Mattress Comparison – Casper vs. Helix Midnight

In this guide, we compare Casper and Helix Midnight, two mattresses of medium firmness, so continue reading if you want to learn more about them.

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Searching for the right mattress can be so stressful since there are too many brands, sizes, and types, that most people get lost in all the information, so they simply choose the cheapest one. We have created a number of guides to help you choose the perfect mattress, and avoid overthinking and headache. In this guide, we compare Casper and Helix Midnight, two mattresses of medium firmness, so continue reading if you want to learn more about them.

Casper vs. Helix – Basic Info

Casper launched in 2014, and the brand’s trademark bed, the Casper, consists of high-density polyfoam base layer, a triple layer polyfoam, and a memory foam comfort system. The firmness is medium, with a rate of 5.5 out of 10 on a firmness scale. The brand sells two more beds: the Casper Essential which is a memory foam mattress and the Casper Wave which is a hybrid of memory foam and latex mattress.

Helix Sleep has been around since 2015. The Helix Midnight is a memory foam hybrid mattress with a medium (5.5/10) firmness. It is available in two designs. The standard model consists of polyfoam base layer of high density, dual-layer memory foam system, and a support core with pocketed coils. The Luxe model is similar, but it has an extra transitional foam layer, along with zoned, multi-gauge coils. Helix offers five more hybrid mattresses: the Sunset, Dusk, Moonlight, Twilight, and Dawn, and they are all available in Standard and Luxe designs. The brand also sells dual-firmness hybrids including Dual Extra and Dual Balanced. They also have a hybrid mattress designed especially for heavier individuals called the Nightfall.

Keep in mind that this article compares Casper and Helix Midnight mattress, but you can check our other guides to see how the different models compare.

Casper vs. Helix Midnight – Sleep Rating Comparison

Both of these models fall in the medium firmness category, and they offer similar levels of pain and pressure relief, as well as good motion isolation. They are great for people who prefer close conforming in a mattress. However, there are some differences, and we’ll list them all for better comparison.

Category Casper Helix Midnight
Firmness 5.5 5.5
Type Foam Hybrid
Availability Online, In-store Online
Price $1,195/Queen $920/Queen
Sleep Trial 100 Nights 100 Nights
Weight 71 lbs 90-100 lbs
Shipping Free Free
Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
Durability Fair Good
Motion isolation Very good Very good
Conforming Good Good
Sex Fair Good
Temperature neutrality Good Very good
Off-gassing Fair Good
Edge support Fair Very good
Noise Excellent Good


Casper mattress comes at a moderate price, and it is excellent for back sleepers. It relieves pain, and users have reported a lot less back problems after using this model for a while. It provides superior motion isolation, and it doesn’t make any sound when bearing weight, so it is great for people who are easily woken up by their bed partner. The mattress offers good conforming and pressure relief, and it is somewhat cooler than other foam mattresses. Some people have complained that the edge support is not optimal and that the sinkage is probable over time. Some users reported off-gassing with a new mattress, and we are still not sure about the durability since the company is relatively new on the market.

Helix Midnight is a hybrid mattress that comes at a budget price, and it provides medium firmness to its users. It has excellent temperature neutrality, so it is recommended for those who tend to sleep hot. It performed great on every level, has excellent motion isolation, and is quieter than most beds, making it suitable for couples. It conforms well, relieves pain and pressure, and it is an excellent option for back sleepers. Lastly, it is fairly durable, and like the most hybrid mattresses, its lifespan is somewhere around six to seven years.

Mattress Construction

It looks like the type of mattress material impacts the perceived pressure on the body, and that the right composition can help relieve that pressure. If you are curious about the construction, here you can find out more about the thickness, weight, and structure of Casper, as well as Standard and Luxe models of Helix Midnight.

