Purple and Nectar Mattress Comparison

Purple versus Nectar? Which one is better? Read on to find out which model suits your sleep needs better.

Purple was launched in 2015 by two brothers, Terry and Tony Pearce. In 1989 they were creating products from carbon fibers, and in 2013 they were able to use a machine called Mattress Max for molding and producing more substantial pieces of elastic polymer for mattresses. They started their company with a Kickstarter campaign where they collected money to make King size models. The Purple flagship mattress, called the Original Purple, is Medium Firm, or 6.5 on the firmness scale. It is made with the Smart Grid comfort layer that contains a flexible polymer grid and buckling-column gel and with the high-density polyfoam support core. Apart from their flagship model, they also have other mattresses models, pillows, seat cushions, and other products made from hyper-elastic-polymer. All of their products are Greenguard gold and CertiPUR-US certified.

The Nectar Sleep started working in 2016. Ever since they launched their business, they have had a strategy of cheeky marketing, and they focused on product development. Today they have evolved to be one of the most significant competitors in the business of online mattress market. Their flagship model is the Nectar Mattress that has three layers of memory foam in the comfort system and high-density polyfoam in the support core. What makes the bed unique is the use of Tencel lyocell in the cover.

Mattress Construction

Both beds are made of multiple layers with different thickness and density that are put in a particular way to offer people the best possible experience. To better understand the models and what they offer, we need to take a closer look at the construction inside the Purple and Nectar models. Both models are Medium Firm or 6.5 on the scale, but the thickness differs. The Nectar model has a 9 ½ inches thickness and 110 pounds, while the Purple is thicker with 11 inches and lighter with 74 pounds.

The Purple’s support core is made from four inches of 2 PCF HD polyfoam, while the comfort layer has the elastic Polymer grid, two inches of buckling-column gel, and  3 ½ inches 1.8 PCF Polyfoam. The bed has many layers under its Smart Grid. The soft and breathable cover is made up of a mixture of lycra, polyester, and viscose. The fabric is very thin so it allows quality airflow into the bed. Since the fabric is used in athletic clothing, it is also stretchy with outstanding moisture wicking abilities and temperature regulation. The base layer is made of four inches thick polyfoam that is dense enough to give the sleeper optimal structural support. On top of it is a transitional layer that is made of three inches thick polyfoam. Above this layer is the final one that contains the signature smart comfort grid. This grid includes a hyper-elastic polyfoam that is two inches thick and temperature neutral. Every cell of the grid will bend easily and buckle when pressure is applied so the sleeper will get proper support and pain relief.

The Nectar mattress has a similar construction as Purple, but with a few differences. The comfort layer has one inch of quilted gel memory foam, one inch of 4 PCF gel memory foam and three inches of 3.5 PCF memory foam, while the support core components are made of six inches HD polyfoam. The cover of the bed is made of cotton and Tencel fibers, which is an eco-friendly material famous for its breathability and softness. Mixed with these two materials is an inch of gel memory foam that is quilted into the cover. With this combination, the cover will give the sleeper immediate comfort and temperature regulation. The base of the bed is made from six inches of high-density polyfoam. The polyfoam gives the bed stability and a firm foundation for the soft foams that are over it. The transitional layer above is made from memory foam that has a quick response to pressure. The top layer that is directly under the cover is made from three inches of memory foam. This layer has a prolonged reaction so the sleeper will be able to sink into the bed and get satisfying pressure relief. The transitional layer will also give the person a firmer base and extend the contouring when they sink deeper.

After taking a look at the construction, let’s look at the sizes. The Nectar mattress is available in all six sizes, while the Purple is not available in regular twin size. The prices for Nectar are $399 for regular twin and $469 for twin XL, while the Purple twin XL will cost $699. When comparing both models in twin sizes, Nectar is cheaper than the Original Purple. The prices for full bed are $599 for Nectar and $899 for Purple, while the Queen size will cost $699 for Nectar and $999. The prices for King and California King are $1,299 for the Original Purple and $899 for Nectar. You can notice that the Nectar is more affordable than Purple, with their lower prices that have a difference of $400 for the King sizes. If you have a tighter budget, Nectar would be a better choice for you. For those who do not know anything about the dimensions,  you can take a look at our mattress size chart.


FInding the optimal firmness level is essential when choosing a mattress. A mattress that is too soft or too firm will cause you to have problems with falling asleep, leading to many sleepless nights and different sleep positions that might not suit you. However, defining firmness is individual. There is a scale that goes from one to ten, and companies use it to describe levels of firmness for sleepers to choose. Of course, there aren’t many models that have one or ten. Both the Nectar and the Original Purple are 6.5 on the scale or Medium Firm as described.

