Saatva and Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress Comparison

Looking at the overall qualities, the Simmons Beautyrest Black Mariela is suitable for all types of sleepers in any weight group, those who sleep hot or people who like responsive beds. The Saatva mattress is also suitable for all weight groups and hot sleepers. The difference between these two is that Saatva is an excellent choice for individuals who like moderate conforming or suffer from aches and pains in sensitive areas like back, neck or hips.

The Simmons Bedding Company is one of the oldest mattress companies that launched in 1870. The flagship model is the Simmons Beautyrest that has been available since 1925. But, today they offer nine different innersprings in the Black collection – the Tatiana, Calista, Mariela, Katarina, Raquel, Desiree, Natasha, Christabel, and Sonya. They also sell sixteen other innersprings and hybrids in the Silver and Platinum collections.

Saatva was founded long after Simmons Bedding, in 2011. The company’s flagship Saatva model is a Medium innerspring mattress with Bonnell coils in the support core, high-density polyfoam in the base layer, memory foam and polyfoam in the comfort layers, and a transition layer made of pocketed coils. Saatva also sells two other models. One is a flippable latex mattress Zenhaven and the other is a memory foam model Loom & Leaf.

We will compare the Saatva’s flagship model and the Mariela mattress from Simmons Bedding because both beds have similar design options, sleeper experiences, and construction.  The Mariela has comfort layers made of foam and latex, with pocketed coil support and transitional foam. In this guide, we will examine the unique qualities and downsides of both mattresses.

Looking at the overall qualities, the Simmons Beautyrest Black Mariela is suitable for all types of sleepers in any weight group, those who sleep hot or people who like responsive beds. The Saatva mattress is also suitable for all weight groups and hot sleepers. The difference between these two is that Saatva is an excellent choice for individuals who like moderate conforming or suffer from aches and pains in sensitive areas like back, neck or hips.

Mattress Construction

Each model has a different material composition, firmness, and thickness. The firmness levels for both beds are Medium Firm 6, and Firm 7.5, while Saatva has a Medium Soft 4 and the Mariela is available in Soft 3.5 also. The thickness is eleven and twelve inches for Saatva and fourteen and fifteen inches for Mariela. The weight for Saatva is 110 lbs, while the Mariela is slightly heavier with 114 to 120 lbs of weight. The cover of the Mariela is made from quilted fabric with polyfoam, and the Saatva’s is made from organic cotton Euro-Top with 1/2″ Dacron fibers and 1 1/2″ polyfoam. The Saatva’s comfort layer consists of one layer of 3/8″ memory foam, one layer of 7/8″ Polyfoam, and one layer of 4″ Recycled 14.5-Gauge pocketed coils, while Mariela’s model has gel memory foam layers, polyfoam memory foam, and synthetic latex. The Mariela’s support core is made of transitional polyfoam and pocketed gauge coils, while the Saatva has one layer of 4″ recycled 13-gauge Bonnell coils and one layer of 7″ recycled 13-gauge Bonnell coils.

Saatva Mattress Details

Saatva offers an innerspring mattress in three firmness options –  4, 6, or 7.5 firmness level, and two thickness profiles – 11 1/2″ or 14 1/2″ thickness. The bed weighs 120 lbs and can be found at an affordable price of  $1099 for a Queen size.

The bed’s cover is made from cotton and quilted with foam. This combination gives the sleeper immediate comfort and relief to sleepers. The mattress also has a pillow-top part that has a thin memory foam layer over the individually wrapped coils. With this layer on top, the bed has high bounce, comfort, and firmness. The sleeper will be able to sleep comfortably without sinking in too deep. The coils in the layer under also has a  foam edge support wrapped around that makes sure that there is an excellent lift along with the bounce.

Just like the majority of innerspring mattresses, Saatva also has a lifespan of six to seven years, with the pillow-top lasting much less than the bed because of its below-average durability. Because people sleep hot on mattresses made with foam and memory foam, Saatva is made with traditional innerspring construction that makes the bed an ideal option for individuals who need a cooler sleep surface. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t absorb or minimize motion, so motion isolation is a bit problematic, especially for couples, which is consistent with other innersprings. But it is relatively responsive and virtually silent when you put weight on it.

Additionally, customers report that the Plush Soft and Luxury Firm models are better for sex. With the close body conforming that helps alleviate pains and aches, regardless of the sleep position. The comfort layer with the coil-on-coil construction and memory foam are responsible for giving the sleeper close conforming and targeted pressure relief, even more than other innersprings. However, there were many complaints about the off-gassing odor that disappeared in a few days.

Simmons Beautyrest Black – Mariela

The main distinguishing attribute of the whole Black collection is the unique triple braided pocketed coil technology that is located at the center of the support core. Apart from offering extraordinary conformity, motion isolation, and bounce, the beds also have the longest lasting deep compression coils you can find. Out of the many Black models, we are going to discuss one model in particular.

