Mattress Sales and Discounts Guide

Our guide will help you learn how to manage mattress sales and discounts without any difficulties.

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Shopping for a mattress is an overwhelming process. You have a wide range of choices with so many different types, various construction options and numerous features. You have many brands, online and offline retailers to choose from, and if you decide what mattress you want, you begin to wonder about the prices and if they will actually fit your budget.

Many choices are available on the market, and it can be hard to determine if you are getting the best value for your money. With this guide, you can find out more about buying a mattress and get tips that will help you with the buying process. You will learn more about the most common misconceptions people have about the sales, prices, discounts, online retailers and store retailers.

Best Time to Buy a Mattress

When shopping for a new mattress, you want to get the best price possible for the model you like. When you find the best deal, you can save a lot of money without any budget cuts or compromises about quality. However, you never know when is the right time for buying, and which models, brands, and sellers have good value. Also, you have to decide where to buy the product, in-store or online.

All of us want to find the desired model for a great price, but not everyone knows what information is genuine and trustworthy. There are too many factors to consider when searching for a new mattress, and because of that, there are many opportunities for shady sellers, retailers, and manufacturers to add confusion and uncertainty. Spotting suspicious and unfounded claims, very superficial differences and unnecessary features can save you a lot of money, and you will not have to make any sacrifices.

Our guide will help you get acquainted with all of these things and navigate through the process. Most importantly, you will know how to manage mattress sales and discounts without any difficulties.

What Determines The Price of a Mattress?

Many of you may be wondering about what determines the mattress price. Even though this is a simple question, the answer is slightly complicated. Many factors influence the price, from the work that companies put into the design and production, the materials and their quality, the popularity of the brand, the operating costs that retailers have, and services like customer support and available shipping. Of course, it also depends on industry trends, such as mattress materials and whether the model is infused with gel or copper, or if it uses organic latex or just natural latex. These may seem like trivial things, but they can influence your comfort and ultimately the price.

Setting Your Budget

The most important thing is to set your budget and your priorities. If you set it to under $400, you may have to make some sacrifices, as mattresses within this price range rarely offer both comfort or durability. Because of that, they are best for temporary or infrequent use, such as for guest rooms or vacation places.

If your budget is between 400$ and 700$, you may still have to choose between comfort and durability. Models with these prices usually have a mixture of both high and low-quality materials. They can be a good option for adults who are living alone for the first time. Within this category, you can also get high-quality mattresses for children.

Budgets between 700$ and 1000$ are considered ideal, and it would be excellent if you could set aside this amount of money for a mattress purchase. Many comfortable mattresses made from high-quality materials and with a long lifespan are available. These may not be top-of-the-line mattresses, but they will give you the necessary support and provide you a good night’s sleep.

If you’re thinking about spending up to 1500$, you can find high-quality hybrid, polyfoam, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses. Apart from these, you can find even quality natural latex models. However, be sure to look out for hyperbolic marketing that offers artificially inflated prices for models that should have lower price ranges based on their quality.

The best models that cost up to 2000$ use expensive materials that justify the price. They can also have special features for sleepers with specific support and comfort needs. For models above 2000$, you would expect for all of their components to come from high-quality material. Mattresses with this price range should be extremely comfortable, durable and functional. Although this is the case for many models that justify their price, there are some that don’t. It is essential to consider secondary costs when planning your mattress budget, such as shipping or delivery, pickup of your old mattress, and any costs associated with returns.

Debunking Certain Misconceptions

As we mentioned, we will debunk some of the misconceptions about buying mattresses. The first is that the price indicates quality. Like with all products, this is not necessarily true. Some models can have a lot of marketing and hype that are based on current trends, which can inflate the price, far beyond what the product is worth.

Longer warranties are better, is also a wrong opinion. Certain mattresses can last up to 10 years, but you should buy a new bed every seven to eight years. You will probably notice that many mattresses have a lifetime or even multiple-decade warranties, way above what we just told you. That is because retailers can use these more extended warranties to increase the price or even justify the already inflated price. Be careful not to fall for that, a warranty of 10 years is quite enough to cover everything. You also need to buy a box spring because many warranties need it. However, when it comes to comfort, with the innovations and technologies, box springs are becoming unnecessary for most current mattresses.

