A Comprehensive IKEA Spring Mattress Review

The most significant advantage of IKEA mattresses is that you can try them out in their stores all over the world, or use the benefits of their free sleep trial period and sleep on them in your home. IKEA spring mattresses are great for back and stomach sleepers, light or average weight people, and sleepers on a budget.

When you think about IKEA, one of the world’s biggest brands in home furnishing, we all know that they are famous for their unique and minimalist product designs. We go there to shop new eye-catching curtains, cushions, bowls, cute home accessories, etc. and the quality is good. Most products are inexpensive and great looking, which is why many people trust the brand.

But how much can we trust one brand, and is it possible that their products have exceptional quality in all categories? Since IKEA produces everything from spoons to mattresses, we were a bit skeptical at first but decided to give them a chance, which is why in today’s post, we will be discussing IKEA’s innerspring beds.

Brief History of IKEA

This Swedish brand was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, who used his initials, the first letter of a farm where he grew up (Elmtaryd) and the first letter of his hometown Agunnaryd (Sweden), to create this simple, yet brilliant name which is now known worldwide. In 1943 Ingvar Kamprad was a carpenter, and he was only seventeen years old at the moment, and the company started selling furniture five years later. The very first IKEA store which sold furniture was opened in 1958 in a small Swedish town called Almhult. During the sixties, the first IKEA stores outside of Sweden were open in Norway and Denmark, and they continued to spread across Europe in the 70s and 80s. At the end of 2018, there were 424 stores in 52 countries, and the numbers are constantly rising as the brand continues to expand across the globe.

This company is recognizable for their design which is very specific, Nordic, minimalistic, sleek, modern, etc. – the list of adjectives can go on and on. The design is so simple, yet genius, easy to match and fit in into interior of every home, and their low prices are the best part. Politics and values which IKEA nurtures for decades enabled everyone to have a stylish home, furnished and decorated with taste, regardless of their budget limitations. The broad range of different products was additionally expanded with restaurants which serve traditional Swedish food.

IKEA Mattresses

Although IKEA products are available online, the company focuses more on sale in their brick and mortar stores, offering a whole new experience of shopping. Unlike most of the manufacturers, IKEA beds do not come with free shipping, which is why many would rather go to their store, or their showroom, see it, try it, and buy it.

Although this is a Swedish brand, usually a significant amount of products is made in the country where the store is, they offer a different business model, they cooperate with local brands to cut the costs. Hence, you do not need to worry about how long your mattress has traveled to get to you, how long is in packaging, or what if something happens in transportation, because it was here all the time.

IKEA currently offers mattresses that are made from foam, latex, hybrid and springs. Their price is generally below the average, but do not let that trick you into thinking you are buying something which is not durable or quality because these mattresses come with 25 years of warranty, which is more than the industry’s standard ten years.

Currently, there are seven spring mattresses in IKEA’s offer, and on their website, you can fill a questionnaire to see which bed is recommended for your features and needs.

One of the good sides of an innerspring mattress is that it provides excellent support, and it does not heat up during the night because its structure with springs allows the air to circulate. At the same time, those would be its main advantages in comparison to the popular memory foam beds. Innerspring mattresses perform well over the years and have a long life span, to increase it and enhance your sleeping experience, IKEA offers matching foundations and toppers. The only potential drawback of this collection is that not a single model comes in all standard mattress sizes, they are usually made in three or four dimensions.

The seven innerspring beds we will be talking today are:

  1. Hasvag
  2. Haugesund
  3. Haugsvar
  4. Hesstun
  5. Hjellestad
  6. Holmsbu
  7. Husvika

Available Sizes of IKEA Innerspring Mattresses

Before we dig into details, let’s compare their sizes and dimensions in one places, so that we can have a clear idea of their dimensions.

Mattress Available sizes
Hasvag Full, Twin, Queen
Haugesund Full, Twin, Queen, King
Haugsvar Full, Twin, Queen, King
Hesstun Full, King, Queen
Hjellestad Queen, King
Holmsbu Queen, King
Husvika Twin


As seen, IKEA produces spring mattresses only in four sizes, which is not as much as most of the mattress manufacturers do, but since IKEA’s target group of shoppers are not only people who seek new beds, this seems reasonable, since these four sizes are the most common and universal.


Size Length Width
Twin 74 ¾ inches / 189 cm 38 ¼ inches / 97 cm
Full 74 ⅜ inches / 189 cm 53 ⅛ inches / 135 cm
Queen 79 ½ inches / 202 cm 59 ⅞ inches / 152 cm
King 79 ½ inches / 202 cm 76 inches / 193 cm


1.Hasvag Mattress

IKEA’s most basic bed in this line offers the best from both worlds, since it presents a sleeping surface on which the firm meets soft in a perfect balance. It comes in three sizes, and it is 8 ¼ inches thick (21 cm).

