Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress Review

In this article, you will find all the information you need to decide if the Ultimate Dreams model fits what you’re looking for in terms of price and performance. Every aspect of the mattress’ performance will be looked at individually to paint the clearest possible picture we can, so there’s no confusion.

Everyone who has had to replace a mattress knows how frustrating shopping for them can be. You have to make sure the new model fits comfortably on your bed and in your bedroom arrangement, and consider a lot of other factors that can make or break a potential deal. For example, some products may not offer enough support if you’re a stomach sleeper, or they absorb and retain a lot of your body heat, which can leave you feeling like you’re in an oven and prevent you from sleeping. Other models may lack the responsiveness needed for sexual activity, and couples may want to avoid them. Then there’s the seemingly ever-present issue of budgetary constraints. Knowing how to find the right mattress (or any other kind of product, really) that doesn’t cost a ton is a very applicable skill to adult life.

To potentially help you make a choice, we’re reviewing the Ultimate Dreams latex mattress from Dreamfoam Bedding. In this article, you will find all the information you need to decide if the Ultimate Dreams model fits what you’re looking for in terms of price and performance. Every aspect of the mattress’ performance will be looked at individually to paint the clearest possible picture we can, so there’s no confusion. Let’s dive right in.

Information About the Manufacturer

Dreamfoam Bedding (shortened to Dreamfoam in the rest of this article) are well-known heavy hitters in the sleep industry. They’ve been showing their competition how it’s done for almost 25 years so far, and have made it their mission to provide many material options for their customers to choose from. Both Dreamfoam and its sister company Brooklyn Bedding are based in Phoenix, Arizona, and are one of the most well-established online bedding equipment sellers in the world. All in all, it’s a brand worth trusting, as they have a history of delivering very reliable and comfy products.

Analyzing the Performance

When you’re looking to make a purchase, planning is everything – this principle applies to almost anything you want to buy, and mattresses are no exception. A good approach, in this case, is to ask yourself important questions such as what you care about the most in a given product. For example, a couple where both people are heavy sleepers that don’t mind noise can eliminate noise reduction from the list of essential mattress properties, as it simply doesn’t affect them as much as it would others. Someone with a very large budget may not care about a slightly below average product life expectancy, as they can afford to make replacements more often and might want to zero in on other aspects.

While a mattress may seem like a simple thing, a basic cushion you use to avoid having to sleep on the floor, there’s a lot to look at under the surface. If you try a cheap, low-quality model and then swap to a top-of-the-line, cutting edge product, it will feel like a world of difference. That difference is made by parameters and design choices that are not immediately obvious, such as the exact blend of materials used to create a comfort layer, as an example. To help you understand the Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress, we’re going to go over every important quality one by one. That way, you can create a priority list based on what normally bothers you while sleeping, and ignore the stuff that doesn’t directly affect you or isn’t an important problem.


Unless your budget is big enough that you want to avoid mentioning it in social situations, you most likely don’t want to have to replace your mattress if it’s not absolutely necessary. For some people, a quality model can take up almost a full salary, so it’s definitely not something you can just throw money on without preparation and planning. Because of this, durability is one of the first things a potential buyer tends to check. You want to make sure your product can last as long as possible without suffering performance drops that make it much less comfortable or supportive.

Sagging is a common way to identify an aging mattress. Due to the movements of people sleeping on that bed, or excessive time spent sitting on the edges of the bed, the edges of your product can sag, causing considerable deformations in the overall shape of the model. As a result, the supportive quality of the mattress can take a nosedive, and you’re left with a bed that’s practically painful to sleep on.

The Ultimate Dreams model sports an extremely well-made support core made of high-density foam, which helps resist sagging over the years and prevents that feeling when you sit on the edge of your bed and notice yourself “bottoming out.” The warranty keeps you covered for a full decade, and given how good the overall construction is, we expect the mattress to live up to that promise with ease.

Support and Comfort

How many times have you woken up in the morning with a really annoying pain in your shoulders, lower back, neck, or similar areas? Sometimes the bed isn’t directly to blame, but products lacking in supportive ability have a habit of inflicting this kind of discomfort on you. Side sleepers and stomach sleepers are especially susceptible, as their preferred sleeping positions can angle their spine improperly, causing problems down the line.

When people talk about comfort, a lot of that pleasure comes from the absence of uncomfortable pressure or pain that many associate with poor-quality models. Proper spine alignment is key to achieving an acceptable level of comfort, and it’s hard to notice when you’ve been mistreated by your bed (many people assume their aches and pains are a result of an unfortunate movement in bed that awkwardly contorts their body).

For this reason, you want a mattress that helps you maintain proper spine alignment while alleviating any pain or pressure points from important places on your body. For example, side sleepers often rest the weight of their entire upper body on the shoulder they’ve pressed into the bed. A good product will take that weight and evenly distribute it around that whole section of the bed, drastically reducing the amount of pressure the sleeper’s joints are exposed to.

The Ultimate Dreams Latex mattress performs admirably in this category, as it’s able to support people of various weight profiles and preferred sleeping positions without any issues. You have to remember that Dreamfoam are very enthusiastic about customization and variety, and this mattress can be tailored to your specific needs, guaranteeing a good level of pain and pressure relief. The Talalay latex comfort layer and the top-of-the-line bamboo knit cover hug your body closely while retaining a sense of moderate firmness, giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to weight distribution and freedom to move around.


