Leesa vs. Helix – Mattress Comparison

Go for the Leesa if you like the all-foam feel, but want to sleep slightly cooler. It is great for couples, and people who like a medium firm mattress with reasonable conforming. Opt for Helix Midnight if you sleep exceptionally hot and wake up sweaty. This model will help you sleep cooler thanks to its breathability and temperature regulating properties. It is suitable for couples, and people who like medium firmness with a good balance between support and contouring.

Looking for a new mattress can sometimes be a very stressful thing to do. People can’t find all the right information online, going to a lot of stores can be exhausting, and the products are hard to compare if you don’t write everything down. That is why we constantly review beds and all the products that should help you get a good night’s rest. We have taken this very seriously since we know how important sleep is in every aspect of your life. Poor sleep leads to serious health conditions, weight gain, impaired cognitive performance, weak immune system, and it is bad for your overall quality of life. That is why we have created many guides, to help you get the right product, and enjoy all the benefits of sound slumber.

Today, we compare two models, the Leesa and Helix Midnight. They are both considered medium in terms of firmness, they have been on the market for about the same time, and are in the moderate price category. Let’s see how they both compare in construction, features, and other ratings so you can make the right buying decision.

Leesa vs. Helix – Basic Info

Leesa was founded in 2014 and Leesa mattress is their flagship model. Leesa mattress is an all-foam model with comfort layers made of polyfoam and memory foam, while the base provides enough sturdiness and support thanks to the high-density polyfoam. The model is considered medium in terms of firmness, rated five on a 1-10 scale. Keep in mind that the brand also offers Leesa Hybrid mattress, formerly the Sapira, but in today’s review, we’ll focus on Leesa and how it compares with the competition.

Helix Sleep has been on the market since 2015, and their main focus was making quality hybrid mattresses. We’ve chosen their Helix Midnight for this comparison, as it also offers medium firmness with a 5.5 rating. The bed comes in two versions, and you can choose between Standard and Luxe design. The Standard model comes with a high-density polyfoam base, and single-gauge pocketed coils, which gives this bed enough stability and proper support. The comfort system consists of memory foam layer and polyfoam as a traditional layer between the springs and the rest of the mattress. Luxe design comes with an additional gel-infused memory foam layer for extra comfort and cooling effect, and the coils are zoned for better support. Beside the Helix Midnight, they offer five other hybrid models in both Standard and Luxe versions: the Sunset, Dusk, Moonlight, Twilight, and Dawn. There is also a model specially designed for heavier sleepers – the Nightfall mattress, and two dual firmness beds, the Dual Balanced, and Dual Extra. Keep in mind that we will only focus on Helix Midnight and how it compares to Leesa, but you can check other reviews on our website if you are interested in different models.

Mattress Construction

If you want to see how your mattress will stand the test of time, you can do so by looking at the way it is constructed. If the company uses quality materials and their manufacturing process is good with a lot of attention to detail, it is almost certain that their products will perform well and have a long lifespan.

The Leesa is an all-foam model that comes at a medium firmness. Most people love the foam feel, and it is the most used materials in comfort layers. What people like the best about this material is that it contours nicely to the body curves, and it offers pressure relief in the spots such as hips, shoulders, lower back, and knees. These spots can be sore if the body weight falls on them instead of spreading evenly on the surface. Besides this, foam offers excellent motion isolation and is silent when bearing weight. However, these models sometimes tend to sleep hot, have weak edge support, and are not responsive enough, so some people might not like them because they might sink in and feel trapped. That can make it harder to switch positions during the night, or to have sex.

The Leesa has a 6” high-density polyfoam base that provides a stable foundation for the whole bed, and it allows even weight distribution. Two 2” comfort layers provide a medium firm feel, which is a great balance between proper support and contouring. This is what many sleepers prefer, and most will find it satisfying no matter their sleep position preference or body weight. The cover is made of polyester and Lycra spandex blend, which allows elasticity, breathability, and also comes with some moisture-wicking abilities. The 10” profile is standard for mattresses, while the 71 pounds in Queen size is slightly lighter than other mattresses, so moving and handling it won’t be a problem.

Helix Midnight is a hybrid mattress, meaning that it has both innerspring and foam components. This brings the best of both worlds, with coils, there is better support and a stronger edge, as well as good ventilation since there is enough room between the springs for the air to flow freely. That allows the bed to sleep cooler, which is exactly what memory foam needs as it tends to retain heat. On the other hand, the foam provides closer conforming and pressure relief, making it suitable for people who experience back pain and aches.

The Standard Helix Midnight has a high-density polyfoam base that provides a solid foundation for the whole bed. Pocketed single-gauge coils give additional support to this high-density layer. On top of it lays a transitional polyfoam layer, while the comfort system is made of memory foam that offers medium firmness, and closer conforming, while still sleeping more on the mattress rather than sinking in. With a 10” profile and 84 pounds in Queen size, it is lighter than other hybrid models, so you shouldn’t have many problems moving it.

