Mattress Advisor: An Unbiased Layla Mattress Review

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Do you cherish the delicate sentiment of flexible foam? When you rest, do you like to sink slowly into your sleeping pad? If so, then the Layla mattress might be the right mattress for you.

The Layla mattress is a flippable, all foam bedding that offers two firmness alternatives in a single bed. Another significant component inside is its copper-injected memory foam, which can conceivably, believe it or not, provide some cooling perks.

The Layla sleeping pad is created in the United States by a mindful organization that considers temperature control as important as ever. In contrast to most memory foam beddings, its copper-injected material shields sleepers from perspiring and its double solidness give clients excellent choices.

The Layla sleeping pad is a fantastic memory foam bedding. Most clients like the Layle mattress and disclose that it sleeps cool.

  • Clients state the Layla is agreeable and assuages back torment.
  • 120-night sleep trial with free transporting and free returns to ensure it’s directly for you.
  • Premium quality bedding with exceptional foam innovation that gives fantastic solace and dozes cooler.


Introduction: Layla Mattress Review

This mattress is a flippable and all foam memory foam bed that offers you two firmness alternatives in a single bed. With these firmness choices, Layla’s support system is more than satisfactory. Utilizing a higher thickness polyfoam, we anticipate that this sleeping pad should be strong enough and give enduring help.

And with these built-in firmness options, you can choose a medium-delicate side that has a milder, weight mitigating feel, or a firm side, which offers more prominent help. Moreover, the copper-injected flexible foam dozes cooler than most adjustable foam beds. And we believe that it’s an incredible offering at a decent cost.

The Layla is structured a bit uniquely in contrast to different sleeping pads. It incorporates four amazing layers of differing thickness, yet it is flippable. It implies that you can have an utterly extraordinary sleeping experience relying upon how firm you incline toward your bed.

Let us say that you run with the gentler design, the 3″, copper-injected delicate foam that gives the sleeping pad its rich feel will fill in as the best layer. It contains 3.5 lbs of copper, which it utilizes to alleviate your body heat and disseminate it all through the sleeping cushion. Copper is a characteristic conveyor, so this technique for cooling is entirely agreeable and safe.

Another reason that they use copper, as per the Layla site, is that there might be some medical advantages. Copper may help increment flow, which could help ease joint torment and shield you from feeling hardened in the first part of the day. All things considered, let us all dive into the Layla mattress review!


You Will Like This Mattress If You:

The Layla mattress is really well-known, and most of its consumers are more than satisfied with their purchase after the 120-night risk-free sleep trial. Here’s why they like it and perhaps invite you to love it too.

  • Are searching for a cozy and snug mattress. Out of all the other memory foam mattresses, the Layla mattress is undeniably one of the most comfortable. So, if you are looking for or searching for a comfortable sleeping pad, then Layla is the right choice.
  • Like sleeping on your side. If you are a side sleeper, the softer option of the Layla mattress is perfect for you. The 3 inches memory foam layer features amazing pressure relief and is very soft.
  • Like a memory foam vibe. Do you like to sink into your mattress slowly? If that’s the case, then this mattress is perfect for you. It features slow-responding, soft memory foam. Therefore, you can really sink into the Layla mattress.
  • Are a hot sleeper. Although plenty of memory foam beddings tend to sleep hot, this will not be a problem or an issue on the Layla mattress. The transition layer, comfort layer, and the cover are all designed to alleviate the heat and give a more refreshing night of rest.
  • Want to relieve aches and pains. The Layla mattress helps keep consumers’ aches and pains away. It can help ease back pain and chronic pain, such as arthritis and sciatica because of the specially designed layers of the mattress and the copper infusion.
  • Want to wake up feeling good. Customers who have already tried sleeping on this mattress found out that they can sleep much faster and wake up feeling rested. It is because of the mattress’s capability to ease the pressure. Also, there will be less turning and tossing.
  • Want to unpack and set up quickly. The Layla mattress arrives firmly packed in a box for trouble-free shipping. Plus, it only takes some few minutes to set it up.


You Will Not Like This Mattress If You:

Okay, so we’re done listing the things that you may like in the Layla mattress. Let us now dive into things that you may not like in this mattress.

Want a medium-firm sleeping pad. You might not like the Layla mattress if you want a medium-firm mattress. The Layla mattress won’t work for you. The firm side and soft side is, for the most part, quite firm. Therefore, you will not find that medium-firm option in Layla.

