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Contents hide Denver Mattress Review: Introduction This Denver Mattress Review will enlighten your decision-making process on choosing the best mattress for you. Various facts and useful information are elaborated on this review, especially the advantages …

This Denver Mattress Review will enlighten your decision-making process on choosing the best mattress for you. Various facts and useful information are elaborated on this review, especially the advantages and disadvantages of this product. With that, you will discover the diversity and uniqueness of these mattresses. Plus, its price will not bother your restful sleep at night.  

One of its great mattresses is Doctor’s Choice Plush Mattress, manufactured by Denver Mattress Co. It is a combination of support and comfort. Obviously, from the name itself, it sounds reliable. Thus, this high quality and engineered features made these mattresses a state-of-the-art mattress in the bedding industry.

Denver Mattress Co. is deemed to be unique and the best amid its competitors for they provide full control of each product through monitoring each progress from manufacturing to retailing. This manufacturing company sure knows the importance of quality and commitment to their customers. Compared to the other major mattress brands, Denver Mattress Co. offers you great deals at the lowest price because they can offer factory direct savings.

Sounds cool, right? To know more about the facet of these mattresses, I will certainly help you discover each material for you to understand why it is considered as the best mattress in the bedding industry. Besides, I will also help you find the best mattress that surely suits your sleep preference.

Denver Mattress Review: Introduction

The Denver Mattress Co. is a company known as a state-of-the-art just in time factory for it considered as the largest factory-direct retailer in the country which provides high quality yet affordable mattresses to its consumers. With more than 20 years of experience on the bedding industry, the company was able to capture customers’ preferences due to its advanced manufacturing methods that enable them to build top of the line products.

The company offers three types of mattresses: innerspring, hybrid and latex mattresses. They manufacture a total of 22 mattress models in their current lineup.  Their most famous mattress is the Doctor’s Choice Plush Mattress which is low and mid-priced line with zoned coils to support the lumber system of the spine. Plush comfort, pressure-response zoned coils, and high-density foam is the best features of these mattresses.

In actuality, a leading neurosurgeon specializing in complex spine and spinal cord surgery, Dr. Brian Wieder, is one of the most satisfied customers and user of the Denver Mattress. Beds that support the spine along its natural curves is beneficial in obtaining great posture, and also it helps to avoid various lower back pains.

You may discover that various customers reviewed that Denver Mattresses provides least generous support, plus, the company got A+ scores on their customer reviews, even the negative reviews are visible on their websites. If you’re not still captured how excellent Denver Mattress is, don’t fuss! Read more of this review and uncover some facts that will help you determine that the best mattress is Denver Mattress.  

Types of Denver Mattress Offers:


Innerspring mattresses are one of the most traditional mattresses on all models. This mattress uses a steel coil support system and covered by various padding upholstery materials like foams, fiber and additional layers of smaller steel springs. There are at least nine (9) innerspring models from Denver Mattress lineup of beddings.


Same goes with Innerspring; Hybrid mattresses are made of coils; however, it is also a combination of latex, memory, polyurethane foams and other materials. Cushions designed from latex, memory foam hybrid did not only provide excellent pressure relief and support from the memory foam, but it conveys great bounce, cooling, and responsive performance as well. The Denver Mattress produce at least four (4) cushions that are hybrid mattresses.  


In contrast to hybrid, Latex is built from latex foam exclusively. This type of mattress contains great properties for cooling and comfort and famously known for its great responsiveness and bounciness. Latex Denver Mattress produced a weightless like feel which makes it very comfy. There are at least seven (7) latex models from their cushion lineups.

Company Profile

Why does the Denver Mattress Co. consider as the best mattress value in America? Simple! It is because of their famous mantra – “More Mattress. Less Money.” The reason for this is that they passionately produce high-class mattresses and directly retail each of their products to their happy customers. They admiringly omit the middleman phase of the product distribution process which certainly cuts the price almost 50%. Sounds great, right? Well, let us dig up more about this famous mattress company.

