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The Loom and Leaf Luxury Memory Foam Mattress is the freshest creation from Saatva, outstanding amongst other checked on sleeping cushion organizations on the web. This troublesome sleeping pad presents a couple of amazing highlights just found in extremely costly premium contenders, yet at a small amount of the cost.

Loom and Leaf originates from the eco-accommodating creators of Saatva and is produced using premium materials that can cost thousands in the retail space. Generally, this item speaks to an incredible esteem, even among its online extravagance peers.

This bedding is built with an elite Spinal-Zone Gel to boost spinal arrangement and temperature direction. The strong flexible foam layers underneath support your weight and lull you into a cool and agreeable rest, and there are no stresses of off-gassing. You can pick between two distinctive solace levels: Relaxed Firm and Firm.

In the event that you are in the market for extravagance and need a considerable measure of significant worth for your dollars, this bed is an awesome decision.



The 12″ thick, four layer Loom and Leaf bed utilizes not one, but rather two best layers of premium adaptable foam. This makes the best weight help and a bed that superbly adjusts to your body. This forming, yet sufficiently responsive bed is bolstered by thick base froth. There is additionally an amazing progress froth for profound solace as well.

The Loom and Leaf all froth bedding has the ideal help for appropriate spinal arrangement and ergonomic adjust. They even utilize a cooling gel board to explicitly mitigate weight focuses and additionally keep you cool. The meticulousness and quality in this sleeping pad place it in its very own class.

This extravagance bedding comes in at an extraordinary value point as well. It even accompanies a 15-year guarantee and in addition a 120-night rest preliminary. This sleeping pad will check all your cases and not burn up all available resources. We observed this bed to be extraordinarily agreeable and flawlessly steady. We would profoundly prescribe this bed to any individual who needs the best flexible foam sleeping cushion accessible.

There might be a plenty of reviews about Loom and Leaf, yet our own is a standout amongst all. Beneath we will separate a few classifications and advantages of this sleeping cushion to ensure it is ideal for you. Check them out to perceive how the Loom and Leaf bedding performs for off-gassing, comfort, movement exchange and resting cool. And additionally edge bolster, esteem, materials and development and client benefit that incorporates the time for testing and guarantee.


Company Profile

You may accept that Loom and Leaf is a shiny new organization, which could have you somewhat hesitant to attempt this sleeping pad. In any case, Loom and Leaf is made by Saatva, a sleeping cushion organization that was established in 2011. Today, it is one of the nation’s biggest online-just bedding organizations.

Saatva implies immaculateness. This is a fitting name considering Loom and Leaf is an eco-accommodating sleeping pad. The organization is headquartered in Westport, CT. Outsourced workplaces are in Norfolk, VA and New York City, NY, and the showcasing groups are in Austin, TX. It has 12 producing accomplices and a great 35 satisfaction focuses the nation over.

The organization’s official group is included exceptionally experienced and respectable experts that have worked with Apple, Facebook, Brookstone, Men’s Warehouse, and Rosetta Stone. To advance a glad, kind, and profitable association all colleagues add to the exceptionally community workplace. Along these lines, everybody in the organization is valued and really needs every client glad. This guarantees the organization can appreciate the most abnormal amount of accomplishment.

You might believe that since Saatva is such a trustworthy organization, to the point that it would have exhibited its name in its adjustable foam sleeping cushion. Why give it the name of Loom and Leaf? All things considered, there is a decent clarification for that.

As Saatva was developing it turned out to be very clear that innerspring and adaptable foam beddings pulled in extremely remarkable purchasers. The vast majority are particularly searching for either. Obviously, those looking for adjustable foam were searching for an altogether different sheet material experience.


You will love Loom & Leaf if you:


You might not like Loom & Leaf if you:



Each Loom and Leaf all-froth bedding accompanies free White Glove Delivery Service, where experts convey and introduce your sleeping pad. You may utilize most standard bed outlines, however, the organization prescribes outlines with solid focal help and a crate spring under seven years of age. Saatva has composed its own particular establishments, including a flexible base, that is accessible for buy through their site.

