GhostBed Vs. Leesa Mattress Review

In today’s post, we are going to confront two mattresses of different constructions, latex beds will be represented by GhostBed, and compared to the all-foam Leesa bed. Both companies offer a variety of sleep-related products, but they gained the trust of sleepers thanks to their mattresses, and although they offer a few models, for the needs of this research we are going to focus on their top-selling, flagship models, Leesa mattress and GhostBed.

A vast number of different mattresses allows us to make numerous comparisons and combinations in order to help our readers find the right one, so, another day, another mattress battle. In today’s post, we are going to confront two mattresses of different constructions, latex beds will be represented by GhostBed, and compared to the all-foam Leesa bed. Both companies offer a variety of sleep-related products, but they gained the trust of sleepers thanks to their mattresses, and although they offer a few models, for the needs of this research we are going to focus on their top-selling, flagship models, Leesa mattress and GhostBed.

Both companies can be considered young. Leesa joined the market in 2014., and GhostBed launched just one year later, in 2015. Before we jump into details, as a brief introduction we summed up some of the main information about both models in the chart below.

Features: Leesa GhostBed
Free sleep trial 100 nights 101 night
Shipping fee Free shipping and returns Free shipping
Warranty period 10-year limited warranty 20 years
Price $$ $$
Firmness Medium firm (6) Medium firm (6-7)
Available In stores and online Online
Construction Foam Latex
Weight 71 lbs. 89 lbs.


What is Inside?

Leesa Mattress

Leesa mattress has an all-foam construction which consists of three layers. The first one is 6 inches thick base support layer, made out of dense foam, on top of it is a transitional, second layer of 2 inches thick contouring memory foam. Third, and the final part of the construction, is also 2 inches thick, made out of comfort foam with cooling features. The foam used for this top layer is Avena foam, which is very similar to latex, but it has better durability. Leesa’s elegant cover has a simple design with four stripes, and it is a blend of lycra and polyester which is highly breathable. Because it is produced of one single piece of fabric, this cover provides a tight fit all around the mattress.

Apart from Leesa mattress, we encourage you to try out Leesa Hybrid mattress that comes with additional sleep-enhancing features, and to further improve your sleep with Leesa hybrid pillow.

GhostBed Mattress

With 11 inches thick profile, GhostBed is slightly thicker than Leesa, but the difference is that it combines latex and foam in its construction. At the base of this mattress is a 7.5 inches thick layer of supportive foam, above it, is 2.5 inches of gel-infused memory foam for support, conform and temperature regulation. And for the final, top layer, we have 1.5 inches thick layer of aerated latex foam which has excellent bounce, cooling, response, and comfort. Latex foam has a different feel than the poly or memory foam, and it even has some features of an innerspring mattress. It is not as dense as memory foam is, but it is softer, more spongy-like, and it sleeps cooler than other foams because it does not retain heat.

The top part of the cover is 100% polyester, while the side panels are a blend of polyester and polypropylene. The cover is breathable and removable, and it can be stretched without losing the ability to recover its shape.

Comparing Firmness

On the firmness scale from 1 to 10, both mattresses are in the same, mid-range being described as medium firm models. When it comes to GhostBed, sleepers agree that it feels a little bit too firm at first, like a 7, but that is just because they are not familiar with the feel of latex, which does get softer and more comfortable after a few seconds and stays that way, around a 6. The company claims that their mattress is in the medium firm range, and that is true, it suits the needs of most sleepers. Due to the fact that it is a bit firmer than Leesa, GhostBed has slightly better edge support, that means that you can lay down near the edge without the fear of falling down.

Leesa is a brand which targets the needs of the vast majority; hence they did not want to gamble with firmness and also opted for a medium firm feel mostly described as a 6. Thanks to the features of Avena foam, sleepers will feel the coziness and comfort of the foam as soon as they lay down. Top layers are soft, but the base support layer is very firm, which results with an optimal medium firm feel. When it comes to edge support, that it is not Leesa’s highlight, and that is usually the case with most all-foam mattresses, once you sat down on the edges, they will collapse, and the chances are real that you may fall out of the bed if you sleep too close to the side.

80% of sleepers reported that they prefer a medium level of firmness, so it is not a surprise that these two brands listened to the opinions of sleepers and went for it.