Hasvag mattress combines a base layer of 5 inches thick steel Bonnell springs and a layer of 2 inches of polyurethane foam in yellow color, to provide enough support without being too firm or uncomfortable to sleepers. The stretchy cover is made of cotton and polyester blend. This bed is designed so that it does need to be turned around or flipped, it can be used only on one side during its lifespan.

The bed comes rolled up in a box, and you can easily carry it home, but  be prepared to smell a bit of off-gassing once you remove it from its original packaging. There is nothing wrong or harmful about that, and it will quickly go away on its own. Due to the way of packaging, it is recommended to wait at least 48 or 72 hours before sleeping on it, so that the mattress can regain its shape and comfort.

We highly recommend this mattress to sleepers who love the medium level of firmness, and those who prefer sleeping on their back or stomach. This mattress is the most affordable one at IKEA, starting with only $120 for a twin size, and since it comes with 25 years of warranty, we can surely say that it is worthy of a shot.

2.Haugesund Mattress

In the construction of this bed, they used individually wrapped steel pocket coils which move along as your body moves, and there is also a layer of polyurethane foam for comfort. Individually wrapped coils are the reason why most couples would love this bed since they do a great job of isolating movements. As a top layer of this 10 inches thick bed, they placed a sheet of stretchy fabric. If you tend to sleep hot, it is essential to know that this mattress should not cause overheating because of the increased airflow in its base layer.

It also comes in a box, with off-gassing, and needs two to three days to settle, after that it can be used without the need to be flipped or rotated, and those pieces of information also stand for most of their other spring models.

Steel coils in this mattress will not be supportive enough for heavier sleepers; hence we recommend this mattress to lightweight sleepers or children. Besides a few sizing options, this one also comes in the firm and medium firm level, and many sleepers reported that they are truly firm, so if you prefer a more supportive sleep surface, without sinking in and struggling when switching sleep positions, this one could be the one. Stomach sleepers will especially love it since this is exactly what they are looking for; however several of them reported that this one feels perhaps too firm and that they prefer using it with a topper, so keep that in mind and pay a visit to IKEA to test it out. Back sleepers could also benefit from its firmness, while side sleepers should avoid it and stick to softer mattresses if they want to stay away from painful shoulders.

3.Haugsvar Mattress

Just like Haugesund, Haugsvar uses 6 inches high base of coils that are wrapped one by one, to follow and adjust to every single move of sleeper’s body. Coils also have plenty of space between them to allow the air to move around freely. On top of them is the contouring layer of conventional polyfoam, and for the third and final, they used a dense and resilient polyfoam which is excellent for relieving pressure and soothing the joints.

This 11 inches high mattress is available in four sizes and two firmness settings, medium, and firm, for all those sleepers who can spot a difference and have a particular preference. It can be settled on slats, foundations or platforms, and it weighs around 70 pounds.

Back and stomach sleepers should opt for either of the two levels of firmness, while side sleepers should go for a medium firm because it will feel more comfortable to them, by allowing their body to sink in a bit.

In case of any stains or spots, it is recommended to wipe it or clean it with a damp cloth, maybe use a vacuum cleaner, but washing, ironing, tumble drying is not recommended.

4.Hesstun Mattress

While the previous model had almost the same structure, IKEA Hesstun bed comes with a significant improvement because the layer of individually wrapped pocket coils is doubled in this bed. In the first layer, pockets are in their regular size, 6 inches high, while in the other they used the mini ones (2.5 inches thick) which double the comfort and resilience. Both steel coins are made of steel and are highly responsive to even the slightest movement. On top of them are two coats of foam, the first one is 1.8 PCF cold foam, and second 1.7 PCF polyurethane foam. It weighs 63 pounds, and it is 12.5 inches high.

This bed also comes in medium and firm, and again it feels firm indeed. Although it comes with tho coats of coils, this bed is not suitable for heavyweight sleepers, because it tends to develop indentations after a while in the areas where your weight is concentrated. For a heavyweight sleeper, this bed will not feel as firm as it is, and it would not be supportive enough, which is the case with most of IKEA beds.

Unlike the previous spring beds we mentioned, this one does not come rolled up in a box, which has its advantages and disadvantages. While there would be no waiting for the mattress to regain its shape fully, it is not so practical to carry it around or move through narrow corridors or bedroom door frames. Remember that IKEA charges shipping and that a car or a van can hardly transport this mattress.

5.Hjellestad Mattress

Buying an additional mattress topper seems like a good and cheap solution when you are not satisfied with your current mattress, toppers can turn even the most uncomfortable bed into a cloud, which is why they are so popular. This mattress has a unique structure, and it comes with integrated cushion-like topper, which is filled with memory foam and conforms closely to the body. Let’s check out its complex structure. As a base they placed 1 inch of dense polyfoam, then we have 6 inches of wrapped coils in a standard size, then there is a layer of 0.5 inches of transitional foam, 3.5 inches of mini coils, inch of polyurethane foam, and the star of this mattress – 3 inches thick memory foam top.

