Security is the state of being protected or safe from any harm, while the camera is a device that is used for taking for taking photographs. The safety of the people reaches beyond the recorded history. Security is a facet of significant concern when it comes to ensuring and uplifting holistic protection towards your family members, business, and properties, etc. The best security camera in town is one of the modern splendor technologies that promote a substantial measure of protection. With a high-quality security camera in a particular place, you can guarantee full safety.

Moreover, by the presence of security cameras, you can dissuade burglars from doing something illegal. Also, when something happened in that particular place, everything is recorded on tape and criminals are easy to identify. People of the world are aware that security camera is continuously monitoring anywhere to make our lives safer. Missing people, theft, criminals, intruders and accidents in the streets are recorded with the use of this invention.

Nowadays, with the prevalence of technology, installment of security camera is way more comfortable. It can readily be connected to your home WIFI, which allows you to monitor your property and family members via live streaming through your smartphone and computers. Furthermore, you must have seen security cameras installed in many infrastructures like malls, banks, hotels, business houses, etc. There are security cameras that are visible, and there are some that are hidden but offers the same level of security. Security cameras keep us secure and away from any harm.

Purpose of the Product

The installment of security camera becomes more necessary due to the increasing number of crimes, theft, and even simple argument. We cannot deny the fact that having little or shallow security protection will never ease the feeling that something wrong might happen. Security camera amends security and protection towards our home, family members, business, and properties. Furthermore, using security cameras decrease the chances of intruders towards committing harm to you and your family members, preventing them from harming your properties, keeping away trespassers and monitoring your loved ones.  The purpose of security cameras is primarily to protect people from all means of harm, theft, criminalization, etc. The advancement of security camera has the level of security measure and can give people peace of mind. The purpose of security cameras is mainly to promote safety, but you should always make sure that your security cameras are indeed helping you to protect and secure building, business, and other properties — additional tips in selecting your security cameras and distinguishing their purposes.

  • Placement of your camera: You have to consider the history of criminalization in your area for you to discern the right security cameras for you and when choosing the exact camera installation site. Security cameras should be placed away from children and passersby.
  • Selecting the right security camera: Your purpose for having security cameras is basically to attain security and protection. Hence, make it sure that your chosen cameras are in good quality and capable of recording all happening inside and outside your property.
  • Keeping records: One of the purposes of installing security cameras is keeping vital records. These recordings could help settle professional disputes and mere misunderstandings if needed.
  • Monitoring: Security camera customers are looking after for a 24/7 monitoring towards their family, businesses, and other properties. It is one of the purposes why security cameras were created because they want to promote a 24/7 monitoring system that can diminish the agitation of people.
  • Motion sensors: The most common reason for security cameras is lifting security measure towards people. Uplifting motion sensors is another purpose of security cameras as well. Motion sensors will notify and alert the people if something wrong is happening in your property.

In acquiring a security camera, you can alleviate the chances of cons from occurring, you can feel comfortable and safe during the night, and you can ensure the safety of your family members, employee, and staffs.

How It Affects Sleep

The security camera in this generation is becoming more critical because of the rampant criminalization, theft and the existence of multiple intruders and criminals around us. The worst feeling is waking up in the middle of the night because of the burglars, and you always feel unprotected. Nowadays, sticking to your little protection will never save your family and properties from being a potential target. Your home should be a place where you can feel secure and protected. Having a high-standard home security camera, you cannot only protect your family from possible harm, but you can ensure that they will sleep easily without worries in their mind. Nothing compares to having a peace of mind while you are sleeping at night and you are secure and protected from burglars and intruders.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Technology and innovation have both advantages and disadvantages, and it could help us but could harm us as well. The security camera is one of the best creations of technology nowadays which is helpful to secure our home and other properties. Just like other inventions, security cameras have drawbacks as well. It is not right to only focus on their positive side but let us take a look on their negative side also. If you are confused whether to install security cameras or not, the following could help you come up with the right decision.




Allay Criminalization

This is the first and apparent benefit you can get when installing security cameras. The effect of security cameras after being introduced can be experienced right-away. The existence of individuals that are capable of doing illegal actions is timely and relevant. Upon the installment of your security cameras, you will root the feeling of being safe and secured from criminals and intruders.

