Cocoon By Sealy Mattress Review

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The Cocoon mattress by Sealy is the first sleeping pad created by one of the large bedding organizations to start to increase sizable notoriety. The sleeping cushion utilizes a memory foam top layer with poly froth transitional and bolsters layers to make a vibe that is adjusted in its dimension of sinkage, yet at the same time accomplishes a flexible foam embrace, form, and feel. The power to choose delicate (all the more a medium truly) or firm vibe adjacent by a standard or cooling spread are additionally pleasant additional items. Generally speaking, a solid sleeping pad.

Sealy Mattress has more than 100 years of aptitude in the sleeping pad industry, keeping up their life span by offering steady quality and solidness, and Cocoon is their entrance into the all-froth bed-in-a-crate advertise.

Its medium-level shaping is intended for great intrigue, as you should encounter a pleasant supporting weight help without feeling like you can’t move around. In the event that cradling isn’t your style and you want to rest more over your sleeping cushion, you can pick a firmer choice.

The expansion of front line stage change innovation to the Chill model should shield you from dozing excessively hot and speaks to mixing of new advancement with a dependable custom that you can go for yourself.


Introduction: Cocoon Mattress Review

Never knew about a “bed-in-a-box” before? Try not to stress, in such a case that the ongoing storm of new sleeping cushions hitting the market in the first half of 2019 are any sign – you won’t most likely overlook them before the year is out.

In the event that you’ve tuned in to a digital recording in a previous couple of months you’ve presumably heard relentless advertisements for the Casper sleeping cushion or the Novobed, while the UK-based Eve Mattresses has quite recently started transporting their own units stateside to muscle in on the challenge. Each of the three brands is relative unknowns both in the US and around the world, and are hoping to profit by what appears to be another style of pressure innovation that the huge sleeping pad creators haven’t gotten insightful to yet.

Sealy then again is a stone monument in the sleeping pad industry, with a family that extends back actually over a century. Subsequent to converging with Tempur-Pedic in 2012 to frame “the world’s biggest sheet material organization”, the producer has at last entered the brawl with their response to these upstarts, planning to overwhelm by and by as the undisputed ruler of making the best extra large (and all other size) beds in the business. Sealy’s Cocoon is a bed made with a restrictive mix of memory froths, all intended to complement and bolster one another and your body as you rest.

Sent in a box no greater than a couple of feet over, the sleeping pad is compacted at the industrial facility, delivered, and grows once it’s discharged from its vacuum-fixed bundling. This procedure makes it simpler for Sealy to get the bedding direct to your doorstep, and sufficiently versatile than just a single individual is expected to get the bedding set up for rest in merely five minutes or less.

Cocoon is a mattress offering from sleeping cushion industry goliath Sealy. This all froth sleeping pad comes in two distinctive immovability levels and is conveyed straightforwardly to your entryway. Keen on learning if the Cocoon is directly for you? Peruse on for my full Cocoon bedding audit!


You will love Cocoon Chill if you:

  • Rest hot – The spread is designed with restrictive stage change innovation that modifies the temperature of the bed’s surface dependent on your body heat, diverting warmth when your body feels hot and moving it back to you when your body chills off. It guarantees you won’t be woken up by changes in temperature.


  • Incline toward medium-level molding – These memory materials won’t let you sink as profound as you may on other memory beds that can give you a tremendous profound embrace feel. Instead, you should feel delicately supported and not as though you are caught in the sleeping cushion.


  • Need sinkage alternatives – Cocoon gives you a chance to pick between two solace levels, which grows the adaptability of the brand. On the off chance that you like to rest increasingly inside your bedding, you would need to take a gander at the Cocoon Soft™. However, in the event that you want to rest more on the top, you may attempt their firmer rendition.


You might not like Cocoon Chill if you:

  • Incline toward skip – Though there is some bob originating from the thick polyurethane base, which will bolster your weight and help you to explore the outside of the bed, it won’t have a similar vibe as a conventional innerspring sleeping pad.


