An in-depth Restonic Mattress Review

Restonic has been known for creating its sleeping cushions for ages. Throughout the years, they have concentrated on giving quality sleeping cushions to an aggressive cost. Regardless of the online bedding disturbance that has occurred … Read more

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Last Updated: Mon, May 13, 2019

Restonic has been known for creating its sleeping cushions for ages. Throughout the years, they have concentrated on giving quality sleeping cushions to an aggressive cost. Regardless of the online bedding disturbance that has occurred in the course of the most recent couple of years, Restonic’s clients have still been generally excited for their contributions.

There are a few requirements, be that as it may, similar to a few reports of strength and lifespan issues. Likewise, you might have the capacity to, at present, locate a superior arrangement and incentive with a portion of the online brands.

Generally speaking, Restonic gives excellent quality materials to the cost. There are some that had issues with lifespan and toughness so ensure that you select the correct bedding for your body compose as some bigger sleepers may have problems with a few items. In the event that you are heart-set on Restonic linen, you ought to have the capacity to discover something that fits your necessities.

Restonic Mattress has three bedding accumulations to browse. They have banded together with superstars and name brands to hoist their contributions. We are suspicious of such advertising tricks to ensure that you wrangle on cost.


In case you’re hoping to buy another sleeping cushion, you may be overpowered with the measure of choices you have. There are a lot of present-day bedding suppliers planning to target individuals hoping to update their dozing courses of action. Rather than burning through a huge number of dollars, you can spend a generally little add up to get an extravagance sleeping pad. There are a lot of extravagance sleeping cushions accessible available – it used to be just a couple of brands.

Restonic is an organization that has been making noteworthy waves in the business as of late. They give a scope of various sleeping cushion focuses at much lower value focuses than a considerable lot of the Titans in the industry. In case you’re somebody who needs to exploit a loop, mixture, or latex sleeping cushion, you’re sure to discover something at Restonic.

With the end goal of this survey, we will investigate the most well known of the Restonic Mattresses – the Scott Living sleeping pad. This sleeping cushion is supported by Jonathan and Drew Scott – two renowned temporary workers and inside architects. This sleeping cushion is made utilizing micro coils. In case you’re considering obtaining this sleeping cushion, this bedding survey is precisely what you’re searching for. Make a point to take in all the data previously settling on any obtaining choices.


It’s continuously vital to comprehend how your sleeping cushion is built. On the off chance that you don’t see how your bedding is made, you don’t know how the distinctive segments give solace and support. The Scott Living sleeping pad is a standout amongst the most progressive linens available – this comes down to the way the sleeping cushion was made.

In case you’re searching for a sleeping cushion that exploits small scale curls and scope of various materials, this may be the bedding for you. In this segment, we will investigate the distinctive parts of the Scott Living bedding from Restonic to enable you to show signs of improvement comprehension of what you’ll be buying. Look at it beneath.


The Scott Living sleeping cushion from Restonic Mattress is produced using an arrangement of various layers. These layers give several levels of help and solace all through. It’s sheltered to state this is a half and half bedding – it uses a scope of various materials to give an ideal dozing background. Beneath we will investigate each layer so you can better comprehend what is utilized to make this one of a kind sleeping pad.

Top Layer

This best layer is set up to give you however much solace as could reasonably be expected. It is produced using AlumiLast froth – a foam that has aluminum injected into the cell structure of the foam to give you as much solace and wind stream conceivable. It’s protected to state you won’t locate this one of a kind material in some other sleeping pad.

Center Layer

The center layer offers help and progress to the base layer. It is produced using 1,300 exclusively wrapped curls. This gives a sturdy emotionally supportive network to whatever remains of the bedding, and also a lot of solace for the individual considering it.

Base Layer

Another layer of help loops that is called Q5 Twin Support – it’s a Restonic innovation the guarantees the sleeping cushion has a lot of help from edge-to-edge. It offers help crosswise over five different help zones. This piece of the sleeping cushion guarantees there isn’t excessively sinkage.