Furthermore, either you install security cameras at home or workplace; you can decrease the chances of criminalization from occurring. Installment of security cameras can deter intruders and criminals from doing something illegal since it is now easy to determine their identities and caught their illicit deeds. Moreover, having a security camera makes your home, family members, properties and workplace from becoming an easy target.

Record Scores of Activities

In everyday encounters of people, numerous activities and scenarios might happen in particular areas. In a workplace context, it is very comfortable to work when security cameras were placed anywhere that the power source is close by and can monitor everything.  Security cameras have differed from sizes and functions depending on your taste, and they can be positioned anywhere. Some cameras are weeny enough to be secluded in plants, tables, books, photo frames, vases, etc. and won’t make other people feel uncomfortable since they are being recorded.

It is suggested and recommended to end buying dummy cameras for security purposes. Intruders and criminals are intelligent enough to distinguish whether it is a dummy or real, hence, having no point on faking it. Real cameras, on the other hand, hold a secure and reliable measure of security and keeping a record of people entering your home, property, and workplace and monitor every detail of their actions. Moreover, security cameras help you keep tabs on suspicious people coming to your place and put an eye on them.

Accumulate Shreds of evidence and Validations

Installing security cameras in isolated and strategic places lift the opportunity of gazing not only the actions of people but also the audio records of particular events. Furthermore, modern type of security cameras do not only clinch the high-quality recorded scenarios but clear history of audios as well. Camera footage can help give justice to those affected families of certain criminalization. The lucent history of actions and voices makes them more potent in every series of recorded happenings. This can be used when it comes to legal concerns, and they can validate the authenticity of the pieces of evidence being presented. This can also be used when the eye witness of a specific event tends to forget a particularly important part of the full scenario or clarify what had happened. With the security cameras, legal authorities can accumulate shreds of evidence and validations to arrive with the right decisions. This is the whole aspect that security cameras can offer when it comes to legal concerns.

Keeping Important Records

Keeping important records is quite remarkable when you got to know about something had happened days ago and your curiosity is bothering you. If that is the case, you can only check on your security camera and criticize what was being recorded. You should act professionally especially if you are in a workplace context in giving conclusion and decisions. Furthermore, security cameras being installed record and document everything they see like dates, time, and people that are involved.

Moreover, something that was being recorded either a crime or a simple tiff, security camera can help you investigate and criticize the actual happenings. We cannot deny the fact that there are presented pieces of evidence or footage that is not true. Through installing your security cameras, you can refer to your footage and recorded video for exact validations.

Arriving with Unbiased Decision

Different kind of people has different approaches and ways of embracing and assailing different scenarios. Some people tend to protect and defend that individual who is close to them without listening to the other side of the story and sticking with a single ideology. However, with the use of security cameras, we can profess a unique and equal decision towards something bulky or minor tiff. Security camera footage can help you arrive with the right and fair settlement of disputes, neither a docile or professional scenario. Incorrect and inappropriate claims are coming from your family members, employees or customers can be validated using the recorded scenes of the cameras.  Furthermore, it can also assist you in dealing with minor disagreements within your family members, workplace employees, staffs, and costumes that need your keen attention.





When installing security cameras for the sake of your safety and security, privacy is the utmost concern of the people. It is an antonym when we talk about security. Installing the best security cameras in town will uplift the chances of decreasing the numbers of criminalization; however, privacy here is the primary issue. Your personal life will be invaded, and all your actions and behavior are being recorded.

Furthermore, there are some instances that there are personal scenarios and happenings that had been recorded without the permission of the people involved. In a workplace context, critics have argued about the installment of security cameras inside the office which implies that the employees are already assumed to do something wrong or something illegal. That is why every detail of their actions are needed to be recorded and this sound very insulting as an employee and as a human being.

Costly Prices

If you want to install the best camera in town, you will experience its functions after being introduced.  You will immediately feel comfortable and secure about something might happen and a substantial security measure against intruders. However, installing the security cameras requires the customers to be well-diverse about its prices–it is not as cheap as you think. Different cameras could cost hundreds or thousands depending on its sizes, functions, features, and the number of cameras you want to install. The cameras after being installed require maintenance that is linked with money as well. Moreover, the security cameras can guarantee you extensive security in your home, offices, and properties but with costly prices as an exchange for your safety.