About The Company

Sealy began making beddings once again 100 years back when the organizer would fill them with cotton (fortunately, materials have improved from that point forward). The organization has a broad scope of models and is most likely best known for its Posturepedic innovation.

To get the Cocoon to its flow variant, Sealy experienced two years of innovative work and more than 100 models before entering the bed in a container advertise in 2016. A central motivation behind why I was so eager to get a glance at this sleeping pad is Sealy’s more than 130 years of experience and the extraordinary R&D stage, so how about we bounce in!



Cocoon Chill is an all-froth bed-in-a-case mattress m from Sealy, structured and gathered in North Carolina. You can utilize it with most strong establishments and steady edges, including stages, supports, and customizable bases. The organization sells its very own establishments also.

What isolates the Chill from the Classic model is the restrictive stage change materials joined into the robust stretch-weave spread that lead and retains heat far from your body when you are hot and discharges it back to you when your body begins to cool, keeping up a consistent agreeable temperature.

The development is made of three separate froths and measures 10 inches tall.

The primary layer is two inches of the organization’s Perfect Fit Memory Foam, which fits in with your body for solace and weight help.

The second layer is a 2-inch Comfort Foam layer for included non-abrasiveness and shaping. Note this layer is missing in the firmer version of Cocoon and is supplanted by an additional two creeps of the base layer.

The third layer frames the base with sturdy Essential Support Foam which will either be adaptable for some additional give and 6 inches tall in the Cocoon Soft™ or strengthened for extra help and 8 inches tall in the Cocoon Firm™. In either form, this layer gives people backing and some ricochet while giving the bed its shape and solidness.



We evaluated the Cocoon Soft™ variant of the Chill as a 6 out of 10, with ten being the firmest on our scale. Try not to give the name a chance to trick you; this sleeping pad is nearer to the medium to the medium-firm range. This will, in general, be the most common dimension of immovability since it will oblige a wide range of rest inclinations.

The spread is delicate, and the sewing feels tough when extended in various ways. It additionally feels extraordinarily cool when you contact it. However, after you rest on it for a couple of hours, you will see how the temperature guideline keeps up a harmony.

With a top layer of moderate reacting adjustable foam, an extra layer of solace froth, and the adaptable base underneath, you will feel yourself gradually subside into this bed for a tenderly supported inclination. Since the thickness of memory materials is upheld by snappier reacting solace froth and base underneath, you ought not to feel that profound embrace that can some of the time make individuals feel stuck.

The base layer gives this bed a little piece of bob and is sufficiently strong to enable you to move around over the bed. So, on the off chance that you are somebody who physically battles to get in and out of your bedding or like to rest more over your sleeping pad, the firmer version increasingly strengthened and thicker base layer might be better equipped to your inclination.

Generally, the milder rendition of this bedding will oblige most comfortable positions, which implies blend sleepers who like to switch things up ought not to need to forfeit solace or backing as they interchange positions.

Most back sleepers will feel the supporting solace layer particularly in the bend of their lower back and the steady base froth holding their spine in the vertical arrangement. Get familiar with the arrangement for this situation here.

Most side sleepers will feel the top froth layer fit in with their bends and ease the weight of their weight that focuses on hips and shoulders when they rest in this position. For what reason do they need more help for hips and shoulders? Discover here.

Selective stomach sleepers who are normal weight or heavier will need to watch that their hips don’t dunk excessively low in the gentler model. Most stomach sleepers, with the exception of the altogether lighter individuals, may be progressively agreeable on the Cocoon Firm™.

As indicated by the organization, this bedding was developed to help loads to 500 pounds for each side, which is fundamentally more than most other all-froth brands guarantee to suit.

Everyone unexpectedly encounters immovability, and you ought to think about that an inherently heavier body will by and large judge a sleeping cushion milder than somebody who is altogether lighter, and that is something to remember that while choosing a solidness level.


