Sealy’s Conform Line Review

Sealy is a US-based brand, with three mattress lines: Response, Hybrid and Conform. Read on to learn more about the brand and inspect its Conform line thoroughly.

When you think about mattresses, there is usually that one brand which is everyone’s first guess, a brand with a tradition so long and well established that it has become a synonym for a good mattress. Of course, we are talking about Sealy.

Sealy is a US-based brand, with three mattress lines: Response, Hybrid and Conform. In today’s post, we are going to learn more about the brand and inspect its Conform line thoroughly.

How It All Started

It would be a shame not to mention the brand’s long history in bedding, which dates all the way back to 1881. in Sealy, Texas, when a cotton gin builder, Daniel Haynes started Sealy while making cotton stuffed beds for his friends. Later, he went further and invented the machine that was able to compress cotton in 1889. The device was a huge hit, and he was able to license it and sell to the other manufacturers who produced beds under the name “mattresses from Sealy.”

Haynes’s patent was a real success and in 1906. he sold it to Earl Edwards who kept the name Sealy for his new company and launched it to the national market. Sealy used franchisor licenses to expand, and it was the first mattress company that did that. This company already had 28 licensed plants by 1920. However, the period of the great depression was especially hard for the mattress industry, and Sealy was on the edge of bankruptcy and lost most of its licenses.

At the beginning of the 70s, Sealy was sued by its largest licensee, Ohio Mattress Company from Cleveland. The verdict came after fifteen years, and it was a tough defeat for Sealy who had to sell most of its franchises to Ohio Mattress. Until 2005. the company changed several private owners, and then suddenly they decided to offer common stock to the public.

September 2012. was a game changer when the Tempur-Pedic International bought Sealy for more than 200 million dollars. Although these two mattress giants merged, the company kept developing both brands separately. During its more than 130 years long history, Sealy mattresses went through some controversies, good times, bad times, but one thing did not change, and that is the recognizable quality of their products, which is why they are still among the leading mattress manufacturers today.

Sealy’s Posturepedic Technology

In 1950. Sealy introduced Posturepedic technology, which provides targeted support at the areas where you need it the most. It is designed to secure additional support in the central region, where the most substantial part of our body lays so that it stays leveled without sinking in during sleep.

This technology was first used only in certain lines of Sealy’s mattresses, but today it is present in all three lines, including the one we are discussing today. Beds from the Conform line have a top layer made out of denser memory foam in its center, to reinforce its supportiveness.

Review of the Conform Line

In 2017. Sealy restructured their product portfolio and decided to discontinue their three lines: Posturepedic, Optimum and Sealy, but these models may still be found as close-out items. Instead, Sealy introduced three new lines: Response line which offers innerspring mattresses, Hybrid, which offers hybrid models, and the Conform line which consists of three memory foam beds. The latest addition to their Conform line is an online-only available Cocoon mattress.

The conform line offers eight beds split into three collections:

  • Sealy Premium Collection – 2 beds
  • Sealy Essential Collection – 3 beds
  • Sealy Performance Collection – 3 beds

This line provides a good range of different memory foam models with reasonable prices. Each collection has its flagship model in different levels of firmness, ranging from soft to firm so that there is something for everyone’s preferences.

As their top collection, the Premium has a cover that is cool to touch, reinforced edges for better support, and gel-infused memory foam. Their other collection, Performance, is very similar, but its rims are prone to flex and the chilling top cover is missing. The entry-level collection called Essentials does not have a layer of chilling memory foam like the other two collections, and it also comes with a more simple, stretchy top cover. All of these models have Sealy’s supportive gel layer at the bottom layer and Sealy’s ComfortSense memory foam as a top one.

Premium models have four layers of memory foam. When it comes to Performance collection, the Thrilled mattress has four layers while the other two have three layers. Among the Essential models, Upbeat has only two, while others have three layers.

When it comes to materials used in construction, just like with the previous Optimum line, mattresses from the Sealy’s new and enhanced Conform line, are all-memory foam beds, including the base layer, and they are all infused with gel. Sealy before used a material called Outlast for temperature regulation, but now we can notice that their Premium models have a CCT (chill cooling technology) in their cover, Performance models have a quilted cover with moisture protect, and CCT in their to foam layer, while beds in the Essential collection have none of them. Moisture protection works in a way that it transports the heat to wherever it can be evaporated, and by doing so it also contributes to the temperature regulation.

Sealy did not reveal what kind of technology stands behind their CCT, also on their website there is no information about how it works, but CCT was also used for their online-exclusive Cocoon bed model called Chill. But again, they did not explain it for that particular bed either, most likely their chill technology is an enhanced version of the phase-changing Outlast material.

It can be noticed that in their mattress descriptions Sealy no longer praises cooling features of their gel-infused foam layers. In fact, they do not even call it cooling gel, which is a wise decision. Recently many researchers have brought into question the often claimed cooling features of gel because it can only absorb a certain amount of heat, after which it will start producing heat itself.

