A Comprehensive Sealy Hybrid Line Review

Sealy’s hybrid line has a total of 7 mattresses in three collections, one in the Essentials collection, three in the Performance, and three in the Premium. Their height varies from 12 to 15 inches, and their price range goes from $1100 to almost $3000.

For those sleepers who cannot decide between the comfortable feel of memory foam and the supportiveness of the innerspring system, hybrid beds represent the perfect choice since they combine the best from both worlds. If there are any doubts about the brand, the best option is to go for some of the brands with a long tradition in mattress manufacturing, such as Sealy, since they are in the mattress industry for longer than a century; hence, they can be considered pioneers in this field. Millions of satisfied sleepers who continuously purchase their products only confirm their exceptional status among the bed manufacturers. That is why today we are going to represent you another line of Sealy’s products, the highly popular hybrid mattresses.

Sealy History

The long history of this brand dates back to 1881., when Daniel Haynes, who was a cotton gin builder in Sealy, Texas, received an order to create a mattress filled with cotton. His excellent workmanship and attention to details led to more requests for his bed, and he quickly gained excellent reputation. He was an innovator, and creator of many patents, including a machine for compressing cotton in 1889. After several years he sold his license to a Texas-based company, and they decided to keep the name Sealy.

The company went through some rough times, but what distinguished them from others was their urge for innovations and progress. They were the first to introduce and advertise beds in king size, and they were involved in the foundation of Orthopedic Advisory Board, they reinvented innerspring coils and box spring, and developed a technology named Posturepedic, designed to reduce turning and tossing, and provide targeted support.

From the company’s recent history, we seclude the fact that Sealy was bought by another famous mattress brand called Tempur-Pedic, in 2012. However, both companies continued to develop and do their businesses separately, without any evident merging.

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid

Sealy is well known for their Posturepedic technology, and some of you may remember that before, Posturepedic was even their separate line of mattresses, but today Posturepedic is incorporated as a feature in most of their beds, usually in the models that come with a higher price. In their high-end models, Posturepedic is designed to target the heaviest part of the sleeper’s body, which is the area around the hips. This particular feature can always be found in the middle third of a mattress, where our hips are usually placed. But, the way in which Posturepedic technology is designed varies from one line to another.

In their hybrid line, Posturepedic technology stands for a higher density of coils in the central third, so more coils per square foot are placed at the center than at the foot and head of the mattress. They used the same coils but arranged them in a different way, for the central part they created a particular pattern which leaves less space between the loops, and by doing so, they were able to place 20% more coils at the same amount of space. With this, they achieved a higher level of support and firmness at the center, and the difference can be noticed in the level of sinkage as well. It is a subtle, but notable difference, which can be felt.

Sealy Hybrid Mattresses

Sealy offers three types of mattresses, innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid, which is their newest line introduced in 2018. Each of these three lines has its own three collections called Essential, Performance, and Premium. Since today we are talking about their hybrid line, we are going to do a brief overview of this line before we jump into each collection.

Sealy’s hybrid line has a total of 7 mattresses in three collections, one in the Essentials collection, three in the Performance, and three in the Premium. Their height varies from 12 to 15 inches, and their price range goes from $1100 to almost $3000. There is also an option to purchase a set which includes a matching foundation, but it is more expensive.

Generally speaking, these mattresses have a few things in common. Their bottom half resembles the innerspring Response line, while the upper portion resembles their memory foam Conform line. In their bottom part, besides the already described way of arranged coils, all hybrid beds have the so-called Duraflex edge, made of two rows of smaller, firmer coils, going around the perimeter of the mattress to reinforce the edges. In the upper part, they used three layers of conforming foam and a beautiful, smooth, and stretchy cover for a more luxurious appearance. When it comes to memory foam, they usually use two different types. We have two layers of gel-infused memory foam, and one of them is Sealy’s Comfort Sense Foam, designed to respond better to the unique shape of each body. The second type of foam is Sealy Immersion Advanced Foam, and it is used for the final, top layer, it comes with chill cooling technology, has a slower response, enhanced airflow, and it can be found only in high-end models of their hybrid line.

