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Christeli, recently called Luxe-Pedic, is a sleeping pad manufacturer situated in Greenville, South Carolina. It has been doing business since 1931, and its essential item is memory foam sleeping cushions. It additionally creates memory foam toppers and pillows. Notwithstanding these bedding items, Christeli additionally sells memory beds, which are explored here on Christeli is allegedly partnered with Park Place Corporation, likewise of Greenville. Park Place, itself a noteworthy bedding organization (additionally subsidiary with King Koil), fabricates Christeli sleeping pads. Unintentionally, as Christeli, Park Place started in 1931.

Christeli presently records nine models of memory foam sleeping cushions, orchestrated into three gatherings: Premier Collection, Luxury Collection, and Ultra Luxury Collection. Every accumulation has precisely three models. The Premier Collection has Stockholm (7″), Versailles (10″), and Astoria (11.5″), while the Luxury Collection has Madeline (12.5″), Briella (13.5″), and Danieli (13.5″). The Ultra Luxury Collection has Charleston (14.5″), Lux Estate (14.5″), and Palais Grand Royale (15.5″).

Among highlights offered in Christeli memory foam sleeping cushions are Super Cool™ Memory Foam, Super Cool™ Firm Memory Foam, Ortho-Core™ Support, latex, and different materials in the spreads, including cotton, polyester, aloe vera, silk, and cashmere. Also, in 2014 Christeli presented Body5™ Zoned Spinal Support, which partitions the help froth into five zones with distinct dimensions of help for five territories of the sleeper’s body: head, chest area, mid-body, lower body, and feet.

Among the advantages Christeli ascribes to its beddings are diminished hurling and turning, expanded blood course, full body weight alleviation, no movement exchange, lower and mid back help, legitimate spinal arrangement, not any more joint and neck torment, most profound REM rest, against parasite and hostile to hypersensitivity, stay temperature impartial, and better personal satisfaction.

Christeli says its froths have low VOC discharges. Likewise, they are made without ozone depleters, made without PBDE fire retardants, made without mercury, lead and overwhelming metals, made without formaldehyde, made without precluded phthalates.

Christeli covers its memory foam sleeping cushions with a lifetime guarantee. The more significant part of the offers of Christeli sleeping cushions is on the web or by telephone, while some are sold through approved merchants.


Introduction: Christeli Mattress Review

Christeli is a sleeping cushion brand that has been around since the 1930s with American made craftsmanship. They make their own sleeping cushions in their South Carolina manufacturing plant, and spotlight on flexible foam and latex alternatives. By and large, most people discover their sleeping cushions agreeable, yet there are a couple of grumblings about material solidness and immovability. On the off chance that you are keen on investigating, they deliver anyplace in the mainland U.S.

Christeli concocted their very own memory material that adjusts to your body. What’s more, they additionally utilize an assortment of different elements that they use in their sleeping pads, for example, latex and high thickness froths. They don’t show a CertiPUR-US confirmed detriment for harmful off-gassing so make a point to ask the correct inquiries before buying. Generally speaking, people discover their beddings agreeable however there are a few issues that some had with solidness levels and toughness.

Christeli offers an assortment of beddings to fit sleepers needs – from spending agreeable alternatives to increasingly sumptuous sleeping pads. We’ll experience every one of their alternatives inside and out.


Mattress Types


Premier Collection

The Premier Collection of memory foam sleeping pads by Christeli has the three least models, extending in from 7 to 11½ inches stature. Correspondingly, these are likewise the most reduced evaluated models. These models are Stockholm 7″, Versailles 10″, and Astoria 11½”. These are created by turn in South Carolina.

Stockholm is indeed the passage level sleeping cushion. It is the only Christeli sleeping pad with a cover of polyester and cotton, and the only model without the Body5™ Zoned Spinal Support.

All models in the Premier Collection utilize Christeli’s Super Cool™ Memory Foam, supplanting the Cool Breeze froth that was used in the past. This 5.3-lb. memory foam is ventilated for wind current to keep the dozing surface dry and cool.

The base for each Premier Collection bedding is Ortho-Core™ Support, a 2-lb. orthopedic support base intended for the spinal arrangement. In Versailles and Astoria, this is zoned (Body5™ Zoned Spinal Support). What’s more, in Astoria, the immovability is movable.

Likewise, Astoria has what Christeli calls Cool Tufting™ tufted strands. Christeli says these “give a progressively agreeable feel and cool night’s rest.” Astoria is also the only model to have a box top.

