Restonic Healthrest TempaGel Mattress – An In-depth Objective Review

Today we will review a gel-infused memory foam mattress by one of the oldest companies on the market – the Restonic Healthrest TempaGel model.

It’s time to go mattress shopping, and you want to make the best decision by getting a perfect product that will suit your sleeping style and serve you in many years to come for a reasonable price. You’ve started researching the beds online, but there are just so many, and you don’t quite know the difference between the types and different construction materials. If this is you, don’t worry. Many people struggle with this decision, especially since mattress shopping can have a significant impact on your budget, so you want to make the right choice.

Because of this, we have created thorough, in-depth reviews to help you get the needed information about every sleeping product so that you can enjoy a night full of sound sleep.

Today we will review a gel-infused memory foam mattress by one of the oldest companies on the market. They have been in business for so long because of their excellent quality and science-based innovation that make their products stand out. If you are interested in company history, the features of Healthrest TempaGel model, as well as its pros and cons, read on to learn more.

The History of Restonic

The mattresses are a pretty old invention, and they are dated to thousands of years in the past. Of course, they looked a lot different, and they were mostly made from straws, grass, and leaves covered with animal skin. It’s far from today’s idea of comfort, but it was a lot better than sleeping on the hard cold surface. Modern mattresses begin to take shape in the 18th century, followed by the innerspring introduction in 1865, which changed the way we sleep. With the progress of technology and science, we later developed box springs, water beds, memory foam, latex, and all the other sleep options we see today.

Restonic begins its journey in 1938 with the name Triple Cushion Corporation, and eight years afterward it got the name it still wears today. In 1965 the company had introduced numerous products innovations including the Marvelous Middle which became the brand’s trademark. The term mostly refers to the construction of the mattress, and the importance of that middle layer in the overall support and comfort of the pad. In 1987 they won the first of many Consumers Digest Best Buy award, for exceptional value and quality in the highly competitive marketplace. In 2005, Restsonic received UL certification, meaning that their products are leading the way in fire safety. They have also won the annual woman’s choice awards from 2011 for excellence in brand’s quality. An astonishing 96% of polled women stated that they would suggest Restonic products to their friends and family.

In 2008 the company changed in business models, and they no longer have their owns stores but are instead selling through third-party retailers. With the introduction of the brand’s logo “Supporting Dreams,” they emphasized the importance of their customer’s sleep. The company managed to preserve that Marvelous Middle basic construction, and they have been improving quality ever since. All of this lead to more than 80 years of success and millions of satisfied customers.

Healthrest TempaGel – Introduction

There are many reasons why memory foam mattresses became so popular in recent years, thanks to their desirable features that lead to better night sleep. When you lie down on memory foam, you put pressure and heat that softens it, and you sink in. They contour nicely to any body type, and you don’t have to worry about lumps anymore. Because of this, people experience less pressure on their critical points such as shoulders, lower back, hips, and joint, which can often be sore after a night of inadequate sleep. That won’t be the case with memory foam as the even weight distribution and reduced pressure will not only lead to better rest but will improve your weak spots.

With Healthrest TempaGel mattress, you are not just sleeping on a memory foam pad; it is so much more. They have addressed key complaints that users had while relaxing on memory foam and tried to solve them with some science-based approaches. Firstly, memory foam tends to sleep a lot hotter than other materials as it retains body heat, which is why some sleepers might struggle with regulating their body temperature throughout the night. That could lead to night sweats, tossing, turning, and disturbed sleep. They tackled this problem with infusing gel that should help the mattress stay cooler. It basically looks like blue memory foam with thousands of little blue beads made out of gel that should increase breathability and airflow, and reduce the tendency of memory foam to trap heat.

If that wasn’t enough to keep the mattress fresh, they added a few extra features. An Airflow System edge support allows the whole pad to breathe properly, from side to side, so you won’t have certain hot spots in a place where you are lying down. Lastly, the cover is made from Outlast fibers that help regulate temperature, and keep the mattress and the bedding fresh for a more extended period.


Restonic has maintained its Marvelous Middle trademark with most of their models. Multiple layers serve different purposes, but the middle one is what gives proper support throughout the whole night.

The support core is built from high-density polyurethane foam that gives stability and endurance. It is eco-friendly, which means that the significant portion of oils used to make foam are derived from plants.

The comfort system consists of two gel-infused layers that provide ultimate comfort and cooler sleep experience. Restonic has taken their time to tackle the problem of memory foam sleeping too hot, and they did a fantastic job. Gel drastically increases breathability and airflow throughout the mattress. The Airflow system also ensures that the air is flowing from side to side, giving proper ventilation to every part of the bed, therefore increasing is freshness. But they didn’t stop there; their Thermocool technology and a cover made from special Outlast fibers give another touch in temperature regulation. This technology was developed by NASA to regulate the body temperature of astronauts better while in space. It goes perfectly with memory foam as it doesn’t allow it to become too hot, or too cold, although that is rarely the case with this type of mattress.

The best bases for this type of pad are platforms, European wood slats, and adjustable beds. This is very important for the longevity of the mattress; in fact, most retailers will find the product warranty invalid if the proper base was not being used.

Available Sizes and Pricing

Since most of the Restonic’s current models are sold through third-party retailers, the corporate doesn’t disclose information on most products. We’ve investigated the pricing of their models through those retailers, and we’ve concluded that their mattresses fall in the upper-middle category when it comes to price. On Restsonic’s website, there are some models from the other collections priced from $799 to $1199 depending on the size, but since Healthrest TempaGel models are more luxurious, you’d probably have to save somewhere between $1200 and $2500 for Queen size depending on the model.

