A Comprehensive Sealy Posturepedic Review

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All matters taken into consideration, Sealy appears to offer fee-effective mattresses, which means that the rate of any particular Posturepedic bed needs to replicate on its pleasant.

The primary model of their Posturepedic version doesn’t seem to offer proper movement isolation, so it’s advocated in case you’re sleeping on my own, however, you can use it as a couple as properly in case you’re now not disturbed by means of your associate’s tossing and turning.

The Plus option is a higher model of Posturepedic conventional bed, in which the main function is movement isolation. A higher choice if you’re purchasing at Sealy as a couple.

The premiere Hybrid seems to be a combination of the previous two beds. It has all of the benefits of the simple option, motion isolation of the Plus model, however additionally incorporates a cooling gel-infused memory foam like other pinnacle rated foam mattresses.

With the ultimate Hybrid, you get first-rate support, comfort, motion isolation and a basic cooling sleep revel in similar to the one you get with a cooling pad, specifically for the duration of warmer nights.

The ultimate Hybrid is the satisfactory alternative here. If you could afford it, virtually move for it. One drawback that all of these mattresses convey is the off-gassing.

Our opinion is that the off-gassing is something you must just cope with if the rate tag is affordable for you – because you’re genuinely getting a product. Just think about it, the fuel will probably burn up after a week, even as the mattress will in all likelihood live for your bedroom for over a decade.


Have you been seeking out a mattress that’s going to meet and exceed your expectancies? A great brand that’s sincere, has excessive customers’ rating and experience inside the count?

Nicely, today you’re in good fortune. Sealy has been around because of 1881, meaning this corporation has been looking after sleepers’ needs around the world for over a century.

Furthermore, Sealy appears to be one of the corporations that have a huge consumer base full of folks that shop for this emblem time and again, as plenty opinions kingdom that it’s been a major a part of their bedrooms for generations.

Sealy Posturepedic has been a totally well-known emblem for a long time now. Whilst you think about mattress manufacturers, it might be one of the first that comes to thoughts due to the fact the brand is so regularly occurring everywhere your appearance. This evaluation will test Sealy Posturepedic as a whole, in place of zeroing in on the numerous exceptional models.

In most cases, this form of popularity and revel in manner you’re up for an exceptional product. on this shopping for guide, we’ll evaluate the exceptional Sealy mattresses, sum up typical professionals and cons, and also talk briefly about the organization itself.

Sealy Posturepedic is Great for People Who:

  • Want alternatives– With Posturepedic, you have many unique options. You’ve got the 3 essential lines, Posturepedic, Plus, and Hybrid. Within those lines you have many specific models that create special feels. If you are willing to do the research vital to investigate the differences and strive a variety of them out, then the number of alternatives should be engaging for you. In case you need to do no studies in any respect, then you may nevertheless do well here through having a bed sales clerk pay attention in your preferred alternatives and assist you to identify which of the various options might be first-class for you.
  • Want To Buy In Store – Because there are so many options, I would strongly recommend for this line of mattresses that if you want to buy one, you go into a retail store. Given that the names are different across stores, it will be to really gauge how the different mattresses will feel to you without trying them out in store. You also won’t have the benefit of lots of reviews for each specific model to draw from. All the reason to go to a store. The Posturepedic line of mattresses are widely available, so you shouldn’t have any trouble tracking them down.
  • Like An Innerspring/Hybrid experience– All the Posturepedic models function an innerspring guide system with varying stages of poly foam or gel memory foam. Some models feature much more foam than others, but in general, the mattresses will retain an innerspring feel to them.
  • Need to buy From A organization that is well installed With Years Of consumer statistics– Sealy Posturepedic has been around a long time. Not like the freshmen in the enterprise, you have the capability to attract from lots of patron experiences. This could assist you to understand higher what precisely you are becoming out of your product.

Sealy Posturepedic Isn’t Great for People Who:

  • You want to buy online– The convenience and comfort of shopping online is without a doubt understandable, in particular given the sheer wide variety of correct options there are available in the market. As noted above, going for a Posturepedic is probably perfect for those who need to do masses of research and don’t mind attempting out plenty of different models, or people who don’t need to do any research and just need to have a mattress salesperson factor them in the proper direction.
  • You have durability concerns– The one common complaint for this mattress, in regard to this line of mattresses, is durability / the propensity for some models to sag over time. In analyzing the construction of each model in the line, some models have a lot of polyfoam with lower density. Generally, the higher density of the polyfoam, the longer it will last. The thicker the layers of lower density foam, the greater the probability of some durability issue. My advice would be to focus on the models that have lower thickness of the polyfoam layers.
  • You Like Latex Or An Otherwise All-Foam Feel– If you would like the springiness and feel of latex, that is not really what you get from any of the Posturepedic mattresses. If you like an all-foam feel, that too is not really what you get from this line of mattresses.