The Denver Mattress Co. is a part of the family companies of Furniture Row. It was initially born out of the waterbed boom of the 1980’s. In 1988, they commenced producing soft-sided waterbed inserts for Big Surf Waterbeds. As time passes, Denver Mattress evolved and adapted on producing innerspring mattresses for kids and subsequently manufacture full-line conventional adult size beddings. With that, the company opened the first Denver Mattress store in Denver, Colorado in 1995 and later expanded to become one of the largest privately held mattress company in the United States with over 90 locations in 30 states.  

Under their Research and Development program, each product manufactured by Denver Mattress went through extensive strenuous testing to ensure quintessential performance. One of their exemplary processes is called Sonar Measuring System Procedures. With this accurate method, the factory measures the exact height and/or loss of height in a set of bedding. The principal use of this system is that it regulates the height in sets of bedding, comparing a new or chaste sample mattress to a posted tested state and again after a 24 hour recovery time span.

Consider Your Sleep Preference: Pros and Cons

In this review, I have compiled many surveys regarding the sleep preference reviews of the customers while using the different types of Denver Mattresses. Here are the following:

Innerspring Mattress

Side and Back sleepers would prefer this type of mattress. This cushion is ideal for lightweight and average weight sleepers. However, stomach sleepers who are average and heavyweight sleepers are discouraged to use this type of mattress.

Hybrid Mattress

This type of bed is most likely versatile on any weights except to stomach sleepers that are heavyweight. The reason for this is because of its excellent support property that may harm the spine or stomach sleepers.

Latex Mattress

With this type of mattress, there is no doubt that these cushions are exemplary for any sleeper’s positions and weight. This mattress is certainly adaptive.

Denver Mattress is a good fit for people who:

Consider great motion isolation

In actuality, motion isolation varies on the type of mattress. Nevertheless, latex mattresses are considered as the cushion that has the most minimum isolate motion. It is very efficient to avoid nighttime disruptions. Unlike latex, innerspring and hybrid mattresses excessively create actions if there are any movements along the perimeter of the bed.

Little to none smell

We are all guilty of the fact that the odor of a specific object affects our judgment, especially to our mattresses. A lot of mattresses discharge speck of unwanted odor on unpackaged cushions that could last for days. However, worry not because all types of bedding manufactured by Denver Mattress produce minimal off-gassing odors.  It is natural to expect only light new mattress smell, but it goes away quickly.  

Firm Support & body contour

One of Denver Mattress’ best mattress, Doctor’s Choice mattresses, do not provide great contouring to the body; however, it sufficiently supports the shape of the most sleepers. There are foam layers above this mattress that supply pliable innerspring bottom layer to its base of support.

You may not Like Denver Mattress if you:

Slight Heat Retention

Mattresses that could handle temperature inconsistency is an ideal cushion. The heat from you mattresses plays a significant role in the conformity of your rest. For people who do not like to sleep with the heat on their cushions, these mattresses are not ideal for you. It is because Denver Mattresses possesses slight heat retention that keeps your body warm all night.

Not ideal for edge support

Edge support of Denver Mattresses provides generous support. However, these mattresses may not be ideal to heavyweight sleepers with more than 230 lbs, especially on long-term usage.  

Stomach Sleepers

This type of sleepers tends to sleep comfortably lying on their stomachs. The part of their body that apply most pressure is their torso; hence they need mattresses that provide similar support through the entire body. They must meticulously choose cushions that need to have great support. With that, sleepers can avoid various lower back issues. Stomach sleepers must select medium or slightly firm mattresses.

Firmness and Comfort Layers

The compression you feel when you lounge on your mattress is what we called firmness. Measuring the firmness of your cushion is salient for it distinguishes how comfy your mattress according to your sleep preference. Nevertheless, firmness also differs according to a person’s weight.

In reality, firmness and support are commonly confused words. There is a considerable difference between the two, however, these two words are somehow related to each other. Firmness is the immediate sensation when you lie down to your mattress, while support refers to how your cushion keeps your spine aligned. Take note that firmer mattress does not confirm great support.