It Can Cause Harm

Security cameras are known when it comes to securing your family members, home, business, and properties from being harm and decrease its chances of becoming a potential target of the intruder. However, security cameras can also be the reason why you are in trouble. Nowadays, with the shrinking of the world and technologies, we cannot deny the fact that there is already a high percentage of individuals who tend to be literate when it comes to hacking your accounts, personal information, and even your security cameras. It is ironic that you install security cameras for security purposes, but you can also be a victim of your own. Furthermore, the tech-savvy criminal who is literate can distinguish and understood how the technology works and how to disable them from their power sources. Intruders can turn the chair around, and in some cases, your security cameras can be used to spy on you. These are some reasons why security cameras can harm the customers and users and become vulnerable.

Necessitate Maintenance

It has been discussed above that one of the disadvantages of installing security cameras is the prices. Security cameras are quite expensive and necessitate maintenance. There are some instances that people tend to use dummy cameras to deter intruders but have no point of doing it at all. Intruders and criminal are now more aware of technology and can distinguish your camera if it is authentic or not. Dummy cameras are very affordable and don’t require maintenance but have no point in using them correctly in today’s generation. Authentic cameras, on the other hand, can record and document everything and can help solve mere disagreements or professional settlements, lay misunderstandings and making someone to be objective towards arriving decisions. To conserve the efficiency of the security cameras, you need to put an eye on maintaining them and make a call to those professionals to fix the cameras if need and make it sure that it is still functioning.

Can’t Stop Criminalization

The top most advantage of installing the best security cameras is decreasing the chances of criminalization of specific places. Yes, it could, but it cannot stop criminalization from occurring. In today’s generation, intruders are no longer illiterate and shallow; they are now more conscious of keeping their identities unknown and not to be caught by the authorities. If customers are making sure in securing their family members, business, office, and property; intruders and criminals are doing the same too. They will focus on having strategic plans in committing illegal actions without being caught. Security cameras can deter some intruders, but criminalization can still arise with tech-savvy intruders.

Safety Precautions

A security camera is a stepping stone in ensuring safety and keeping tabs on essential happenings, suspicious people, and extended protection from intruders. Nowadays, security cameras are easily connected to the internet and WIFI connections driven by customers for easy video access. Furthermore, security cameras could be indoor, outdoor, wireless, hardwired and doorbell depending on their functions, features, security need and the client’s budget. In this generation, threats and heightened security for different infrastructures like offices, mall, business houses and hotels is a security risk. Installing a security camera is your best defense against intruders and criminals, illegal activities, security contravention, and total property damage.

Furthermore, there are some definite tips recommended to the costumes to safeguard their security by following precautions:

  • Always ensure that to change the default username or password after the security camera has been installed. It is recommended to use a different and robust username and password to increase security measure. You can use your favorite pairs of numbers, colors, television personality, birthdays, or combination of names and numbers of your favorite character.
  • Make it sure that your security camera has the latest features installed for your specific camera model. This is utmost important in ensuring your safety because numerous individuals are literate when it comes to technology and can easily hack your cameras. This is a defense against unauthorized access and hackers.
  • Ensure that you are checking your security camera logs regularly. We cannot deny the fact that you are not reviewing your footage regularly unless there is a need to do so or you have observed the presence of suspicious people — moreover, security cameras embedded logs that can help you access the camera’s footage regularly.
  • Ensure that the maintenance of your security cameras is correctly observing because it can harm you. It can cause disastrous activity and can help intruders access your home and property easily.
  • Never allow strangers to enter your home with your absence. These strangers could be a potential intruder who is trying to figure out how your security camera works and functions. Always ensure that your family members are well informed about this because it is straightforward to catch their emotion and became a prerequisite in stealing your valuables.
  • Always maintain your security cameras even at high prices. Keeping your camera without checking if it is still functioning is quite useless. Always ensure the maintenance of your security camera to attain more comprehensive security. Support of your cameras is indeed expensive yet, and it can guarantee you full footage of actual scenarios in specific areas.
  • Place your security camera that can cover the entire area where the camera is placed and make it sure that your cameras are placed away from children. Children below nine years old are capable of damaging your things including your security camera since they are not well diverse about its consequences. As a parent, you should place your security cameras that makes your children incapable of damaging it and decreasing the chances of installing brand new security cameras.
  • Install your security cameras with trusted company and personalities. In this generation, it is the fact that there is a widespread presence of replicas and imitations of security cameras are not exempted. In installing securing cameras, always ensure that you are trusting and dealing with professionals and trusted people.
  • Select the best security camera that can satisfy your worries and suitable to your designated budget. Also, make it sure that you choose the camera that functions according to what it promised for you not to regret in the end.