Mariela is an innerspring model that comes in multiple firmness options, but it is also accompanied by a high price of $2,599 for a Queen size. The bed weighs 114 lbs, and it has excellent air circulation in the layer with pocketed coils that cools the bed and keep it bouncy enough to rank as suitable for most couples.

The comfort layer is made of standard memory foam and latex. The Plush option also has a top layer made of gel memory foam that makes the bed softer on touch. The support core has pocketed coils encased in edge support polyfoam. The edge support is the most significant advantage for the Mariela because it uses transitional foam and coils that reinforce the entire mattress and reduce the sinkage around the areas where people sit. Along with that, the product does not have any off-gassing issues because the coil layer will air out any unpleasant smells.

The durability of the mattress is slightly lower than for Saatva, with an expected lifespan lasting five years. The excellent air circulation in the layer of pocketed coil is what helps cool off the bed and provide a comfortable temperature. The thick comfort system provides many degrees of conforming that depends on the firmness you choose. Because of the dense foam and synthetic latex layers, it can absorb motion transfer better than other innerspring models. It is also responsive, which makes it a suitable option for most couples. However, some creaks and squeaks can be expected, but the thick comfort layers and pocketed coils will minimize the noise to a great extent.

Sizing and Pricing

The Saatva is available in all six mattress sizes, while Mariela is available in only five – it comes without a twin size. Looking at all the prices, Saatva, being one of the most affordable mattresses on the market, is much cheaper than the Mariela, for all sizes. The twin price for Saatva is $599. Twin XL has a price of $695 for Saatva and $1,999 for Mariela. The full size has a more significant difference in price, with Saatva costing $899 and Mariela $2,369. The same goes for the Queen size, with $1,099 for Saatva and $2,599 for Mariela. The prices for King and California King are $1,499 for Saatva and $3,299 for Mariela.

Sleep Position Ratings

The Saatva is available in multiple firmness and thickness profile options that will allow all sleepers to figure out the most suitable bed for themselves. Unlike many other innerspring models, the Saatva makes minimal noise, with good motion isolation and close conforming. The Mariela also offers many firmness and thickness options. It can accommodate any sleeper, no matter their weight and sleep position.

Individuals in the lightweight group – those with less than 130 pounds, will sleep well on their side or stomach on both Saatva and Mariela. Side sleepers in the average weight group – between 130 and 230 pounds, will sleep very good on Saatva, and very good on Mariela, while stomach sleepers will sleep well on both. As for the heavyweight group, stomach and side sleepers in will sleep good on both brands. However, back sleepers in all weight groups will sleep excellent on the Mariela, while back sleepers in the lightweight group won’t find Saatva that comfortable.

Sleep Trials, Warranty, and Delivery

Both brands have you covered on the warranty. Saatva has a 180-month partially warranty with a 120-day sleep trial. Simmons Beautyrest has a 120-month non-prorated warranty without a sleep trial. The company won’t cover the costs of mattress replacement and repairment, and with Saatva, mattress returns require a transportation fee of $99.

As we said, Saatva’s warranty is partially prorated, which means the company will cover all repairs and replacements, but only in the first two years. During the next thirteen years, the owner will have to pay a fee of $99 each way for any repair or replacement. However, Saatva does offer Fairness Replacement Option for replacements that you can use to replace a defective mattress for different percentages of the price: 30% up to the fifth year, 50% from the fifth to the tenth, and 75% from the tenth to the end of the warranty. The mattress will arrive within four days, but it is not compressed for shipping. Saatva does not offer shipping for Hawaii, Alaska, or overseas U.S. territories. However, there is a free White Glove delivery that includes old mattress removal.

Simmons Beautyrest is a bit strict on their policies. They do not have a sleep trial included in the warranty. They also don’t accept returns or give refunds to purchasers. Because of this, customers will need to refer to both the sleep trial and return policy of the seller that sells them the Mariela mattress. However, the warranty is entirely nonprorated, even though it will be voided if you do not use a proper support system for the bed that includes either a frame with at least five slats made of hardwood or metal, a reliable platform on top of a slatted system or a frame with rigid central support. The warranty covers 1″ or more in-depth sagging or indentations of the sleep surface, including physical flaws that cause damages to the foam when in proper care and use. Simmons Beautyrest does not have mattresses shipping for customers because they only sell products through third-party retailers, so customers need to see the seller’s shipping and delivery options.


When choosing a bed for yourself and your sleeping partner, you need to consider many different facts and requirements. So let’s summarize both models with some recommendations on choosing the mattresses.

If you and your partner like responsive beds, you should consider getting Mariela. Additionally, Mariela is suitable for those who tend to sleep hot or just like the feel of that a high-profile bed can offer. However, Mariela is not ideal for individuals who need a less responsive bed with close body conforming or for those that like low- to medium-profile foundations.

For those that generally like sleeping on spring models with extra cushioning in the comfort layers, Saatva is an excellent choice. The same goes for people who sleep hot, sleep with a partner, or just like thicker-than-average beds. However, if you an average or below-average thickness level is what suits you better, the Saatva is not the right choice for you.


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