What enhances the colder feel of a mattress is an increased airflow, which can be achieved through several different ways. Although Sealy did not state this in their descriptions, on the illustration of a mattress from their Conform line, we can see that the top layer has vertical holes for ventilation.

Here is the summary of Sealy’s Conform line and its collections:

Collection Available models
Essentials Optimistic Plush (11.5 inches high) Treat Cushion Firm (10.5 inches) Upbeat Firm (9.5 inches)
Performance Fondness Cushion Firm (11.5 inches) High Spirits Firm (10.5 inches) Thrilled Plush (12.5 inches)
Premium Gratifying Firm (12.5 inches) Wondrous Ultra Plush (13.5 inches)


Sealy Essentials

Sealy’s Conform line starts with their Essential collection, which is the most basic and plain in comparison to the other two. These mattresses are not so thick, foam layers are thinner and fundamental, which leads to the conclusion that beds from this collection will not be as durable as the others. As a base, they used a layer of supportive gel foam and placed Selay’s ComfortSense foam on top of it.

However, simplicity in construction does not have to imply that their quality is low, and they do not lack in variety since these models can be found in different ranges of firmness. Since the bottom base layer is not so thick, and the foam is not as dense as it could be, mattresses from this collection are usually perceived as softer, but they offer comfort and support. This does not have to be a necessarily negative thing, and lightweight side sleepers will be the best match for beds from this collection, while overweight and back sleepers should avoid it. Stomach sleepers will probably also have complaints, but that is the problem which they have with most memory foam beds since they do not provide enough support for that posture.

In terms of prices, these beds are on the affordable side; hence they offer a decent value for the money you will pay. For average sleepers who are not too demanding and need a comfortable mattress to sleep on, these ones are a great choice.

Sealy Performance

For sleepers who were not satisfied with the feature of the previous collection, and seek for a bit more than average, and are willing to pay for it, Sealy’s Performance collection might be a perfect choice. Now, they have a few similarities and same features, but overall, they are notably improved and belong to a different category.

The base layer is again made of gel support foam, but as a transitional layer, they inserted conforming memory foam with CCT technology which responds well to the different body types, and then placed ComfortSense foam on top of it. This model also includes their Posturepedic technology, with denser foam in targeted areas for better support, and a cover with moisture control.

The overall impression is that these mattresses are more comfortable to sleep on during the night, and they also took care of memory foam’s most significant disadvantage – heating. There is a unique gel infused layer, which should help with temperature regulation, and prevent overheating of many sleepers who tend to sleep hot. Another improvement can be found in supportive edges. The foam itself is made in a different way to support the bending of edges, meaning that sleepers should not have problems when sleeping close to the rim, which is another common issue among foam mattresses.

These improvements may seem insignificant and unworthy of a higher price tag, but with this collection, the company tried to solve some common problems with memory foam, and we have to acknowledge that and give them credits for a job well done. It is not Sealy’s most expensive collection, it is somewhere in the mid-range field, and in all aspects, it represents a golden middle of their Conform line.

Sealy Premium

As the name itself implies, Sealy Premium mattresses are the best of their Conform line, they are also the most expensive models, but there is a good reason for that. These mattresses do not behave like a typical foam, and you will find them to be more similar to the innerspring beds. Sealy Premium has all the foam layers like the previous collection, but they have been significantly improved to have prolonged durability. The edges are so enhanced that people can sit on them without worrying that they might slide away. Sleepers will sleep cool and comfortably on a cover which uses CCT technology to feel a bit chilly and regulate the temperature.

However, the Essentials and Performance collection offer a broad range of options for firmness, while the Premium beds do not come in so many varieties. There are options, of course, but sleepers find most of them to be either on the soft or firm side of the spectrum, there are not many medium solutions. For single sleepers, this doesn’t have to be a huge drawback, but for couples who have different firmness preferences, it might be. Regardless of that, this is a great mattress with excellent features which will last and pay of itself.

When it comes to features, these mattresses have the same construction as the ones from Performance collection, they also use Posturepedic technology and CCT which is now even used for the cover, and edges provide more durable support.

Cocoon Chill by Sealy

As mentioned, Cocoon Chill Mattress is a part of Sealy’s Conform line, but it does not belong to any of their three collections. This bed is in a league of its own, and it cannot be found in brick and mortar store, it can only be purchased online, which is why we have decided to include it in this comprehensive Sealy mattress review.

Cocoon’s construction consists of a 6 inches thick and durable base foam, 2 inches of comfort layer in the middle, and 2 inches thick memory foam which adapts to all body types, and positions, as a top layer. Knitted cover is stretchy and well designed. Cocoon comes in two different firmness options, and the biggest difference is in the second layer, which is either softer or firm, and it is great for sleepers who like the feeling of being in or on the bed. The firmer version we highly recommend to sleepers who bear more weight, while lightweight sleepers should opt for the soft model. All used materials are Certipur-US certified.

