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Finding the most suitable mattress for you, for your partner or for your family is a tough job, especially if you have different sleep preferences. It is confusing to decide what brand to opt for, and choose between comfort or firmness. Apparently, this mattress review will assist you in finding the foremost mattress suitable for your sleep predilection, and discover various facts and information on helping you decide the best cushion that let you experience a restful slumber all night.

Certainly, you will feel dizzy on taking a stroll on the bedding aisle for there are multitudinous choices to choose from, however, let me help you on settling for the best.  Attaining a good night sleep depends on a legion of factors. It could be because of comfort, firmness, mattress temperature or sinkage.

Are you excited to choose your perfect mattress? Then, carry on reading this review and you will be amazed of your discoveries about Kingsdown Mattress and some facts that is certainly beneficial for you.

Kingsdown Mattress Review: Introduction

The Kingsdown Luxury Mattress is a well-known bedding company because of their workmanship and artistry. Every detail and square inch of their beddings are made with prevalent materials and not simply the parts you can see and contact. Every detail of each material is examined and combined into perfection. The company claims that they never skimp quality on their beddings that is why they are considered as one of the bests in the sleep industry.

This mattress review will help you to identify each traits of Kingsdown mattress. However, some data or information from these mattresses is limited because the company protects their products carefully.  

Upon purchasing a mattress, when consumers don’t know what are their sleep preferences, the company will help you to identify your predilection through their Signature bedMatch technology. The new framework is increasingly exact in its estimations and has a recently structured retail stand that better features the estimation procedure for buyers. Sleeker than the past bedMATCH unit, the refreshed form likewise includes a top quality screen situated over the bed that shows the shopper’s body in 3-D. With this technology, they will discover what type of Kingsdown Mattress is suitable for you and your partner. Sounds awesome right?  

Each sleeping pad they make is carefully handmade by ace craftsmen, so you know your Kingsdown bedding is made with consideration. They are the main bedding producer that tests each and every sleeping pad for help precision so you can make certain the sleeping pad you’re resting on will convey the correct ergonomic help your body needs. In fact, Kingsdown, Inc. is proud to be a Better Business Bureau® Accredited Business with an A+ rating.

Type of Mattresses

The Kingsdown Mattress offers various types of mattresses which helped customers choose the best bedding that varies on their sleeping preference. The following are the type of mattresses:

  • Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are known about its steel coil support system. This highlighted support system is smothered with multiple layers of foam that vary in thickness. With that, it offers a perfect blend of weight alleviation and support.

  • Innerspring Mattress

Similar to the hybrid mattress, Innerspring Mattresses features a steel coil support system as well. The difference is that some of these mattresses consist of a solitary unit of connected coils and others with exclusively wrapped pocketed coils.

  • Intelligent Mattress

This Intelligent mattress possesses a pro-active air technology which uses air to deliver support on your body. It initiates to adjust and provide ultimate support which maintains a correct alignment. The mattress also supplies exemplary support and pressure relief to your body.

  • Latex Foam

This type of mattress highlights a strong latex foam support system. It conveys diverse comfort levels which incorporates foam layers with various shapes and densities and some implanted with gel.

  • Memory Foam

This foam is homologous with Latex foam because it incorporates foam layers with various shapes and densities and contains gels as well. However, they differ in terms of comfort levels and rest benefits. This type of mattress highlights in acclimating adaptable foam emotionally supportive network.

Company Profile

In 1904, Kingsdown Mattress was originally called as The Mebane Bedding Company located at Mebane, North Carolina. The founders of the company are W.W. Corbett and A.N, Scott. They also have numerous assembling manufactures located in California, Florida, Texas and Virginia. Notwithstanding American fare item, Kingsdown is glad to have a system of multi-marked permit accomplices around the globe who are devoted to extending “rest, made more brilliant” on a worldwide scale. Each partner is committed to guaranteeing the equivalent stringent U.S. Kingsdown quality benchmarks are kept up in each sleeping pad that is created and sold inside their individual nations.

