the top brand for the products that can help you choose the best. This selection will assist you in arriving with the right decision restrictively that we are talking about security and monitoring towards your babies.


Our best baby sleep monitors brands!


Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor


  • Battery life can last for about 10 hours
  • Can monitor temperature
  • Fantastic vision during night
  • Foot scope can reach up to 700
  • Can save power by turning on audio mode only
  • Talking function for two ways
  • The camera is adjustable using remote to the camera (zoom, pan, and tilt)

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is a product of Amazon and their number 1 best seller due to priceless reasons. The baby sleep monitor is using a camera that is wireless that allows the parents to stream hue or even the infrared recordings towards your babies that are sleeping and a bulky 3.5” LED display, hence, can be remotely tilted, pan and zoom to have a  better and wider view of footage. If you have a smaller family member, the foot scope that can reach up to 700 is not that big but huge enough for a smaller family. Also, the talking function can be experienced for two ways and allows the parents to notify their baby when they are crying even if they are from another room.

Furthermore, if you are looking for the best quality when it comes to footage and recordings, Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is available for best video quality for your babies, and you can zoom in on to baby’s breathing to ensure that they are breathing well. The same with the authentic camera, Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor, can switch various camera lenses for the parents to attain the best view and angel in monitoring their babies. Moreover, the battery span of this baby sleep monitor usually lasts for 10 hours, but it can expand up to 12 hours if you just set the device in audio mode alone. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is best advised for a family who has a smaller house. For those who want to experience the variety of features that baby sleep monitor can offer but with reasonable price and for those parents who wanted to upgrade their camera to attain an optical field of viewing.  



  • Friendly device
  • With a shortcut button that will allow parents to select neither brightness or volume shortcut
  • With a long foot scope
  • The lowest volume is not that loud
  • Can be placed in walls to preserve spaces at home
  • With the lowest setting for brightness



  • You can view footage, but videos will not be recorded
  • It has a poor a lower charging and battery range
  • You cannot monitor your babies using your smartphones
  • Without AV affair
  • Nanit Smart Baby Monitor
  • Highlights
  • Excellent vision during night
  • Monitors temperature
  • With infinite range
  • Video and audio live streaming through your smartphone
  • With the inclusion of tracking and data
  • Can remotely zoom and has a broader view

Parents are always looking for the best sleep baby monitor for their babies, and Nanit Smart Baby Monitor is a baby sleep monitor that will never fail you. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor is holding a tracking app for baby and it also a high-tech monitor for baby in ensuring their safety.

Furthermore, parents will always get updated through their smartphones towards their baby’s movement and breathing. You can also monitor if the baby is awake, fussy or asleep. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor also holds a valuable and exciting feature wherein you can distinguish how many minutes does your baby takes before falling as sleep and how long they spend during sleeping. Furthermore, the best feature that Nanit Smart Baby Monitor can offer is through the element in the app. There is no range of streaming because the camera is connected to your phone via the internet and there is no longer a need of the receiver. The baby sleep monitor also offers a free app trial limited up to one year which sounds appealing.

Moreover, thanks to the multiple functionalities of the user, you are now able to monitor your baby even if you are not home or you are at work, and you can watch them over time. If you want a better and more unobstructed view of your baby, Nanit Smart Baby Monitor is the best way because this baby sleep monitor is directly placed in the bed of your baby and it will not harm your baby because there is no exposure of power cables. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor is suitable for the parents who want to keep tabs on their baby’s details why sleeping, who want to stream and monitor their baby anywhere, and who want to secure the electric risk of their babies.



  • Comes with modern and contemporary designs
  • Perfect viewing towards your babies
  • Can be a stream with your WIFI connection
  • A wireless baby sleep monitor
  • Reduces the risk of an electric tiff



  • Can result in issues towards connectivity with the network
  • Setting up, pairing up connection is a stressful and challenging process
  • The app that improves the quality of this baby sleep monitor will take a considerable battery life


VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor


  • With ultra-flexible clobber clip
  • Foot scope can reach up to 1000
  • DECT monitoring for audio alone
  • Talking functionality for two ways

Multiple parents consider that the sounds that their baby makes are a sign that something is going right or the babies are going through something. VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor is the best baby sleep monitor specifically when it comes to audio aspect and very easy to use.

Furthermore, this baby sleep monitor has a vibration alert when you want to turn off the device’s volume, and there is also a light on this monitor that equates the level of clamor that is coming from your baby’s room. Moreover, VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor has a DECT monitoring that offers clearer audio with a deep personal connection. It also has an ultra-flexible clobber clip where you can attach it to your pants when you are wandering around your home, and it can reach up to 1000 foot scope away from the receiver.

