Leesa and Saatva Mattress Comparison

Looking at the overall qualities, the Leesa models are suitable for all weight groups and people who sleep hot during the night. Saatva models are also suitable for all weight groups and hot sleepers. The difference between these two is that Leesa is an excellent choice for individuals who like medium mattresses with moderate conforming, while Saatva is better for those who like thicker, higher-profile beds.

Saatva was founded in 2011, with its flagship innerspring model the Saatva mattress. It is available for purchase in two thickness and three firmness options. The model has Bonnell coils in the support core, polyfoam and memory foam in the comfort layers, and a transition layer made of pocketed coils. Leesa launched a bit later, in 2014. Its flagship the Leesa mattress is a Medium bed that has comfort layers made of polyfoam and memory foam and a base layer made of high-density polyfoam. Today, both brands sell other models. Leesa also sells Leesa Hybrid Mattress (formerly the Sapira mattress), a memory foam hybrid. Saatva sells two different models – Zenhaven and Loom & Leaf. However, in this article, we will focus on the flagship models of both brands.

In this guide, we will examine the unique qualities and disadvantages of both mattresses. Looking at the overall qualities, the Leesa models are suitable for all weight groups and people who sleep hot during the night. Saatva models are also suitable for all weight groups and hot sleepers. The difference between these two is that Leesa is an excellent choice for individuals who like medium mattresses with moderate conforming, while Saatva is better for those who like thicker, higher-profile beds.

Saatva Mattress Details

The Saatva mattress is an innerspring mattress that is available in three firmness options and two thickness profiles. You can choose from 4, 6, or 7.5 firmness level, and 11 1/2″ or 14 1/2″ thickness. It has a moderate and affordable price- $1099 for a Queen size. The bed weighs 120 lbs, and it is excellent for back pain and sex. The bed also comes with a 180-month warranty and a 120-day sleep trial.

The soft and breathable cover is made from cotton, but it is also quilted with foam to provide immediate comfort and pressure relief to sleepers. The pillow-top part has a thin layer of memory foam over it, with individually wrapped coils under it. Thanks to this layer, the bed has a great bounce, but it also helps the sleeper be more on top of the mattress instead of sinking in too deep. Under this layer, you have a layer of steel coils with a foam edge support that is wrapped around the coils.

Most innerspring models have a lifespan of six to seven years, and this goes for the Saatva model as well. However, the durability of pillow-top construction is below average which means that it might last somewhat less than the whole bed. Since the mattress with foam and memory foam that generally tend to sleep the hottest, Saatva is made with traditional innerspring construction, making it cool and an ideal option for those that need a cooler sleep surface. Just like other innersprings, unfortunately, the bed doesn’t have good motion isolation, which can be a bit problematic for couples. However, it is fairly bouncy, highly responsive, and silent when weight is applied. Along with that, the Plush Soft and Luxury Firm options are better for sex, according to customers.

The comfort layer offers close conforming and targeted pressure relief thanks to memory foam and coil construction, even more than other innersprings. However, latex and all-foam models are better for those who want close conforming. The innerspring models also have optimal edge support, and the Saatva is just another example of that, with the above-average push back that happens when you sit around the ages. However, due to memory foam and polyfoam in the construction, it has some off-gassing, but people have reported it disappears within three to five days.

Leesa Mattress Details

The Leesa flagship model is a Medium Firm foam mattress that has a 5 on the firmness scale and weighs 71 lbs. It has a very affordable price of $845 for a Queen size, and it comes with a 120-month warranty, 100-day sleep trial, and free shipping

The cover of the bed consists of a thick polyester blend. The comfort layer below contains two layers – the upper is made from polyfoam with an indentation load deflection (ILD) and the lower from memory foam with an ILD of 9. Thanks to this construction, the bed offers moderate firmness with a soft feel. It also has a bouncy and responsive feeling. Under this layer is a memory foam layer made of high-density polyfoam that gives the bed a slow response to pressure and excellent body contouring. The support core of the bed gives it shape, stability, and support. It is made of a high-density polyfoam.