With the Nectar, you can quickly sink into the bed, and experience the soft foam’s contouring. Back sleepers in the lightweight and heavyweight group will sleep good, while those who have between 130 and 230 pounds will sleep very good. Side sleepers will have an average sleeping experience, no matter how much weight they have. Stomach sleepers won’t have such a pleasant experience with Nectar since it offers fair sleep to those with less than 130 pounds and a night of slightly better sleep for those with more 130 pounds.  Just like with other memory foam models, heavier individuals and stomach sleepers will find the bed too soft.

Based on customer reports, the firmness of the Original Purple is more subjective, so it depends on the sleepers weight and sleeping position. Side sleepers with more than 130 pounds of weight will have a good sleeping experience, while those with less than 130 pounds will sleep better on this model. However, back sleepers with less than 130 pounds will have a slightly lower quality sleep than those with more 130 pounds. As for stomach sleepers, they will have the same experience as they would with the Nectar.

Heat Regulation

Many individuals have problems with overheating during the night, so their bed needs to have the right components in the comfort and support layers that will maintain the surface cool during the entire night. Since both mattresses have memory foam in their construction, it can be a bit problematic for individuals who sleep hot. When the body sinks too deeply into the bed there is no space for airflow that will cool the sleep surface down.

Usually, traditional memory foam models are not capable of dispersing heat properly, so many consumers complain about the adverse effects of the material. However, even though both models have much memory foam in their construction, they do offer temperature neutrality. The Nectar does sleep warm a bit, but since the cover has lyocell with gel memory foam in the layers below, the bed has more breathability than any other model with memory foam. The Purple has better temperature neutrality, and many sleepers reported they slept reasonably cool during the night.

Responsiveness, Bounce And Noise

The responsiveness of the bed refers to how much it can adjust the support to the sleeper’s body. If a mattress has excellent responsiveness, it means it can modify its cushioning to the pressure that specific parts of the body apply to the bed. Proper responsiveness, as well as conforming are essential for proper spinal alignment.

Both models have a very responsive sleeping surface but in different ways. Nectar’s layers contour the body without being too soft, while the Purple’s smart comfort grid compresses proportionally to the weight that is applied. The Purple might have slightly less contouring than the Nectar, but it will still be very supportive for the spine, neck, and back.

Since the Purple has its top hyper-elastic layer, it will quickly bounce back to its original shape. The Nectar has some bounce as well, but just like other memory foam models, it is not responsive enough for the majority of couples. However, the Nectar has excellent motion absorption that minimizes movement to a significant extent, so individuals who sleep with a partner will have a good night of sleep without any disruptions. The Purple also has excellent motion isolation but based on customer reports, Nectar is much better for individuals who get awaken easily due to motion transfer.

Warranty, Sleep Trials, and Off-Gassing

The Purple company gives an entirely non-prorated 120-month warranty with a 100-day sleep trial for its Original Purple. The trial does not have a mandatory break-in period, so you can return the mattress at any point within the sleep trial and get a full refund for the price that they purchased the product. The warranty includes sagging or indentations that measure one inch or deeper and any cracks in the mattress material that happened even with proper care, but the warranty will be voided if the mattress is not used with a proper flat, solid or non-spring foundation.

The Nectar mattress has an entirely non-prorated lifetime warranty that covers sagging or indentations that measure one and a half inches or more, manufacturing defects of the cover, and physical flaws in the mattress that lead to splits or cracks. However, there are small charges that can occur. With the first ten years of ownership, repairing or replacing the bed will cost you nothing, but after these ten years, owners will need to pay $50 for shipping each way for both repairs and replacements. If the bed is determined to be defective, these charges will be refunded to you. The product also has a 365-day sleep trial that does not have a break-in period.

Even though the Nectar has White Glove delivery available, neither of these models has old mattress removal. Both models have small and non-harmful off-gassing after unpacking, but it will go away after a couple of hours.

Reasons to Buy the Original Purple

The Purple has the most innovative technology to offer, with its hyper-elastic polymer grid that gives is one of the best heat regulation solutions. For hot sleepers and those who have more than 130 pounds, this is an ideal choice. Along with that, the Purple is also suitable for sleepers who prefer firmer beds and moderate body conforming, as well as couples who get awaken easily because of movement or noise. The Original Purple mattress is also excellent for back and side sleepers because of its construction that offers great pressure response and conforming to the body. However, it is not suitable for individuals who like softer beds with very close conforming, those who have less than 130 pounds or people who have a tighter budget.

Reasons to Buy the Nectar

The Nectar Mattress is also suitable for people who like firmer surfaces and prefer moderate conforming and those who tend to sleep hot. What makes the Nectar different from the Purple is that it is also excellent for individuals with persistent aches and pains in their lower back, neck, or shoulders. Apart from that, those who sleep with a partner will also find this model ideal. Because of its excellent motion isolation, it is perfect for people who awaken easily because of noise or movement. However, same as with Purple, if you have less than 130 pounds or like softer beds that give close conforming, the Nectar may not be a suitable option for you.

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