Comparing Prices

When it comes to prices, latex models are usually among the most expensive mattresses on the market, but that is not the case with GhostBed because they do not use natural latex, instead, they use synthetic latex. This model provides their sleepers all latex benefits without the expensive price tag, so what is the catch? Nothing really, the only difference is that synthetic latex does not have as many antimicrobial features as natural latex has to offer. So with that in mind, let’s check the prices of GhostBed and Leesa, bare in mind that listed prices are current and that they may vary over time. Both brands often have discounts, special offers, etc., so that also impacts the final amount.

Size: Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cal King
Leesa 530$ 690$ 860$ 999$ 1190% 1190$
GhostBed 450$ 620$ 780$ 800$ 980$ 999$

Shipping, Warranty and Return Policy

These “small details” are probably not the main thing you pay attention to when shopping for a mattress, they do not affect its construction, look or firmness, but they can affect the final cost and your nerves if anything goes down the hill. So, here is why you should take them into consideration.

Although many would assume that free shipping means free shipping to all the states and areas of the US, that is not always the case. The brands we compare today offer free shipping, but, GhostBed only ships free to the 48 contiguous states, because their mattresses are shipped from nine different continental locations within the US, the customers from Alaska and Hawaii need to pay for freight shipping. Leesa also offers optional white glove delivery at an additional charge. That means that all you have to do is open your door, and someone else will deliver and set up your new bed.

When it comes to the returns, both companies are doing a great thing since they donate most of the returned mattresses to the charity. While you are on your trial period, give a mattress at least 30 days to really allow your body to adapt to the feel of a new bed. Lessa offers free returns, but that does not count for sleepers from Hawaii and Alaska, they will have to pay additional 100$ for mattress return.

Both mattresses are sold online, and they use the popular bed-in-a-box system, which means that your mattress will arrive in a box, vacuum compressed and rolled, so you do not have to worry about carrying the bed through narrow corridors, door frames, elevators or stairs. As soon as you remove the plastic cover, the mattress will start to expand, and most beds will reach their full size in an hour or one to two days maximum. That is why it is recommended not to sleep on them for the first 24 or 48 hours, but also because some people may find their smell unpleasant. Once you take them out of the box, both models will probably have some off-gassing which will go away on its own in a few days.

GhostBed offers 20 years of warranty, while Leesa offers 10, now that does not mean that Leesa’s warranty policy or products are worse, 10 years is a standard duration of the warranty for most online brands, GhostBed just decided to go further. They also did that with the free trial period by beating Leesa for one single night, now one night does not make a big difference when you already had 100 nights to sleep on a mattress for free, but as you see, the online mattress market is very competitive, and brands will do anything to gain more customers.

Leesa or GhostBed Mattress?

In the end, can there be a clear-cut winner? Hardly because both mattresses offer decent quality and they come with a reasonable price, millions of sleepers love them, so you cannot go wrong with any of these two. They will suit the comfort needs of all types of sleep positions, and especially sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds, offering close conforming and helping with proper spinal alignment.

Both mattresses have a similar poly foam base, and a second layer made of memory foam, but the GhostBed is a bit thicker, and it uses latex, while Leesa has Avena foam which is similar to latex and has a thicker comfort layer.

Leesa is one of the most consistent and reliable mattresses that truly stands the test of time, but GhostBed raised the bar higher combining benefits of latex and gel, so Leesa may seem a bit more traditional compared to GhostBed, but that does not mean that it is not as good.

We recommend Leesa to sleepers who:

  • Are looking for a universal feel, not too soft, not too firm, Leesa is also perfect for couples who have similar firmness preferences.
  • Belong to all types of sleep positions, and even stomach sleepers (not the ones who are overweight) will find it comfortable.
  • Share a bed with their partner. Leesa has excellent motion transfer isolation, hence it is very convenient for couples.
  • Are on a budget but want to sleep on a premium quality mattress. Leesa is always a safe pick, and there will be no unpleasant surprises with it.  
  • Appreciate social awareness, for every ten sold beds, Leesa donates one to the charity organizations and people in need. So far, they gifted more than 5000 mattresses.

We recommend GhostBed to sleepers who:

  • Tend to sleep hot. This model has two layers that disperse heat, and top latex layer and gel-infused foam layer beneath keep the sleepers away from overheating.
  • Weigh more than 130 pounds or suffer from any type of back pain.
  • Like mattresses that are more responsive, thanks to the aerated latex the surface of GhostBed is more responsive than the others.
  • Value seekers. With the 20-year warranty period, you can sleep peacefully, knowing that you have made a good investment.
  • Are tired of foam beds and are willing to try the feel of latex mattresses, but they cannot afford beds made out of natural latex.

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