Best Heated Mattress Pads – Buying Guide and Top Picks

Are you searching for the right heated mattress pad for your bedroom? Take a look at Counting Sheep’s buying guide that contains useful tips and top models of heated mattress pads, based on analysis, research, and verified customer ratings.

Few things in our daily routine are as unpleasant as jumping into a freezing bed. Especially during winter, we would encourage finding an extra source of low-cost heating to avoid terrifying electrical bills. One of the most old-fashioned approaches is just to prepare a bottle of hot water and put it underneath the blanket, so it heats the bed and you when you decide to call it a day. But if you’ve actually tried doing this, you’d know that it comes with some discomfort as you’re forced to juggle the bottle as you move around trying to relax.

This is where heated mattress pads come in. Their job is simple – warm up the mattress before and during sleep hours to help the user relax and have a healthy, restorative sleep. A heated mattress pad can be a lifesaver if you have back problems or similar issues since the symptoms of those are often alleviated through the application of heat. It’s very similar to how some people will tie a scarf around their back if they’re staying home during the day.

Making this kind of investment isn’t easy, however. The really good heated mattress pads often cost above $100, and that’s not a sum people love parting with regularly. The purpose of this article is to help you make an informed and confident purchasing decision and find the best heated mattress pad for your personal needs. We will initially list our top picks, so you don’t have to waste time filtering out dodgy products. After that, we will provide additional info and answer some frequently asked questions about heated mattress pads. Let us begin.


Our Picks


Perfect Fit SoftHeat Mattress Pad

If you have a very large, King-sized bed, you may be worried that a single pad may not be enough to provide sufficient heat to help both you and your sleeping partner. The Perfect Fit SoftHeat Mattress Pad was made specifically to warm up King-sized beds and offers some incredibly convenient additional benefits. Let’s assume that your partner has different heat preferences to what you enjoy. This heated mattress pad can deliver different levels of heat to different sides of the bed, satisfying both of you without creating tension. There’s no need for a half-baked compromise when you can just both get your way.


For the reasonable price of around $120, you’re given eleven heat settings to play around with as well as a reliable pre-heat function. The pre-heating helps you get immediate benefit from the heated mattress pad the moment you jump into bed and helps maintain a strict sleeping schedule during winter. The top of the pad is made from a revolutionary blend of polyester and cotton, which helps the pad stretch while getting rid of unwanted moisture. The backing is waterproof, which can save you a lot of time cleaning up spills. This mattress pad uses very thin wires and low-voltage heating, ensuring that your back and wallet don’t get uncomfortable during the winter.


The Chilipad Cube

Control is the name of the game with this pad. It offers you the highest range of temperature settings, and all of those are accessed from your wireless remote, or from the cube itself. Chilipad Cube operates within a range of 55-110 degrees Fahrenheit and lets you activate different heat levels for different sides of the bed. The temperature control is achieved by pushing water through thin tubes. The tubes are thin enough not to be felt while you’re lying on the bed but durable enough to last you a long time. The unique mixture of polyester and cotton provides maximum comfort, without feeling odd at either temperature extreme.


The price can be a bit steep for some people, but the quality of the product more than makes up for it. Consider just how much money you save on your electricity bill by not relying on your thermostat to do all the work heating up your bedroom. Not only that, but the Chilipad Cube comes with a 2-year warranty, and a particularly tempting 90-day return policy. If you purchase this mattress pad, try it out at home and find out it’s not to your liking for whatever reason, you can get a full refund. It goes a long way towards relieving some stress and anxiety while browsing products you may not be fully familiar with and makes the Chilipad Cube an excellent first mattress pad.


Sherpa Heated Pad

The main reason to get this mattress pad is if you’re looking for a very safe and convenient low-voltage option. Here’s something that you won’t find a warning about on any mattress pad package – It’s very common to find unpleasant hotspots and overheating when you’re dealing with lower-quality mattress pads, especially ones that operate on a higher voltage. A lot of mattress pads go returned or unused because of this issue, and going very low-voltage is a key part of stopping that problem. The Sherpa Heated Pad was practically made to avoid this issue, and this makes it stand out. The heat distribution is very even, and there are no uncomfortable hotspots.


This mattress pad uses micro-thin wires you can barely ever feel when you’re lying on the bed, and a 100% polyester cover to create a feeling of comfort and warmth. As is customary with Queen and King-sized mattress pads, the Sherpa Heated Pad lets you create a different temperature for each side of the bed, and help your partner find the same level of comfort as you. Like most high-quality mattress pads, this one comes with pre-heating as a staple feature, and it also sports a 10-hour shut-off timer for increased safety and convenience. Speaking of convenience, the polyester cover is quite easy to wash in your laundry machine, so you can keep it fresh without any issues.


Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad

Value is the primary focus for this Sunbeam Quilted Heated mattress pad. It is the most affordable heated mattress pad on this list, asking for only $60.29 for a King-sized model. Despite this, it doesn’t underperform where it counts. The patented ThermoFine technology ensures that the heat gets distributed evenly, without hotspots or other such problems. The whopping ten heat settings let you precisely control the temperature of the bed, and the dual remote control feature lets you and your partner set the mattress temperature to your individual preferences without fuss or necessary planning.


The cover is made of 100% pure polyester, and there’s some extra polyester fill added into the mix to create a feeling of plush and add additional softness, as well as helping to prevent the user from feeling the microwires while they’re trying to sleep. The Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad automatically turns off after ten hours of activity to save power and help prevent any kind of overheating accidents. The preheating feature lets you quickly warm up the moment you jump into bed, removing that unpleasant initial period of freezing that can disrupt a person’s sleep rhythm. The pad itself is machine-washable and dryer-safe, so you can keep it smelling fresh to help further to relax when you need it the most.


Buyer’s Guide

We’ve looked at the best heated mattress pads available on the market, but for a lot of people, stopping here would make it a risky investment. The more info you have about the products, the more informed your decision is, and the more confident you can be while planning your finances. To that end, we will try our best to answer some burning questions that you may have after reading the product reviews. Without further ado:

What are the Benefits of Buying a Heated Mattress Pad?

The main selling point of any good mattress pad is that it helps you relax when you really need to fall asleep. A lot of us have busy work schedules that demand time efficiency and a sleeping schedule that can support that level of exhaustion and stress. During winter or if you have health conditions, it can be hard to warm up when you first get into a cold bed, which leads to people spending absurd amounts of money on electricity to try and keep the room heated above a reasonable limit. A heated mattress pad specifically targets your bed with consistent and adjustable heating, often before you even make contact with your mattress. This makes it, so the bed is warm the second you get into it, saving you time and helping you relax.

We’ve briefly mentioned this already, but using a heated mattress pad can save you a lot of money you’d otherwise spend on electricity to get the same level of warmth in a much less efficient manner. This means that a high-quality mattress pad pays for itself indirectly. You make an investment that gets returned in the form of reduced electricity bills during the coming months (or years). A lot of mattress pads also come with cooling options for hotter months, which can also save money and provide extra comfort.

Additionally, the comfort and heating provided by a heated mattress pad can be instrumental in relieving back pain, joint pain and any similar issues for people with different health conditions. Someone with a fever can find it very hard to fall asleep because they’re constantly cold and their bones ache. A good-quality mattress pad can solve both of those issues and assist in a speedy and clean recovery, which then manifests as a whole host of other benefits (such as less unpaid time off work). The softness of a polyester or cotton cover can make up for any deficiencies that a lot of mattresses can develop after a long period of use, so you get a benefit from mattress pads even without turning them on.

Which Materials are Best for the Cover?

There are three main options you will encounter with most mattress pads. Which one you get depends almost entirely on your preference and the way you sleep. Here are your options:

  • Cotton is the softest option on the market and sports high water absorbency. For this reason, it is a high-priority choice among people who get sweaty while sleeping for whatever reason (including fevers and other health issues). Cotton takes care of that sweat and helps the user avoid waking up at night due to discomfort.
  • Polyester isn’t as absorbent, but it offers a much higher level of stretchiness than cotton. Stretch helps to get a clean fit onto any size mattress you may be using. Polyester is also relatively breathable, which adds to the comfort level of your heated mattress pad.
  • Blends of the above mentioned two materials are becoming more and more popular as time goes by. A good mixture can bring the best of both worlds without sacrificing what makes each material desirable. If you’re not strictly focused on stretching or water absorbency, a blend is often your best bet.

Are There Any Safety Considerations to Worry About?

In short, no. Mattress pads are a very safe product, and almost all of them come with features that make them risk-free to use. Here are some features you may encounter that should put a smile on your face:

  • Overheating protection is an advanced feature that allows the mattress pad to detect if the conditions are getting too hot, after which it will shut off automatically. This feature is slightly rarer than something like pre-heating, but it’s often a big selling point.
  • Automatic shut-off is a staple feature among most high-quality mattress pads since it prevents overheating and saves money on electricity. Most mattress pads have shut-off timers in the 8-10 hour range.
  • UL certification is a reliable way to determine whether a product is fully safe. Heated bedding comes with its own standards, meaning that the tests were precise and thorough, making the certificate credible and trustworthy.



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