Company Profile

Sealy initially started working in 1881 and has developed to end up driving brand with twenty-five plants delivering their lines of sleeping cushions and box springs, one of which centers altogether around their latex line. Sealy was bought by Tempur-Pedic in 2012, the adjustable foam goliath, yet at the same time works autonomously.

Creating marvelous items which give profound help and commitment to change have been reserves to their proceeding with progress. Surely understood in the bedding business for plan and development including took springs and nonstop springs made of overwhelming check wire, the organization by and large is recorded among the best in low to mid-extend sleeping cushion choices.

Their more up to date lines of adjustable latex and foam mattresses additionally have gotten average gathering. Other than their total sleeping mattress and boxspring sets, there are pads, toppers and even customizable casings accessible.

Sealy has three bedding lines that will give you the help you require with the vibe you prefer– whether it’s innerspring, flexible foam, or half breed. Each line is presently accessible with select Posturepedic Technology™.

Sealy Posturepedic

Whether you opt for a soft or firm model, Sealy Posturepedic mattresses provide the utmost comfort and all-over support so that your body can fully relax. In result, you can get the best sleep that you truly need.

Every Sealy Posturepedic® mattress is designed to entirely support your back and align your body so you get a comfortable night’s sleep. For years, Sealy Posturepedic has worked with orthopedic specialists to create real support for your body. The newest mattresses are the result of years of engineering to deliver exceptional support and comfort.

Posturepedic Series

The Sealy Posturepedic mattress line includes Classic, Plus, and Premier Hybrid Plush models. These contain mattresses that range in features and thickness, from 8.5“ to 16“.

One very important feature that encompasses every single Sealy mattress is something they call CoreSupport Center. This technology allows their beds to showcase a higher level of support quality, which is immensely important and shows they’re serious about manufacturing quality products.

Other common features between Sealy mattresses include the Solid Edge system, a feature which allows every one of their beds to carry reinforced edges. Additionally, all Posturepedic beds also use gel-infused memory foam. This gel helps the foam contour to your specific body shape, type, and weight and therefore provides more potential for comfortable sleep.

All of these facts make Sealy look like the perfect choice. However, every product has a downside, and this brand is no different. There’s been some concern regarding durability issues and off-gassing.

The Posturepedic® Series delivers the famous superior all-over support, along with the comfort you need for relaxing sleep.

Posturepedic Classic Series

The first in line is the classic Sealy Posturepedic. It’s the standard option that a lot of buyers seem to go with. It’s been designed with support and comfort in mind, allowing your body to adjust well with the foam.

The cover on this mattress is made out of premium fabric, while the comfort layer is made out of high-density memory foam. The firm central section in reinforced and has been praised for its ability to ease lower back, neck and hip pain.

On the other hand, buyers have shown a concern for its lack of motion isolation, meaning you’ll easily feel every toss and turn from your partner and therefore it’s not recommended if you tend to wake up easily.

One other often mentioned downside is the smell. Sealy Posturepedic seems to have a strong smell to it, and off-gassing can sometimes take as long as two weeks to dissipate completely.


  • Comfort Foam: Sealy Soft Foam in the comfort layer.
  • Sealy Embrace™ Coil: Specially engineered encased coil system that responds to the natural curves and alignment of your spine, for full-body support. Encasing allows each coil to move independently, for more targeted support and reduced motion transfer.
  • CoreSupport™ Center: Our exclusive feature, with a band of reinforced gel-infused foam or gel infused memory foam in the center third, for added support and durability where you need it most.
  • SolidEdge™ HD System: A 2.5-inch reinforced border around the mattress edge so you can use the full surface of the mattress, as well as providing a solid seating surface.
  • Corner Handles: Durable corner-wrap handles allow easy movement of the mattress. (Select models)

Posturepedic Plus Series

Whilst giving all the basic features of its predecessor, the Plus version also seems to offer extra support for your spine, since it uses pocket coils almost exclusively. Pocket coils have been known to be a far better choice than open coils, regarding body support. This is because each pocket coil is usually wrapped, which allows each coil to react to your body position and movement.