Moreover, this baby sleep monitor allows the parents to talk-back to the babies calming them and comforting them to go back to sleep. If the battery of this baby sleep monitor is fully charged, the battery life span can reach up to 18 hours longer than other baby sleep monitors. Some baby sleep monitors are costly but, you can purchase VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor with a single receiver and has a lower price and this baby sleep monitor is suitable for families who have a larger home, who are not into video recordings and monitoring and for those parents who want a free internet monitoring.



  • Lower price
  • Transmission is secure
  • Elaborate inconsistent sound
  • Lullaby music play
  • Batteries are rechargeable
  • Does not infringe with other sources of signal
  • Lighter weight


  • Lower range capacity for volume
  • Shorter battery life
  • Without batter back-ups


NETGEAR Arlo Baby Monitor


  • The video footage and recordings will be saved in the cloud
  • With excellent vision during night
  • Limitless range
  • Can monitor temperature
  • With music player
  • Talking functionality for two ways
  • Notifications through the smartphone application
  • With zoom in camera up to 8x
  • A 1080pixel clearer HD camera

If you want to add beautification and cute design to your home, NETGEAR Arlo Baby Monitor is the most adorable and the cutest baby sleep monitor in the market that you can purchase. It is available with various and distinct designs like puppy, bunny, and kitten, hence, very suitable to add cuteness to your baby’s room.

Furthermore, by using smartphone app and wireless connectivity, NETGEAR Arlo Baby Monitor will allow you to monitor your babies via live streaming footage. Whether you are using infrared color or night vision viewing, you can still zoom in the camera up to eight times since it has a 1080p clearer HD camera standard. Furthermore, other baby sleep monitors require you to purchase another device for the receivers, NETGEAR Arlo Baby Monitor makes your phone the receiver which is a less when it comes to expenses and allows you to monitor your baby no matter where you are as long as your phone is on. In this baby sleep monitor, you can save the video footage and recording in the cloud for up to 7 days and notify the parents whenever their babies are moving or crying.

Also, NETGEAR Arlo Baby Monitor is a rechargeable baby sleep monitor that allows the parents to use this with free wire for more range of safety. Another feature of this baby sleep monitor that you will love is lullaby or noise player, temperature monitoring, and talking functionality for two ways which is indeed beneficial. NETGEAR Arlo Baby Monitor is working and compatible with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and the famous Amazon Alexa.



  • Easy to set up and to use
  • Excellent footage quality
  • Monitors temperature
  • Battery is built-in
  • Excellent night vision
  • With music player
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Light changes automatically


  • Quite expensive
  • Temperature monitoring is not available in HomeKit
  • Arlo app may crash sometimes


Cocoon Cam Plus


  • Limitless range
  • Excellent night vision
  • Monitoring the babies along with breathing scrutiny
  • High-quality standard camera
  • Notifications through the smartphone application
  • Can be placed in your home’s wall
  • Talking functionality for two ways

Parents are the concern with the electric risk of their baby sleep monitors that they install. Cocoon Cam Plus is a baby sleep monitor that should be placed in the wall of your home; hence, parents will no longer worry about the electric cords. The Cocoon Cam Plus has an extreme night vision footage that will allow the parents to view videos even the lights are off and hear audios from the baby’s room. The baby sleep monitor holds a valuable feature that will surely catch the eyes of the parent. Because this baby monitor offers an analysis of the babies breathing and when your babies are sleeping, the monitoring camera of Cocoon Cam Plus will check the baby’s chest if there is something abnormal is happening with your babies.

Hence, you will immediately get notified. By using the microphone of your phone, you can talk to your baby and comfort them that allow the babies to sleep faster than usual. The notifications you will get from this baby sleep monitor is when the baby is waking up, falling asleep, when the baby is crying. Some professionals are against it breathing monitoring toward the babies since it was quite risky. However, many parents are satisfied with this feature because somehow it gives the parents peace of mind. Furthermore, Cocoon Cam Plus is way expensive compares to other baby sleep monitor but it is worth the price. Some best features that Cocoon Cam Plus has cannot be experienced with other baby sleep monitor brands.



  • Excellent quality of images
  • Holds a breathing sensor and detectors
  • Excellent activity log
  • Video and recordings can be downloaded



  • Annoying sometimes
  • The artificial intelligence application is quite a glitch
  • Video loading takes some time
  • You cannot bring it anywhere
  • I have no battery
  • Quite expensive

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