Numerous people think that the purchase of a mattress is as simple as can be, with it basically being a necessity, a common uninformed customer would just take it no matter the price and time of purchase. Not many people notice that prices are dependent on the months and to be entirely blunt, mattresses should only be bought when its’ discounted to a great extent. Nonetheless, taking note of the discount patterns of the industry would not only be beneficial for the potential customer’s wallet but the customer would be sleeping like a baby all through the night. So tell us, when is the best time to buy a mattress?


Brick and Mortar Stores vs. Online Stores

Before choosing the best time to purchase a mattress comes the stores itself, one must first decide whether to buy from a brick and mortar store or from online stores. Each of the two stores has its strengths and weaknesses, all that’s left is choosing which benefit would outweigh the risk. However, as choosing between brick and mortar stores and online stores is a question of where to buy mattresses, one must realize that the store in which the customer plans to purchase the mattress greatly influences their decision on when to purchase it. Although there are days wherein discounts and deals are offered for both brick and mortar stores and online stores, there are other days where a certain platform has the upper hand.


Brick and Mortar: Testing it Out

If the customer prioritizes safety and convenience, then the classic brick and mortar store is the option for them. Numerous customers still opt for physical stores for a single reason — to test the mattress. The customer is able to feel the texture of the mattress and more so lay down (if allowed) and decide if that specific mattress is up to their standards or not, however, one must expect brick and mortar store prices to be much more expensive to cover their expenses such as rent, salary, and utilities, among others.


Online: Floor Prices

On the other hand, with technological advances came e-commerce or electronic commerce (i. e. online businesses) and almost every business enterprise who has the means and knowledge of manipulating the platform to their convenience and profit already has an online branch. Online stores do have numerous advantages such as easier connection with the customers. Thus high possibilities of feedback can be expected if the customer has an inquiry. Lower prices compared to the brick and mortar stores due to the vast number of competitors for the reason that online stores have competitors all over the globe is also an advantage. So they try to cut prices while still earning a profit as much as possible, and their ability to provide larger discounts due to the lack of payment for rent and salary expenses is their best weapon. The concept of delivery, a major truth in purchasing mattresses is the fact that no sane person is willing to travel to another city to purchase a mattress. No matter the quality or price but online stores make it much easier with free shipping and the lack of sales

pressure wherein no one is bothering the customer to buy this pillowcase or buy that bed frame, the customer will be able to search leisurely through their choices without any hassle from salespeople trying to upsell the customer. Despite all the strengths online stores have, the risk of not being able to test out the mattress almost balances it out for other online stores may be a scam with prices that are too good to be true.


Key Factors that Affect Prices

After choosing between a brick and mortar or online store, looking for dates or months on when to purchase the mattress should be thought about next. In the business setting, the majority of the products’ prices rise and fall, mattresses are of no difference. Aside from the basic laws of supply and demand, there are actually numerous factors as to why there is a fluctuation when it comes to the cost of the product.


Factors for Brick and Mortar Stores


Seasonal Buying

Prices are cyclical as it adjusts to the seasons (e.g. winter, spring, summer, fall) — for instance when summer is just around the corner, mattress companies bring out new models made with cooling materials to pique potential customers’ interest but make the previous mattresses less appealing hence the fall of prices. However, going straight to the point, a great time to buy a mattress is during the month of May as spring is about to end and mattress companies usually introduce new models during June so before the new models arrive, the store is obliged to discard the remaining products. Whether it may be selling it to salvage companies, selling it at wholesale or selling it at drastically low prices. It is recommended to ask the manager on when they plan to turn over their inventory as some stores inventory turnover dates are not exactly the same.


Holidays and Holiday Weekends

Holidays and holiday weekends, such as Labor Day, Columbus Day and Martin Luther King Day, are the customers’ best friends when it comes to sale discounts, for brick and mortar and online stores alike. However, unlike the brick and mortar stores, a vast majority of the online stores rarely have sale discounts based on the seasons and prices remain as is unless of course there is a holiday or online deals. In all honesty, applying the first factor aforementioned and the holiday factor, the best time to purchase a mattress is on Memorial Day which is a holiday that falls on the last Monday of May.

Imagine the discount placed during May and watch that discount increase because of a holiday to remember fallen soldiers who have served their country well. However, one must take into account that not every mattress company would offer substantial discounts or sales during holiday or holiday weekends for the reason that the marketplace usually marks down prices of what is deemed as luxury items that are not necessarily needed in the household. Why would mattress companies offer extremely large discounts when they know that their products are needed in thehousehold?