When it comes to names of particular models from this line, Sealy continued to use some of the same names they used before with their previous hybrid models, but names are pretty much the only thing that is left the same since their features are entirely different, so do not get confused by that.

Sealy’s only model in their entry-level Essential collection is called Trust II, and it represents their way of trying to make a hybrid mattress which is a little bit more affordable than the rest, with a price tag of $1100 for a Queen sized bed. In their mid-level Performance collection, they have three beds, Kelburn II, Copper Firm II, and Copper Plush II. The main difference between these two collections is that the beds in their Performance collection have the Posturepedic technology in their construction and a layer of slow-response memory foam. They also come with a higher price, which ranges from $1300 to $1600 for Queen size. Their Premium collection offers three high-end models called Silver Chill Firm, Silver Chill Plush, and Gold Chill Ultra Plush. The most significant improvement is the phase-changing material incorporated in the stretchy mattress cover, which is why they are more cool to the touch than the models from other collections, and they also have thicker layers of memory foam. The Gold Chill Ultra Plus has some other advantages such as a layer of micro coils over the entire surface of the mattress, which gives it extra height and enhances close conforming.

The Essential Collection of Sealy’s Hybrid Line

As we mentioned, this collection comes with only one mattress named Trust II. This bed is for sleepers who are looking for a comfortable but firm feel since it is described as a 7 on the firmness scale.

Although this model does not come with Sealy’s highly praised Posturepedic technology, do not write it off so quickly because it still has a lot to offer. One of its top features is the moisture protect cover, which will keep the sleeper’s body dry by drawing the moisture away throughout the night. The cover is also removable and suitable for machine washing. Two comfort layers can be found in the construction of this bed, the first one is 1.5 inches thick layer of Sealy’s Comfort Sense foam, which is gel-infused, and the second is a 2-inch layer of Sealy Support polyurethane foam, it is CertiPur-US certified, and it can be found in all Sealy mattresses. Beneath them is a layer of individually wrapped coils, which contour to the curves of sleepers body and secure support. This model has a  Duraflex edge system with extra thick coils for edge reinforcement. It weighs around 76 pounds, its profile is 12 inches high, it is available in all standard sizes, and it is compatible with adjustable bases.

This mattress is a perfect option for back sleepers who are looking for extra support and proper spinal alignment, but also for stomach sleepers who do not like sinking in their mattress too much. On the other hand, side sleepers will probably find it too firm, since it can cause pain in their shoulders and hips, they will have to find a softer model which will contour and hug their body curves.

If you want to feel the perks of sleeping on a hybrid mattress without breaking the bank, this is the right bed to start with. When it comes to the number of coils, the Essential collection has the least of all, check out our charts to compare the numbers.

Mattress size Number of coils
Twin 601
Twin XL 639
Full 791
Queen 911
King 1117
California King 1142


The Performance Collection of Sealy’s Hybrid Line

The most significant advantage of this collection in comparison to the Essential is the addition of Sealy Posturepedic technology, their Immersion Advanced foam, and slightly thicker layers of memory foam. We are going to start this review by introducing their cheapest model from this collection called the Kelburn II, but first let’s take a look at the number of coils used in this collection, these numbers are the same for all three models, and they vary only in their size.


Mattress size Number of coils
Twin XL 674
Full 844
Queen 1000
King 1224
California king 1216


Sealy Hybrid Kelburn II

This bed is an optimal solution for sleepers who are not into too firm or too soft mattresses since it is right in the middle of the firmness scale with a 5.5 grade.

The first thing you notice is a black, elegant top cover with modern design; it is a nice eye-catching touch, but besides its appearance, this cover represents a moisture barrier which draws moisture away from the surface. Underneath the cover there are two comfort layers, the first one is 1.5 inches thick layer of Sealy Immersion Advanced Chill foam, specially designed for this line, and beneath it is a 2 inches thick layer of Sealy Cushion Extra Soft polyurethane foam. These layers provide comfortable sleeping surface, they reduce pressure points, tossing and turning, isolate motion transfer for undisturbed sleep, and they are pretty durable.