Even though Christeli does not list a model-by-show rundown of their sleeping cushions and the Tempur-Pedic counterparts, as indicated by their cases, adjustable foam beddings in Christeli’s Premier Collection are tantamount to Tempur-Pedic sleeping cushions at considerably more reasonable costs.

All Christeli flexible foam sleeping pads, incorporating those in the Premier Collection, are good with stage beds, wood brace box establishments (with under 6″ between braces), steel bed outlines with firmly dispersed poles/bars, adjustable beds, and different establishments giving constant help over the base of the bedding. Christeli sells a steel bed edge and three adjustable beds: Ergomatic 1000, Ergomatic 4000, and Ergomatic 5000.

Premier Collection sleeping cushions can be bought on the web or by telephone from Christeli. They convey Christeli’s Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.



At seven inches high, Christeli’s Stockholm is the most minimal and most affordable of the Premier Collection of Christeli flexible foam sleeping cushions. It is additionally the most fundamental, with Christeli’s Super Cool™ Memory Foam on a base of Ortho-Core™-Support.

The comfort layer of Stockholm is two inches of 5.3-lb. Super Cool™ Memory Foam. Not just flexible foam, this substance has an open-cell structure and is ventilated to enable air to course through. This cools the resting surface and keeps it dry. The upside of adjustable foam is its similarity. Fitting in with the sleeper’s body forms, it equally underpins the whole length of the body to soothe weight wounds.

Memory foam, as a rule, diminishes hurling and turning, which exasperates rest. It is additionally found to improve the course. It likewise hoses movement exchange from one side of the sleeping cushion to the next, which lessens accomplice aggravation. Christeli claims that this allows the most profound REM rest.

Ortho-Core™-Support is the 5″ high help unit of Christeli’s Stockholm. Christeli claims that it is firm enough to legitimately bolster the spine, keeping it in the right arrangement.

The Stockholm’s cover is a mixed texture of cotton and polyester. It is sufficiently adaptable to comply with the flexible foam. The spread is likewise breathable.

In answer to an inquiry, Christeli said that the Stockholm is sufficiently adaptable to be utilized on a futon. It additionally works with stage beds, wood braces, full-bolster steel bed outlines, and flexible beds, for example, Christeli’s Ergomatic 1000, Ergomatic 4000, or Ergomatic 5000.



The center model in the Premier Collection of Christeli memory foam sleeping cushions is the Versailles. This 10″- high sleeping pad includes the Body5™ Zoned Spinal Support and a non-slip base to the highlights of the Stockholm. It likewise includes implantation of recuperating aloe vera to the spread.

The front of the Christeli Versailles memory foam bedding highlights aloe vera. The spread texture, probably cotton-polyester, is imbued with microencapsulated globules of aloe vera gel. At the point when a sleeper lies on the bed, a portion of the aloe vera is discharged to permeate upward to the surface and through the sheets. Aloe vera is notable for its mitigating and recuperating impacts and usually found in healthy skin items.

The solace layer of the Versailles is 3″ of Christeli’s 5.3-lb. Cool Sleep Memory Foam. While the first adaptable foam tended to accumulate heat, this rendition with open-cell structure is ventilated for wind current to cool and renew the resting surface. This penetrability additionally serves to keep the surface dry.

The Ortho-Core™ Support base layer of the Christeli Versailles is 6″ thick. The help of this high-thickness polyurethane foam is formed by the Body5™ Zoned Spinal Support zoning. The solidness of the foam is shifted along its length by five territories of the body: head, chest area, center body, lower body, and feet.

This zoning encourages the foam to adjust to the state of the body for better back help. It is particularly valuable for side sleepers, supporting the segments between the expansive bits, for example, the hips and shoulders, keeping the spine straight. The base surface of the Versailles is non-slip. It additionally helps keep the edges of the base sheet set up.

A very much structured and developed box spring might be OK for the Versailles. However, it isn’t the favored establishment. Preferably, adaptable foam sleeping cushions ought to have persistent help over the base.

It includes stage beds, firmly separated wood supports, a network surfaced steel bed outline, (for example, the one sold by Christeli), and customizable beds (Christeli sells the Ergomatic 1000, Ergomatic 4000 and Ergomatic 5000).