Are a stomach or back sleeper. If you are a stomach or back sleeper, particularly a heavier one, then the Layla mattress might not be the right one for you. You may want to search for a more supportive, firmer mattress. Even though there’s the firm side, it may not still be the best mattress option for a larger person.

Don’t like that sinking feeling. If you want to sleep on top of your sleeping pad and do not want to sink into it, then the Layla mattress may not be best for you as it is a memory foam mattress. If you want to sleep on top of your bed, think about a balanced memory foam bed, hybrid, or an innerspring.



The Layla Mattress is an all-foam, ten-inch  sleeping pad that consists of four layers. As we have mentioned previously, the Layla mattress is double-sided. Meaning, you can pick between a firm or delicate feel.

To perceive how this all meets up, how about we jump into each layer.

The Cover – The cover is crafted with a polyester mix, which feels overly comfortable and soft. The materials are imbued with gel to help with temperature injunction and to cool too.

Comfort Layer 1– This layer is the delicate side of the sleeping cushion. Typically, the firm side will be the base layer of this bed. This layer is made up of three inches of copper-implanted memory foam that is excessively delicate and gives a lot of body molding. As it were, you’re probably going to sink profoundly into the bedding because of its moderate reaction to weight. As we said before, copper is known for its antimicrobial characteristics and can help with blood course and cooling — an issue most memory foam mattress frequently keeps running into.

Transition Layer – In this layer, you will discover two inches of HD, firm poly foam, which is normal for some bed-in-a-case mattresses. The reason this layer exists is to indeed “change” you from the delicate solace layer to all the more substantial pieces of the bed.

Support Layer – The base of the bed includes a firm HD polyfoam, another conventional material found in many sleeping pads. Nonetheless, in contrast to different beds, this isn’t the last layer, since we have another solace layer to take a gander at!

Comfort Layer – The base layer in the Layla (or the best, on the off chance that you flip it!) highlights one inch of copper injected flexible foam. It is a reasonably dainty layer, which means it’ll give a smidgen of weight help while being truly firm to the touch.

The sleeping cushion is accessible in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. The Layla is flippable. It implies you get two firmnesses in a single sleeping cushion. On the primary side, there is 3″ of copper-mixed adaptable foam and, on the opposite side, there is 1″ of copper-implanted flexible foam. It implies the primary side will be a lot milder than the opposite side.

Likewise, the thick layer of copper-implanted flexible foam is exceptionally delicate and moderate to react. It gives you that mild, sinking feeling.

The Thermogel spread, copper-injected flexible foam, and tangled change layer all work together to guarantee you rest cool. The spread and flexible foam are intended to disseminate heat, and the change layer will consider some incredible wind current.



Since we’ve taken a gander at Layla’s overall construction, how about we jump into the firmness and feel of the sleeping pad. Obviously, we have opposite sides to take a gander at.

So, let us start with the delicate side. If you apply a light or insubstantial weight into the sleeping cushion, you will discover that the flexible foam compacted truly effectively. As you drove further in, your grasp would sink quite far into the bed, and you could feel the adjustable foam shaping to your hands. Actually, it will feel somewhat stuck because of the material’s moderate reaction to weight.

On the flip side (literal meaning), when you push down into the firm comfort layer, you will still feel that sinking feeling from the memory foam. Be that as it may, when you keep on pushing, you will see speedy progress from the padded adjustable foam to a firm center underneath it.  

It’s somewhat more straightforward to press into the delicate side of the Layla sleeping pad than the firm side. The adaptability of a flippable bedding implies that it ought to be a solid match for most kinds of sleepers. Stomach sleepers may look good on the firm side, where they’ll get sufficient help for their hips and center. In the meantime, side sleepers will get enough shaping and full help for their shoulders and hips on the gentler side of the bed.

In conclusion, when you move to the closures of the bed, you won’t exactly be awed with the edge support. It was anything, but difficult to push through the delicate help and feel like the sides of the bed were falling. So observe, couples — you may feel less upheld on this sleeping pad if you move toward the edge of the bed.


Motion Transfer

The motion transfer test exhibits the measure of aggravation that you’ll identify from one side of the bed to the next. It is particularly imperative for individuals who share their bed with an accomplice (or a pet) — mainly if they tend to change their sleeping positions or those who toss and turn.