We’re willing to bet you haven’t encountered this term unless you’ve been dealing with mattresses in the past. Off-gassing is the phenomenon where a new product emits a familiar yet unpleasant rubbery scent for a brief period after the purchase (or more specifically, after it’s been unpacked). Most products with synthetic materials used in their production will emit these scents, but very few of them come into contact with your body as much as a mattress does. This is why off-gassing is talked about in these circles – you want a model that doesn’t have an intense, unpleasant smell that prevents you from sleeping or relaxing in your bedroom.

How much off-gassing there is tends to be directly connected to overall product quality and the purity of the materials used during manufacturing. The better a mattress is, the less it will smell, and the faster that scent will completely dissipate. In this case, you can expect your model to stop producing that rubbery smell after as little as 12 hours. Not only that, but the scent isn’t nearly unpleasant enough to prevent you from sleeping during that first night. To be extra safe, make sure you keep a window open or a bedroom fan running.

Temperature Neutrality

Another potentially unfamiliar term, isn’t it? Temperature neutrality is a fancy way of presenting how well a mattress can dissipate all the body heat you slowly pour into it. In other words, it measures how cool the bed sleeps. Have you ever been roused from sleep only to realize you’re covered in sweat, with your bed feeling like a heat trap or oven? If you have, chances are that your bed wasn’t great at getting rid of that excess heat.

The name of the game is breathability. The more air you have circulating through your mattress, the more of your body heat gets pushed out, and the smaller the risk of sleep disruption becomes. Talalay latex is known for its ability to promote air circulation, because of its unique manufacturing process. When the initial mixture is injected into the mold, only half of the mold is filled, which prompts the material to expand and inflate to fill out all that space. The resulting latex is fluffy, soft and much more breathable than what you’d normally expect from a material like latex. Because Talalay is used for the comfort layer of the Ultimate Dreams mattress, it can sleep cool even during summer, especially if you have another way to create a healthy airflow, such as an open window.

Bed-Sharing Support

When couples are looking to buy a mattress, they tend to focus on a few extra things that may not bother or interest someone who intends to sleep alone in their bed. Sleeping with another person in the same bed can introduce complications that you may not have foreseen (which is another reason why trial periods help a lot when picking these products out). There are three main properties a couple would want in their newly-purchased mattress: motion isolation, responsiveness, and noise reduction. Let’s go over them, one by one:

Noise reduction is the easiest to understand. No one wants a creaky bed, especially if they typically share that bed with someone else (even more so if that person is their significant other). It’s only natural that both sleepers will change positions many times during the night, and one or both of them may leave the bed to go to the bathroom or something like that. Noisy beds cause all of that movement to potentially wake the other person up, which can leave them fatigued and exhausted the following day.

Motion isolation is similar. Even if both sleepers are resistant to sound while asleep, they can still be roused by movements registered from the other side of the mattress. Every significant motion done on one side of the bed can ripple to the other side, potentially waking the other person up. This includes tossing and turning, leaving the bed, getting into bed, etc. A quality product will limit how much of this movement is felt on other parts of the bed, helping both people achieve blissful, undisturbed sleep.

Finally, we have responsiveness. While the ability to move around in bed factors in even when it comes to sleep, the main purpose is sexual activity. Despite not being directly sleep-related, the ability of a mattress to support sex can make or break a deal when the customers are a couple. You want to make sure your model has noticeable but not insanely high bounciness, so your movements are enhanced and properly cushioned.

Fortunately, the Ultimate Dreams Latex mattress performs well in all of these categories. It is particularly good at motion isolation for a latex-based model. Typically memory foam products are more capable of reducing the ripple of any sudden movements, but we’d be surprised if you get disturbed even semi-regularly while using this product.

Pricing and Customer Service

This may seem like an odd thing to include in the performance section, but we believe it’s deeply connected. You see, companies that make shoddy mattresses (or any other kind of product, really) often have poor customer service, and their prices are either dirt-cheap (tipping you off about all the costs that were cut during production) or wildly inappropriate. Manufacturers that are confident in their products have no problems helping their customers directly and putting immense effort into solving any issue.

The price is another no-brainer. You can be offered the best mattress in the world, but if you can’t afford it, all it does is get you upset while you stare at it in a storefront. These days, it’s quite a skill to be able to find quality products that are affordable and cost-effective.

Dreamfoam provide excellent service, and their prices are very reasonable, especially for a mattress that is this versatile. When looking at prices, the Queen-sized version is most commonly referenced, and in this case, it will cost you $900 to own in your bedroom. The King and California King are only $100 more expensive, so you can easily plan for a size upgrade if you have the space to do so. When coupled with the 90-day trial period and the warranty mentioned above, we see no reason why anyone would avoid trying this particular mattress. It offers something for everyone, and you can use the customization options to make it even more desirable.

Final Note: Make sure you’re not allergic to latex when considering a mattress like this. Despite being very well-made, it simply may not work for you if you (or your partner) have such an allergy.


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