Specification Casper Helix Midnight Standard Helix Midnight Luxe
Firmness Medium (5.5) Medium (5.5) Medium (5.5)
Thickness 9 ½” 10” 14”
Weight (Queen) 71 lbs 84 lbs 120 lbs
Support Core 5” 1.8 PCF HD Polyfoam Pocketed Coils

HD Polyfoam

Pocketed Coils

HD Polyfoam

Comfort Layer 1 ½” Polyfoam

1 ½” PCF Memory Foam

1 ½” PCF Polyfoam

2.5 PCF Memory Foam

Transitional Polyfoam

2.5 PFC Gel Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Transitional Polyfoam

Cover Composition Polyester Dual-layer Stretch


Pillow-top with Phase-Change Material


Casper mattress has a 9 ½” thick profile, making it a bit thinner than the standard models. Top and bottom polyfoam layer, along with memory foam in between, provides medium firmness, and quality conforming that helps with proper spinal alignment, and pressure relief. A high-density foam base gives solid support and reinforces the bed nicely. A queen mattress weights only 71 lbs, which is light compared to other mattresses, which makes it easy to move and maneuver without additional help.

The Helix Midnight Standard is a four-layer hybrid mattress with a 10” profile. A top layer of memory foam, with a transitional polyfoam layer beneath it, provide medium firmness, close conforming, and strong support. The mattress features a high-density polyfoam base layer and a pocketed coil support core, as well as a double-layer cover made out of polyester.

The Helix Midnight Luxe comes with a 14” thick profile. It has three layers: memory foam gel, standard memory foam, and transitional polyfoam, and it is considered to be medium on a firmness scale. It also comes with a pillow-top cover with a change-phase material. The pocketed coils are zoned to provide better support, meaning that thicker ones are beneath the hips, while the thinner ones go where there is less weight, such as the area beneath the shoulders. A high-density foam layer provides great all-around support.

Available Sizes and Pricing

All models are available in all six standard sizes, and the price varies depending on which one you want.

Size Casper Helix Midnight Standard Helix Midnight Luxe
Twin $695 $500 $895
Twin XL $745 $600 $1,145
Full/Double $1,095 $750 $1,345
Queen $1,195 $895 $1,595
King $1,495 $1,145 $1,945
California King $1,495 $1,145 $1,945


Sleep Position Ratings

One study showed that the preferred sleeping position for adults is sleeping on the side. Other research has found that a sleeping position can affect the perception of back pain in physically active seniors. One thing is for sure, the decision on which mattress to buy strongly depends on the way you position yourself during sleep.

Sleep Position Light Weight (less than 130 lbs) Average Weight (130-230 lbs) Heavy Weight (over 230 lbs)
Side Very good Very good Good
Back Very good Very good Good
Stomach Good Good Fair
Side Good Very good Good
Back Very good Very good Good
Stomach Good Good Fair

Casper is optimal for those who fall in an average weight group, weighing from 130 to 230 pounds, but it is also suitable for lighter individuals. It is best for back and side sleepers, but even those who sleep on their stomach will find it more than adequate. It has great motion isolation, and it produces no noise when bearing weight, making it an ideal choice for couples.

Helix Midnight is also best suited for average weight individuals, while the 14” Luxe version can support even heavier individuals. Helix Midnight is perfect for hot sleepers, it provides quality edge support, makes very little noise, and it does a solid job at isolating motion. Back sleepers will find it most adequate, but it is great for those sleeping on their side and stomach as well.

Which One To Choose?

They both have their strengths so choosing one ultimately comes to your needs. Both mattresses come with a 100 night sleeping period, so you’ll be able to return it if you are not satisfied and get a full refund. They come with a 10-year warranty as well. Casper provides free shipping anywhere in the US and Canada, while you can get a Helix Midnight with free shipping in the US and most of Canada.

You should choose Casper mattress if you often experience pains and aches in your back, neck, and shoulders, and you want a bed that provides close comforting. Keep in mind that this model is best for individuals who are lighter than 230 pounds. If you or your partner are easily woken up by noise or movement, this mattress is the perfect pick for you. It may not be ideal for sleepers who like firm support and less conforming. You should also consider other options if you are over 230 pounds, or you tend to sleep hot and experience night sweats.

Helix Midnight is perfect for people who prefer average or above the average thickness of a mattress, and those who like a bed that conforms nicely. It also helps with back pain and aches. It is perfect for those who are sleeping hot, as it sleeps cool. With good movement and noise isolation, it is an excellent option for couples. However, it might not be the best fit for people who like lower profile beds, and those who prefer a firm model that doesn’t conform. Helix Midnight Standard comes at a much lower price, so those who are seeking value should consider it as it offers so much for a lower price. One thing is certain; a new bed can increase your sleep quality.


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