Sleep Research News

Do Fish Sleep?

According to research, most animals sleep in some form, including fish.

Biphasic Sleep – What Is It? Is It Good for You?

Biphasic sleep is a sleep pattern that consists of sleeping in two sessions during a 24-hour period. It may also be called bimodal, segmented, or divided sleep.

Two-Process Model of Sleep Regulation

The two-process model of sleep regulation is based on the interaction of our two bodily processes – sleep-wake homeostasis (S) and the circadian process (C) – working simultaneously and dictating our sleep length, quality, and it’s timing.

Multiple Sleep Latency Test

Multiple sleep latency test is a helpful tool that doctors use to determine a sleep disorder where daytime sleepiness is the leading cause of disrupted sleep. It usually follows Polysomnography or PSG, which is an overnight test that monitors the sleep stages and patterns.

How Does Sleep Affect Your Memory?

Newer studies show that sleep plays an active role in the consolidation of memories, and while earlier studies focused more on the REM sleep and its importance, further studies highlighted the importance of deep (slow-wave) sleep. Read on to learn more!

Mental Illness and Sleep Disorders

Poor sleep can be a symptom, but also a cause of mental illness. Sleep issues can contribute to the development of mental disease, prolong it and make it more difficult to cope with. Learn more about the connection between mental disease and sleep.