When it comes to coils system, there are also some improvements. This bed features a system called Response Pro HD Zoned Coil System, and it refers to Sealy’s Posturepedic technology, with a higher number of individually wrapped up coils in the central area for better support and firmness. In total this bed is 13 inches tall, it also comes with Duraflex edge system, and it is suitable for adjustable bases.

Stomach and back sleepers will enjoy this medium firm sleeping surface, as well as the side sleepers, regardless of their body type.

This model offers many features which can be found in the premium beds from this line; hence it represents a great choice if you are looking for a few extra bits and bobs since it is significantly cheaper than the other high-end beds.

Sealy Hybrid Copper II Firm

This is one of the firmest models in the entire line, it is described as a 7 or 8 on the firmness scale, so side sleepers should definitely skip this one, while stomach and back sleepers could enjoy the solid firm feel without any drawbacks.

The cover is the same old elegant, grayish, with moisture blocking properties, it is thin so that you can genuinely feel those conforming memory foam layers beneath your body. The first foam underneath the cover is the 1.5 inches thick Immersion Advanced chill foam; they added a phase-changing material into a premium gel foam to create this foam as their signature material. There is also an inch thick layer of Comfort Sense foam, and 1.5 inches of Support Firm foam, for better support, motion isolation, and overall comfort. The coil system remained the same Sealy Response Pro HD Zoned Coil System, zoned is the keyword which suggests its design, which provides additional support in the middle third, and the Duraflex edge support system is also there.

The mattress is also adjustable-base friendly, it has 13.5 inches thick profile, it is more on the firm side, and it comes with thicker layers of foam for close conforming and comfort.

Sealy Hybrid Copper II Plush

It is the most universal mattress from this collection, suitable for all sleep positions and body types, with its ideally medium firm feel and a perfect blend of support and coziness.

The cover is greyish with a simple yet elegant pattern, thin, stretchy, and it has the moisture barrier feature. This is one of two models that have 2 inches of Sealy Immersion Advanced Chill memory foam, which distinguishes it from other models in this particular Performance collection. Beneath it are two layers, both 1 inch thick, of Sealy’s Comfort Sense and Cushion Extra Soft foams. They are all high-quality, durable foams, which provide motion isolation, relieve of pressure points, and contouring. The innerspring coil system is precisely the same with zoned Posturepedic technology for central support and Duraflex system around the perimeter.

As its name suggests, this bed is a bit softer than the previous model, since it does have a thicker layer of conforming memory foam, but besides that, there are no other significant differences in terms of construction.

The Premium Collection of Sealy’s Hybrid Line

The most expensive collection in Sealy’s hybrid line is the Premium collection with its three models. Probably the most significant improvement is the use of phase-changing material in the cover of all three beds, which is why these mattresses are cooler to the touch than the models from the Essential and the Performance collection. They also increased the amount of memory foam, especially the Advanced one, with a slower response and phase-changing material mixed in it. While the two Silver Chill models are somewhat similar, the Gold Chill bed has some unique features which justify its price.

Before we jump into reviews, here is the brief overview of the number of incorporated coils, both Silver models have the same number, while the Gold one has a significantly higher amount of loops.

Mattress size Silver Chill Firm and Plush Gold Chill
Twin XL 674 1025
Full 844 1294
Queen 1000 1540
King 1224 1926
California king 1216 1916


Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill Firm

It is the firmest bed in their hybrid line, which is rated as 8 on the firmness scale, so if you prefer more sturdy surface to sleep on, this is the right choice for you. Back sleepers will love it, and probably most stomach sleepers, while side sleepers should stay away from it because it will be too uncomfortable and it might even hurt.

There are a lot of similarities with some of the models from the previous collection, but this one has an upgraded cover with a chilly fabric thanks to the phase-changing material they used, and besides the moisture protecting feature this one has the allergen protection as well. These are great news for all sleepers who are allergy prone or take care of their health.

Beneath the cover are three padding layers of foam, starting with 1.5 inches thick Sealy Immersion Advanced Chill memory foam, then we have 2 inches of Sealy Comfort Sense foam and 1 inch of Sealy Support Firm polyurethane foam which acts as a solid foundation to upper layers. Combined, these layers provide exceptional temperature regulation, motion isolation, enhanced blood circulation, and so on, these models represent the peak of their line, and they hardly have any drawbacks.

