Restonic: The HealthRest Latex Review

With Restonic being one of the oldest mattress retailers with over 80 years long history, you can’t go wrong. Pair that with millions of satisfied customers, and new technology approaches and you get one of the best product collections on the market.

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If you are actively searching to buy a new mattress but can’t seem to find the perfect one, we have something special for you. Latex mattresses are becoming more and more popular and for a good reason. They are the most durable type, made from natural substances that have hypoallergenic properties, they are considered incredibly comfortable, and they provide superb pressure and pain relief when sleeping on them. Even though they have a higher price tag than other types, latex mattresses maybe have the best value for money.

And what better company to choose than Restonic, whose long history on the market, many accomplishments, and millions of satisfied customers, tell about the undeniable quality of their products.

The HealthRest are best rated of all Restonic products, and besides the Latex collection, there is also the TempaGel one, which features models made out of gel-infused memory foam. These premium beds are top-quality with the highest attention to the details, so you are guaranteed to get a consistent good night’s rest with them. We have researched and reviewed the HealthRest Latex collection, so read on if you want to learn more about the company, the construction of these models, their characteristics, and sleep ratings.

Restonic’s Journey

Restonic’s story begins in 1938, when they were founded as a Triple Cushion Corporation, and then renamed to its today’s name eight years later. 1965 was an important year as the company introduced many new inventions to their products, including the Marvelous Middle, which became the brand’s trademark, and this technology is still in use today.

In 1987, Restonic won their first Consumers Digest Best Buy award, for exceptional quality and value in the bedding marketplace. As it turned out, that was just one of the many similar awards that came in the years afterward. In 2005, Restonic was the first mattress brand to receive UL certification, for the pioneers whose products are leading the way in the fire safety. From 2011, they have consecutively won the annual Woman’s Choice award for excellent quality. There is no wonder that 96% of the polled said that they would recommend Restonic’s products to their friends and family.

In recent years, the company has been changing its model of business. They are now exclusively selling their products through the authorized third-party retailers, and they don’t have their stores. Unfortunately, that means that the information about their products are a little harder to get by, as they depend on the retailer, so you need to go through the interaction with them to learn about the specifications of the desired mattress. There is some on the Restonic’s website, where you can mostly find out the most basic stuff and find the nearest retailers. You can even directly purchase one line of products, but unfortunately, not all of them.

With their latest motto “Supporting Dreams” the company tried to highlight how important it is to them that their customers are getting quality rest, and what speaks better in that name than 80 years on the market, and millions of satisfied customers.

What Is Latex?

Natural latex is produced from the sap of rubber trees Havea Brasiliensis that grows in South America and South East Asia. These trees produce as much as four pounds of fluid each year that can be harvested without harming them, and without the need for large farming equipment. Because of this, it is considered a renewable source that can be collected for generations. But besides this natural way, latex can also be produced synthetically by a very clean process with minimum waste. There is practically no molecular difference between those two types of latex, and the feeling of comfort is the same as well. Most manufacturers use the combination of both natural and synthetic latex for their products.

There are two basic ways in which liquid is turned into a mattress. During the Dunlop, which is sometimes referred to as a Standard process, harvested sap is frothed to add air, just like mixing the egg whites. After that, the liquid is poured into sealed molds and thermally processed to give the final product. The air bubbles from mixing are not connected, and when you lie on a mattress, the air compresses and gives a feeling of floating.

Talalay is similar to Dunlop, but the molds have thousands of tiny pins that create small channels that add breathability to the mattress. There is also a quick freezing process after the applied heat, to help stabilize the construction. Usually, both of these types are used in the same mattress, where Dunlop is the lower, more stable layer, and the Talalay latex is softer, provides better airflow and contouring, so it works great as a top comfort layer.

The HealthRest Latex Collection – Introduction

Latex is a highly elastic material, kind of like rubber. It contours nicely to the shape of the sleeper’s body, but unlike memory foam that “remembers” a person’s body and then slowly comes back into original form after the heat and pressure are removed, the latex instantly falls back into the starting shape after you get up. This characteristic makes it easier to switch positions during the night, and you won’t have that feeling that you are sunk into a mattress.

Latex mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic, as well as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. That means that caring for a latex model is easier, you will suffer from fewer allergies and infections, and your bed will be fresher and have an increased life span. Keep in mind that a small percentage of people are allergic to latex, mainly to the proteins found in the sap. Luckily, with today’s processing, 98% of all the proteins are washed away so that more people can enjoy these products.

With the ThermoCool and Outlast technology, mattresses from this collection sleep a lot cooler than your standard models. The support core made out of foam gives a stable foundation for the entire bed, and the cover made from bamboo adds a nice final touch.

The Construction

The way that the mattress is constructed and the used materials are essential for its durability, as well as its comfort and supportive properties. High-quality breathable materials are most desired to give the best life span, as well as prolonged freshness.

All the mattresses from the HealthRest Latex collection have a support core made out of high-density polyurethane foam. It is described as eco-friendly as it has a significant percentage of oils derived from plants in its composition. The base gives the bed proper stability and endurance, and it is a good foundation for the upper comfort system.