The company was more than a century offering great and high-quality beddings throughout the country and even in the world. Though the country stands more than a century, the quality of their mattresses is crafted with perfection. No quality is compromised, furthermore, it is developed and upgraded into excellence. As a matter of fact, the company undergoes thorough research and development programs to constantly enhance their crafted mattresses for greater outputs. Thus, there is no doubt that every material is assiduously scrutinized detail by detail to accomplish perfection.

Moreover, the company’s exploration in improving their education that each stunning Kingsdown bedding is fastidiously created to convey the extraordinary advantages of sound rest so you get the sort of rest that sustains your body recharges your soul and fills you with a newly discovered imperativeness when you stir.

Kingsdown craftsmanship has been their sign on their beddings for over a century, however, what really separates us is our dedication to many years of rest look into which has driven us to a more profound comprehension of the effect sleeping cushions have on rest quality. Just Kingsdown beddings are intended to convey deductively determined customized bolster for solid, all-encompassing rest. Each sleeping pad we make is fastidiously carefully assembled by ace craftsmen, so you know your Kingsdown bedding is made with consideration.

The company is the main bedding maker that tests each and every sleeping pad for help precision so you can make sure the sleeping pad you’re dozing on will convey the correct ergonomic help your body needs. Notwithstanding American fare item, Kingsdown is glad to have a system of multi-marked permit accomplices around the globe who are devoted to growing “rest, made more astute” on a worldwide scale. Each accomplice is devoted to guaranteeing the equivalent stringent U.S. Kingsdown quality models are kept up in each sleeping cushion that is delivered and sold inside their particular nations.

Consider Your Sleep Preference: Pros and Cons

Kingsdown is a good fit for people who:

  • You Live Outside US

Kingsdown is available not only nationwide but also have a large selection of retailers throughout the world. So, if you’re not from the US you can order online and purchase the best mattress for you.

  • You Don’t Know Your Sleep Preference

The company offers a high-end system for you to choose the best cushion for you. They have a Signature bedMatch technology which produces various data of sleeper’s profile. With that, they will help you what type of mattress suits you depends on your sleep preference.

You may not Like Purple if you:

  • You’re an online/remote shopper

Kingsdown does not offer various information on their mattresses. Even on this review, information is limited. However, if you truly want to know more about the company you can contact them directly through their website.

  • Price conscious

Mattresses from Kingsdown are a bit pricey. These luxurious beddings are quite expensive because of the state-of-the-art materials used and combined to produce such high-quality beddings.

Mattress Models, Types & Features

Kingsdown has created 10 sleeping pad models of 5 types with explicit highlights that separate itself from different brands. The table underneath records every one of the models, what types they fall into, and what sort of features they have.  

Models Types Features
Bodyperfect Intelligent Airflow

Personalized Support

Smart Technology

Crown Imperial Hybrid Airflow, Gel

High Coil Count

Personalized Support

Miro Memory Foam Gel, Ideal Temperature

Personalized Support

Passions Innerspring Airflow, Gel, High Coil Count,

Ideal Temperature,

Personalized Support

Prime Innerspring Gel, High Coil Count,

Ideal Temperature,

Personalized Support

Sleep Haven Latex Foam Airflow, Personalized Support
Sleep Smart Intelligent Airflow, High Coil Count,

Personalized Support,

Smart Technology

Sleep To Live Innerspring Airflow, Gel, High Coil Count,

Personalized Support

Vintage Innerspring Natural Materials,

Personalized Support

My Side Memory Foam Airflow, Gel,

Personalized Support


Firmness and Comfort Levels

An acclimating bedding is one that molds and shapes to the sleeper’s body bringing about a supporting, cloud-like, weight sans point sensation. Models with no less than one inch of adjustable foam as well as latex will in general rate better than expected on this issue.