The Luxe model has a similar construction with a few additions. It has a gel-infused layer added in the comfort system, which provides additional cooling and closer conforming for more pressure and pain relief. The coils in the core are zoned, with thinner ones in the area where your shoulders rest, and a thicker one for the lumbar area. This provides more targeted support, which is particularly suitable for heavier people. The cover is made with phase change materials that ensure proper temperature regulation, so it’s a nice little addition for sleeping cool during hot summer nights and warming up during the winter. The Luxe edition has a 14” profile, making it thicker than standard models. It also weighs 120 pounds in Queen size, so it might be a little too heavy for a single person to handle it, and you might need additional help.

Available Sizes and Pricing

Both models are available in all six standard sizes. Here are their dimensions and prices depending on the selected option.

Size Width Length Price (Leesa/Helix Midnight Standard/ Luxe)
Twin 39” 75” $525



Twin XL 39” 80” $695



Full/Double 54” 75” $855



Queen 60” 80” $995



King 76” 80” $1,195



California King 72” 84” $1,195




Performance Comparison

When it comes to durability, both brands haven’t been on the market long enough, so we can’t determine this with 100% certainty, but we can say that there were no major user complaints so far. You can expect your mattress to have at least an average lifespan of 7-8 years for both of these models.

The Leesa mattress is a little softer, so it will conform a bit closer, providing better pressure relief. However, some heavier sleepers have stated that it doesn’t offer enough support for their weight, and that’s where Helix Midnight performs a lot better.

Off-gassing is a term used to describe a specific rubbery smell that new mattresses have. Since both models have foam in the construction, you can expect a little bit of odor, but it is very mild and will disappear within a day or so.

Sleeping too hot can be a problem for many users, so it’s essential that the bed doesn’t retain heat. Since the Leesa is an all-foam model, it naturally sleeps a bit hotter, but they have done a good job, and it provides enough temperature neutrality for most sleepers. This is, however, where the Helix Midnight performs much better, since it has an innerspring core, allowing better airflow and sleeping much cooler.

When it comes to edge support, as expected, Helix Midnight performs much better. Due to its hybrid construction, and additional foam layers reinforcing the whole bed, the edge is rather strong. With the Leesa, you can expect some sinkage around the perimeter, most commonly in the place where you usually sit in the morning.

Both beds have excellent motion isolation, which is especially impressive for Helix Midnight since hybrids often lack in this department. This makes them perfect for people who share their bed with a partner and are easily woken up by their movement during the night. The Leesa also makes no noise when bearing weight, while with Helix Midnight, you can expect some since there are springs in its construction. The innerspring core, however, makes for a bouncier bed, so it is a better choice for sex. Foam lacks responsiveness, so it might not be suitable for some couples as they might feel stuck.

Sleep Ratings

We rated these beds primarily based on their abilities to provide proper spine alignment, and the overall comfort while sleeping. These criteria are somewhat subjective and can vary based on a sleeper’s weight and position preference. Here is what we found out.

The Leesa has a medium firm feel, which is perfect for average sized individuals, as well as lighter and heavier people who like the right balance of contouring and support. It is a suitable choice for every type of sleepers, no matter if you plan on resting on your back, side, stomach, or you switch it up during the night. It provides proper support with superb conforming and pressure relief, so it’s a suitable choice for most sleepers.

Helix Midnight also offers medium firmness and is suitable for all weight groups, but lighter individuals may like the Standard version better, while the heavier ones will probably prefer the Luxe. Back and side sleepers will find the most benefits of this mattress, while stomach sleepers may have some problems if they are in the heavyweight group.

Delivery, Sleep Trial, and Warranty

Leesa ships to the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany for free. This usually takes 3-7 business days. They also offer a White Glove delivery with bed installation and old mattress removal for an additional fee of $150. Helix delivers to the US and most of Canada, and while the US shipments are free, buyers from Canada will need to pay additional $250.

Both brands offer a 100-night sleep trial with a 30-day break in period. It means that you will use the mattress for a month, and if you don’t like it afterward, you can return it for a full refund.

You’ll get a 10-year warranty for the Leesa and the standard version of Helix Midnight, and 15-year guarantee for the Luxe version. Warranties cover all the defects that might appear as well as sagging and sinkage over one inch deep. Less than that is not included in the coverage; neither are changes in the person’s sleep preference or the damages connected to misuse or improper cleaning. Keep in mind that mattresses get a bit softer over time, so always choose a slightly firmer model than what you consider suitable.

Which One To Choose?

Go for the Leesa if you like the all-foam feel, but want to sleep slightly cooler. It is great for people who like a medium firm mattress with reasonable conforming. Also, it is a perfect choice for couples because of the superior motion isolation and quietness when bearing weight. On the other hand, it is not a good choice if you don’t like the foam feel and close conforming, or you’d like a more responsive surface.

You should choose Helix Midnight if you sleep exceptionally hot and experience night sweats. This model will help you sleep cooler thanks to its breathability and temperature regulating properties. It is suitable for people who like medium firmness with a good balance between support and contouring. It is also ideal for those who need good motion isolation with minimal noise. Helix Midnight is not a good option if you don’t like the classic innerspring feel, or want a firmer surface with minimal conforming.


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