The cover is roundabout weave guaranteed natural cotton that is stitched to a .625-inch froth layer, which gives it an extravagant and sumptuous wrap-up. A characteristic fire resistant produced using thorns is utilized as a part of the place of hurtful synthetic substances, and there are handles on the two sides to enable you to position your bed.

The sleeping cushion stands 12 inches tall and has four layers, all of which originate from manageable sources in the USA.

The main layer is a 2-inch Enhanced Conforming and Cooling layer produced using a gel-whirl adaptable foam with a convoluted structure that resembles an egg carton and enhances wind current. This development and gel work to enhance temperature control. Covered to the level side of the froth is the organization’s restrictive Spine-Zone Gel, a cooling gel board that is situated in the bed’s inside for lumbar help and enhanced spinal arrangement. This gel, which is normally found in doctor’s facility consume units, additionally assimilates body warmth and exchanges it far from the body.

The second layer is a 2.5-inch layer of 5-pound visco-versatile premium adjustable foam that gives profound forming and support, and in addition long haul sturdiness. The third layer is a 2-inch Transition Loft Pad situated between the memory materials and the high-thickness base layer to give extra molding. The fourth layer is 5.5 crawls of thick poly froth that fills in as the bed’s base and offers help to the sleeper and dependability to the bedding.



The Loom and Leaf bedding comes in two solace levels, loose firm and firm. We attempted the Loom and Leaf in the casual firm solace level and were exceptionally awed.

This bedding extremely demonstrated to work incredibly for every resting position and gave the ideal help with simply enough pad to mitigate weight focuses and shape your body. The way that this bedding wasn’t imperiled by packing into a little box extremely raised its solace and quality. It made for a really considerable and strong dozing surface that made this emerge against most other all froth beddings conveyed in a case.

The casual firm is the most prevalent and gives an awesome mix of help and pad. This choice would work incredible for back, stomach and side sleepers and will be best for individuals who like a strong vibe yet with still some additional delicate quality. This choice will fall around a 6 on an immovability scale somewhere in the range of 1 and 10. 1 being the gentlest and 10 being the firmest.

The firm alternative will engage individuals who jump at the chance to not sink into the bedding and more than likely think about their stomachs and back. This decision will fall around an 8 on the immovability scale. Both of these solace alternatives would work awesome for heavier sleepers that need more help too.

This sleeping cushion is extremely well made and sturdy, yet in addition exceptionally agreeable and has legitimate help that will abandon you very much refreshed. The layers of froth on this bedding are sufficiently covering to influence you to feel embraced impeccably yet in addition sufficiently receptive to effectively move and switch resting positions. This bedding makes it difficult to get up in light of the fact that it’s simply that agreeable.



We scored the Relaxed Firm choice of this bed at a 6 out of 10 on our solidness scale, with 10 being the firmest. In the event that you incline toward, you can likewise arrange the Firm choice, which scores at a 7.5.

In spite of the fact that you would hope to sink a great deal into 4.5 crawls of value memory materials, the knitted cover will help keep you from sinking too far and feeling like you are caught in your sleeping cushion, and truth be told, this is the reason the cover is pulled marginally more tightly finished the Firm choice. In the two adaptations, you should encounter a delicately supported lay down with the immense weight alleviation related to flexible foam, at the same time feeling all around upheld.

With a greater amount of your body presented to the air, it is more improbable that you will overheat. The organization has additionally incorporated a gel board, gel-whirl adjustable foam, and a convoluted (egg container) structure in the best layer to help moderate any issues with warm maintenance. The gels will divert warm from your body, and the convoluted shape assists with wind stream, giving you a chance to rest agreeable and cool.

Despite the fact that there is negligible ricochet with this bed, there is sufficient base layer bolster and additionally a fast reacting progress layer and cover to help with repositioning. The knitted cover is quick reacting and even the memory layers are a great deal speedier than numerous others out there. Most blend sleepers, who tend to reposition a great deal, ought not battle to proceed onward the Relaxed Firm, however, in the event that this is a worry of yours, you might need to take a gander at the additional steady Firm alternative.