Motion Transfer

Memory foam performs uncommonly well while confining movement as a result of its capacity to ingest development at its purpose of effect. With the top layer of memory materials, the Cocoon Chill retains most movement at the source and enables next to no to traverse the bed.

On the off chance that you are a functioning sleeper and stress over aggravating your accomplice, this bedding is an incredible decision. On the off chance that you are attempting to settle on immovability levels, realize that the milder of the two beds will perform marginally better in this class.


Edge Support

Since memory foams will, in general, pack under your weight and body temperature, memory beds, for the most part, don’t exceed expectations in this class, and this sleeping pad executed not surprisingly for an all-froth bed-in-a-case. There will be some pressure when you sit with your weight focused on the edge, yet you should, in any case, feel upheld while dozing as an afterthought.

While edge support is an inclination based component, sleepers who need to augment their bedding’s open surface region may think that it is imperative.


Cocoon Classic Mattress Sizing and Pricing


Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38” x 74.5” x 10” $399
Twin XL 38” x 79.5” x 10” $449
Full 53” x 74.5” x 10” $649
Queen 60” x 79.5” x 10” $799
King 76” x 79.5” x 10”                         $999
California king 72” x 83.5” x 10” $999

Type of Sleeper

With each sleeping cushion survey, we advise you that picking the correct bed is an individual choice. It’s vital to think about your very own inclinations, resting position, body weight, and type, and any wellbeing conditions you might manage. Consider your personal solace and spinal help needs. We urge you to utilize any rest preliminary to guarantee that the bed you picked is an ideal choice for you.

Remembering all that, investigate this abstract client input on the Cocoon Classic sleeping cushion:

Taking a gander at the chart below, it’s fascinating to take note of that normal weight sleepers (the individuals who weigh between 130-230 lbs.) evaluated the Cocoon as “great” regardless of their normal dozing position. Better than expected weight sleepers (those gauging more than 230 lbs) didn’t work out quite as well with the bed, the rating is as “reasonable” regardless of their resting position. Beneath normal weight sleepers (those weighing under 130 lbs) were someplace in the middle. Side sleepers said it was “exceptionally great,” while back sleepers said it was “reasonable.”


Type of Sleeper Under 130 lbs 130-230 lbs Above 230 lbs
Side Sleepers Very good Good Fair
Back Sleepers Fair Good Fair
Stomach Sleepers Good Good Fair

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Time for testing and Guarantee: Sealy offers a 100-night rest preliminary for all Cocoon sleeping cushions.

  1. There is no required break-in period, and Sealy will enable clients to restore their Cocoon bedding anytime amid the 100-night preliminary.


  1. Clients who return their sleeping pad will get a full item discount. Sealy will likewise orchestrate the sleeping cushion to be gotten and expelled to no detriment to the client.


  1. Sealy enables clients to trade their momentum Cocoon sleeping cushion for a model with an alternate vibe one time amid the 100-night time for testing. In the event that the client is as yet unsatisfied, Sealy will give a full discount.


  1. Sealy does not restock any utilized sleeping pads. Clients who wish to restore their sleeping cushion may have their bedding given to philanthropy, reused, or discarded at a trash gathering focus. When the sleeping cushion has been gotten via Sealy faculty, the proprietor will get a discount inside one to two business days.


  1. Clients won’t be in charge of repackaging the sleeping pad and don’t have to keep the first boxes.


Guarantee: Sealy offers a 10-year constrained guarantee for all Cocoon sleeping pads.


  1. Guarantee inclusion will start on the first date of procurement.


  1. Sealy will, at their sole carefulness, fix or supplant sleeping pads with imperfections that are ‘because of broken workmanship or materials’.


  1. A full item discount will be issued for proprietors of sleeping cushions that have been esteemed blemished, yet the proprietor will be in charge of all delivery and transportation charges. These costs will never surpass ‘Cover via Sealy’s then standard cargo charges’.