Remember that where the classic Posturepedic lacks, the Plus version seems to add. Other than its CoreSupport Center, the Posturepedic Plus also does well with motion isolation. Making it a great choice for couples as you won’t be feeling any tossing or turning on your side of the bed.

But, the fact that it’s a Plus version still doesn’t do you any good in the off-gassing department. Even this version will need as much as two weeks in some cases for the smell to completely air out.
Another downside to this version is heat retention. This can become a disaster if you cannot stand the heat. Moreover, this can also be a benefit if you particularly like to sleep hot.


  • Premium Cover Fabric. Durable knit fabric with spun yarns and moisture-wicking treatment for a soft and comfortable feel next to your body. Side panels use a breathable border fabric that allows more airflow to help keep you more comfortable during the night.
  • Gel Memory Foam. A full layer of gel infused memory foam for body-conforming comfort you can feel. (Select models)
  • Sealy Embrace™ Plus Coil. Advanced version of our specially engineered encased coil system for more precise support. A more dense arrangement with nearly 20% more coils throughout response to the natural curves and alignment of your spine, for full-body support. Encasing allows each coil to move independently, for more targeted support and reduced motion transfer.

Posturepedic Premier Hybrid Plush

After designing the first two version of its Posturepedic mattresses, Sealy seems to have taken all the issues and concerns and made a version which takes in the benefits from the previous two, but with fewer downsides.

The Posturepedic Premier Hybrid combined 875 titanium wrapped springs with high-density memory foam to create a premium product. To combat the heat issues, they have added a cooling gel on top of the memory foam in this innerspring bed, and it has worked extremely well.

The top cover is also made out of premium fabric, and when you associate everything here with CoreSupport Center and Solid Edge System, you get a top of the line mattress.

Nevertheless, even this bed doesn’t come without downsides. It has great support, a cooling gel-infused memory foam, excellent motion isolation and reinforced edges. However, the company hasn’t been able to deal with the smell.

Even if you go with a product that has the word ‘Premier’ in it, you’ll still have to put up with the smell. But if you can bear with this simple downside, you should seriously consider getting a Sealy bed.


  • Half Foam/Half Springs Hybrid: A hybrid mattress delivers the best of both worlds: memory foam on top for body-conforming comfort, with specially engineered springs underneath for full-body support.
  • Premium Cover Fabric: Premium-weight, lofty stretch knit fabric with soft spun yarn that allows the memory foam underneath to easily conform to your body. Side panels use a breathable border fabric that allows more airflow to help keep you more comfortable during the night.
  • Cooling Gel Memory Foam: In the top half of the mattress, layers of gel memory foam for body-conforming comfort and reduced motion transfer. Many models feature gel memory foam infused with cooling material to help keep you comfortable during the night.


Who Should Be Interested In Sealy Posturepedic?

Essential Collection Performance Collection Premium Collection
Support Standard Posturepedic Technology™ with 20% more coils where you need it most Posturepedic Technology™ with 20% more coils where you need it most
Cover UltraStretch Knit Cover with Moisture Wicking Technology UltraStretch High-Loft Knit Bold Colored Cover with Moisture-Wicking Technology NEW! Sealy Immersion™ Advanced Memory Foam with Chill™
Top Layer Sealy ComfortSense™ Foam NEW! Sealy Immersion™ Advanced Memory Foam with Chill™ NEW! Response Pro Zoned HD™ Encased Coil System
Coil System Sealy Response Pro™ Encased Coil NEW! Response Pro Zoned HD™ Encased Coil System NEW! Response Pro Zoned HD™ Encased Coil System
Edge System DuraFlex™ Edge (Coil Edge DuraFlex™ Edge (Coil Edge) DuraFlex™ Edge (Coil Edge)
Feels Firm Cushion Firm, Firm, Plush Firm, Plush, Ultra Plush
Sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King
Promotions None Available None Available None Available
Starting Price (Queen) $1,099 $1,299 $1,999


Sleep Trial and Warranty

Sealy sleeping cushions are accessible through outsider retailers. Consequently, clients should concede to the rest preliminary and merchandise exchange of the physical area where they buy their sleeping cushion. Sealy offers a 10-year guarantee for all sleeping pads.