It is admiringly satisfiable that Denver Mattress offers different mattresses with various designs and firmness levels. From the collected surveys, customers asserted that innerspring and hybrid mattresses produced by Denver Mattress offer vigorous edge support. Since both mattresses are made from polyfoam comfort layers, it is expected that these cushions do not conform closely and reduce body pressure. Customers also claimed that these mattresses are responsive enough for intimate activities. On the other hand, latex cushion models from Denver Mattress Co. conform firmly to the sleeper’s body and produce above-normal pressure relief. This type of mattress minimizes actions and generates no additional noises.  

The amount of support you will obtain from your mattress depends on the variation of mattress you bought. Indeed, all cushions manufactured by Denver Mattress Co. are precisely comfortable. With that, users can feel pleasurable sensation on their first impression while sleeping with these mattresses. The famous Doctor’s Choice Plush Mattress of Denver Mattress prioritizes comfort rather than support. The cushions provide you great contour on your body when you lounge on these mattresses. If you’re searching to take advantage of the various foams in the bedding industry, Denver Mattress is an excellent choice.


The temperature of your mattress is indeed a significant factor in getting great sleep. Obtaining mattresses with excellent temperature control will surely help you to sleep throughout the night not waking up too warm or too cold. There is no chance of sleepless and uncomfortable nights. However, everyone is unique and have different sleep preferences. Some of us don’t like getting warm or cold. Hence, your comfort depends on your sleep preference.

Temperature or heat retentions of cushions depend on the type of mattress. Denver Innerspring mattresses are reported to retain less body heat rather than other types of mattresses. Including hybrid mattresses, it feels cooler than different kinds of beds. Comparative, latex models tend to feel hotter when you sleep. People with such concerns on the temperature of their cushion must keep in mind that plush models are more likely to sleep warmer than firmer models. The reason for this is when sleepers lie down on the plush mattress they tend to sink more deeply that keep the air from flowing around the body.  

Sinkage Test

The sinkage level of the mattresses is also one of the properties that most customers consider. Compression of the mattress makes it more comfy to lounge. However, the sinkage level of the mattress varies on the sleeper’s weight. Denver Mattresses models of mattresses will sink extremely to those overweight sleepers. For normal sleepers, the sinkage level of these cushions rests between 1” to 2” depending on the model you purchase.  

Motion Transfer

The motion transfer of the mattress accurately measures how firm the building materials of the bed. Rolling over while sleeping is natural in our human patterns, however, with that motion we can easily disturb other sleepers in the mattress. That is why the motion transfer of mattresses are measured to help users to enjoy their sleep and rolling over from time to time without disturbing their partners.

Denver Mattresses tend to be bouncier especially the innerspring mattresses. There are less contouring from the foams in the comfort layer and quilted top wherefore the bounciness of the mattress that causes higher motion transfer from one part of the mattress to another. Hence, customers that prioritizes this property must consider memory foams instead.

Edge Support

The edge part of the mattress that encases it and provides extra support around the border is what we called Edge Guard. It holds great support on the surface and wholeness of the cushions. It is also called edge support or edge stabilization which averts sinkage on the edges of the mattress engendered from sitting the edge of the bed.  

Latex mattresses from Denver Mattress are regularly constructed with poor edge support compared to innerspring mattresses. It is expected that it will intensely sink or compress when tested by sitting on the edge. Unlike to latex beds, innerspring and hybrid mattresses are protected with edge guards to support the springs and generate a suitable sleeping surface.

Quality, Construction, Materials  

The mattresses manufactured by Denver Mattress Co. are famous for its comfort and support. Sleeper’s comfort is the main priority of the company. They have produced various types of mattresses which help customers choose cushions according to their sleep preferences. However, even how great a mattress is there are still a number of hiccups.

The average lifespan usage of mattresses is 7 years. Durability is the most common dispute of Denver Mattresses. In fact, a large number of customers reported that premature sagging and indentations arouse while using the mattress for many years, especially the innerspring and hybrid mattresses. While latex cushions have a longer lifespan.