To show this test, we dropped a 10 lb. steel ball from heights of four inches, eight inches, and twelve inches, and estimated the aggravation it caused: the higher the lines, the higher the unsettling influence. What’s more, only a note! Each drop is intended to symbolize an alternative development you’re probably going to make in bed, from hurling and turning (four inches) to getting up (eight inches) the whole distance to full on hopping (twelve inches).

The outcomes? Well, you will be truly inspired by what we found. The flexible foam on both the delicate and firm side of the Layla works to the perfection of dulling the unsettling influence that exchanges over the sleeping pad. In the event that you lay down with a wiggly bedmate, you shouldn’t feel their developments for the duration of the night.

One of the extraordinary advantages of memory foam mattresses, all in all, are their prevalent motion isolation, and the Layla is incredible at this. The two sides of the sleeping cushion are great at hosing the vibrations of your body as you move.

However, the delicate side exceeds expectations at this specifically. With regards to keeping the sleeping pad relentless and steady in general, the firm side is marginally better at getting hammered because you’re in more straightforward contact with the hard help layer.


Sleep Cooler

The Layla bedding has a few one of a kind highlights that make it rest cooler than most memory foam mattresses. It has a thermo-gel imbued spread that is intended to gather and scatter your body heat.

This warmth is then exchanged to the copper-imbued foam layer. Copper is a standout amongst the best substances for cooling a sleeping pad. A top-notch feature that you wouldn’t hope to discover on such a sensibly valued bedding.

At long last, there’s an air flow layer which helps increment the breathability of the bedding. It is propped up by the thick help layer, which likewise in a roundabout way keeps you cool by enabling you to coast serenely on the sleeping cushion. With less awkward sinkage, there’s additionally less body heat develop.

Hardly any sleeping pads available utilize these unique systems without a moment’s delay to keep you fresh. It unquestionably mitigates the drawbacks of customary froth that will in general hold heat. So on the off chance that you’ve been dithering about purchasing a froth sleeping cushion; thus, the Layla takes care of your concern great.



Regardless of whether you rest on your back, your side, or your stomach, the Layla ought to have a choice that suits you well.

Side sleepers will presumably observe the delicate side to be the most agreeable, as the additional extravagant works admirably soothing weight. The help layers beneath will likewise keep your back straight while your bends sink marginally into the best layer.

A back sleeper could merely locate the delicate and firm side to be perfect. Contingent upon your weight and how much padding you like, the delicate side can offer an excellent equalization of help and shaping. Then again, on the off chance that you have back issues and need something that will keep your spine as straight as could be allowed, the firm side may function admirably for you.

At last, for stomach sleepers, the firm piece of the bedding is most likely best. Stomach sleepers need the most help of all, which the firm side gives its high responsiveness.


Size and Pricing

If you are certain that the Layla mattress is the one for your bedroom and your body, then let us also see if it is a great fit for your financial means or budget. Read on to check the pricing and size information for the Layla mattress.


Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38″ x 74″ x 10″ $499
Twin XL 38” x 80” x 10” $599
Full 54” x 74” x 10” $799
Queen 60” x 80” x 10″ $899
King 76” x 80” x 10” $999
California King 72” x 84” x 10” $999


120-Nights Risk-free Sleep Trial

Purchasing a sleeping cushion without giving it a shot may appear to be a hazard. However, with the liberal preliminary offered by Layla, you can recover your cash in the event that you find that the bed isn’t directly for you. You have around four months (120 evenings) to choose, and you don’t need to pay return shipping.

On the off chance that you choose the bed that isn’t directly for you, essentially give it to neighborhood philanthropy and request a receipt saying the sleeping pad was given. Layla will provide you with a full discount after you submit the receipt.

You won’t have to repackage the bed and return it, which is a great thing. Besides, this is a fantastic framework which diminishes the measure of beds that end up in the garbage and enables individuals in need to have a mattress to rest on.

Naturally, Layla Sleep suggests that you rest on your new bed for fourteen days first before you choose. It can require some time for the bed to break in and for your body to become accustomed to it, particularly on the off chance that you were dozing on a low-quality sleeping pad previously.



While a 10-or 15-year guarantee would be extraordinary for a sleeping cushion, the Layla destroys the challenge by offering a guarantee that keeps going forever. The truth is, if your sleeping cushion has a producer’s deformity and should be fixed or supplanted, Layla will deal with it for you at no expense (aside from a conceivable $50 shipping charge, contingent upon the circumstance). You don’t show signs of improvement ensure than that.