According to surveys, about 8% of the mattress users claimed that their purchased bed dozes sufficiently hot to be awkward. Delicate models with adjustable foam seem to have the best potential to rest hot. The individuals who have low resistance with dozing hot should reconsider. Nonetheless, it is proposed that you include a cotton sleeping pad cushion that will viably wick away dampness.

Motion Transfer

Models with independently wrapped coils offer better than expected adequacy in separating a man’s development so someone else isn’t irritated. Models with open curls don’t execute too. It would be exceptionally tedious that you got irritated by your partner getting up or moving in the night. The Kingsdown bedding models with separately wrapped curls perform better in diminishing movement exchange. On the off chance that you have higher interest for calm rest, the models with open coils ought not to be considered.

Edge Support

Most clients like the help in the edges of these sleeping pads. A few clients weren’t totally happy with the edge bolster. In the event that you like to sit close to the edge zone of the sleeping cushion, the edge support would be a critical factor you’d like to consider. The Kingsdown beddings perform at any rate as similarly well as those of different brands in the part of edge bolster. Additionally, the bedding has a decent notoriety for affirming, which implies that it can more readily form to your body and guarantee you a loosening up night rest. Support for dozing or sitting close to the furthest edge of the sleeping cushion has all the earmarks of being at any rate normal for general models.

Quality, Construction, Materials  

The quality of the mattresses offered by Kingsdown Mattress are well known of its great and high-quality materials. These materials are studied and analyzed with consideration for you to get the best out of the mattresses offered in the industry. There is no doubt that scientists and manufacturers carefully test each material and output to identify how exemplary the products are.


Kingsdown sleeping pads are frequently 10 to 16 inches thick with normal being about 13.5 inches. The normal Kingsdown sleeping pad is fundamentally heavier than both the normal bedding and the normal innerspring bedding. This is expected for the most part to its better than expected thickness. An overwhelming sleeping pad has the upside of remaining set up however the hindrance of being hard to move, lift and handle.


Kingsdown has a wide choice of models that can fulfill every one of sleepers’ needs in immovability, solace, and support, and so on. So there is no need to include a topper except if you are in the propensity for utilizing one. Actually, a topper can viably broaden the life expectancy of the sleeping pad and spare you the inconvenience to trade bedding furniture regularly. The sleeping pad only here and there influences clamor to with the exception of uncommon events.

Mattress Dimensions

The company does not reveal this type of information about their mattresses. However, we refer this dimensions on the general sizes or average size of beds in the industry. To take note, this dimension are only guides and not the exact sizes the company offers.

Twin XL

A Twin Extra Long bed has a comparative width with twin estimated beds balance just with 5 inches longer long. It checks approximately 35 inches wide and 80 crawls long.

Full Mattress

A Full size dozing cushion measures 54″ W and 75″ L. It is occasionally called a twofold bed. This size is more noteworthy than twin beds yet humbler than ruler gauge beds.

Queen Mattress

The element of a Queen resting bed is approximately 60″ W and 80″ L. This Queen-measured beds are ideal for singles, couples, youngsters, and grown-ups. They are adequately wide for two to rest peacefully, have a more expanded length for people in excess of six feet, and fit into for the most part rooms.

King Mattress

A King size resting pad is 76 inches wide and 80 crawls long. The best for couples, additional extensive offers unclear proportion of room from two twin XL dozing pads. Every accessory can move straightforwardly without irritating the other in a king bedding, contemplating increasingly constant, undisturbed rest. Additional extensive beds have two foundations

California King Mattress

A California King size bed estimation is 72 inches wide by 84 creeps long. It is the longest possible dozing pad, yet it is 4 inches littler than additional vast beds. This is perfect for little-developing families with something like 2 kids.