A survey was conducted to random users to identify the rating of the quality of Denver Mattresses. The overall quality score of the mattresses is 7.1 over 10. Higher than the usual ratings from other competitors. No back pain rating was surveyed as well. The mattresses gained 7.5 over 10 rating.


There are two major materials that are significant to the greatness of a mattress. These are the cover and different layers of the cushions. With that, you can discover why mattresses possess a certain type of properties.


The Denver Mattresses do not come with covers. There is no need for covers for these mattresses because the outer layers already concealed the mattress and kept the mattress together. As a matter of fact, the top quilt layer is enough to cover the mattress. Also, it is the direct point of contact between you and the cushion. However, should you be worried that your mattress will easily get dirty? Worry no more because the company offers a myriad of mattress padding to cover your bed.

Purchasing extra cushion covers means a more opulent, hygienic and long lasting mattress. These pads can be used to cover or merely help you feel warm on colder nights. There are a total of 12 mattress paddings produced by Denver Mattress. Each of it consist unique materials which keep the cover resilient and acquire distinctive properties.

The mattress pads are hypo-allergenic and machine washable that even it will be washed repeatedly, the pads will not have sagged. It is super comfortable and made from advanced cluster-fiber comfort fill which helps the pads bounce back to its original shape. The sleeping surface of the pads is actually waterproof yet breathable. Most covers are made of cotton, polyester, polyethylene, Tencel, and spandex.


The Denver Mattress consists of 3 major layers: quilt, comfort and base layer. Further, we will dig up more about each layer.

Quilt layer

The quilt layer is part of the mattress cover. It is also called the top cushion layer. This layer is made of Poly-foams. Poly-foam, also known as Polyurethane Foam, is claimed as the cheapest and lowest quality foam material used in mattresses. It is made of synthetic polymers which consist of a cellular structure used for upholstery and insulation.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layers of Denver Mattresses are made of gel-infused memory foams. This type of memory foam is similar to usual regular foams, however, gel-infused memory foam is infused with tiny gel particles or beads.  These tiny gel particles are engineered to enhance airflow and release trapped heat from the cushions to make your sleep more comfortable. Also, the gel memory foam helps the body of sleepers to improve their spinal alignment and pressure relief. Nevertheless, users must know that this type of memory foam wears out through time and lose its cooling properties.

Base Layer

The bottom layers are the base layer or the foundation of the mattress. It is essential to know the base layer for you to understand and discover different properties of the foundation of the mattresses. Most cushions of Denver Mattress are made of Tempered steel coils. These coils make the mattresses sturdier than non-tempered coils. It solidifies the shape of the beds. With that, tempered coil beds are ideal for large-bodied sleepers and to those who prefer firm support.

Materials Quality Rating

The materials used from each layer of Denver Mattresses are certainly practical yet furnished. Every layer is made to naturally combine with other materials. Some materials may not be luxurious with other mattresses but it is surely more useful than other materials.  

Mattress Dimensions

Getting the right size of a mattress is a must. Fear not because Denver Mattress Co. offers several mattress dimensions that are suitable for you and to your partner.


A Twin size bed measures 38” W and 74” L. It is the traditional size of twin sized bed or also known as single beds. This size may be too short to adults but ideal for kids and teens. Denver Mattress only offers twin beds on innerspring type of mattresses. The thickness of this twin-sized beds is 7.5 to 13 inches.

Twin Extra Long  (XL)

A Twin Extra Long bed has the same width with twin sized beds but differ only with 6 inches longer in length. It measures approximately 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. It is available on all types of mattresses offered by Denver Mattress. Each type has its distinctive thickness: Innerspring beds are 10 to 13 inches; Hybrid beds are 11.5 to 14 inches; and, Latex beds are 8 to 10.5 inches.