At 11½” high, Astoria is the most elevated flexible foam sleeping cushion in the Premier Collection by Christeli. Alternate models in this gathering are Stockholm and Versailles. Like Versailles, Astoria’s spread texture is implanted with aloe vera. In contrast to the next two models, the solidness of Astoria’s Ortho-Core-Support is movable. Likewise, Astoria is tufted with Cool Tufting™ filaments.

Although Christeli thinks about their beddings when all is said in done to those offered by Tempur-Pedic, they are not demonstrate for-display proportionate. The Christeli memory foam beddings have particular highlights which separate them.

The correlation shows proportional feel and quality at a much lower cost and made in this nation. Astoria is indistinguishable range from the TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme and has comparative development. However, the Christeli sleeping pad has a spread imbued with Aloe Vera (which is the reason it isn’t launderable) and has a 5-zoned bolster center.

The help unit of Astoria is Christeli’s Ortho-Core Support with Body5 zoning, which shifts the help level for the head, chest area, center body, lower body, and feet. This set up is intended to keep the spine legitimately adjusted, notwithstanding for side sleepers. The polyurethane foam is incompletely soy-based, diminishing reliance on oil and discharges of unpredictable natural mixes.

As opposed to a single square of polyurethane foam, the 2-lb. Ortho bolster center has more slender layers at the best and base. As per Christeli, “With a simple turn of the base, you can modify the Astoria sleeping cushion to be firmer or milder.” How is this done?

The solace layer is in a European box top, which is secured to the help center by the handles. This enables the base to be turned in connection to the best. Other than a modification of solidness, pivot additionally draws out the life of the froths.

The solace center of Astoria is a solitary 3″ layer of Super Cool Memory Foam. This 5.3-lb. memory foam is ventilated for wind stream to keep the sleeping cushion surface both cool and dry. Initially created by NASA for space travelers at dispatch, adjustable foam pads and supports the client by fitting in with body forms.

The tack-and-bounce knitted front of Astoria is injected with aloe vera. The aloe gel is microencapsulated, with the goal that sleepers’ body heat makes minute sums be discharged amid the night, ascending through the sheets to alleviate the skin. This additionally gives the sleeping cushion a satiny vibe.

Astoria utilizes Cool Tufting filaments in tufting the solace center to additionally cool the sleeping pad while keeping up the uprightness of this segment.

Among the recorded advantages of the Astoria, memory foam sleeping pad is being hostile to bug and against sensitivity. Different benefits incorporate those identified with the help: weight alleviation, spinal help arrangement, a decrease of joint torment and upgraded blood dissemination. Christeli says these lessen hurling and turning, which implies better nature of rest, prompting better waking hours.

Christeli additionally sells establishments reasonable for Astoria, just as their different beddings. These are the Christeli Premium Foundation, an all-steel bed outline with a matrix of firmly divided help bars, and three Christeli memory foam beds, the Ergomatic 1000, the Ergomatic 4000, and the Ergomatic 5000.

Christeli has a 40-night trade ensure (rest preliminary) for Astoria, just as a Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty. This sleeping pad is accessible on the web and through telephone orders from Christeli. It is additionally available through approved merchants.


Luxury Collection

The Luxury Collection is a subset of the SleepMaker Collection by the Marshall Mattress Company, a Canadian maker of innerspring beddings. This four-display arrangement, including an innerspring of 1002 cotton-wrapped pocket curls in Queen-measure, are called half and half sleeping pads. Three of the models (Luxe I, Luxe ii, and Luxe iii) are flippable. The fourth, Absolute, is no-flip bedding.

The loops in the Luxury Collection innerspring are enveloped by cotton stashes which are sewn together. The pockets keep the loops set up, allowing it to react freely to the weight and state of the sleepers’ bodies. This acclimating underpins the whole body equitably. It implies that no part of the body bears the majority of the weight, subsequently alleviating weight on these focuses. Additionally, it’s expected to keep up proper spinal stance.

Edge support is given by accuracy hand-tufting of the bedding. In this way, foam encasement isn’t utilized.

The solace layers of the half breed sleeping cushions in the Marshall Mattress Luxury Collection comprise of New Zealand fleece, soy foam, white polyester strands, compacted cotton felt, and cotton fiber. To these Absolute includes regular latex. Luxury ii and Luxe iii have three soy layers, each an alternate immovability.

The hand-custom fitted front of every Luxury Collection show is a Belgian damask texture of woven cloth (thick) and cotton. The fringes are a similar material yet in a differentiating shading.

