Saying Goodbye to Your Old Mattress

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Last Updated: Wed, February 7, 2018

In order for our body to function normally, we need proper rest and peaceful sleep. If we don’t get enough sleep at night and become sleep deprived, not only won’t not be productive the next day, but our health and well-being will also deteriorate over time. The most important factor in getting a good night’s sleep is a quality mattress. Therefore, if you are sleeping on an old or uncomfortable mattress, don’t hesitate to invest in a new one. Determining how often should you replace your mattress is not easy. Unlike household appliances and similar things we use every day, our mattress won’t simply stop working. Since mattresses gradually wear down, it’s not that easy to notice it has outlived its lifespan. Take a look at these important signs that indicate you need a mattress replacement.

The Seven-Year Rule

How long your mattress lasts depends on its quality and level of use. The general rule is to replace it every seven to eight years. However, if there are obvious signs of damage and overuse, you shouldn’t wait seven years to pass in order to replace it.

Waking up in Pain

If you wake up every morning in back pain and neck pain, or if you have problems with aching muscles or joints every time you get up from bed, the mattress you are sleeping on is definitely not in a good condition anymore. As mattresses age, the materials inside them degrade which results in loss of firmness and support.

Visible Damage and Signs of Overuse

If your mattress has visible damage or signs of overuse, you should replace it as soon as possible. Your mattress mustn’t sag in the middle or along the edges. It also shouldn’t have visible tearing, holes or stains.

Listen to Your Body

As you age, your body and its needs also change. Your mattress can still be good, but maybe your body now requires something else, such as greater support or comfort. If your mattress is not that old and there is no visible damage, but you still feel like something is off when you are sleeping, you probably need to replace it and look for a model that will suit your needs better. Opt for a model that offers features you didn’t look for in the past. For example, if you now have problems with back pain or hip pain, look for mattress that can help you relieve it.

If you are tired even though you had a full night’s sleep, your body is telling you that the mattress you are sleeping on is not good anymore. You should feel the most comfortable sleeping in your own bed, and not somewhere else. So, if you slept better somewhere other than your own bed, you also should consider getting a new mattress. Have in mind that buying the right mattress can be tricky. If you don’t arm yourself with knowledge, you may easily make the wrong decision and end up sleeping in an uncomfortable bed.

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