A Full-size mattress is 53” W and 74” L.  It is sometimes called double bed. This size is bigger than twin beds yet smaller than queen size beds. It is available on innerspring and hybrid mattresses with thickness of 9.5 to 13 inches, and 11.5 to 14 inches, respectively.

Full Extra Long (XL)

A Full Extra-Long bed is measured 53” W and 80” L. It is longer than full sized bed by 6” in length. It is available for innerspring mattresses only, with 10” to 13” of thickness.

Queen Mattress

The dimension of a queen mattress bed is 7” wider and 5” longer than full sized beds. It is approximately 60” W and 80” L. It is available to all types of mattress. Each type has its own thickness: Innerspring beds are 9.5” to 13”; Hybrid beds are 11.5” to 14”; and, Latex beds are 8” to 10.5”.

King Mattress

A king mattress is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. Approximately 16 inches wider than queen size beds. This size is available on all types of mattress. The height of Innerspring bed is 9.5 inches to 13 inches; while Hybrid beds are 11.5 inches to 14 inches; and, Latex bed 8 inches to 10.5 inches.

California King Mattress

A California King size mattress dimension is 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. It is the longest possible mattress, yet it is 4 inches narrower than king size beds. It is available on innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Its height is 10 to 13 inches and 11.5 to 14 inches, respectively. However, if you chose to purchase California king mattress, you need to directly contact Denver Mattress for it is a made to order mattress.


There are a total of 22 models produced by Denver Mattress. The table below displays every detail of the prices of each model by their different sizes. Undeniably, Denver Mattresses are very affordable and possesses good initial overall.

Doctor’s Choice Plush $449.99 $449.99 $539.99 $554.99 $579.99 $629.99 $729.99
Doctor’s Choice Euro Top $489.99 $539.99 $589.99 $604.99 $629.99 $679.99 $779.99
Doctor’s Choice Firm $449.99 $449.99 $539.99 $554.99 $579.99 $629.99 $729.99
Steamboat Firm $169.99 N/A $209.99 N/A $249.99 $329.99 N/A
Steamboat Firm Bunk Bed $199.99 N/A $249.99 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Summit $139.99 N/A $189.99 N/A $379.99 N/A N/A
Arapahoe Euro Top $299.99 N/A $359.99 N/A $399.99 $529.99 N/A
SilverCreek Firm $149.99 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Breckenridge Gel Memory Foam $419.99 $434.99 $459.99 N/A $499.99 $579.99 N/A
Doctor’s Choice Elite Firm N/A $669.99 N/A N/A $949.99 $1,139.99 $1,139.99
Doctor’s Choice Elite Plush N/A $669.99 N/A N/A $949.99 $1,139.99 $1,139.99
Doctor’s Choice Elite Euro Top N/A $969.99 N/A N/A $1,249.99 $1,439.99 $1,439.99
Madison Plush N/A $469.99 $559.99 N/A $649.99 $689.99 $789.99
Madison Euro Top N/A $569.99 $659.99 N/A $749.99 $789.99 $889.99
Buena Vista Plush $219.99 $234.99 $259.99 N/A $299.99 $429.99 N/A
Durango Firm N/A $469.99 $559.99 N/A $649.99 $689.99 $789.99
Telluride Plush N/A $1,469.99 N/A N/A $1,649.99 $1,839.99 N/A
Richmond Luxury Firm N/A $1,269.99 N/A N/A $1,449.99 $1,639.99 N/A
Aspen Plush N/A $1,669.99 N/A N/A $1,849.99 $2,039.99 $1,949
HeveaPUR 8″ Organic N/A $2,499.99 N/A N/A $2,799.99 $3,199.99 N/A
HeveaPur 9″ Organic N/A $2,899.99 N/A N/A $3,399.99 $3,899.99 N/A
HeveaPur 10.5″ Organic N/A $3,299.99 N/A N/A $3,799.99 $4,399.99 N/A


The Denver Mattress Co. offers you a 365-day guarantee for every purchase of their mattresses. Sounds awesome, right? These mattresses are very affordable because the company offers a factor direct savings. No middleman along the process of retailing. Purchasing such luxurious beds on great prices is definitely a best buy.