Underneath the foam layers is the area of zoned individually wrapped coils for targeted support, and the Duraflex coil system around the edges. It works well on all mattress bases, including the adjustable one, and it is 14 inches thick.

Sealy Hybrid Silver Chill Plush

The differences between Silver Chill Plush and Firm models are minimal, but not insignificant. This one is more on the softer side of the medium firm range, which is why it can work well for all sleep positions since it provides a perfect balance of support and comfort.

The cover has the chill technology built in, as well as the moisture and allergen protection. The foam layers underneath are almost the same as in the previous model, but their firmness is arranged differently. First, we have 2 inches of Immersion Advanced Chil foam, which we have only seen in their Copper II Plush bed from the Performance collection. Beneath, there is 1.5 inches thick layer of Comfort Sense foam and an inch of Cushion Extra Soft polyurethane foam which provides softness and makes this bed perfect for side sleepers too.

The rest of construction is the same, zoned system of individually wrapped coils, and Duraflex edge system wraps up the hybrid construction of this 14 inches thick mattress, which settles well on all types of bed bases.

Sealy Hybrid Gold Chill Ultra Plush

We saved the best for the end, Sealy’s most praised hybrid bed is a part of their Premium collection for a good reason.

On the firmness scale, this bed can be rated as a 3 or 4, and it is the softest bed of their entire line. We recommend it to back and side sleepers, while stomach sleepers should try firmer models since this one will not provide enough support for sleeping in that position.

A thin, elegant black cover features chilling properties, moisture and allergen protection. Underneath the quilt is the layer of Sealy’s slow-response Immersion Advanced Chill foam, next is the layer of Sealy gel foam called Comfort Sense, and then there is the layer of Sealy Cushion Extra polyurethane foam. Now, beneath the foam layers, there is something which secludes this model from all the rest in this line, and that is the sheet of Comfort Flex micro coils which conform to the body and provide extra support. Beneath them is the well-known coat of zoned coils for targeted support and two rows of Duraflex coils around the edges.

Overall, this is probably the best mattress that Sealy has to offer and the most expensive in this line. It is also the softest and the thickest, with 15 inches high profile.

Comparing Prices

There is no such thing as a cheap hybrid bed, and Sealy’s mattresses are no exception. However, there is always something for everyone, and these hybrid models have a wide range of prices, so if anyone is thinking about investing in a hybrid bed, with Sealy, you won’t make a mistake. Here are the prices for standard sizes that are currently in Sealy’s hybrid line, but the brand also offers some of the non-standard dimensions such as Split Queen, and Split Cal King. Bear in mind that the prices are current and that they may vary from one retailer to another.

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cal King
Trust II $1049 $1075 $1079 $1099 $1599 $1599
Kelburn II / $1275 $1279 $1299 $1799 $1799
Copper II Firm / $1175 $1579 $1599 $2099 $2099
Copper II Plush / $1175 $1579 $1599 $2099 $2099
Silver Chill Firm / $1975 $1979 $1999 $2499 $2499
Silver Chill Plush / $1975 $1979 $1999 $2499 $2499
Gold Chill Ultra Plush / $2475 $2479 $2499 $2999 $2999


As seen, Sealy produces several hybrid models which are sold through third-party retailers, since Sealy does not sell their mattresses directly. That means that the sales and support depend on the retailer, which can lead to some variations in terms of prices, return policies, and availability. Sealy mattresses can be found online, but mostly they are sold in brick-and-mortar stores.

When it comes to sleep trial period, it depends on retailers as well, most of them will offer some trial period from 30 to 60 days, but it is essential to ask, to be sure. The same goes with return policies, and costs of shipping. Most models come with a standard 10-year limited warranty.

To conclude, Sealy produces these mattresses, but it does not set the terms for their sale, and it is not in charge for customer support, all that is provided and determined by third-party sellers, and it is up to sleepers to find the one that offers the best deal.


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