Loom & Leaf Vs. Leesa – All-Foam Mattress Comparison

Loom & Leaf Vs. Leesa – who will win? Check out Counting Sheep’s unbiased all-foam mattress comparison to see which model fits your sleep needs better.

It is not a secret that sleeping on a memory foam provides that special feeling which most sleepers would describe as sleeping on a cloud. Hence, the foam is today widely popular and used, and it is hard to find a bed without at least one foam layer in it. But today we will be comparing models that are entirely made of foam,  and we are going to focus on some of the “younger” brands on the market, such as Loom & Leaf and Leesa, so stay tuned to find out more about them.

About the Brands

As one of the youngest brands, Leesa was founded recently, in 2015, but they are far from newbies, and the company quickly earned its place on the top, along with some other brands that have much longer tradition and presence on the bedding market. Currently, Leesa offers only two models, Leesa Hybrid mattress formerly known as Sapira, and the one that made them famous, the all-foam Leesa mattress, which is the one we will be reviewing today. Besides their amazing product, Leesa as a company tends to raise social awareness, and it does that by donating one mattress to charity organizations for every ten mattresses that are sold. Currently, the number of donated beds goes beyond 30.000.

If you have heard about Saatva, then you probably know that Loom & Leaf was founded as their subsidiary brand, but they do business separately although Saatva owns them, and they use Saatva’s facilities for the manufacturing of their model, the same as the Zenhaven does. Since they can also be considered as newcomers, Loom & Leaf progressed pretty quickly and became one of the best-selling bed-in-a-box brands. In their offer is currently only one model, Loom & Leaf mattress by Saatva, and that is the one we will be comparing to Leesa.

Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa’s 10 inches high bed has three foam layers in its construction, starting with 6 inches thick, dense foam as a support layer, which provides stability and support for all body types and sleep positions. The next layer is named “Recovery,” and it is 2 inches thick memory foam for enhanced pressure relief and contouring since it is placed in the middle, it does not trap the heat as much as it does when it is placed on top, right beneath the body of the sleeper. The final layer is a comfort layer of premium Avena foam with the same thickness. Avena mimics the qualities of natural latex, and it is very responsive, breathable, and durable. The soft lycra and polyester blend cover is tightly woven, and it has incorporated fire retardant fibers in it.

This model comes in only one, medium firm, comfort level, and targets the vast majority of sleepers who are satisfied with the balance between support and softness. It does not feel firm, and it will feel comfortable even to the side sleepers who usually have problems with mattresses that are on the firmer side. There is also enough support for back and stomach sleepers, and there will be a little bit of sinkage, but just enough to feel the cradling features of memory foam, and not to feel trapped in a bed.

Since all-foam models are notorious for their poor edge support, we cannot expect from Leesa to perform as well as some hybrid models with reinforcement around the perimeter. There will be some sagging when you sit on the edge, but it’s not the worst we have seen since the dense and resilient foundation does a decent job in supporting the entire structure, and there is no need to worry about rolling over during the night.

Leesa does not use any cooling gels or technologies; instead, they played it smart with placing heat conductive memory foam in the middle, and breathable Avena foam on top. In addition, the Avena layer is convoluted to enhance airflow and temperature regulation. Thanks to that, Leesa performs pretty well in terms of heat regulation, better than most all-foam models, which is why we highly recommend it to all sleepers who tend to sleep hot.

The fact that they used latex-like Avena foam, and traditional memory foam, means that Leesa combines the best of both worlds. There is the adaptiveness of memory foam, but without heat trapping, and fast responsiveness of Avena.

Although this model does not come in various firmness options, that does not have to be necessarily a drawback, since the more choice you have, the harder you will make a decision, and there will always be that thought that maybe some other model would feel slightly better.

Loom & Leaf Mattress Review

The Loom & Leaf also comes with all-foam structure, but with four layers and 12 inches high profile it is slightly taller than Leesa. As a core, they placed 5.5 inches high polyurethane foam, which is very dense, stiff, and it supports the body of the sleepers and secures proper spinal alignment. The next layer is 2 inches high transitional foam layer, and then the third layer is 2.5 inches thick dense visco-elastic memory foam, which contributes to the adaptiveness, and because it is so dense it prevents deep sinkage. The final foam layer is 2 inches thick gel-swirl visco-elastic foam, which slowly adapts and responds to body pressure, while its design and gel keep the sleeping surface cooler. The luxury appealing cover is made from organic cotton, and it is extra soft thanks to the plush padding underneath.