The name of this bed itself implies that it should offer something particularly useful when it comes to temperature regulation. The brand used their phase-changing material to deal with heat and to be cold on the touch, so if you have cold feet try placing another sheet or mattress protection on top of the already existing one.

This bed comes with a 10-year warranty, and 100 nights of sleep trial, in the chart below we listed the prices.

Twin $550
Twin XL $600
 Full $800
Queen $950
King $1150
Cal King $1150


Why Memory Foam?

All beds from the Conform line have foam layers, and although they have several flaws, memory foam mattresses are still very wanted and popular on the market. If you are still having doubts about the material, check our lists of pros and cons of memory foam.


  • There is no other material that will provide such close conforming and fit your body like a glove. Memory foam beds mold to your contours as they react to pressure and heat, and that is one feature that is hard to beat.
  • For all sleepers who experience occasional or chronic aches, memory foam will be an excellent solution because it helps relieve the aches, soothe the joints, and helps the body to rest and recover faster.
  • You will hardly believe it, but average mattress used for a few years can contain from 10.000 to 10 million dust mites, which not only sounds gross but it can also be harmful to sleepers’ health, especially if they suffer from allergies. Memory foam contains polyurethane fibers which prevent dust mites from collecting, and it’s dense structure also prevents the accumulation of allergens.
  • Memory foam beds are easy to maintain, there are no springs to bust, rotating or flipping is not mandatory but you can do that once in a while if you want, perhaps vacuum it sometimes, and that is all.
  • Although their lifespan can vary, the average memory foam mattress should perform well for around seven years, which is not bad at all, higher quality foam beds which have more dense and thick foam layer last even longer.



  • One main disadvantage of memory foam is the heat retaining feature which can be especially annoying during hot summer nights. However, many mattress manufacturers are trying to find a solution for that problem, so if you do tend to sleep hot, we recommend mattresses that are gel-infused or have other features that will provide fresh sleep.
  • Foam beds come with a bit of off-gassing, that is that weird smell that comes with a new mattress. The Sleep Products Safety Council recommends leaving the mattress in a room with good airflow, and not sleeping on it or placing any sheets for the first 24 hours after that smell should be gone.


Mattress Dimensions

Besides all regular mattress sizes, Sealy offers two non-standard ones, split queen and split king. These models are a bit bigger than their standard pairings, and they consist of two single beds, which can be used separately or combined. Here is the chart with all sizes of Sealy mattresses.


Size Width Length
Twin 38 inches 74 inches
Twin XL 38 79
Full 53 74
Queen 60 79
Split Queen (2 pieces) 30 79
King 76 79
Split King (2 pieces) 38 79
California King 72 83


Comparing Prices

In terms of price tags, all three of Sealy’s bed lines have a broad range of prices, so we decided to summarize their average price points. Keep in mind that the prices can change over time, and you can also wait for special offers or discounts and grab a mattress for fewer bucks. Beds from all three collections are available in eight sizes, but here we are going to compare the average prices for the most common ones.

Line (all models incl.) Twin Full Queen King
Innerspring Essentials 380$ 450$ 550$ 700$
Innerspring Performance 550$ 600$ 650$ 850$
Innerspring Premium 830$ 900$ 930$ 1200$
Hybrid 1000$ 1250$ 1300$ 1500$
Memory Foam Essentials 560$ 660$ 730$ 1000$
Memory Foam Performance 1250$ 1300$ 1350$ 1900$
Memory Foam Premium 2000$ 2000$ 2100$ 2500$



Sealy mattresses come with a standard, 10-year limited warranty. The company itself does not offer any specific sleep trial, but different retailers provide sleep trial period for Sealy mattresses. The duration varies from one retailer to another so research a bit and find the one with the best deal. The same is with the return policy, some retailers offer it, some others do not, so make sure to check all the details.

The warranty will not be accepted if the mattress was not used on a proper foundation or a bed box, or if the adjustable bed base and frame were used, so pay attention to the details of your warranty to prevent any misunderstandings.

Sealy may require from the purchaser to provide evidence of the quality of the above-listed items when the purchaser makes a compliment while under warranty. When it comes to manufacturing defects, they will accept only the ones in a mattress which was used correctly under their terms. They will not take stains, burns, accidental damage or damage associated with the improper foundation, frames, etc. For memory foam beds from their Conform line, indentations fewer than ¾ of an inch are not covered.

If the mattress cover on a specific model is removable, Sealy offers two years of warranty for any flaws in material itself or workmanship. However they do not guarantee that they will replace your cover with the exact same one; instead, they will replace it with the cover that is currently available for that model, meaning it can have a different pattern or a different color.


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