Shopping online or in-store

After setting the budget, the next big decision to make is deciding where to buy your new mattress. The business of online mattress sales is growing rapidly, and there are very few options left for shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. Let’s take a look at all the benefits and drawbacks to both offline and online shopping.

In online stores, you can browse and buy the products from your own home, without having to go anywhere, but if you go to the store, you can feel and try the mattress in-person to see if it fits you or not before buying. With regular stores, you can actively compare beds and find the best value model. Online stores don’t have those pushy salespeople that won’t leave you alone until you make a sale. Representatives online will not force anything on you because they can only answer your questions. However, a real face-to-face conversation with the salesperson can be better for getting answers to all of your questions fast and on the spot. Of course, you also have a chance to negotiate and get a lower price or other perks. However, online stores have available reviews you can read about real experiences that other customers shared. Even though you will have much more confidence if you see and feel the bed yourself, with the sleep trials you can test the product for a period before making a final decision on keeping it. And usually, you can get free shipping and returns. However, both of these offer certain discounts – online stores have exclusive online coupons and discounts, while regular stores have sales events and discounts.

Online Mattress Sales

You have several ways of saving money when shopping online for a new mattress, from the time of the year to some exclusive and specific sites. Knowing these money-saving opportunities is very important.

Coupon codes can save a lot of money for online shopping. They are available only for online shopping. You enter the code during the checkout process while entering your payment information.  Many sellers give these codes on a regular basis and give specific codes for major sales events, holidays and promotions. The coupons can offer discounts or other perks like free sheets pillows, or similar things you can use for your mattress, and they can usually be found in a pop-up window or banner ad on the website, as well as some third party websites.

You can also save money on shipping. Nowadays, almost every company that directly sells mattresses online has free shipping in the U.S, with the possible exceptions of Alaska and Hawaii. After testing the mattress during the sleep trial you can return it. Many companies will either cover the cost of return shipping or pick it up themselves. Not having to pay any shipping or restocking fees that many brick-and-mortar stores charge, is a great way to save money.

Of course, certain holidays and events have huge saving opportunities when buying online. At the start of the year, on President’s Day which falls on February 19th, you can get new coupon codes from almost all of the online sellers. On Memorial Day, you have the whole weekend of significant savings opportunities. Online stores usually provide steep price cuts and special deals to be able to compete with regular stores and their discounts. Labor Day has always been a big day for discounts for mattresses. Black Friday is the biggest day sales event in all stores, both regular and online, that has a tendency to last the whole weekend. After Black Friday deals, you have Cyber Monday sales that last the entire week  with many price reductions.

In-Store Mattress Sales

If you decide to buy your mattress in a store, you have many different ways of saving money. It’s true that the retail price usually is slightly inflated to seem like a steal, but because of these artificially-higher prices, any discount will be misleading. That is why you can generally negotiate a lower price than offered or some additional perks. Not all sellers are willing to cut you a better deal, but it is always worth taking a shot at it.

However, you also have certain in-store sales and promotions, and special circumstances that can result in great prices, such as closeouts. Whenever a store is closing or changing locations, they offer extremely low rates to clear the remaining inventory. Even if they haven’t announced they are closing, they can still lower the prices to try and attract customers. You can have closeout for older models that need to go in order to make room for new models that will arrive. Also, many sales opportunities can be advertised locally, with TV and radio broadcasts that give information about closeouts or special occasions sales. Local stores can also sometimes give coupons as part of their advertisement. You can find these coupons in mailing circulars or the local newspaper.

Additionally, just like online stores have certain times of the year when they offer excellent deals, so do brick-and-mortar stores. Around certain dates, stores will give special discounts and sales. They will compete with other stores by lowering their prices as much as possible. On New Year’s Day, some stores can have excess inventory left after the holiday shopping season, and they will want to get rid of it quickly by offering huge sales. President’s Day sale on February 19th is a significant savings opportunity. The whole weekend typically has markdowns on many name brands and product lines. On Memorial Day, mattress companies release their new models, and stores need to clear out their inventory to make room for them so they offer big sales. Around Independence Day try to attract customers with significant discounts because they will be closed on the actual holiday. These sales can be offered on the 3rd or the 5th of July.


You have many strategies to save money and get a great deal for your new mattress. You can find many of the best bed sales and get the desired model. The right timing can help, but if you know how to find the most significant price discounts and how they work, you can get a mattress that you will love no matter where and when you shop.

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