Every Luxury Collection bedding is coordinated to a completely upholstered wood-confined establishment. This 8½” high stage is secluded: it comes in simple to-transport segments which can be assembled as the establishment when setting up the bed.

Beddings in the Sleepmaster Luxury Collection are accessible at a few retailers crosswise over Canada, just as a couple in the United States. They convey a 10-year guarantee from the Marshall Mattress Company.



Madeline, the most minimal model in the Luxury Collection of memory foam sleeping pads by Christeli, is a long way from being Christeli’s entrance level bedding. It is the equivalent 12½” tallness as the TEMPUR-Cloud Elite and TEMPUR-Contour Elite and has a similar two-layer development, a support foam center and one flexible foam comfort layer. However, at a much lower cost. Be that as it may, it has some clear highlights.

Starting at best, Madeline has a knitted cover of natural silk. This tack and bounce sewed texture is imbued with aloe vera. Silk is smooth and breathable. Aloe vera gel is relieving, utilized in many healthy skin items. The tack-and-hop sewing is to give this bedding a sentiment of extravagance.

Under the knitted spread is the 4″ layer of Super Cool™ Memory Foam. This ventilated 5.3-pound thickness memory foam reacts to the sleeper’s weight and shapes by complying with body forms to give support to the whole length of the body. The ventilation provides the air with a chance to course through for cooling.

The help center of the Madeline is Christeli’s 2-lb. Ortho-Core™ Support, The job of the soy-based Ortho polyurethane foam is where it counts support for the sleeper. It is zoned to tailor support for five territories of the body. Body5™ Zoned Spinal Support has different dimensions of immovability for the head, chest area, center body, lower body, and feet.

Like the other Luxury Collection sleeping cushions, Madeline has Better Edge™ froth encasement for edge support and mattress center security. Better Edge increments usable dozing surface by 25%.

The solace area of the Christeli Madeline is in a European box top secured by ties to handles on the help center. It can be loosed, and the best and base turned to the contrary introduction to change the immovability level.

Christeli records a few medical advantages for Madeline, as they accomplish for their other flexible foam sleeping pads, for example, decreased hurling and turning, and appropriate spinal arrangement. It is likewise referred to as being temperature unbiased, vermin safe, and hypoallergenic.



The center model in the Luxury Collection of flexible foam beddings by South Carolina based Christeli is Briella, one of two 13½” sleeping cushions in this arrangement. Alternate models in this gathering are the 12½” Madeline and the 13½” Danieli.

Essential fixings in the front of Briella are silk and aloe vera, both common items. Silk is a smooth, solid fiber since quite a while ago connected with extravagance. It additionally wicks dampness away to keep the surface dry.

Aloe vera is known for its mitigating and recuperating. The spread is imbued with small scale typified aloe vera, so little sums are discharged when somebody rests on the bedding. Rising to the top and through the bedding and nightclothes, it relieves the sleeper’s skin.

Briella is a boxtop bedding. The 5″ comfort layer of Super Cool Memory Foam is in the European box top. This 5.3-lb. memory foam is ventilated for wind stream. The crate top is appended to the help center beneath by the side handles. The client can change the solidness of the sleeping pad by segregating the handles and pivoting the base in connection to the best.

The help base of the Briella adaptable foam sleeping pad is a square of Christeli’s Ortho-Core Support, a 2-lb. soy-based polyurethane froth. This froth supplies where it counts support for the sleepers. Christeli says it is orthopedically affirmed for spinal help.

The Briella highlights Christeli’s Body5 Zoned Spinal Support. Five zones are made to shape support for the head, chest area, center body, lower body, and feet.

Briella additionally includes Best Edge froth encasement, which reinforces and shields the foam from the side. It is additionally edged support for the surface. Christeli claims it adds 25% to the usable resting surface.



Danieli is the best model of the Luxury Collection of memory foam sleeping pads by Christeli. This 13½” sleeping pad has two flexible foam layers in the safe place European box top, and an aloe vera injected spread, a free immovability bolster center, and edge-supporting froth encasement. About these highlights, Christeli says, “Together they support your body, guaranteeing a calm night of “rest like-a-child” rest.”

The front of Danieli is knitted with stitching materials mixed with microcapsules of aloe vera gel. The body warmth of a sleeper discharges a portion of the aloe vera which achieves the skin of the sleeper to mitigate and recuperate. Aloe vera is generally utilized in healthy skin items.