Apart from the most affordable prices for their mattresses, they also offered a year of guarantee to all users. What does that mean? They promise to give you 365 days to try their mattress for you to enjoy and decide if the bed is a good fit for you.  Later on, we will discuss more on this great deal offered by Denver Mattress.

The company, Denver Mattress Co., offers great warranty deals on their different types of cushions. Below we will discuss each item of their warranty deals.

A. Denver Mattress Co. offers variable warranty coverage for all current mattresses.

  1. The following mattresses receive 5-year limited warranty coverage that is completely non-prorated:
    1. SilverCreek Firm
  2. The following mattresses receive 10-year limited warranty coverage that is completely non-prorated:
    1. Summit
    2. Arapahoe Euro Top
    3. Breckenridge Gel Memory Foam
    4. Steamboat Firm
    5. Steamboat Firm Bunk Bed
    6. Buena Vista Plush
  3. The following mattresses receive 15-year limited warranty coverage that is completely nonprorated:
    1. Doctor’s Choice Plush Doctor’s Choice Euro Top
    2. Doctor’s Choice Firm
    3. Doctor’s Choice Elite Firm
    4. Doctor’s Choice Elite Plush
    5. Doctor’s Choice Elite Euro Top
    6. Madison Plus
    7. Madison Euro Top
    8. Durango Firm
    9. Telluride Plush
    10. Richmond Luxury Firm
    11. Aspen Plush
    12. HeveaPUR 8″ Organic
    13. HeveaPUR 9″ Organic
    14. HeveaPUR 10.5″ Organic

B. Denver Mattress Co. will, at the company’s sole discretion, choose to repair or replace all mattresses that are deemed defective. Customers will be responsible for all transportation charges associated with repairing or replacing a defective mattress.

C. Customers who do not buy their mattress directly from Denver Mattress Co. should contact the retail location where the item was purchased to initiate the warranty claim process.

D. Denver Mattress Co. models are designed for use with proper foundational support. According to Denver Mattress Co., Queen-size models must be supported with frames or bases that have at least five legs and King/California King-size mattresses must be supported with frames or bases with at least six legs. Use of an inadequate support system will void the warranty.

E. The warranty will cover the following product defects:

  1. Visible indentations or sagging in the mattress surface that measure one and a half inches (1 1/2″) or deeper.
  2. Coils or wires that are loose, bent, or protruding through the fabric.

F. The warranty will not cover the following:

  1. Visible indentations or sagging in the mattress surface that does not measure one and a half inches (1 1/2″), or normal increases in mattress softness that do not affect its pressure-relieving abilities. These issues are considered standard wear and tear.
  2. Repair or replacement requests that occur due to changes in the owner’s comfort preferences.
  3. Burns, cuts, tears, stains, and other types of physical damage that occur due to owner misuse, improper cleaning, and/or inadequate foundational support.

G. This warranty is exclusively extended to original owners who purchase their mattress directly from Denver Mattress Co. or an authorized retailer. Those who buy or acquire their mattress from the original owner or a non-authorized retailer will not be entitled to warranty protection.

Promotional Offers

You’ll get Furniture Row Platinum Credit Card through 11/15/18 if you purchase $1999 worth of it or more. Equal monthly payments required for 48 months. Except for amount equal to sales tax & delivery. there is no down payment. INTEREST-FREE FINANCING OFFER: 11/02/18 – 11/15/18. These payments equal the total promo purchase amount divided by the number of months in the promo period for the interest will be charged and equal monthly payments are required on promo purchase until it is not paid in full which are rounded up to the next whole dollar, and for the higher requisites of a non-promo purchase than the payments that would be required if this purchase.  Regular account terms apply to non-promo purchases. Purchase APR is 29.99% for new accounts.  Minimum interest charge is $2. Existing cardholders: see your credit card agreement terms. Subject to credit approval. Purchases will be available to order at the advertised price while supplies last If a product is not on a showroom floor. Unfortunately, typographical and numerical errors in an ad will sometimes occur, despite our best efforts. We hope your kind understanding that we cannot be held responsible for such misfortunes and take liability in any inconvenience this causes our valued purchasers.