Mattress Type and Components

Restonic offers innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses. All of the company’s current mattresses square measure sold as a part of six exclusive collections.

The ComfortCare assortment options innerspring mattresses made with gel memory foam comfort layers, and support cores with foam-encased pocketed coils and high-density base polyurethane. ComfortCare models square measure accessible in four firmness ratings: monetary unit prime, Pillow Top, Cushion Firm, and Firm.

The ComfortCare restricted assortment conjointly options innerspring mattresses. The comfort layers have a prime layer of C latex, followed by a layer of gel memory foam; some models conjointly feature a microcoil layer within the comfort system. The support core is intended with pocketed coils sheathed in foam and high-density base polyurethane, and also the hand-tufted cowl is created of wool and silk. ComfortCare restricted models are available in four styles with entirely different firmness ratings: Micro-Coil Boxtop, Ultra-Plush Boxtop, Cushion-Firm Boxtop, and Firm monetary unit prime.

The ComfortCare Hybrid Signature assortment options mattresses with two layers of gel memory foam within the comfort system. The support cores square measure designed with pocketed coils sheathed in foam, followed by a coat of high-density base polyurethane.

ComfortCare Hybrid Signature models are available in six styles that fluctuate by firmness level: monetary unit prime thick, Pillow excellent thick, Plush, thick, Firm, dense, Plush Non-Quilted, and Firm Non-Quilted.

The HealthRest TempaGel assortment includes memory foam mattresses with two layers of gel memory foam within the comfort layer and support cores made from high-density polyurethane.

The HealthRest Latex assortment options mattresses with a latex layer within the comfort system and a support core product of high-density polyurethane.

The vivification assortment consists of mattresses with latex and gel memory foam parts within the comfort layer. The support core is created of high-density polyurethane.



Top Restonic Mattresses

This pad provides its users with ultimate comfort. Its construction contains a hypoallergenic layer that’s shaped of latex foam and created by open cell technology; this layer provides its users with loads of comfort and support by relieving pressure points.

Also, there’s breathable memory foam below the latex layer that regulates the temperature of the latex pad giving it its cooling result.

A unique feature of this pad is its ability to soak up the body’s motions throughout sleeping that makes it super snug. It is packaged during a bound means that offers it protection throughout shipping too.

Restonic Comfort Care Signature Hybrid Imperial

This pad construction encompasses a gel-infused layer to manage the temperature of the pad. It’s factory-made through proprietary marvelous middle technology that provides further support to the center of the pad to equalize the distribution of the load and supply a lot of body part support.

The outlive technology used conjointly helps to manage the temperature of this pad creating your sleep at its best.

The pad conjointly has Associate in a Nursing flow of air system to create the pad aired. It helps the air to flow into among the pad forming it less exposed to allergens and keeps the bed recent all the time.

The foam base of this pad makes it stable and resists droopy and carrying out, therefore, it’s sturdy and lasts for an extended time. It conjointly encompasses a nice edge to edge support.

Restonic Emyvale

It is an innerspring mattress that combines both the good quality and the good price.

It is great if you share your bed with someone as it has a motion isolation feature in addition to pocketed coils. The coils are not combined; they are separated and independent which makes the mattress even more supportive but also they may lead to collapses of the edges.

The edges are strong because they are supported with high-dense foam so the pocketed coils technology will add its benefits to the mattress and its disadvantages will be solved.

The gel-infused layer will solve the extra temperature problem so if you are a stomach sleeper, this mattress may be one of your best options.

It is a fireproof mattress which is a rare feature so if you are smoker, you don’t have to worry if you smoked before sleeping.

Restonic Denali

The price of this mattress is higher than the rest of the Restonic mattresses because it has a platform.