  1. Casing sleeping cushions are intended for help on ‘a firm, strong surface establishment or movable bed base that is fundamentally equipped for supporting the weight’. The guarantee will be voided if the proprietor utilizes ‘improper establishments, box springs, customizable bed bases, or bed edges’ with the Cocoon sleeping cushion. In the event that a guarantee is recorded, Sealy may demand the proprietor for verification of appropriate fundamental help.


  1. Proprietors may choose to trade their flawed sleeping cushion for an increasingly costly model. In these cases, the proprietor will pay the value distinction between the first sleeping pad and the overhauled show.


  1. The Cocoon via Sealy guarantee will cover the accompanying imperfections:
    1. Obvious spaces in the sleeping pad surface that measure one inch (1″) or more profound that is not brought about by abuse or inappropriate fundamental help.
    2. Tears in the sleeping cushion spread and other item defects that happen regardless of appropriate use.


  1. The guarantee won’t cover the accompanying:
    1. Unmistakable spaces that don’t gauge one inch (1″) or more profound; this is viewed as ordinary mileage.
    2. Typical increments in the delicateness of bedding materials that don’t influence its weight easing capacities.
    3. Fix or substitution demands that happen because of changes in the proprietor’s solace inclinations.
    4. Consumes, cuts, tears, stains, and different sorts of harm that are the immediate consequence of item abuse or ill-advised central help.


  1. This guarantee is only offered to unique buyers who purchase their Cocoon sleeping cushion legitimately from Sealy or an approved retailer. Guarantee inclusion won’t reach out to any individual who purchases or procures their bedding from the first proprietor or a non-approved retailer.


Final Verdict

Sealy’s Cocoon Classic sleeping cushion is an adaptable foam bed accessible in two unique solidness settings.

The bed’s polyfoam and flexible foam layers join in giving big help and the acclimating “embrace” you anticipate from memory foam. The bed secludes movement well and reduces weight indicates and torment a critical degree.

The Cocoon is a fantastic alternative on the off chance that you favor supportive bedding. It offers little skip and superb movement disengagement, making it worth your thought whether you lay down with an accomplice. In the event that you rest warm during the evening, the Chill choice is a champion component however be set up to pay the additional cost. Despite not offering such a large number of champion highlights, the Cocoon merits your time on the off chance that you like a supportive bed and a financial plan will likely cost.

At the point when the container arrives, it’s practically a two-advance procedure: open the crate, unfurl the compacted bedding where you plan on resting, and penetrate the bundling. When you do, the encompassing air will hurry into the sleeping cushion, filling up inside about a moment. The impact alone is genuinely cool, seeing an about level bit of texture transform and change into a genuine sleeping cushion directly before your eyes.

The principal thing that will undoubtedly see when the sleeping pad is extended is the smell. In the event that I needed to depict it, we’d call it kind of Windexy, bleachy plastic smell that will help you a ton to remember the old cleaning wardrobe I had at one of my first occupations.

You get what you pay for. This maxim is valid in many everyday issues. In any case, when you depend on the conventional sleeping cushion plan of action, a great deal of what you’re putting resources into incorporates agent markups and high commissions paid to pushy sales reps who don’t really have your best advantages as a primary concern. When you buy Cocoon Chill, you can eliminate a significant number of these unnecessary expenses and get your sleeping cushion direct from Sealy.

Since Cocoon Chill offers two immovability settings, I think this helps add assorted variety that enables them to take into account a bigger market. I do have a couple of worries about the thickness found in the flexible foam of this item. Be that as it may, thinking about the cost, regardless you’re getting a genuinely suitable arrangement. Higher densities do come at a more expensive rate. I think you’ll be inspired at this current item’s capacity to inhale, and the flexible foam disengages movement and add that form you have to diminish or dispense with a throbbing painfulness.

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