Other Things To Consider:

365-Night Trial

Trial Period and Guarantee: Denver Mattress Co. offers a 365-night sleep trial for all mattresses purchased directly from the company or through authorized retailers.

A.  There is a mandatory break-in period of 30 nights. Customers may not return their mattress for a full or partial refund until they have slept on it for at least 30 nights.

B.  Customers who decide to return their mattress after 30 days will be entitled to a full or partial refund, depending on when they initiate the return the process.

  1. If the mattress is returned within four months of the original purchase, the owner will receive a 100% refund or exchange credit.
  2. If the mattress is returned after four to eight months of ownership, the owner will receive a 75% exchange credit; refunds will not be available.
  3. If the mattress is returned after eight to 12 months of ownership, the owner will receive a 50% exchange credit; refunds will not be available.

C.  Only one exchange will be allowed during the 365-night trial period.

D.  Returns are not allowed on orders of specialty sizes, such as Split Queen/King/California King and Full XL.

E.  The owner will be responsible for all transportation charges associated with mattress returns or exchanges.

  1. Customers who have purchased their mattress directly from Denver Mattress Co. should contact that company to initiate the return process; those who buy their mattress from an authorized retailer should contact that establishment to coordinate their mattress return.
Bed Frame

Denver Mattress produces 4 designs of bed frames for their mattresses. They have manufactured these bed frames for letting customers choose their preferred frames.

Duro-Matic Bed Frame

This design is made to be sturdy. It is an adjustable sized bed frame with headboard brackets and center support. The key slot crossarms make assembly easy and it locks securely in place.

Space Base®

This design supports the mattress directly. It provides extra room for under bed storage as well. This frame is sag-free and squeak free mattress support. It is a heavy duty construction which supports up to 3,500 lbs.

Hercules Heavy Duty Bed Frame

This heavy duty bed frame was designed for ultimate support with extra wide headboard bracket. It is fast and easy to assemble.

Bolt-on Bed Frame

This design is bolt-on headboard and footboard frame with adjustable width and height. It supports the weight rather than the headboard and footboard.


Other mattresses produce unwanted substances when they are unpackaged, accompanied by bad odor smells that can be smelled for days. Our feedback indicates that innerspring, neon, and latex mattresses from Denver Mattress Co. produce limited off-gassing odors. Complains of owners that says significant initial odor or off-gassing is less than 5%.

Final Recommendations

The direct retail technique of Denver Mattress Co. made them the unique and competitive mattress company in the state. Omitting the middleman phase on the production process is one of the highlights of their company. This process is the reason why all of their mattresses are affordable. Customers most likely to choose Denver Mattress over other bed industry because they have witnessed the commitment of the company on reaching their target market through direct selling.

There are a lot of factors that must be considered on purchasing the right cushion for you. The comfort of the sleeper and spinal support are the essential factors when selecting a mattress. And, this is what Denver Mattress Co. prioritized comfort and support. The Doctor’s Choice Mattresses are lumbar support and the firmness options from their other lines; you can select a mattress that will help with all kinds of aches. Hence, due to the issues with mattress failure after a short period, people with problems with their backs can have more nuisances if sleeping on an uncomfortable bed. Thanks to Denver Mattress we can choose great cushions on their lineup of best mattresses.


No more uncomfy nights and yes to great deals with Denver Mattress. These mattresses are the best in the bedding industry for its high-quality and affordable deals. Layer by layer, materials undergo enhancement process from their state-of-the-art factory to ensure superb and high-quality cushions.  

If your searching for the best mattress for you, your partner or family, Denver Mattress offers you several choices that will satisfy your sleep preference. The company’s primary goal is to provide comfortable and firm beds that will support your body all night with its excellent heat retention properties and body contouring details.

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