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Leesa vs. Purple Mattress Comparison

While Leesa and Purple Mattress are made differently and using distinct materials, they offer some similar advantages to the sleeper: neutral temperature regulation, motion isolation and both conform to the body to relieve stress from pressure points like shoulders, hips, etc. However, when inspected closely, Leesa and Purple display some differences that might just sway you slightly more towards one of them and make your choice easier.

While having a sleeping partner may be beneficial for your health, choosing a bed for yourself and your companion may be more challenging than you had initially thought. With so many solutions to consider and the differences between the needs you and your partner may have, make this process a downright quest. In our series of articles covering many mattresses currently available on the market, even online, we will hopefully answer most of your dilemmas surrounding this topic. In this review, a set of models is going to be examined to give you a good picture of the particular beds in question, but also provide an example of what you may expect to find in other options as well, should none of these two match your desires.

Before we get into the signature products of these companies, it’s essential to keep in mind that both Leesa and Purple sell other items as well – Leesa offers Sapira, a memory foam hybrid, while Purple sells New Purple, another hybrid constructed with pocket coils. For the purposes of this article, though, we will talk only about the Original Purple and Leesa mattress.

While these two are made differently and using distinct materials, they offer some similar advantages to the sleeper: neutral temperature regulation, motion isolation and both conform to the body to relieve stress from pressure points like shoulders, hips, etc. However, when inspected with a bit more attention, Leesa and Purple display some differences that might just sway you slightly more towards one of them and make your choice easier. Let’s introduce each one of them and then compare, shall we?


This company was established in 2014, with the desire to provide a sound, deep rest to everybody. Its original, flagship mattress was designed to include two comfort layers made with soft memory foam and polyfoam that create a supportive, balanced cushion, with the base layer made out of high-density foam. The base not only keeps the entire bed surface flat and comfortable but also makes the bed notably light in weight and easy to move around, even compared to all-foam beds, at staggering 71 pounds. Leesa mattress is classified as a medium firm bed.

Some of the qualities of this mattress were mentioned above. The solid motion isolation is due to the density of the layers in this model, significantly reducing but not completely cutting out the movement transfer. When it comes to body conformity, it meets the needs, hugging tightly around one’s body and providing enough support for many – but not all. Heavier people have reported insufficient support from this model. As for temperature regulation, this mattress is not the ideal solution, but it does sleep cooler compared to most of its competitors, as many memory foam beds have this issue.

Some other, Leesa-specific traits can be assessed through the following criteria:

Durability. An average in this category, it has a lifespan of roughly seven years if used nightly.

Smell. Memory foam often has this drawback. Although it is known to release some off-gasses when freshly bought, these are easily aired out in only three or four days.

Edge support is stable in this model, much like in other comfort and mixed foam beds available today. In essence, this means you won’t be particularly disturbed when your partner sits near the edge of the bed, and neither will the bed become distorted. The foam will simply get back into shape once the weight is removed from the bed.

Noise. One of the best mattresses on the market in this aspect, Leesa makes next to zero noise when bearing weight.

Sex. While this model offers some bounce, it isn’t a winner in this category compared to other mattresses. Still, keep in mind that this is a good trait for couples, too, especially if one or both of the partners tend to wake easily to motion.

Apart from the Leesa mattress, we encourage you to try out the Leesa Hybrid mattress with additional sleep-enhancing features, and to further improve your snoozing with Leesa hybrid pillow.

Original Purple

The company was first launched in 2015. Its flagship model is the Original Purple, constructed with the signature “Smart Grid” comfort layer – this is made of an elastic polymer grid and buckling-column gel distributed over it. This model is heavier in weight (the Queen-size weighs around 110 pounds) and much more difficult to rotate than Leesa. Besides that, it contains a base layer from high-density foam and is medium in firmness.

Durability. The results in this criteria are not absolute when it comes to the Purple, mostly due to it being new on the market and not yet adequately tested out – the first models are only four years old, and that’s too low of a limit to tell the average durability of the mattress.

Body conforming. This model gives satisfactory results in this category. It fits quite closely to the sleeper’s body, and many people have reported improvements in spine alignment and alleviated pressure from problematic spots.

Motion isolation is another box ticked on the list, with a large number of owners reporting decreased sleep disruptions and thus improved sleep quality.

Smell.  Usually, not an issue for this model but some reports have been made on the persistent odor of the mattress.

Temperature neutrality. It keeps the sleeper’s body temperature within the optimum range, reportedly even in otherwise hot-sleepers.

Edge support is not the strong suit of this mattress, but it gets a passing grade. Sinking near the ends of the bed is not uncommon.

Noise is nearly nonexistent with this solution, making this one another bed suitable for couples. Though, one last thing needs to be considered.

Sex. People who need a bouncy bed should look elsewhere, as this request is not high on the priority list of the Purple.

Other signature products worth checking out are the New Purple mattress and Purple pillow.

Prices and Sizes

When it comes to the costs, Purple and Leesa are pretty much the same. Barely noticeable differences make Leesa slightly more affordable from the cheapest sizes available in both companies (Twin XL; Leesa’s being $695 and the Original Purple $699) to the most luxurious ones (California King; Leesa’s costs $1,195, while the Purple is $1,299).

It is worth mentioning that Leesa also has a Twin size, with a price of $525, which isn’t available in Original Purple.

Sleep Trials, Warranty, and Delivery

Leesa offers a 100-night sleep trial for their mattress, with 30 being mandatory for the customer to return the bed and receive a full refund. The 100 nights are voided if the bed switches countries during this period. Prepaid shipping labels are provided for free returns with every purchase.

The warranty lasts ten years and is entirely non-prorated, but only as long as a supportive foundation is used below the mattress. The company pays for all repair charges, but the shipping is up to the customer. The warranty covers:

The warranty doesn’t cover:

Warranty only applies to original customers and not the next owners who bought the mattress from the initial customers.

The delivery policy

Leesa delivers to the US, UK, Germany, and Canada. The delivery usually arrives up to 7 business days from the purchase date.

Besides the standard free delivery, the customer may choose an option of paying $100 to have their mattress assembled at home or $150 to have their old bed removed to a charity or recycling, too.

The Original Purple offers the same 100-night sleep trial to their customers, but without a mandatory amount of time before the owners can return their purchase. The refund is full, except for the promotional items received with the bed, as the price of these will be deducted from the refund.

The non-prorated warranty covers ten years and has the same rules as the Leesa one.

The delivery policy

The Original Purple delivers to the US and Canada. The delivery may last up to eight business days from the date the order was placed. Customers in Alaska and Hawaii may have to pay additional charges.

Final Verdict

Both solutions have recommending qualities, offer proper back and neck support and keep you fresh during sleep. Additionally, they have a similar price range and may be ordered only online. A summary of the choices would look like the following.

Leesa makes a right mattress for a number of people. Consider this option if you:

Reconsider if you want a bed to conform closer to you, or want a firmer sleeping surface.

People who should consider purchasing the Original Purple are those who:

Consider a different option if you prefer the mattress to be very conforming, softer or very firm.

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