The core of Restonic mattresses is usually formed of coil but this mattress is different as its core is not coil; it is formed of a thick, basic foam layer. Some people may see that as a bad thing as the innerspring benefits will not be involved among the benefits of this mattress but actually it is not a bad thing as when you use innersprings, you worry about the wearing out and sagging but when you use foam, these worried disappear.

The foam core is very dense so it may be kind of firm and the performance of the motion isolation feature may not be good but with the addition of pocketed coils, the mattress performs well regarding the firmness and the motion isolation. People who have back pain say that it is perfect for them and the level of support is just adequate.

The temperature issue is solved with a gel-infused layer. This mattress will provide you with a cool sleeping especially if you are a stomach sleeper.

Restonic Hampton

This mattress’s construction is built well and manufactured with the great technologies that guarantee that you will receive the comfort you need. It relieves pressure points but it still supportive. It has a balance between its firmness and softness that make it a good choice for people who want a mattress for their back pain.

The mattress has a gel memory foam layer for support and temperature. It has the benefits of foam and the cool gel layer prevents the disadvantages like the excessive heat and firmness.

The mattress also has a natural latex layer that keeps the mattress cool and hypoallergenic so you don’t need to worry about the growth of any bacteria or fungi. The mattress’s coil system will add the motion isolation feature to the mattress for people who share bed and people who have light sleeping.

Restonic Pricing and Delivery Details

Because Restonic mattresses are entirely sold through third-party retailers, the corporate doesn’t give any valuation details concerning any of their current models. We tend to researched costs at many approved Restonic retailers; our findings indicate that the bulk of those mattresses begin at $1,200 to $1,600 for a queen-sized model. The total worth for a Restonic queen-sized pad is roughly $2,200 to $2,500. For a lot of accurate valuation info, customers ought to contact their nearest Restonic retail merchant.

The table below options a mensuration comparison for all eight of the market sizes. Please note that Restonic doesn’t disclose pad heights for any current models. For a lot of info concerning valuation and extent of specific pad models, please contact a certified retail merchant for Restonic products; the Restonic website options a ‘Find a Retailer‘ tool that permits net users to pinpoint the closest merchant mistreatment their postcode.

Size Dimensions
Twin 38W” x 74L”
Twin XL 38W” x 80L”
Full 54W” x 74L”
Full XL 54W” x 80L”
Queen 60W” x 80L”
Split Queen 30W” x 80L” (2 Pieces)
King 76W” x 80L”
Cal King 72W” x 84L”


Delivery Policy

Mattresses from Restonic area unit solely offered for purchase through licensed third-party retailers at brick-and-mortar locations. Customers ought to defer to the delivery policy of the merchant wherever they purchase or commit to buy their pad.

Old Mattress Removal:

Restonic doesn’t supply new pad removal services. Customers ought to inquire concerning recent pad removal from the retail merchant wherever they purchase their Restonic pad model.

Product Specifications and Firmness

Detailed product specifications for Restonic mattresses are principally inaccessible. The firmness rating of a Restonic pad can rely upon the chosen model; in some cases, quite one firmness level is obtainable. The table below options a partial breakdown of dimensions and parts for all six current Restonic pad collections. Please note that, with few exceptions, Restonic doesn’t disclose specifications like pad height, foam density, coil count, cowl composition, or firmness rating.


ComfortCare 3 (Euro Top)

4 (Pillow Top)

5.5 (Cushion Firm)

6.5 (Firm)

Not Disclosed Pocketed Coils

HD Polyfoam

Gel Memory Foam Not Disclosed
ComfortCare Limited 3 (Ultra-Plush)

5.5 (Cushion Firm)

6.5 (Firm)

Not Disclosed Pocketed Coils

HD Polyfoam

Graphite Latex

Gel Memory Foam

Micro-coils (Select Models)

Wool and Silk Blend
ComfortCare Hybrid Signature 3 (Euro Top)

4.5 (Plush)

5.5 (Cushion Firm)

