IKEA Memory Foam Mattress Review

When it comes to memory foam 3 models are available – Matrand, Myrbacka, and Knapstad. All of their beds come with reasonable and affordable prices, on which their customers are well used to, so in terms of costs, IKEA is undoubtedly on the more accessible side.

Are you tired of your old, worn out bed? Do you feel like you wake up every morning feeling more tired than the last night? You need a change but do not know where to start? Try starting from the basics, and secure yourself a night of proper rest and sleep comfortably by sleeping on a soft, cushioning, and cozy surface which only material such as memory foam can ensure.

For all sleepers who are looking for that exceptionally comfortable feel, memory foam is a perfect choice, and what is better than to get a product so good, on a price so low? If you are on a budget, move a lot, or simply love shopping homeware at IKEA, but you have never considering buying something more significant from them, take a look at our review of IKEA’s memory foam beds, and see if they are what you are looking for, perhaps you will be one step closer to your new mattress.

IKEA Memory Foam Mattresses

For a company which is not specialized in mattress manufacturing, IKEA offers a decent amount of bedding products, and their mattresses cover a wide range of different materials and constructions. Currently, IKEA has hybrid, spring, latex, foam, and memory foam mattresses in their offer, which means that they tried to cover as much as possible and provide something for all types of different preferences.

When it comes to memory foam, at the moment, there are only three models available, Matrand, Myrbacka, and Knapstad.

For those who are shopping online or have not had a chance to try their beds, IKEA has provided a detailed questionnaire which will help them to narrow down the choice, and determining the level of comfort that they need.

All of their beds come with reasonable and affordable prices, on which their customers are well used to, so in terms of costs, IKEA is undoubtedly on the more accessible side. Their construction is a bit more simple, with fewer layers, and not all the models are available in all standard sizes, which is something we are already used to with IKEA since it was the same case with their other mattresses of different construction. IKEA is not trying to compete with other mattress manufacturers. Instead, it is trying to round up a complete offer of home products for their faithful customers, offering anything that could be found in a home. Since the brand strongly relies on customers feedback, they are continually improving their offer of mattresses, which is why you may find that some of the models have been discontinued or upgraded, and rebranded, but that is nothing particularly new in the mattress industry. Matrand and Myrbacka can also be found in IKEA’s line of latex mattresses, and their construction is pretty much the same, the only difference is that they used latex instead of memory foam, both models are also on the more affordable side even though latex beds are known for being pricey.

Here is the offer of sizes for their three memory foam models, dimensions in inches and centimeters, as well as the chart which shows how the thickness varies from one model to another.

Matrand Twin Full Queen King
Myrbacka / Full Queen King
Knapstad / Full Queen King


Size Width Length
Twin 38 ¼ ” / 97 cm 74 ⅜ ” / 189 cm
Full 53 ⅛ ” / 135 cm 74 ⅜ ” / 189 cm
Queen 59 ⅞ ” / 152 cm 79 ½ ” / 202 cm
King 76 ” / 193 cm 79 ½ ” / 202 cm


Mattress Height
Matrand 7 ⅛ ” / 18 cm
Myrbacka 9 ½ ” / 24 cm
Knapstad 9 ⅞ ” / 25 cm


IKEA Matrand Mattress

Matrand can be considered an entry model among their memory foam mattress; it is their least expensive memory foam model, and the thinnest one. It is IKEA’s only memory foam model available in four sizes, or to be precise, in the twin size.

This bed is a perfect economical choice for sleepers who are on a tight budget because it comes with a price which is tough to beat, but it is still a decent, comfortable, and functional bed, and you would not feel like you are sleeping on a rock. Memory foam is considered a high-end material in the mattress industry, so the prices for this bed are genuinely reasonable.

When it comes to the construction, this model only has two layers, 5 inches of polyurethane foam as a base, and 2 inches of memory foam as a top layer. These two foam layers together provide a firm feel, which gives this mattress a solid 8, on our 1 to 10 firmness scale. Conforming feature of memory foam enable that sinking sensation, and overall feel of comfort and relieve for sleepers who have issues with back aches.

We recommend this bed to sleepers with average weight and body types. It could be too firm for lightweight sleepers, while for those who are overweight it might not be supportive enough since it is only 7 inches thick, and it will probably start sagging sooner than expected. When it comes to sleep positions, back sleepers will enjoy the combination of firmness and conforming features of foam, as well as stomach sleepers who have average weight, while side sleepers will probably find it too firm and painful for their hips and shoulders.

If you are a hot sleeper and have troubles with overheating during the night, you should consider the latex version of this model since it is not heat conductive. The main issue with memory foam is that it heats up during the night, and since in this particular model IKEA did not use any additional cooling features, the bed does not perform so well in terms of temperature regulation.

This bed comes with a standard, non-woven cover, made of polypropylene, and it includes a layer of comfort filling of blended rayon and polyester, which is placed above the memory foam, and provides that extra coziness. The cover can be removed and washed in a machine, which eases the maintenance of this bed.

