Restonic: The ComfortCare Hybrid Signature Review

Restonic: The ComfortCare Hybrid mattresses feature the high-density core with individually wrapped, tempered coils that are zoned in a way to provide best lumbar support. With the gel-infused foam and latex layers, you are getting the comfort of your life. Superb pressure relief, high breathability, and reinforced edge are some of the features that you’ll love. Not to mention the covers with Outlast fibers that keep these mattresses at a perfect temperature.

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Does the idea of getting a new mattress bring you excitement? Do you feel like it is the time to throw the old one out, but you don’t seem to have the time or will to do all the comparing and researching since there are so many models on the market? Don’t worry as we have created many guides on how to pick the right mattress, and we also reviewed numerous models so that you can have easily accessible information.

Getting a good night’s sleep should be everyone’s top priority, and with Restonic’s products, you are getting just that. As one of the oldest bedding brands on the market, with over 80 years long history, and many satisfied customers, you are sure to get top quality products. On top of that, Restonic is the winner of many awards that highlight the brand’s excellence as one of the leaders in the highly competitive marketplace.

The ComfortCare Hybrid Signature collection was introduced in 2016, and it features hybrid mattresses with layers made out of foam, latex, with innerspring support core. This collection has a very upscale black and white look, but the manufacturer also paid close attention to the construction and functionality. Hybrid mattresses bring you the best of every world, and that is the reason why they are becoming so popular.

In this article, we reviewed how the ComfortCare hybrid mattresses compare to other models on the market, the history of Restonic, and if it is a good idea to buy one of the products from this collection, so read on if you want to learn more.

How Did We Get Here?

Humans have been using different things to supply them with needed comfort during sleep for thousands of years. A long ago, it was straws, leaves, grass, and other soft materials that were covered with animal skin. Even though that doesn’t sound so great, as today’s idea of comfort has drastically changed, it was better than sleeping on the cold hard floor. Later, throughout history, beds have evolved just like everything else, and with the invention of innerspring mattresses in the 19th century, the modern idea of comfort finally started to take shape. The later designs of memory foam, latex, and all the other types gave us more options, and today, we can choose the perfect bed based on our sleeping preferences.

The founders of Restonic understood the high potential of the world of sleep, and they founded a Triple Cushion Corporation in 1938. The idea was to keep up with the technological inventions and use them in their products. That finally begin to take shape in 1965 when the brand presented many innovations, including their trademark, the Marvelous Middle, that is still used to this day. The idea behind this is that the middle layer and the center third of the mattress are the most important and should provide that needed support.

With many Consumers Digest Best Buy awards, the consecutive Women’s Choice awards from 2011, and the first bedding brand to receive the UL certification for leading the way in fire safety, it is clear that the Restonic is one of the most prestigious names on the market. They changed the way they do business and now sell their products exclusively through authorized retailers. They have also teamed up with other brands to present new exclusive collections, and it seems to be successful so far.

The ComfortCare Hybrid Signature – Introduction

Hybrid mattresses are quickly gaining popularity because they bring the best of every type. The innerspring core provides a stable foundation that offers excellent support, the memory foam layers give close conforming and pressure relief, while the latex adds elasticity, contouring, and breathability that memory foam is lacking. Overall, these beds sleep a lot cooler than plain foam models, but they also add that pressure relief that is important so that people don’t experience shoulder, hip, joint, or back pain.

The ComfortCare Hybrid Signature mattresses are everything that a hybrid should be. They are supportive but soft and suitable for every type of sleeper. That is perfect for people who like to switch positions during the night, or couples with different sleeping preferences. The pocketed coils provide exceptional support, especially in the center third, where you need it the most. Besides focusing on your lumbar area, it also contours nicely to your shoulder and neck, increasing circulation in these parts. This is thanks to several layers of foam and latex that provide excellent pressure relief, and exceptional comfort that most sleepers will find incredibly satisfying.

The Construction

The way of construction and type of materials used are essential for the support, comfort level, and the overall durability of the bed. The great thing about Restonic is that they use top quality materials and incorporate advanced technology to produce the best possible products. Six available designs vary by the firmness level: Plush Quilted, Plush Non-Quilted, Euro Top Quilted, Pillow Top Quilted, Firm Quilted, and Firm Non-Quilted.

One of the most exciting features of this collection is the signature Marvelous Middle. It provides strong lumbar support in the center third. Manufacturers say that it is 25% more supportive than the rest of the mattress, and it also contours nicely to your body curves, and lets you get your needed rest. The individually wrapped, zoned, tempered coils are the key to the Marvelous Middle, and they sit on a layer of high-density foam. Coils are zoned in the center third, and the heat treatment gives them characteristics similar to memory-foam. Because of this, these mattresses are a lot different than your average innerspring model, as they provide contouring and pressure relief that is much needed for people with chronic lower back pain.

The Superedge Plus technology is a three inches thick, extra firm foam that is located on the perimeter of the mattress, and it provides additional support but also prevents sagging. It is important because it adds stability to the whole bed and helps you to utilize the entire surface of the mattress. Soft edges are annoying as you have to sleep more to the middle and then it seems like you have a smaller bed than you actually do. With Superedge Plus, this isn’t the case, you will have the entire surface to enjoy, and this feature also increases the durability of the whole mattress.

To prevent this foam encasement from trapping heat and sleeping too hot, Restonic implemented an Airflow border technology that increases the ventilation and enables the mattress to breathe through the night. Increased breathability allows your mattress and bedding to stay fresh for longer and increases their durability.  