Overstock Sales

Potential customers should also be on the lookout for overstock sales, these are often due to the excessive manufacturing of products that surpass the demand for it thus having a surplus. Overstock can be discarded in numerous ways; returning it to the manufacturing company or original distributor, liquidate it to other companies to once again sell it in either the wholesale or retail industry, selling it to salvage companies searching for metals or any other valuable components in their sense and by selling the products at an extreme discount to get rid of it as quickly as possible. However, searching for overstock sales won’t be as simple as snapping one’s finger, the potential customer should try to search online or ask around if anyone has heard anything about overstock sales. A little work won’t be too bad when in exchange the customer will be receiving a premium quality mattress at a lower price.


Stores About to Close Down

Keep an eye out for brick and mortar stores that are about to shut down, whether it be due to the inability to pay rent or plain bankruptcy, physical stores that are about to shut down are also forced to sell all remaining stock as soon as possible and what other technique can they use other than selling the products at floor prices. A famous example of this is the phrase “Going Out of Business Sale: All Things Must Go”. Potential customers can either search online or check the local newspaper for any brick and mortar stores shutting down within the area.



Unlike other industries wherein the price plastered on the tag is the price the customer should pay, customers are actually allowed to haggle either the price or ask for additional products for free or at a discounted price. It is actually said that the customer is cheating himself/herself if they don’t play the game of negotiation when purchasing mattresses. However, negotiating is a tiresome process that one must learn if the customer should want to purchase the product at a lower price.

First, the customer must research the store’s previous sales to get a feel of how the prices of the store is set and to determine whether they would be willing to offer a certain amount for a discount because let’s face it, it’s not every day that the same person comes and plans to buy a mattress so salespeople are also eager to make a sale. Researching previous sales will also help the customer in choosing a negotiation price instead of shooting in the dark which will most likely result in shooting too high or too low.

Second, the customer should exude confidence when it’s time to negotiate. As previously mentioned, it is perfectly normal to haggle in the mattress industry and it would be completely unwise if the customer didn’t do so, as it will undoubtedly result in overpaying for the product. Even if the customer isn’t the kind of person to negotiate and sweet talk because they’re shy, embody the saying “fake it ‘til you make it” because the employees trying to sell the mattress is already expecting each and every customer they encounter to negotiate.

Third, don’t despair when turned down and ask for alternatives. There will be days wherein the store and all of its employees won’t be so accepting of negotiating the mattress’ price but that does not mean that the customer has no other choice. If the customer is unable to lower the price of the mattress itself then the act of negotiation is transferred to other products such as pillows or bedsheets, negotiation for other products may mean asking for it to be free or sold at an extremely lower price.

And fourth, know when it’s time to retreat and walk away without looking back. When the customer has no clue on negotiating prices, it can be especially difficult to determine if they should accept or decline the price they are offered and worse if the salesperson handling them is experienced in dealing with price negotiations. To prevent any mishaps from happening, the customer should set a walk-away price in advance. A walk-away price is usually based on the customer’s budget and should be set in stone if the salesperson handling the customer does not bite then it’s time walk away empty-handed. Before entering the store, the customer should always keep the walk-away price in mind and for some people, it might be even their source of strength or confidence for negotiating. For instance, the customer walks away and the salesperson does not follow, do not be discouraged because there are still a number of stores to choose from. The customer may even return to the first store and try to negotiate once again, next time with more research and confidence.


Factors for Online Stores

A potential customer must always watch out for online deals, aside from deals based on seasons and holiday, it may also be based on the anniversary of the specific store. When looked at from a different perspective, online deals are basically unofficial holidays for online stores to offer bigger and much more discounts. However, customers must remember that most, if not all, online sales don’t continue on for so long.

Sometimes, only a few products are discounted and other times it may have quite a large discount price but may be only available for a few hours or days. These time-bound deals and discounts are normally called “lightning deals” or “flash deals”, so if a customer whose preference is to purchase their mattress online then they should have

everything they need ready, be quick and attentive whenever a deal is up and running hence the terms lightning and flash. Moreover, some online stores may offer sleep trials for the mattress and it is important to ask a potential store if they allow this kind of request as it can greatly help in deciding whether it is the right mattress to purchase or not.