As we mentioned, this is their thinnest model, and the foam they used for the base is not so dense, which why this model will start deteriorating sooner than the other, which we suggest using it as a bed in the guest room, or for children, to get the maximum use out of it.

The bed comes rolled-up in a box, so there is no need to worry about transportation, and moving it through the house, just give him a day or two to settle and regain its full shape. It fits all types of foundations, including adjustable bases, slats, or box spring.


  • Great economical solution for sleepers on a budget
  • 25 years of warranty
  • Provides excellent support and spinal alignment for back sleepers
  • Easy for maintaining
  • Convenient for transport or storage



  • Not suitable for sleepers who are overweight
  • Not a good option for hot sleepers
  • It will probably feel uncomfortable to side sleepers


IKEA Myrbacka Mattress

Myrbacka is IKEA’s next memory foam model, and it represents a step forward in comparison to the previous, Matrand. It is available in only three standard mattress sizes, but it offers a bit more in terms of used material and overall sleeping experience. The price is slightly higher than for the Matrand, but it is still in the more affordable range, for which IKEA is known for.

The construction is again very simple, with only two layers, but it does not fail to provide contouring or to induce comfortable rest. This time, the foam layers are a bit thicker, which results in the bigger height of this model, the base layer 6.5 inches thick polyurethane foam, and above it is a 3 inches thick coat of memory foam. In terms of feel, it is also on the firmer side of the scale, somewhere between a 7 and an 8.

For this bed, they did not use the basic foams as they did with Matrand. Instead, they tried to offer a completely new product with different features. The foam used for base layer represents a combination of polyfoam and cold foam, and they provide supportiveness and resilience, but the more flexible cold foam enhances the way this mattress contours to the sleepers body curves, by following the movements and targeting any pressure points. The weight is distributed evenly, and the firm surface allows proper spinal alignment in all sleeping positions.

Topper layer of memory foam molds to sleepers body and conforms closely to it, and to deal with natural overheating features of the material, IKEA did not use the popular cooling gel, instead they placed a coat of lamb wool filling between the cover and memory foam, which will draw away the heat and keep the temperature on an optimal level.

Since this mattress is significantly thicker than the Matrand, it can suit the needs of all weight groups, and overweight sleepers will get enough support from its firmness and thickness. Back sleepers will love it, and also some side sleepers because this bed is not as firm as Matrand, and it has that thicker layer of conforming memory foam and wool filling, so it feels slightly softer.

This mattress comes with a removable and washable cover, so cleaning and maintaining are not a problem. IKEA recommends placing it on slats or a mattress base, to get the most out of its use.

One potential drawback could be that it does not come compressed in a box, which means that you will have to find a way to transport it or pay for shipping and then somehow manage to place it where you want. If that does not represent a problem, then you can enjoy your brand new mattress immediately, without having to wait for it to regain his shape or to get rid of unpleasant off-gassing.


  • Incorporated wool filling for temperature regulation
  • An excellent choice for value seekers
  • Suitable for all weight groups
  • Exceptional support and motion isolation



  • It does not come in a box
  • It might be too firm to some side sleepers


IKEA Knapstad Mattress

If you prefer softer beds then IKEA’s memory foam collection will not be your favorite since even their latest addition to it, the Knapstad mattress is more on the medium firm side.

This is the most expensive model in their line of memory foam mattresses, but it will certainly not break your bank. It represents an upgrade and another step forward, in comparison to the previous two models, since it is slightly thicker. However, IKEA did not reveal much about its composition or structure, and Knapstad is also available in only three sizes.

The most significant improvement is the use of cooling gel, which is here infused in the memory foam, to help with heat regulation. Since the use of gel has been somewhat controversial, IKEA went out and explained that the gel would only postpone the heating process of the foam, by keeping the surface cool for a longer time during the night.

Since this is their thickest model, it is suitable for sleepers of all weight groups, and a layer of soft fillings on top will keep it comfortable even for side sleepers. The close conforming feature of memory foam will contour and cradle the body of the sleeper while soothing the joints and providing spinal alignment.

Knapstad comes rolled up in a box, which is a very convenient feature, since it will be easy to take it home, and place it where ever. The company suggests placing it on a mattress base or a slatted base and giving it some time to regain its shape and comfort, approximately around 72 hours. Also, keep in mind that your body will also need some time to adjust and get used to the feel of a brand new mattress.


  • Gel-infused memory foam
  • Suitable for all weight groups and sleep positions
  • Bed-in-a-box type of mattress


  • Slightly higher price for IKEA

Comparing Prices

After reading the reviews, it is time for the final comparison that can help you decide which IKEA memory foam mattress is the right choice for you. Bear in mind that the prices are current and can vary over time. Also, do not forget that IKEA is not a mattress manufacturer only, hence their offer of beds and sizes is limited, and the lower prices are a part of their effort to maintain a concept of offering great quality home products by a price affordable to the vast majority.


Mattress Twin Full Queen King
Matrand $299 $379 $399 $549
Myrbacka / $479 $499 $649
Knapstad / $629 $649 $799


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