Unlike Leesa, Loom & Leaf comes in two comfort levels called Relaxed Firm and Firm. The Relaxed Firm can be described as medium firm or a 6 six on the firmness scale, and it will feel comfortable to most sleepers, while for the ones who prefer more support and firmer feel, there is another option which is a proper 8 on the scale. We recommend the Relaxed Firm to side sleepers as their shoulders and hips will be cradled, while stomach and back sleepers can opt for the one which feels the best for them.

Like with Leesa, the level of edge support is pretty decent here too, despite the fact that this is an all-foam mattress. In terms of heat regulation, Loom & Leaf performs just as well as Leesa, if not better. Breathable cover from pure organic cotton, cooling gel, convoluted design, and the arrangement of foam layers help with heat dissipation and keep the optimal temperature of the sleep surface.

With their two firmness options, Loom & Leaf widens the range of potential customers and targets the ones who prefer firmer feel too, such as, overweight sleepers or some stomach sleepers who seek higher support because sleeping on softer surfaces can cause lower back pain.

Loom & Leaf created a mattress which is more durable than the average foam model, and it will also perform better in the long run.

Comparing Warranty, Prices and Other Terms

Although they seem quite similar, these models are in different price ranges, and their terms and conditions are also slightly different, so in the charts below, we will summarize information in one place.

Features: Loom & Leaf Leesa
Warranty 15 years 10 years
Sleep trial period 120 nights 100 nights
Shipping Free, 7-15 days Free, 1-5 days
Firmness Medium firm and firm Medium firm
Thickness 12 inches 10 inches
Refund Full Full
Price $$ $


Size: Loom & Leaf Leesa
Twin $849 $505
Twin XL $999 $590
Full $1399 $760
Queen $1499 $845
King $1799 $1015
California King $1799 $1015


The Verdict

It is never easy to decide, but if you were reading carefully, you probably know which one is your favorite by now. Both models offer the unbeatable memory foam comfort, but if you are on a budget then Leesa might be more in your range, although both models cost less than some of the most popular memory foam beds. Also, ask yourself if you want a firmer mattress or a more medium feel, how much do you weigh, what is your preferred sleep position, etc. These things should be taken into consideration, but to help you out a bit more, here are our lists of reasons why you should buy Leesa or Loom & Leaf.

Choose Loom & Leaf if:

  • You are overweight or prefer sleeping on your stomach. Although it is incredibly comfortable, foam can have a negative effect on the posture of sleepers who need more support to bear their weight, which is why Loom & Leaf’s firm model should be the ideal solution for those sleepers.
  • You are into organic materials. Leesa has an elegant cover, but there are not many things that can compete with pure, organic cotton, which Loom & Leaf uses for their plushy and airy cover. It is also perfect for everyone who tends to avoid synthetic fabrics close to their skin.
  • You are a value seeker. Loom & Leaf uses denser foam layers, and it also comes with a longer warranty, so if you are ready to invest in your sleep, this is an excellent mattress to begin with.
  • You tend to sleep hot. Number one memory foam drawback has been successfully eliminated, which is why we recommend it to all sleepers who live in warm climate areas, or those who avoided sleeping on memory foam because they were worried about sweating and overheating.
  • You do not want to worry about delivery. Loom & Leaf mattress is pricier, but it comes with great service included. The delivery is free, as well as the in-home assembling, and the removal of the old mattress, so if you do not want to deal with unboxing and setting the bed, you do not have to, and the best part is that it is free.

Choose Leesa if:

  • You are on a budget. Let’s face it, we would all buy the most luxurious and expensive mattresses if we could, but just because we cannot afford premium models, it does not mean that we do not deserve to rest on a high-quality sleeping surface.
  • Safety is important to you. Leesa has a flame retardant implemented in its cover, which makes it fire resistant without the use of any dangerous chemicals, which could potentially be harmful to sleepers’ health.
  • You prefer having a bit of bounce. Due to the Avena foam, Leesa does not entirely have that traditional feel of memory foam, this unique blend enables high responsiveness, bounce and close conforming, all in one.
  • You are looking for a medium level of firmness. Having too many options may confuse some sleepers, and even lead to wrong decisions. That is why you cannot go wrong with Leesa if you are looking for a perfect balance between firmness and softness.
  • You share a bed with your partner. In terms of motion isolation, Leesa performs exceptionally well, which makes it perfect for couples, or sleepers who like sleeping with pets.

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