The mattress’ durability is good, with a lifespan of seven years. It also has very good motion isolation. Because the multi-layered foam construction reduces motion transfer, the bed is a suitable option for couples. However, it is not responsive enough for sex. The bed is relatively cool, with fair edge support and no noise with applied weight. When compared to other foam-based models, it sleeps much cooler, and it has the same edge support. It also has close body conforming that helps alleviate pains and aches, regardless of the sleep position. However, many owners complained about the off-gassing odor, but they said it disappeared in a few days.

Sizing and Pricing

Both the Leesa and Saatva are available in all six mattress sizes. Looking at all the prices, Leesa is much cheaper than the Saatva, for all sizes. The prices for twin sizes are $599 for Saatva and $525 for Leesa, while the twin XL are $695 and $749. The Full-size bed costs $899 for Saatva and $855 for Leesa. The prices for the Queen are $1,099 and $995. The prices for a King size and California King is $1,499 and $1,195.

Sleep Position Ratings

The Saatva has multiple firmness and thickness profile options that allow all sleepers to find the most suitable bed for themselves. Unlike many other innerspring models, the Saatva makes minimal noise, with good motion isolation and close conforming. The Leesa offers excellent support and cushioning with its mixed-foam construction. And since it has many firmness options, it is comfortable for people of all weight groups and all sleep positions.

Individuals in the lightweight group – those with less than 130 pounds, will sleep good on their side or stomach, and sufficient on their sides on Saatva, and good in any position on Leesa. Side and stomach sleepers in the average weight group – between 130 and 230 pounds will sleep very good on Saatva, while stomach and back sleepers will sleep very good on Leesa. Back sleepers in the heavyweight group, as well as side sleepers, will sleep well on both brands.

Sleep Trials, Warranty, and Delivery

In terms of the warranty, both brands have you covered. Saatva has a 180-month partially prorated warranty with a 120-day sleep trial. Leesa has a 120-month non-prorated warranty and a 100-day sleep trial. However, unlike Saatva, Leesa’s sleep trial has a mandatory 30-day break-in period, and customers can’t get a full refund until they test it out for 30 days.  Leesa’s sleep trial will be voided if the bed is moved out of its original country, but if it stays in the country, you can return the product free of charge. The company will also cover the costs of mattress replacement and repairment, with the owner having to pay associated shipping charges. In the case of Saatva, mattress returns require a transportation fee of $99. Sleep trials of both models start on the delivery date. Warranties will be voided when a supportive base or foundation is not used.

As we said, Saatva’s warranty is partially prorated, which means the company will cover all repairs and replacements in the first two years of ownership, but during the next thirteen years, it will cost the owner a fee of $99. However, Saatva offers Fairness Replacement Option for replacements, and with it, you can replace a defective mattress for 30% of the original price up to the fifth year, 50% up to the tenth and 75% until the end of the warranty.

Saatva covers all shipping and transportation charges, and owners can keep the original mattress at no extra charge if they want. The company does not offer shipping for Hawaii, Alaska, or overseas, but free White Glove delivery is available that includes free old mattress removal and in-home assembly. The mattress is not compressed for shipping, and it will arrive within four days.

Leesa’s warranty covers 1″ or more in-depth sagging or indentations of the sleep surface, including physical flaws that cause damage to the foam. The product is shipped compressed in a box. The delivery is free of charge, and customers have White Glove delivery available for select locations with the in-home assembly for $100 and old mattress removal for $50. The product can be delivered anywhere in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Germany, but not all locations have White Glove delivery.


While having a sleeping partner may be beneficial for your health, choosing a bed for yourself and your companion may be more challenging than you had initially thought. So, to summarize both models, we are going to give you some recommendations on why you should or shouldn’t choose these mattresses.

If you normally sleep hot on foam beds or get awaken easily because of noise or movement, you should consider getting Leesa. Additionally, it is suitable for those who like a Medium feel, close conforming and have at least 130 pounds. However, Leesa is not suitable for lightweight individuals and those who want softer models with very close conforming. For those who prefer sleeping on spring models with extra cushioning in the comfort layers, Saatva is an excellent choice. It is also excellent for people who sleep hot, sleep with a partner, get awaken easily, or just like thicker-than-average beds. If you prefer average or below-average thickness, the Saatva is not a good choice for you.

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