Usually, you do need to hold fast to a couple of stipulations, but, for the most part, sound judgment. To keep from voiding your guarantee, don’t leave the sleeping cushion in the crate for over about fourteen days after it arrives, and make sure to lay the bed on a steady, level surface. For whatever length of time that you deal with it and keep the sleeping pad for individual use, your guarantee will cover any creases that have broken into pieces or intemperate bedding pressure.


Layla offers a lifetime guarantee for all sleeping pads.


  1. Layla will, at the organization’s sole alternative, fix or supplant any sleeping pad that is esteemed blemished or as long as the first proprietors utilize the bedding. This guarantee is non-prorated.


  1. Layla may select to fix or supplant unique parts with imperfections, (for example, the spread), as opposed to replacing the whole sleeping cushion.


  1. Guarantee inclusion relies upon the utilization of legal essential help. Per Layla: ‘Appropriate use is characterized as utilizing the bedding on a firm, unbending and smooth surface that permits air ventilation and backings the whole sleeping cushion, including the inside, for example, a slatted bed stage or box spring.’


  1. Layla cautions that squeezing the froth while flipping the sleeping cushion may bring about tearing, which isn’t secured under guarantee.


  1. Sleeping cushion proprietors may need to pay up to $50 in transportation and taking care of charges for bedding fixes or substitutions; variable expenses will be evaluated on a case-by-case premise.


  1. The guarantee will cover the accompanying imperfections:
    1. Noticeable listing or spaces in the rest surface estimating one inch (1″) or more profound that don’t specifically result from proprietor abuse or ill-advised fundamental help.
    2. Imperfections identified with the spread, for example, creases breaking apart.


  1. The guarantee won’t cover the accompanying: Noticeable listing or spaces in the rest surface that doesn’t quantify one inch (1″) or more profound. It is viewed as ordinary mileage.
    1. Fix, or substitution asks for that happen because of changes in the proprietor’s close to home rest inclinations, for example, sleeping pad stature, immovability or bed weight.
    2. Cuts, tears, stains, and different kinds of physical harm that happen because of proprietor abuse, ill-advised cleaning, and additionally lacking essential help.
    3. Disparities in bedding stature with a safety buffer of one inch (1″).
    4. The presence of form or vermin invasion.


  1. As per Layla, the accompanying activities will void the guarantee:
    1. Enabling the sleeping pad to stay in its unique bundling for longer than about fourteen days.
    2. Utilizing a metal casing, boxspring, or establishment that does not give satisfactory focus support.
    3. Utilizing the Layla bedding in a business office, for example, an inn, school residence, or investment property (counting Airbnb).


  1. This guarantee is solely offered to unique proprietors who buy their sleeping pad from Layla or an approved retailer. The individuals who purchase or secure their sleeping cushion from the first proprietor or a non-approved retailer won’t be qualified for guaranteed inclusion.


Final Verdict

The Layla is a high caliber, firm bed made with excellent materials. However, it doesn’t cost a lot. A retail sleeping pad of this quality would effectively cost a few folds the amount, but since the Layla comes direct from the manufacturing plant, you pay substantially less for it.

Removing the center man likewise implies that Layla Sleep can spend their cash on quality materials rather than commissions. The bed is CertiPur-US confirmed, which means that it is free of poisons and safe for you to rest on after a long time after night. It’s likewise eco-accommodating and is produced with a low carbon impression.

The materials are incredibly strong, and the bed held up great amid our little testing. We could without much of a stretch perceive how it could keep going for quite a long time, however, particularly with the lifetime ensure that accompanies it. Beddings can be a venture, so realizing that you are upheld forever can genuinely give you some genuine feelings of serenity.

It is made in the USA to elevated expectations, by an American-claimed organization. The foam is poured in the conditions of Georgia and California, and the sleeping cushion itself is gathered in Arizona.

Generally speaking, it’s a fantastic incentive for the cash, particularly with the improved cooling highlights that it accompanies. You’ll be unable to discover a copper-injected sleeping cushion with such fantastic froth at this cost.

Something else to remember is that when you purchase a Layla, you’re not merely helping yourself with an orthopedic bedding—you’re likewise assisting another person in having a spot to rest throughout the evening. For each bedding that Layla moves, they spread the expense for one vagrant to sleep in a sanctuary. Also, the sleeping pads that clients return amid the free preliminaries are given to neighborhood philanthropies.

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