Restonic offers all six standard sizes, as well as two extra ones. You can check them all in the table below, and see their dimensions. Keep in mind that it is important to base your bed size on the availability of space in your bedroom to get the best comfort without compromising your lifestyle. The thickness is not disclosed, but you can expect it to be from 11.75 to 14 inches depending on the selected model.

Twin 38” 74”
Twin XL 38” 80”
Full/Double 54” 74”
Full/Double XL 54” 80”
Queen 60” 80”
Split Queen 30” (x2) 80”
King 76” 80”
California King 72” 84”


Delivery, Sleep Trial, and Warranty

Since Restonic’s products are mostly sold through third-party retailers, available services vary a lot depending on where you buy them. Restonic has an option on their website to help you locate the nearest store where you can purchase the desired mattress, which is very useful.

If you purchase through their website, the delivery is free, and it takes 5 to 8 working days. They don’t offer the removal of an old mattress, so you’ll have to figure that one out by yourself. Although they don’t disclose it, Healthrest TempaGel models come with a 15-year warranty, and in the case of most retailers, you’ll get a 120-night sleep trial period, during which you’ll be able to return your mattress if you are not 100% satisfied.

The company will repair or replace any mattresses that are deemed defective. However, all the transportation cost associated with it will be covered by the user. Warranty relies on using proper support. Queen and King sizes must be used with metal frames or a bed base with strong center support. In the case of an improper or non-matching foundation, the warranty will be voided.

The warranty covers visible sinkage and sagging of at least one and a half inches of quilted, and three-quarters of an inch on non-quilted beds. It doesn’t include indentations and sinkage that are less than these measurements as they are considered the standard wear and tear. A normal increase in softness is expected, and it’s also not covered as long as it doesn’t affect its pressure relieving abilities. Burns, stains, cuts, tears, and other types of damage that are due to misuse or improper cleaning and care are not included in the warranty coverage as well. Warranty is only valid for the original owners who purchased their products through authorized retailers, and any purchase from the original owner or an unauthorized retailer will not receive coverage.

Sleep Ratings and Customer Satisfaction

Although most Restonic products are marketed as top quality, some of the customers’ ratings wouldn’t agree with that. They are poorly rated in terms of durability, although memory foam ones are the best in this section. Also, even though the Restonic advertises their incredibly strong and reinforced edge support, some reviews would disagree with that, and it’s another thing that customers are complaining as they are witnessing some edge sinkage over time.

The main concern is durability, as these models seem to deteriorate a bit quicker compared to similar ones on the market. Like all memory foam mattresses, some odor might be present within a day or two, but it quickly dissipates.

The Healthrest TempaGel mattress provides superb temperature neutrality with its many cooling features. It just doesn’t have that memory foam warm feel, and it is the perfect choice if you love the feeling of foam, but are skeptical of buying it because you sleep too hot. With this model, you don’t have to worry about that as it doesn’t retain heat and you’ll sleep reasonably cool even on the most tropical summer nights.

Motion isolation is just fantastic, and if you are easily woken up by your partner’s movement during the night, or vice versa, this is your mattress. In addition, it is virtually silent when bearing weight, so it’s another plus against nightly disruptions. All of these features make it an excellent option for couples, although it is not responsive like innerspring and latex models, so it might not be the best option for sex.

The conforming of the Healthrest TempaGel is simply amazing. It contours closely to your body curves, alleviating pressure and pain connected to the improper sleeping surface. Customers can choose between a few firmness options, so there is a model for you whether you want that soft plush feel, or something more sturdy.

These models are average weight, meaning that one individual can easily do the moving and manipulation without any additional help. Also, turning at night is comfortable, as you won’t sink too much and feel trapped.

We have graded Healthrest TempaGel mattress based on customers’ feedback. Sleeping comfort and spinal alignment are the most important factors, and they vary based on the users’ sleeping position preference and body type. Keep in mind that these are fairly subjective, as too firm for someone can be incredibly soft for the other, so as much as we tried to be objective with these ratings, they can drastically vary with different users.

POSITION Light Weight (Less than 130 lbs) Medium Weight (130-230 lbs) Heavy Weight (Over 230 lbs)
Side Good Good Good
Back Good Good Fair
Stomach Fair Fair Poor


The Healthrest TempaGel model is best suited for medium and lightweight individuals. It is also most comfortable for back and side sleepers, while stomach sleepers and heavier individuals might want to look for a different option.

Final Verdict

Restonic mattresses are widely available online and at the retailer’s stores throughout the US. With the outstanding features, the Healthrest TempaGel mattresses bring another dimension to the world of memory foam. They conform nicely, alleviate pressure and pain, and sleep much cooler than all the other foam models on the market. They come at a moderate to moderately high price, and they deliver good value for that.

Most of the customers’ complaints are due to a lack of available information online. You mostly have to go through retailers to find out the characteristics, dimensions, and prices of all models, which makes it harder to compare while you are hunting for that perfect mattress online. Some concerns about edge support and durability are there, but the warranty should cover those cases.

Overall, it’s an excellent model for a reasonable price that will allow you to get a great night sleep consistently, and keep your temperature cool which is essential for a quality rest.


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