Kingsdown Mattresses are sold solely through outsider retailers. At present, the organization does not give any evaluating insights regarding any of their present models. In any case, we inquired about some normal of their costs. It demonstrates that the larger part of these sleeping pads begins at $1,300 to $1,700 for a Queen-estimate show. The most extreme cost for a Kingsdown Queen-measure bedding is generally $2,000 to $2,500. For increasingly nitty gritty evaluating data, clients should contact their closest Kingsdown retailer. Kingsdown sleeping cushions, all things considered, are more costly than all beddings by and large and all innerspring beddings in general. This is because of their more prominent by and large thickness and in addition their utilization of further developed and rich plans and materials.

Value For Money

Owner’s encounter information recommends that Kingsdown sleeping cushions will droop to a degree that undermines comfort/bolster inside three years for at any rate 20% of owners. Thick cushion top models will, in general, be generally troublesome. Two-sided Kingsdown models, in any case, likely have at any rate normal sturdiness/lifespan.


Trial Period and Guarantee: Kingsdown sleeping cushions are solely accessible through outsider retailers. Thus, clients ought to concede to the rest preliminary and merchandise exchange of the physical area where they buy their sleeping pad. Kingsdown offers a 10-year restricted guarantee on all sleeping pads in their present lineup except for the My Side bedding; guarantee data for this model is as of now inaccessible.

The 10-year Limited Warranty Includes:

  1. Warranty coverage begins on the original date of purchase and will be non-prorated for the duration of the warranty. During the coverage period, Kingsdown will, at their sole discretion, repair or replace all mattresses that are deemed defective.
  2. In the event of an irreparable mattress defect, Kingsdown will replace the original model with a comparable substitute. Replacing the mattress will not extend the warranty, nor result in the creation of a new warranty. Owners will be responsible for all shipping and handling costs associated with replacing their mattress.
  3. Warranty coverage is contingent on proper foundational support. Per Kingsdown: “Proper support [is defined as] the use of a frame or platform which includes appropriate center support with a center leg resting firmly on the floor. An acceptable alternative would be five rigid cross support slats with a center leg, centered left and right and head to foot, resting firmly on the floor; or a solid platform surface with a rigid center. An improper support frame and lack of center support will void your product warranty”.
  4. The Kingsdown warranty will cover the following product defects:
    1. Visible sagging or indentations in the sleep surface measuring one and a half inches (1 1/2″) or deeper that do not result from owner misuse or improper foundational support.
    2. Manufacturing defects related to the cover, including cracked or broken zippers.
    3. Squeaking or rattling coils, or metal components that protrude from the sides of the mattress.

The 10-year Limited Warranty Does Not Include:

  1. Normal increases in foam or latex softness that do not affect the material’s pressure-relieving abilities, or sagging or indentations in the sleep surface that does not one and a half inches (1 1/2″) or deeper. These issues are considered normal wear and tear.
  2. Repair or replacement requests that occur due to changes in the owner’s comfort preferences.
  3. Cuts, tears, burns, stains, and other types of physical damage that directly result from owner misuse, improper cleaning, and/or inadequate foundational support.
  4. Warranty coverage is exclusively extended to original owners who purchase their mattress directly Kingsdown or an authorized retailer. Anyone who buys or acquires their mattress from the original owner or an unauthorized retailer will do so ‘as is’, and will not be eligible for warranty protection.

Other Things To Consider


The mattress has a chemical-like odor when unpackaged for the first time because of its foam contents. So you will have to make sure that your bedroom has a good condition of ventilation if you decide to buy the Kingsdown mattress. About 6% of owners report off-gassing which is a chemical-like odor a mattress can give off when it is new often due mainly to its foam content.


Kingsdown Mattresses are unquestionably the best choice. Apart from being the most high-class and luxurious bed on the bedding industry, the company offers great products that are exquisitely handcrafted, practical and scientifically designed for greater comfort. They convey mattresses that offers personalized sleep comfort for healthier and life-changing sleep.

In a nutshell, finding the best suitable mattress for you depends on your sleep preferences. Thus, the Kingsdown mattresses offer you great deals and various types of beddings and surely you will find your perfect choice in their luxurious lineup of mattresses.  

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