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Recent articles on how to get better sleep.

How Soon You Should Start Sleep Training

Sleep training refers to a series of methods you use to teach your toddler how to sleep well independently.

The Connection Between Loneliness and Sleep

Loneliness can negatively impact your sleep and can arise from a lack of sleep. It can contribute to different sleep disorders and other sleep-related issues.

Sleeping With Socks On

When it comes to sleeping with your socks on, opinions are strongly divided, people either love it or hate it. Some sleep better with socks on while others have troubles falling asleep if they are wearing socks.

Can Yoga Nidra Help You Sleep Better?

Yoga Nidra is an excellent way to relieve stress, relax, and sleep better at night.

The Methods and Products Used for Sleep Preparation

People can encounter many obstacles when trying to get enough good night’s sleep. Luckily, different methods and products can help you get quality sleep.

Sex and Sleep – How Sex Can Improve Sleep

Sex is a great activity that releases stress and aids sleep. Your body floods the brain with endorphins, and oxytocin that act both as painkillers and mood enhancers. This hormone release can be a powerful cure for stress and anxiety, but also a great natural sleep aid. Keep reading to find out how sex affects your sleep.