Above the coils is the middle layer made out of 1.5 inches motion reducing foam, and one-inch soft foam on top. The purpose of this is to increase the motion isolation and also to provide softness and some contouring. Because of this, side sleepers can fully enjoy the benefits of these hybrid mattresses, as well as stomach and back sleepers. The foam is gel-infused to increase the breathability and prevent users from sleeping too hot. The top layer is made out of synthetic latex that adds a little bounce that foam is lacking, and it also increases breathability, therefore helping to reduce overheating. Latex is great as it is resilient, and it gives a soft feel without sinking too much. That makes it easier to switch sleeping positions during the night, as you won’t feel trapped in your mattress.

The covers are made from Outlast fibers, a technology first developed by NASA to protect the astronauts and equipment from the extreme temperatures of space. The phase change materials that are embedded in the fibers have the function to keep the temperature in the desired range. When it gets too hot, these materials liquefy thus absorbing heat, while when it’s too cold, they solidify therefore releasing heat. The great thing about these phase changing materials is that they can be engineered to keep the temperature in specific ranges, making it perfect for these kinds of things.

Available Sizes and Pricing

Restonic mattresses are available through authorized third-party retailers so the pricing can vary depending on where you decide to buy yours. They have a store finder on their website to help you track the nearest location where you can purchase the desired model. There are also a few models from the different collection available for direct purchase.

However, because of the way that functions, you can’t find a lot of useful information about the price, characteristics, and available sizes. Restonic offers six standard sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, and California King, but they may also have the Split Queen or the Double XL for some models. Depending on the desired features and the size you choose, you can expect to pay for a ComfortCare Hybrid Signature pad from $1299 to $1699 for a Queen size. That is pretty affordable compared to the other hybrid mattresses on the market, especially the ones that provide this much quality.

Delivery, Warranty, and Sleep Trial

Since you are buying from third-party retailers, the delivery and sleep trials vary. If you are getting a model from their website, the delivery takes five to eight days, you have a 120-night sleep trial period, and there is a 15-year warranty for the most models.

The company offers to repair and replace the faulty products that are under warranty. One thing to keep in mind is that a proper bed foundation must be used, otherwise, the warranty will be voided. Pick slats, box springs, platforms, or adjustable beds ensure the longest lifespan.

Only indentions that are over one and a half inches in quilted, and over three-quarters of an inch in the surface of non-quilted beds are seemed as defective, anything less than that is attributed to the usual wear and tear. The company is happy to repair or replace the faulty product, but the user covers the transportation costs. Also, all the cuts, stains, burns, and other damages that resulted in a misuse or improper cleaning method lead to the voided warranty. There is the natural increase in softness expected with these mattresses so buy a model that is slightly firmer than what you would pick. If your sleeping preference changes over time, know that the company will not replace your mattress, so choose wisely. The warranty is only valid if you are buying from an authorized retailer, so if you get it from an unauthorized one, or the original owner, it is no longer valid.

Sleep Ratings and Customer Satisfaction

The mattresses from this collection are of a higher profile that varies from 10 to 15 inches. Various firmness levels are available depending on which model you choose, and they go from 3 to 7, on a scale where one is considered extra soft, while ten is extremely firm. Most people prefer medium firm, which also seems to have the most benefits.

This collection features mattresses that sleep incredibly cool thanks to the implemented technology and improved ventilation. Temperature plays a vital role in the quality of our sleep, and you should aim for a fresher bedroom. There is also no off-gassing that some people find extremely unpleasant with some memory foam models.

The reinforced edge and good ventilation increase the lifespan of these mattresses. This was the number one complaint with the Restonic’s products, but they have tackled it very well with this collection. Also, the beautiful black and white design is a nice little addition for people who like the looks beside the functionality.

Motion isolation is always a little problematic with innerspring models, but you don’t have to worry about that. Tempered coils serve to minimize that, and with additional foam layers, that is minimal. It might not be as great as with some all foam models, but it’s still impressive. The noise that these mattresses make is also insignificant, so they are perfect for couples who have different sleeping preferences. They won’t be woken up when their partner turns during the night, or when they get up to go to the bathroom. Also, with the combined responsiveness of springs and latex, there is the bounce that most people will find lovely for sex.

The pressure relief is simply amazing. Tempered coils, memory foam, and latex layers all work together, and the results are incredible. People report far less back problems, and other pains related to sleep, after using these models for a while.

Based on the customers’ feedback, we’ve rated the ComfortCare Hybrid Signature collection. The most important factors that we took into consideration are sleeping comfort and spinal alignment and general support. These vary with the body type, and the person’s sleeping position, and are also subjective, so keep that in mind when choosing which one to buy.

Sleeping Position Light Weight (under 130 lbs) Average Weight (130-230 lbs) Heavy Weight (over 230 lbs)
Side Very Good Very Good Good
Back Very Good Very Good Good
Stomach Good Good Good


As you can see, these mattresses are good for just about any sleeper. People of average and lighter built, as well as side and back sleepers will find the most benefits, but these are also great for heavier individuals and stomach sleepers.

The Final Verdict

The ComfortCare Hybrid Signature collection is one of the best of what Restonic has to offer. These are luxurious, top-quality models that come at a surprisingly low price. With the strong inner core, Marvelous Middle, Superedge Plus, and Airflow border technology, these mattresses should last a long time.

The additional layers of gel-infused foam and latex provide the extraordinary comfort that everyone deserves. Great contouring and pressure relief will allow you to sleep pain-free again. And the elasticity of the latex will prevent you from sinking in and feeling enclosed. However, this might not be great if you like the close conforming feel of memory foam.

The main concern that customers have is the lack of available information online. You have to go through a third-party retailer to find out everything about the model you like, and that makes it hard for comparing. Some users have had problems with the durability of Restonic’s products, but they mostly refer to the other collections. Overall, ComfortCare Hybrid Signature pads are one of the best you can buy for such a price and are perfect if you are looking for a hybrid mattress.


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