6.5 (Firm

Not Disclosed Pocketed Coils

HD Polyfoam

Gel Memory Foam (2 Layers) Not Disclosed
HealthRest TempaGel Not Disclosed Not Disclosed HD Polyfoam Gel Memory Foam Not Disclosed
HealthRest Latex Not Disclosed Not Disclosed HD Polyfoam Latex Not Disclosed
Brio Not Disclosed Not Disclosed HD Polyfoam Latex

Gel Memory Foam

Not Disclosed


Sleep Trial and Warranty Information

Trial Period and Guarantee: Restonic mattresses are solely offered through third-party retailers. For this reason, customers ought to defer to the sleep trial and come back policy of the brick-and-mortar location wherever they purchase their pad.

Warranty: Restonic offers variable warrant coverage for every pad model. The corporate doesn’t disclose warrant coverage for specific models; the subsequent table lists the coverage rates for all Restonic mattresses and sleeps merchandise.


A1 20 Years 20 Years N/A
A2 20 Years 10 Years 1/20 of Current Product Price x Years of Ownership
B1 15 Years 15 Years N/A
B2 15 Years 5 Years 1/15 of Current Product Price x Years of Ownership
B3 15 Years 1 Year 1/15 of Current Product Price x Years of Ownership
C1 10 Years 10 Years N/A
C2 10 Years 5 Years 1/10 of Current Product Price x Years of Ownership
C3 10 Years 1 Year 1/10 of Current Product Price x Years of Ownership
D3 5 Years 1 Year 1/5 of Current Product Price x Years of Ownership
E1 3 years 1 Year 1/3 of Current Product Price x Years of Ownership
F1 1 Year 1 Year N/A
F2 5 Years 5 Years N/A
F3 1 Year 1 Year N/A
RG 25 Years 25 Years N/A
TG, Z1 25 Years 15 Years 1/25 of Current Product Price x Years of Ownership


The terms of Restonic’s assurance coverage are as follows:


Restonic can, at the company’s sole possibility, repair or replace all mattresses that are deemed defective. Charges for pad repairs or replacements can rely upon the chosen model’s assurance schedule. In any case, the owner is accountable for all transportation charges related to repairs or replacements.


Warranty coverage is contingent correct foundational support. Queen- and large mattresses should be used with a metal frame or bed base with rigid center support. The assurance is voided if the owner fails to use a correct web. To boot, Restonic can void the warranty if a non-matching foundation is employed with a Restonic pad.


The assurance can cowl the subsequent product defects:

Visible indentations or lax that live one and a 0.5 inches (1 1/2″) within the sleep surface of thick beds or three-quarters of an in. (3/4″) within the sleep surface of non-quilted beds.

The assurance won’t cover the following:


  1. Normal will increase in pad softness that doesn’t have an effect on its pressure-relieving talents, or indentations or lax that don’t live one and a 0.5 inches (1 1/2″) within the sleep surface of thick beds or three-quarters of an in. (3/4″) Within the sleep surface of non-quilted beds. These problems are all thought of commonplace wear and tear.
  2. Repair or replacement requests that occur thanks to changes in the owner’s comfort preferences.
  3. Burns, cuts, tears, stains, and alternative forms of injury that occur thanks to owner misuse, improper cleansing, and inadequate foundational support.
  4. Restonic reserves the proper to refuse to examine or repair any pad that arrives in an unsanitary condition.
  5. Floor models don’t seem to be coated underneath this warranty; this may be indicated by Associate in Nursing ‘X’ next to the merchandise ID on the law tag.
  6. This assurance is wholly extended to original house owners United Nations agency purchase their Restonic pad from a licensed retail merchant. Anyone United Nations agency buys or acquires their pad from the first owner or Associate in Nursing unauthorized retail merchant won’t receive assurance coverage.

Restonic Hybrid Pad

We know that almost all individuals stand still once they see the word “hybrid” ahead of you. In Wikipedia hybrid means that mixed character that’s composed of various parts. Most mattresses square measure either innerspring, memory foam or latex and a hybrid pad merely suggest that a pad has all three of the antecedent elements.

