Muse Memory Mattress Review

Check our unbiased Muse Memory mattress review to find out whether it performs up to par with its competition, as well as what kind of sleeper would prefer this model.

Every working adult has had to replace a worn mattress or change their bedding arrangement at some point. It’s a lot like purchasing a car, in that you have to find a product that not only performs well enough to keep you healthy and functional but meets a potentially high number of personal criteria. The sheer number of factors that can affect a potential deal is staggering when it comes to beds, from price to the feel of the material, the weight of the model, or anything else you can think of.

When trying to pick a product, it is important to ask yourself questions that can single handedly decide a purchase. For example, if you’re a stomach sleeper, and a model you otherwise really like doesn’t offer enough support for that sleeping position, using it is very likely to introduce health concerns such as back pain, hip pain or shoulder pain. Alternatively, a mattress that seems like the perfect fit can have degradation problems to the point where it starts sagging heavily at the edges and making you uncomfortable. The more time you spend planning your purchase, the safer your choice will be eventually.

We’re here to help you along. This article is one of many on our website where we cover individual mattresses or collections in an attempt to make your decision-making process as short and simple as possible. In this case, we will be looking over the Muse Memory Mattress and checking whether it performs up to par with its competition, as well as what kind of sleeper would prefer this model. Let’s dive right in.

Notes on the Manufacturer

Muse Sleep is a great example of a company with a vision. Their stated goal is to provide enough variety in options for mattresses, pillows and similar products to help everyone create a sleeping environment that’s perfect for them specifically. Once you understand how different people can be in terms of sleeping requirements, it’s an idea that’s tough not to get behind. They’ve been making quality products since around 2016, and are based in North Carolina.

The Performance

There are many ways you can measure how well a bed performs, some of which require experience and forethought to even think of. We will look at every factor that defines how well this product does in the field individually, so that there may be no confusion as to what you’re getting with a potential purchase. Please keep in mind that not every single one of these traits will be equally relevant to you, depending on your physical build, weight, favorite sleeping position, or other personal quirks and preferences. Different people will focus on different mattress traits, as their needs will often be specific. We will try to be as detailed as possible to paint a clear picture of the Muse Memory Mattress. So, in no particular order, we have:

The Price

While it may seem unrelated when talking about raw performance, knowing the price can put certain things into perspective. There are many dubious offers out there (especially on the Internet) that undercut almost every model on the market but provide a very sub-par product. This is because the price of a model depends in no small part on the cost of all the materials they used in production, as well as the manufacturing process itself. You’ve most likely seen this in another context – food. There’s a reason people buy from known and trusted brands even when other options are often cheaper – a smaller price can often mean less money spent on making sure the item in question is of good quality. The same applies to beds – a cheap offer can often point towards costs cut in production or QA. Being able to pick quality products that don’t cost a fortune is a skill unto itself, these days.

So how much does the Muse Memory cost? Depending on how big you want your bed to be, and assuming there’s no discount on offer at your purchasing location of choice, you’ll have to fork over the following amount:

–          The Twin-sized and Twin XL versions of this product share a price, conveniently enough. This is helpful for people who would normally be forced into a smaller bed due to budgetary constraints, as it offers some option flexibility. You will have to part with $650 to own a model in one of these sizes.

–          For the Full-sized option (also known as Double) of the Muse Memory, you should expect to have to invest around $850. This is quite affordable, especially considering how well-made the mattress is (more on that shortly).

–          Queen-sized beds are considered the industry standard, and you should assume that this size is being referred to if a model has only one highlighted price, perhaps on an online storefront such as Amazon. In this case, the Queen version costs $950, putting it roughly on par with other high-quality models of this size.

–          Here’s an unusual situation – the King and California King versions of this model cost exactly the same at $1,100. It’s unusual because the California King option almost always costs noticeably more than the King option when it comes to other products. This means that if you can afford the King-sized version, and you have the bedroom space for a small improvement, you can simply opt for the Cali King size instead. Some other mattress manufacturers can skyrocket the price of Cali King versions as high as $3,000, so this is quite a bargain.

Firmness and Support

Notes about firmness are often showcased early in the product description of most mattresses on various storefronts. It’s one of the most common traits people center their purchasing decisions around, and for a good reason – even if those people aren’t aware of the whole context. The firmness of a mattress obviously affects the initial comfort experienced by the sleeper when they first get into bed, but there’s more to it than that.

Have you ever experienced back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain after waking up in the morning? Perhaps your hip was sore instead? These problems tend to pop up when your bed doesn’t offer adequate support for your body. Firmness is closely tied to this supportive role, and it can single handedly make or break a deal depending on how heavy the person is and what their preferred sleeping position tends to be. An insufficient amount of support results in a lot of pressure being applied to your joints. Side sleepers, in particular, tend to rest their entire body weight on their favored shoulder, which can cause a lot of discomfort in the long run and leave them tired and sore throughout the day.