The latex used for the comfort layers is a 100% natural, and it can be mixed with gel or some phase changing materials in the process of making. This is done so that the bed would have better ventilation, which increases the freshness and durability, and allows the sleeper to rest cooler without getting too hot. It’s all a part of their Thermocool technology that allows proper thermoregulation so that the sleeper never gets too hot or cold, and the temperature is maintained at the right level. Outlast is another thing that helps that cause, and it was first invented by NASA to protect astronauts from extreme temperatures of space. The phase change materials are embedded in textiles and casings, as they have interesting properties to keep the consistent temperature. They liquify when it’s getting too hot so that they could absorb heat, and if it’s too cold, they solidify and release large amounts of heat.

For many models, the covers are made from bamboo. It is a very soft and long lasting fiber, and it’s resistant to molds and bacteria. It is also moisture wicking and highly breathable, therefore helping to keep the surface dry and cool. All of these bamboo properties add to the hypoallergenic characteristics of latex, so the mattresses from this collection are a perfect fit for all of those suffering from allergies, or those who are worried about the hygienic properties of their bed.

These mattresses need a proper foundation that is flat and firm, and they also need room to breathe. Classic platforms, slightly arched European slats, and adjustable beds are all good foundations for these models.

Available Sizes and Pricing

Since the Restonic sells their product through third-party retailers, the prices depend on where you decide to get the desired model. There are some innerspring mattresses listed on their website, where you can directly purchase them, and they go from $799 to $1,199 depending on the size. However, latex models are more expensive and, while we don’t have exact pricing as it varies a lot, you can expect to pay at least twice as much as for the innerspring models.

The prices vary depending on the features and sizes, which are also not disclosed on their website. You can expect the six standard ones: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King, but in some cases, they also have Full XL and Split Queen. Besides the 6.5 inches thick latex, you can expect other foam and gel-infused layers for additional comfort. All that leads to a slightly higher than average profile, estimated from 11 to 14 inches.

Delivery, Sleep Trials, and Warranty

It is hard to get the accurate information on all of these, as Restonic doesn’t disclose them, and they quite vary depending on which third-party retailer you chose to buy from. For the models listed on Restonic’s website, they offer a delivery that takes 5 to 8 days, and they deliver all around the US, as well as internationally as they have a vast network of authorized retailers. They also offer a 15-year warranty on most of their products as well as a 120-night sleep trial.

The company offers to repair and replace faulty products that are under warranty, but customers must cover the transportation cost associated with it. Also, the coverage strictly relies on using the proper foundation, so all the defects that are the result of using improper one or non-matching one will result in a voided warranty.

The warranty covers sinkage and sagging of at least one and a half inches in the surface of quilted, and three-quarters of an inch in non-quilted beds. Smaller defects than these are expected after some time due to everyday usage. Keep in mind that a warranty does not cover the increase in softness that is expected. Damages caused by the misuse or improper cleaning like cuts, tears, burns, stains are not included as well.

Coverage is only valid for the original owner that got their product through an authorized third-party retailer, and if the mattress is bought through an unauthorized one or from the original owner, the warranty is no longer valid. It is vital to learn all the details about the sleep trial and warranty from the place where you are getting the mattress, so make sure to ask all the questions before you decide to buy.

Customer Satisfaction and Sleep Ratings

The Restonic offer top quality products, and even though some customers are complaining about some of their models, the HealthRest Latex collection deserves all the praise. The durability of Restonic’s products is questioned, and many reported quick deteriorating, but you don’t have to worry about that with latex mattresses, as they have the longest lifespan of all available types.

These models have superb motion isolation, and they produce no noise when bearing weight, making them a perfect choice for couples, especially those who are woken up easily by their partner’s turning, or going to the bathroom. Not to mention that latex is like rubber, which makes a highly responsive, bouncy surface perfect for sex.

Few minor complaints are to weak edge support so some sinkage over time can be expected in the place where you usually sit when you get up. Also, some people found them to lack the proper temperature neutrality, but most customers were more than satisfied with these models and described them as perfect for hot sleepers. One thing is sure, they are highly breathable, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial, making them a number one choice for those suffering from allergies, or the ones who want a highly hygienic mattress.

The conforming of latex is incredible, and people suffering from back, hip, shoulder, or joint pain will feel the relief of pressure when sleeping on these beds. We have rated this collection based on customers’ feedback and the ability to provide proper spinal alignment and comfort. These vary depending on the person’s sleep preferences, and body type as what is perfect for someone can be extremely uncomfortable for another person.

Sleeping Position Light Weight (under 130 lbs) Average Weight (130-230 lbs) Heavy Weight (over 230 lbs)
Side Very Good Good Good
Back Very Good Very Good Good
Stomach Good Good Good


HealthRest Latex mattresses are great for every type of sleeper, no matter if you like to rest on the side, back, or stomach. Lighter individuals and those of average weight will experience the most benefits, but the heavier individuals will find these models satisfying as well.

The Final Verdict

Restonic’s products are widely available through retailers all around the US, and while you can’t find much information online, they make up for it with the quality. The HealthRest Latex collection is the best of what Restonic has to offer. These models compete with the most luxurious latex mattresses on the market, but they come at a much lower price.

Overall, they are excellent for pretty much everyone. They offer incredible conforming abilities, efficient motion isolation, no noise, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal properties, high breathability, and other features that will make sure you get the consistent good night’s rest. If you are worried about the durability or edge support, don’t, as the above-average warranty covers all that. If you go for one of the models form HealthRest Latex collection, you won’t make a mistake, because they offer excellent value for money.



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