The two solace layers of Danieli are 4″ of Super Cool™ Memory Foam and 1″ of Super Cool™ Firm Memory Foam. The upper layer is the equivalent 5.3-lb. material found in all current Christeli flexible foam sleeping cushions. Four inches is indistinguishable thickness from the Super Cool in Madeline. Memory foam was created by NASA to pad space travelers at dispatch. Its adjustment to body forms is intended to alleviate weight by giving even help. Unique memory foam amassed heat, winding up excessively warm, so this adjustable foam is ventilated to enable air to move through for cooling.

The second layer of Super Cool is firm to give more help. This should bargain delicate surface quality. However, to keep the “failing to work out” sensation. Hidden immovability may delay the life of the milder froth.

The help base is Christeli’s Ortho-Core™ Support. This is 2-lb thickness soy-based polyurethane froth. In most Christeli sleeping pads, for example, Danieli, its help is customized by the Body5™ Zoned Spinal Support for five body zones: head, chest area, center body, lower body, and feet. Be that as it may, the base can be pivoted, changing the arrangement of the help to make the sleeping pad firmer or less firm. This is finished by segregating the side handles which append the base to the case best and turning the best or the bottom, at that point reattaching the handles.

Best Edge froth encasement underpins the dozing surface, expanding the usable region by 25%. It shields the sleepers from moving off in light of edge breakdown. It likewise empowers sitting on the edge. The foam encasement also contains the help center, dragging out its usable life.

The standard prerequisite for an establishment for the Christeli Danieli flexible foam sleeping cushion is that it be level and firm. Stage beds meet this prerequisite, as do wood-slatted outlines with under 4″ between braces. Additionally, qualifying is metal bed establishments with firmly separated bars, for example, the Christeli Foundation. Christeli likewise sells three models of customizable beds: Ergomatic 1000, Ergomatic 4000, Ergomatic 5000.


Ultra Luxury Collection

The Ultra Luxury Collection is the most unique and priciest gathering of flexible foam sleeping pads by Christeli, a bedding producer in Greenville, South Carolina. The three models in the Ultra Luxury Collection are Charleston, Lux Estate, and Palais Grand Royale. The initial two are 14½” and the last one 15½” high. The costs, however, is higher than those of whatever is left of the Christeli sleeping cushions, are still lower than those for equivalent TEMPUR-Pedic models.

The Christeli Ultra Luxury Collection memory foam sleeping cushions are boxtop models. The best segment of each model in this gathering is a European box top which is connected to the independent help center by the side handles. Each handle can be fixed and the areas swung to change the solidness level.

Each model in the Ultra Luxury Collection has two flexible foam layers in the crate top. The best layer is 6-lb. Super Cool™ Memory Foam. The second layer is the 5.3-lb. Super Cool™ Memory Foam. The depiction guarantees that the heavier froth shapes all, the more exactingly. This foam is ventilated for coolness.

The help unit in the Charleston is the Adjustable Firmness Ortho-Core™ Support, with 2-lb. incompletely soy-based polyurethane froth. One thick layer is between two more slender layers. This center can be made firmer or milder by turning.

The other two models have a Natural Latex Support System. The help center in each is around 7 to 7½” of ventilated latex. The Palais Grand Royale includes a base of 3″ of the 5.3-lb. Overly Cool.

The fronts of the Ultra Luxury beddings are made of cashmere sewed with Cool Tufting filaments.

These adjustable foam sleeping cushions require establishments with a level and firm surface. This prerequisite is met by establishments sold by Christeli, including a steel bed establishment and three flexible beds.


Final Verdict

Christeli as of now records nine models of flexible foam sleeping pads, organized into three gatherings: Premier Collection, Luxury Collection, and Ultra Luxury Collection. Every group has precisely three models. The Premier Collection has Stockholm (7″), Versailles (10″), and Astoria (11.5″). The Luxury Collection has Madeline (12.5″), Briella (13.5″), and Danieli (13.5″). The Ultra Luxury Collection has Charleston (14.5″), Lux Estate (14.5″), and Palais Grand Royale (15.5″).

Christeli is a sleeping pad brand that has been around since the 1930s with American made craftsmanship. They create their very own sleeping pads in their South Carolina industrial facility, and spotlight on adjustable foam and latex choices. Generally speaking, most people discover their beddings agreeable, yet there are a couple of grumblings about material toughness and solidness. In the event that you are keen on investigating, they transport anyplace in the mainland U.S.


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