The Muse Memory is a 12” all-foam model where the main supportive horsepower comes from the 8 inches of super-dense foam located at the base. This is what’s commonly known as a support core, and it’s complemented by a healthy 2” layer of memory foam, which comes in three different firmness settings you can select before you buy the whole product. The last two inches are what’s known as the comfort layer, composed (in this particular case) of gel-infused memory foam. The main thing to note about gel-infused foam is that the gel is often there to help with temperature neutrality (more on that in a bit). Overall, the Muse Memory Mattress offers exceptional support, being able to provide comfort to people of any weight category and sleeping position preference. As a rule of thumb, heavier sleepers tend to prefer firm models, so take that into account if you weigh more than 230 pounds.

Conforming Ability

Firmness isn’t the only thing that determines how much discomfort you may feel in the morning (or worse, in the middle of the night). The surface layers of your bed need to be able to hug your body closely (but not too closely) in order to alleviate pain and pressure from very important points on your body (typically your joints). Memory foam mattresses are popular for this very reason, as most of the high-end memory foam models tend to sport strong conforming abilities.

People whose jobs involve difficult manual labor or senior sleepers always appreciate a bed that takes all that pain and tension away, because it may very well be the only reliable way to neutralize that discomfort without the use of medications. Due to its memory foam construction, this model from Muse Sleep boasts strong conforming ability, and it can alleviate pressure with the best of them.

Temperature Neutrality

While this phrase may sound like it comes from meteorology, it’s a core selling point for almost any high-end model. You may have heard talk about “hot sleepers” during your bedroom-related shopping adventures – these are people who often feel very hot during the night, which can wake them up and throw their biological rhythm off-balance. If you’re a hot sleeper, it’s imperative that you find a mattress that performs well in this category. Temperature neutrality refers to the ability of the model to dissipate body heat and retain as little of it as possible. If a model does this well, the verdict is often that it “sleeps cool.”

As mentioned earlier, the gel infusion performed on the comfort layer during processing helps get rid of all that excess body heat. This is a popular design choice among manufacturers who are conscious of temperature neutrality and its importance, as it reliably solves the “bedroom oven” problem. Some products may come with special covers and padding that contributes even further. Overall, the Muse Memory sleeps fairly cool in most circumstances, which is especially useful for couples and people in warm climates.

Couple-Related Traits

If you sleep with your significant other in the same bed, there is very little doubt as to which traits you will look for in a new mattress. Most of what we’re about to explain applies almost exclusively to couples and people who take part in bed-sharing. When you’re not alone in your bed, you have potential problems to overcome. For one, if your mattress is creaky or otherwise produces a lot of noise, it can be hard for one person to move around in, enter or leave the bed without alerting the other sleeper. Light sleepers can lose a lot of much-needed rest without anyone being at fault (other than the manufacturer, that is). Noise reduction is a crucial quality to find in a mattress if you’re dealing with this issue. Luckily, this particular model produces very little noise while bearing weight, so you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Motion transfer is another big factor. Some people are completely deaf while asleep, but are easily roused if exposed to rustling and other similar movements. Couples can’t avoid this problem, because the movements of one person may end up waking the other sleeper by shaking the surface of the bed. Heavier sleepers tend to affect this situation the most, so we recommend making clever use of the 120-night testing period to make sure you or your partner aren’t kept awake by each other. This specific product performs well when it comes to motion isolation, but you may want to verify that for yourself.

Of course, beds aren’t just used for sleeping. A core part of any healthy relationship is sexual activity, and you may want to avoid feeling like you’re having sex on a large brick. The best mattresses in this context tend to have a degree of bounce to them, and they’re responsive enough to accentuate every movement without wobbling out of control. While the Muse Memory Mattress isn’t the most responsive model on the market, it’s more than adequate for sex.


When you unpack a brand-new mattress, even some of the most expensive and luxurious models, you will often notice a rubbery scent emanating from the surface. Don’t be alarmed – this is completely normal, and goes away very quickly (usually after only a few days, if not sooner). Poorly-made models will often exude this unpleasant odor for longer, and it may even be more intense, making it quite hard to fall asleep. The Muse Memory isn’t too offensive when it comes to off-gassing, as it’s made from high-quality materials and the same improved breathability that lets the model sleep cool also lets it get rid of bad scents. If you’re still worried, we suggest keeping a window open during that initial period.

Durability and Sinkage

Even the most comfortable mattress in the world would be largely useless if it degraded into an unusable mess within the first few months. Longevity and durability are often near the top of the list when it comes to valuable qualities to look for in any product, and this is no exception. Every manufacturer worth their salt provides a generous trial period that lets each user try the mattress out and make a smart decision. The trial period for this specific product lasts for 120 days, which is more than enough time to erase all doubt that this model can serve you for a long time. If you feel like the Muse Memory just isn’t for you (for whatever reason), you can refund it for 100% of the original asking price. It’s that kind of customer support that creates brand loyalty and a trusting relationship, and Muse is definitely worth trusting.

The density of the all-foam support core also does wonders when it comes to preventing sagging. No one likes it when a model starts bending down at the edges because it can not only feel awkward, but it may also negatively affect your spine alignment while sleeping and cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Of course, the sagging can be unavoidable sometimes, especially for heavier sleepers, but this model is definitely on par with the greats when it comes to maintaining its initial shape. The warranty lasts for ten years, and we expect the product to perform at its peak during the first seven or so. Further testing will eventually create more accurate estimates, but we see nothing in the structure of this model that would indicate a risk of early degradation.


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