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Can Sleep Apnea Treatment Reduce Hospital Readmissions?

Many people find CPAP machines uncomfortable and stop using them as soon as their sleep apnea starts to feel better. As a result, the disorder symptoms return in full swing, and a recent study highlights this as the main reason for hospital readmissions among OSA patients.

The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Factors, Ethnicity and Sleep

There is inequality all around us, whether it is racial, income, or some other thing you might not think of right away. People who are less financially secured tend to sleep less than wealthy individuals. Also, black people on average have a shorter sleep duration as well as quality compared to Caucasians. We tried to determine why that’s the case, so read on if you want to learn more about the sleep gap in America.

Healthy Sleep and Good Money – Which Professions Offer Both?

Some professions can make it possible to balance your monthly income with a healthy, sensible sleep schedule.

Benefits of Side Sleeping

Your sleep quality is affected by multiple factors – it isn’t just how dark and quiet your room is or what music you listen to before you hit the hay – it’s how you lay your body down, too. According to science, the best sleeping position is sleeping on your side. Read on to learn why.

Sleep Clinic Guide

Sleep clinics are probably the best way to learn everything in-depth about your sleep and get an official diagnosis of a specific sleep disorder.

Sleep Hallucinations – Types, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment and more

Sleep-related hallucinations are vivid and intense sensory or visual experiences that may occur either when you are falling asleep or waking up.