For the cover, they used a blend of different materials such as polyamide, cotton, polyester and non-woven polypropylene. Besides that, this bed comes with an additional, protective cover which has one interesting feature, it comes with handles which ease the moving of the mattress, and this cover can is removable and machine washable. It has a zipper, so when the bed is placed where it is wanted, it can easily be unzipped and removed.

Overall this bed is 15 inches high and weighs 134 pounds, and it comes in only two sizes and one firmness option which can be described as a medium, a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Due to the several foam layers, this medium firm mattress is not as firm ad the previous models but provides proper support despite all. The top memory foam layer is the reason why this bed is so comfortable, plushy and adored by many who suffer from aches.

This bed also does not come in a box, so transporting it to the house and around the house can be a problem, and IKEA charges shipping. However, even though this bed is a bit pricier than the previous few, it still costs less than the average spring bed from most manufacturers in bedding.

6.Holmsbu Mattress

This is another innerspring bed with integrated mattress topper, but this one has even three layers of pocket coils. An inch of polyurethane foam is placed as a base, then there are 6 inches thick individually pocketed coils, 3.5 inches of pocket coils, another layer of polyfoam just like the one used for the base, 2.5 inches of micro loops, and 2.5 inches thick gel-infused memory foam. It weighs 167 pounds, and it is 17.7 inches high.

It is also available in only two sizes, and one medium firm feel, which is usually perceived as a 7. The memory foam used for the topper is 3.1 PCF and infused with gel capsules which should not heat up quickly and will keep the temperature around optimal during the night. The cover is removable and suitable for machine washing, but not for tumble drying, dry cleaning, bleaching or ironing. There is also the protective cover with handles which is pretty handy during assembling.

The bed is high, supportive, it seems and feels luxurious even though it is IKEA, it is great for couples because you will hardly ever woke up your partner due to the high level of motion transfer isolation. The combination of comfort and support in this mattress in outstanding for the price they ask for it.

One potential drawback is again the fact that it does not come rolled up, and it is extremely heavy, so it might be easier to pay the delivery than to struggle with bringing it home.

7.Husvika Mattress

Husvika bed is an excellent choice for kids or any sleeper who is not demanding because it is the most basic model and it comes in only one size and one medium firm option. Due to its size, this bed is not suitable for couples, and it is mostly used as a guest bed or for children.

It has Bonnell steel coils in its core and a layer of polyfoam, nothing more nothing less, so it is very elementary in construction, but it works, and it is not bad or uncomfortable at all. Although so simple, this bed has some support to offer, thanks to the springs they used. Bonnell springs can nowadays be found mostly in older models, because as a way of technology they can now be considered as outdated, however, they are still used in most of the entry-level models of spring mattresses.

We mentioned that it is perfect for the kids, and another reason for that is that this mattress features zippers that are child-safe. There is no way that your child is going to open it because there is nothing to hold on to, you have to take a paperclip or something similar to be able to pull it. Besides children, this bed can be a great solution for someone who is moving a lot and need a temporary basic but functional mattress which will not cost a lot.

Regardless of the fact that it is so simple and cheap, this bed also comes with 25 years of warranty, and it comes rolled in a box, easy for transportation.

Comparing Prices

All of the IKEA beds are pretty affordable and come with a lower price point than the same beds from regular mattress manufacturers. Here is a chart with prices for all models and available sizes.  Bear in mind that the listed prices are current and may vary over time.


Twin Full Queen King
Hasvag $120 $180 $200 /
Haugesund $170 $230 $250 $350
Haugsvar $300 $380 $400 $500
Hesstun $400 $480 $500 $600
Hjellestad / $680 $700 $800
Holmsbu / $880 $900 $1000
Husvika $120 / / /



From the reviews above, you could have noticed that there is a certain pattern, almost all mattresses are described to be on the medium to firmer side, they behave similarly, their terms and constructions are alike, but there are some small, and not insignificant, differences between them. That is why the most significant advantage of IKEA mattresses is that you can try them out in their stores all over the world, or use the benefits of their free sleep trial period and sleep on them in your home, and do not forget the excellent warranty.

We can highly recommend this mattress to the following categories of sleepers:

  • When it comes to different sleep positions, without a doubt, these beds will fulfill most needs of back and stomach sleepers, but there are some models which can be suitable for side sleepers too.
  • While heavyweight sleepers should stay away from IKEA mattresses, those who have light or average weight will be able to fully enjoy sleeping on them, without any indentations or sagging for a while.
  • Anyone who is young, or renting a place, for example, students or sleepers on a budget, will be satisfied with this bed.


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