The guarantee covers:

  1. Guarantee scope starts on the date of unique buy. Two sorts of guarantee scope are accessible for Sealy flexible foam sleeping pads:
    1. 1. Items with the 10/10 mark will get non prorated scope for the whole span of the 10-year guarantee. This implies proprietors won’t need to pay extra charges for supplanting an imperfect sleeping cushion. In any case, they will be in charge of delivery and transportation expenses; these expenses will never surpass standard cargo charges. 
    1. 2. Items with the 5/10 mark will get non prorated scope for the five years. From years five to 10, proprietors will pay a customized charge to supplant their faulty sleeping pad. This charge is computed by duplicating the first sleeping cushion cost and the quantity of years the bedding has been claimed and after that partitioning that item by 10. For example, a sleeping pad valued at $600 that has been claimed for a long time will bring about an allocated charge of $420 amid that whole scope year.
  2. On the off chance that a bedding has been suspended, Sealy will utilize the most similar sleeping cushion in their ebb and flow line to compute the allocated charge.
  3. Substitution sleeping cushions will be ensured under an indistinguishable guarantee from the first model. Proprietors who wish to overhaul will pay the distinction in cost between the first sleeping cushion and the update show.
  4. Sealy beddings are intended for use with specific kinds of foundational bolster. A ruler or extra large sleeping pad must be bolstered with a bed outline that has an ‘inflexible extension bar with a supporting leg’ and no less than five legs or if nothing else five ‘similarly separated hardwood braces’. Sealy will void the guarantee if the sleeping cushion is utilized with a deficient emotionally supportive network, or if the bedding is observed to be in unsanitary condition.
  5. Floor or demo models are not qualified for guarantee scope.
  6. The guarantee will cover the accompanying sleeping cushion deserts:
  7. Unmistakable spaces or drooping in the sleeping cushion surface that measure seventy-five percent of an inch (3/4″) or more profound.

The guarantee won’t cover the accompanying:

  1. Spaces or listing that doesn’t quantify seventy-five percent of an inch (3/4″) or more profound. This is viewed as standard wear and tear.
  2. Repair or substitution asks for that happen because of changes in the proprietor’s solace inclinations.
  3. Consumes, cuts, tears, stains, and different sorts of physical harm that happen because of proprietor abuse, ill-advised cleaning, and additionally deficient foundational bolster.
  4. Guarantee scope is solely reached out to unique proprietors who purchase their sleeping cushion specifically from Sealy or an approved Sealy retailer. The individuals who purchase or procure their sleeping pad from the first proprietor or an unapproved Sealy retailer will do as such ‘as seems to be’, and won’t fit the bill for guarantee scope. Amazon.com clients will be qualified for a three-year restricted guarantee offered through that site.

Final Verdict

The Sealy organization without a doubt holds an essential place in the bedding business. Their progressive innovation has gotten much advancement in the way sleeping pads are produced these days.

On the off chance that you pick one of the Sealy Posturepedic beddings included above, we figure you won’t be frustrated. The key is to be very much educated on what precisely every gathering and bedding bring to the table, so there are no curve balls. Keep in mind, there is no single sleeping pad that can fulfill everybody without bounds.

In any case, Sealy has you secured as their four accumulations highlighted here Sealy Conform, Sealy Response, and Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid will serve as a sleeper. Peruse through the tremendous accumulation and get the best bedding for you.

It is somewhat precarious to correlation shop crosswise over various retail outlets with regards to the line of Sealy sleeping pads. That is on account of, for the most part, a sleeping cushion with one name in one store frequently passes by an alternate name in another store. Since the name for a similar sleeping pad is unique, it requires a great deal of additional push to look at costs of models crosswise over various stores.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you discover one model you like in one store, you undoubtedly won’t locate that same name being sold at an alternate organization’s store. It may be accessible at an alternate store, however, it will be under another name.


With Sealy so centered around growing new, front-line rest innovation, it is no big surprise that they have sought after and exceeded expectations at half breed sleeping cushions. The Posturepedic Hybrid gathering joins the help of Sealy’s progressed innerspring loop plans with their front line comfort froths.

This enables the sleeping cushion to offer both the responsive feel of an innerspring emotionally supportive network alongside the propelled solace and shaping of adaptable foam. In the event that you are thinking about a half and half bedding, you should look at the models from Sealy.

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