Cyber Monday

The first Monday following Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday which actually isn’t an official holiday but is an extremely popular day for over the top discounts. It is actually known as the day of discounts which is very self-explanatory but this is when online sellers go all out on deals and discounts. One might be hesitant on waiting for Cyber Monday but online stores or sites usually let out publications ahead of time to excite some potential customers. Some stores are even fond of offering price cuts on the products leaning on the more expensive side such as mattresses. Furthermore, other online stores even extend Cyber Monday and turn it into Cyber Week, a discount period of seven days, the customer never knows if they get lucky or not so it’s better to keep on refreshing to check their desired products.


Amazon Prime Day

Assuming that the majority of the readers already has knowledge about Amazon Prime, they may have already heard of this event. If not, Amazon Prime is a service provided by Amazon to loyal customers who annually pay subscriptions and receive weekly newsletters and coupons. With all the perks being an Amazon Prime member has, one would think that would be all but believe it or not, there exists a global one-day-only deal made specifically for Amazon Prime members called Amazon Prime Day that

usually falls on the second week of July wherein huge online deals would be overflowing, all that’s left to do is choose the mattress of the customer’s choice. Amazon Prime Day was originally created to celebrate Amazon’s 20 the anniversary but with sales and profit skyrocketing, they decided to continue and host it each and every year. Other times, there would even be rumors that the event is extended to last for two to three days with much more and greater deals and discounts.


Singles’ Day

Singles’ Day, an unofficial holiday that lands on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, that offers serious discounts that almost last a week to fill up the empty hole within one’s heart. Origin of the name dates back to 1993 to fight against social pressure to get married hence the single standing digits. Aside from its origin, in the year 2009 it actually hit a record of $25.3 billion in sales, double the sales of Cyber Monday and Black Friday combined. Imagine the deals and discounts that the highest earning holiday can offer for twenty-four hours nonstop.


Major National Holidays


Black Friday

This informal celebration that lands on the Friday after Thanksgiving is a big deal in the United States retail industry, the mattress industry included, as it marks the beginning of the holiday season which actually earns the highest gross sales for the whole year. Black Friday even has this type of deal called the “Door Busters Deal” wherein the first few customers get the highest discount prices and practically speaking, it is best used on the products that lean more on the expensive side of the spectrum such as, mattresses.


Labour Day

Held on the first Monday of September is a day known miles around for mattress sales, Labour Day. This is due to the seasons changing from fall to winter, so models are transitioning from spring mattresses to winter mattresses that can maintain and keep heated throughout the cold nights. Deals and discounts during this holiday usually last three days, most of it being applied on mattresses.


Fourth of July

As it is America’s Independence Day, it is expected for every store in every industry to offer deals and discounts no matter how small or big it is. Previously mentioned above, that seasons changing means also discounts — for instance, the offering of discounts in May to make way for the new models coming in June. This holiday can be taken advantage of to get the opportunity to purchase new models presented during the month of June.


New Year’s Day

Start of the new year, with all the holiday shopping, some mattress stores or even companies find out that they have remaining stock that they want or need to get rid off in order for new models to come in. Most companies would take advantage of the holiday to solve this predicament while still earning a profit.



When the customer has made the decision to purchase a mattress, do not hurry outside to the car or run to the computer to immediately order what you want. Take time to stock up on knowledge of buying smart, settle on the preference of mattress first and search for stores that offer those kinds of mattresses. Following with listing the pros and cons of buying from brick and mortar stores or online stores, which one would benefit the potential customer the most and following it up on which month and day would be the plan to purchase the mattress to get the best deal possible.

One must always keep in mind that as times change, so will everything else. Don’t settle for the same old deals and discounts, as time will pass, new discounts may arise and one must immediately seek the pattern to once again get a better deal. Keep in mind that unless the customer immediately needs a mattress, take time to do some research and weigh the risks and benefits especially the waiting for the holidays and sales and if ever there will be any roadblocks along the way, don’t hesitate to ask the salespeople’s opinion. Companies want to make sales but they wouldn’t jeopardize their image just to sell a single mattress. However, be critical and pay attention to the fine print, the customer won’t want to pay another hundred dollars for a bed frame that was written in the contract they signed. Once again, the company won’t jeopardize their name recklessly but some may find a loophole to earn that extra bit of cash.


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