Keep in mind that the hybrid solely has inner springs within the middle of the pad that is termed the “Marvelous Middle” by Restonic. It doesn’t have internal springs throughout the full pad.

So there you have got it of us which is what a hybrid means that. Combining these three different parts helps the pad to be additional sturdy and to cut back body impressions on the pad.

Restonic Innerspring kind pad

The innerspring pad is nearly constant because the Hybrid, however, the most significant distinction is that the inner {spring pad|mattress} has severally wrapped coils throughout the bottom of the full bed. The internal spring pages even have the “Marvelous middle” aboard the center of the mattress wherever most of the support is required.

It has “Tempel” that may be a layer that helps within the disposal of warmth throughout the pad. It conjointly has a super edge, and that provides the sides additional support so that you are doing not fall off your bed once the dog takes it over. The flow of air border conjointly helps the air to maneuver out of the pad additional freely.

Restonic Memory Foam Pad

For people who don’t recognize, memory foam mattresses keep the shape of the person for a second or 2. an essential quality of memory foam is to soak up most of the warmth as a result of its temperature sensitivity. It’s conjointly one among the most useful pages for couples as a result of it minimizes the movement across the mattress.

The significant issue concerning this pad is that it’ll be compressed and vacuum packed to modify it to suit within a box. The sole a pair of flaws that I might notice concerning {this kind|this sort|this kind} of memory foam pad is that the sides don’t have ample support which it’s just one firmness type that is that the medium that is nice for mixed sweepers.

The Hybrid

The type hybrid goes to be my best option as a result of it’s the sturdiness of the innerspring pad with the warmth regulation and support of the memory foam. The only con of the hybrid goes to be the value because it may be a bit on the high-ticket aspect.

The innerspring

The innerspring can have the longest sturdiness of all the pad sorts mentioned during this review. However, even though it’s temperature regulation edges, it’ll still not come back beat the memory foam. The inner spring continues to be a brilliant pad although

The memory foam

The memory foam is incredibly sensitive to temperature and is additionally excellent at relieving pressure points on the body. It also can be rolled up and place within a box wherever the different mattresses won’t be able to.

The only con concerning it’s that it lacks the sturdiness that the inner spring has and conjointly the support at the aspect of the pad.


Overall, we believe that the Restonic includes a nice variation of mattresses. They did an honest job with the innerspring and hybrid kind mattresses wherever will vie with Simmons Beautyrest black. However, I believe that they lacked within the memory foam department as a result of they solely have one kind pad.

Buying a brand new pad may be one in every of the foremost confusing and frustrating tasks on the world and, not like shopping for a brand new automotive, there’s no shock and awe tour when the acquisition. What’s a lot of, it’s exhausting to check one complete to a different, one model to a different. Our pad shopping for guide articles will assist you learn to be a higher pad tester.

Final Verdict

There is no great pad for everybody, and indeed there’s no pad that has all the outstanding options therefore once you explore for a pad, purchase the one that has most of the necessities that you just area unit searching for.

According to the number of users and therefore the client satisfaction concerning the previous five product, The Restonic activity pad is taken into account the most effective.

Its distinctive style makes it trendy and appropriate for traditional and up to date themes. Its sturdiness and longevity are excellent therefore it’ll last for an awfully while before you think that of shopping for a replacement pad. The comfort and support provided by this pad area unit nice and it’s appropriate if you would like a pad to live your pressure points mainly if you have got a chronic pain condition like arthritis. Its construction that’s fashioned of latex, foam and breathable layers makes it regulate the temperature of the pad and provides it a cooling impact that helps you to own a sound night sleep.

Its motions absorption feature could be a special feature that doesn’t exist in several Restonic mattresses.

It may be your best pad too however if it’s not, there area unit loads of pads out there; explore for the mattress that has most of the necessities you would like.


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