Generally speaking, the Relaxed Firm form will oblige most resting positions.

Most back sleepers will find that the sewed cover and flexible foam shapes pleasantly with their lower back while the high-thickness base layer underpins great spine arrangement. Sleepers with heavier weight contemplations may settle on the Firm bedding for the additional help.

Side sleepers will value the weight help that the Relaxed Firm bedding can offer through their hips and shoulders. The froth should support their heaviest focuses and bolster their spines in a straight position.

Most stomach sleepers, particularly those with heavier weight contemplations, will presumably lean toward the Firm choice, which will shield their hips from plunging too low into the bedding and causing poor spine arrangement. Nonetheless, stomach sleepers who are altogether lighter may incline toward the Relaxed Firm alternative, as they will communicate with the bedding in an unexpected way.


Motion Transfer and Sinkage

Motion transfer in the Loom and Leaf is undoubtedly and surely non-existent. You’ll encounter a slight sinkage that shapes to your body and includes comfort so you don’t completely soak in.

The sleeping pad likewise offers solid edge bolster (implying that the bedding’s edge won’t lose its quality and shape), and in this sense, it performed better (sinking less) than what we normally observe from other premium sleeping pads.

While movement move and sinkage in most present day adaptable foam sleeping pads isn’t an issue, a significant number of the Loom surveys we’ve seen specify exactly how insignificant movement exchange is on the Loom and Leaf bedding.

When we considered the thickness of the sleeping pad this turned out to be exceptionally noteworthy: the aggregate thickness of this bedding is 12″, and the sinkage is not as much as what we saw with other 10″ sleeping cushions we’ve looked into, similar to the Casper bedding for instance. This level of value is something we may find in a premium $4,000 sleeping pad.

If you share your bed and worry about disturbing your partner’s sleep when you move around, you will want a bed that can isolate motion.

All-foam constructions, especially those with a lot of memory materials, really excel in this category because of memory foam’s ability to absorb movement and keep it from traveling to the other side. As expected, this memory bed performs exceptionally well in this category.


Edge Support

Adjustable foam actuates when it comes into contact with warm and gradually spreads out, which is extraordinary for weight alleviating rest, however less invaluable around the edges where you require some additional help. All things considered, edge bolster is great in this all-froth sleeping cushion, particularly contrasted with a portion of its bed-in-a-crate online contenders.

You will see some pressure through the solace layers when situated on the edge in light of the fact that your weight is exceedingly thought, yet when you set down as an afterthought and your weight is all the more uniformly circulated, you ought not to feel insecure or as though you will take off.

Edge bolster isn’t a represent the moment of truth include, yet it is an interesting point in the event if you lay down with an accomplice and need to serenely involve more surface territory on your sleeping pad.


Does it Sleep hot?

From the Loom and Leaf website:

“Our patented Loom & Leaf gel-on-gel design eliminates the possibility of sleeping hot. Our gel swirled layer of convoluted memory foam coupled with our medical-grade gel laminated on the center third portion allows for a cooler sleep as well as better airflow through your mattress.”

Ultimately, they assert that besides the gel layer, the froth layers complete an awesome activity of removing the warmth and presenting a cool night’s rest.

What’s more, that claim is right. The Loom and Leaf cool like no other adaptable foam we’ve seen.

Most higher estimated contenders ($2,000-$4,000) we’ve seen have utilized simply gel imbued froth layers, so the L&L gel-on-gel froth configuration is one of a kind and prevalent.

As per the organization, it is the most costly choice to make, and it appears in the sleeping cushion’s total absence of warmth issues.

It expands compliance (shape, course of action, weight circulation), which improves your cool, agreeable condition.



One of the real reactions of adaptable foam sleeping pads is that they can ooze an offensive smell when you remove them from the bundle. The procedure that causes this concoction smell is known as “off-gassing,” and it originates from the nearness of polyurethane and different segments of adjustable foam. While it may not be dangerous, it’s unquestionably repulsive.

The Loom and Leaf have no scent because of the bed’s development and conveyance approach.

From the Loom and Leaf site:

“We do ‘no’ off-gassing where we manufacture our products. There is a small amount of off-gassing done at our suppliers facility where our foam is made. All our foams are strictly sourced in America and, we require all our foams to be stable when they are shipped to our manufacturing partners.”

Loom and Leaf’s American-made, plant-based froths are CertiPUR-US® ensured, which implies that the froth has experienced a thorough free testing and endorsement process.

Their sleeping cushions are never handled with formaldehyde or some other disturbing arrangements. What’s more, this all goes into the top-notch nature of the materials you won’t discover in most adaptable foam sleeping cushions.

This is another preferred standpoint of Loom and Leaf versus Tempurpedic and the bed in a case organizations. The greater part of them encounter this issue to some degree, while Loom and Leaf has been intended to totally sidestep it.


Does It Need A Foundation Or A Bed Frame?

In the course of years, there’s been a transformation in the accessibility of sleeping cushions on the web, for the most part on account of the accomplishment of the “bed-in-a-crate” idea.

By removing the broker and offering straightforwardly to purchasers, bed-in-a-case organizations like Brooklyn Bedding and Leesa Sleep have changed the manner in which individuals search for a sleeping pad.

While these bed-in-a-container sleeping cushions are helpful, they frequently require an establishment for ideal solace and execution.

Saatva suggests acquiring their whole framework, both bedding and establishment, however says that the sleeping pad performs splendidly without an establishment.

As indicated by them, the sleeping pad can perform consummately well without an establishment as long as it is laid on a level, strong flat surface or great quality supports not more than 4″ separated.

The bigger sizes (Queen or more), must have a focal help all together not to get disfigured and lose their solace. Additionally the guarantee (see beneath) will be affected if the wrong sort of help is utilized. The bedding is perfect with customizable bed outlines and also mechanized bed outlines.


How is the Mattress Delivered?

Loom and Leaf incorporates a white glove conveyance across the country at no extra cost. A couple of organizations assert this as well yet they just leave your case outside your entryway.

With Loom and Leaf rather, your old bedding and establishment will be evacuated (in the event that you need) and the better and brighter one will be set up precisely where you need it. For nothing.



Size Dimensions (inches) Price (w/o discount)
Twin 38” x 75” x 12” $749
Twin XL 38” x 80” x 12” $849
Full 54” x 75” x 12” $1,199
Queen 60” x 80” x 12” $1,299
King 76” x 80” x 12” $1,699
Cali King 72” x 84” x 12” $1,699


120-Day Comfort Guarantee

Loom and Leaf remains behind their 120-day preliminary. There are no restocking charges, implying that on the off chance that you don’t care for your bedding, you will just need to pay for the a $99 shipping expense. In the event that you return it‚ you will get a full discount.

The 120-day preliminary starts upon the arrival of conveyance, not of procurement. There are no other concealed charges at all.

On the off chance that it is your first time testing an adjustable foam sleeping cushion, and you don’t know, this can be an incredible method to give it a shot. Beside this effortless preliminary, they have great client bolster (1-877-762-2882).



From the Loom and Leaf site:

The Loom & Leaf Ultra Premium Memory Foam Mattress Warranty

We warrant that our American made luxury mattresses will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a NON-PRORATED period of 15 years. Following are the very clear details of the friendliest warranty in the mattress industry:

  1. How our 15-year warranty works: If your Loom & Leaf mattress is deemed defective at anytime during the two-year period following your delivery date, it will be replaced with a brand new mattress at absolutely no cost to you. Beyond two years The Saatva Company will completely repair and re-cover your mattress for transportation costs of $99 each way. There will be absolutely no other charges.
  1. Separately, and solely at your option, The Saatva Company offers the unprecedented “Fairness Replacement Option” should your bed be deemed defective. There are too many conflicts and arguments between mattress stores and their customers as to determining actual defects. It’s unfair to you and the “Fairness Replacement Option” has completely eliminated any warranty issue being a hassle for you. Here is how it works:

Under all circumstances, if you are choosing the “Fairness Replacement Option,” YOU GET TO KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL MATTRESS. If you choose, instead of us repairing your Loom & Leaf in years 3 to 5, we will deliver and install a brand new Loom & Leaf mattress for only 30% of the original price you paid. Within years 6 to 10, we will replace your Loom & Leaf for only 50% of the original price you paid and years 11 to 15, we will replace your Loom & Leaf for only 75% of the original price you paid. There are no other fees, not even for delivery of your new mattress. Remember, YOU KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL MATTRESS, be it for another room in your home, a family member or friend, or to donate to the charity of your choice.

  1. Your warranty remains valid if the mattress has been used on a platform bed. If you are using a metal frame, the warranty shall be void if the foundation is not supported by a 5- or 6-legged metal bed frame on Queen or King size. Queen and King size frames must have a vertical center support. If you have a Full or Twin size bed, your warranty will be valid with the use of a 4-legged metal frame.
  1. Your warranty will absolutely remain valid if the mattress is used on an adjustable base.
  1. Warranty does not apply if bedding has been burned or otherwise abused or damaged.
  1. Your Loom & Leaf by Saatva warranty is valid only to the original purchaser.
  1. In order to provide the most optimum sleeping surface this premium product contains only the finest materials. As with all premium sleep products, certain body conformity adaptations will take place as your mattress adjusts to your particular body shape. This is to be expected and is part of the performance of your mattress. Body impressions greater than 3/4″ are covered by the warranty.
  1. Consumer must notify The Saatva Company in writing of any claims.”

Loom and Leaf offers an extremely interesting “Decency Replacement Option,” which expresses that if your sleeping pad is flawed inside the initial 2 years, it will be supplanted at no cost, including conveyance.

Inside 3-5 years, they will swap your sleeping pad for 25% of the first cost.

Inside 6-10 years, they will swap your sleeping pad for half of the underlying expense, and from 11-15 years, they will trade your bedding for 75% of the underlying expense.

Just another conveyance charge will apply, not a pickup expense.

On the off chance that you need to keep the guarantee legitimate, the perfect help to utilize is a stage bed.

The guarantee is void if the sleeping cushion is utilized on a metal casing not having 4 or 6 legs and a middle line bolster (for King and Queen beddings), so remember that in the event that you choose to reuse your present establishment.


Our Verdict

The bedding itself is exceptionally adjusted without extreme embracing. It accompanies two solace level alternatives, has astounding help, awesome body forming, exceptionally premium and green materials, and is outlined with surprising cooling highlights. Also, it’s at a shockingly low-value point.

To put it plainly, the Loom and Leaf Luxury Memory Foam Mattress is the best contender for the higher evaluated premium contenders.

To condense, here are the things we like the most contrasted with the contenders:



You don’t need to spend a fortune on a quality item you can hope to last. Loom and Leaf uses the online plan of action, enabling you to get a fantastic item at a value you can bear. Numerous adjustable foam items include densities of 3 pounds or less, and these organizations regularly depend on buyer obliviousness to get by with offering them at over the top costs.

Loom and Leaf is an item you can rely on with high thickness alongside various answers for enable sleepers to keep up the correct body temperature for a cool night’s rest. It’s awesome for the individuals who convey a great deal of weight as it’s equipped for holding up to 600 pounds of joined weight, and it takes into consideration the shape important to lessen excruciating weight focuses. With everything taken into account, I feel certain about revealing to you that you’re getting incredible incentive in this item.

The interest in a bedding is an imperative one. The nature of your rest to a great extent manages your efficiency and fulfillment in everyday life. That is the reason it’s so essential for you to set aside the opportunity to see any item you might consider. How about we pause for a minute to survey the features of the Loom and Leaf bedding to enable you to decide whether this could be the correct sleeping cushion for your one of a kind needs and inclinations:


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