The recommended tips are likely to prevent your home, business houses, property, and area from different illegal and damaging scenarios from occurring. At the same time, this will serve as a guide to the parents and costumes on the safe use and precautions of security camera and allay cons from happening. Thus, installing your security cameras will help you decrease your worries and anxiety, and allows you to rest without concern in your mind.

Review of the Top Brands

The percentage of criminalization and other minor tiff had increased rapidly. We cannot just settle for little security towards your office, family member and business houses, etc. Security is beyond that. To have a reliable security measure, we should consider installing a security camera is our areas to be more secure. The popularity of the security camera in the past decade and with the advancement of technology, security cameras came into different designs and sizes. Security cameras could be indoor or outdoor, wired, wireless, or doorbell camera that can surely allay different kinds of criminalization or any little scenarios and happenings.

Furthermore, security cameras hold scores of features that are surely priceless and worth it. Some cameras are waterproof which can be positioned anywhere, and some camera holds a common ground which is having two-way audio. Moreover, despite having some differences, all of these security cameras can guarantee you your security and broad protection towards your family members, business, and properties.

In choosing a security camera, you have to consider its features and priceless functions. Here is a review for the top brands of the product that can surely help you in choosing your security camera to install.

After tackling everything about what you need to know about the use and functions of security cameras, it is now the time to choose or select what security camera to install. The security camera you are going to install should be helpful to address your worries about intruders and criminals, and security cameras should be suitable to your taste. With this, here is a list of recommended security cameras and its proportionate features and priceless functions.

These selections should assist you in choosing or selecting the best security camera for y, your family members, business office, employees, staffs and for you.

Our best cameras!

Arlo Pro 2 by NETGEAR


  • It could be a wireless or wired camera
  • Weather-resistant
  • You can place it anywhere
  • With wider angle lens up to 130-degree and 1080p HD camera
  • 100-bluster alarm
  • Automatic 25  feet night vision
  • Offers you audible security device for two-ways
  • Arlo camera is waterproof camera from 32-122 degree Fahrenheit
  • For seven days, it has free cloud recordings plus local backup storage and subscription storage options
  • Ando camera is also working with, Samsung,  Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Smartthings
  • This security camera has a 1-year limited warranty
  • Can be customized to contact 911 easily

Arlo Pro 2 security camera by NETGEAR stands to offer the customers the absolute fluctuation and functionality of the camera.  Arlo Pro 2 by NETGEAR is a weather-resistant camera, and you can position or set up it anywhere you want-either inside or outside. This HD, wire-free security camera is audible for two-ways; it is connected with both Google Assistant Amazon Alexa for any voice instructions and has automatic night vision towards dim lighting.

Furthermore, the Arlo Pro 2 security camera by NETGEAR is working and compatible with Samsung, Amazon Alexa, Google and a certified smart security camera. It has an Arlo app that can help the customers in the inside areas of your home  and activity zones, offices, and properties, so you get alerted when there is a presence of rare motion or sound. Furthermore, customers can upgrade and customize with Arlo Smart the sensors and can easily contact 911 during emergency or insurgencies even with the screen lock. You may view your security cameras live stream on your smart TV or other smart home devices through setting up IFTTT. In Arlo subscription, increased storage options are available. Moreover, recorded and documented videos are stored for free in the cloud for seven days, and you can merely save the footage by plugging in a USB or hard drive towards the base of the camera.


  • Free cloud storage for seven days
  • With optional local backup via USB
  • More advance when it comes to scheduling and geofencing controls
  • Compatible with Arlo Pro
  • Advance multi-camera plans for businesses


  • App interact with little complications

Nest Cam Outdoor and Indoor


  • 1080p HD camera with wide-angle of the lens that can reach up to 180-degree  and with 4x optical zoom
  • 24/7 live streaming
  • Waterproof camera, cable, and adapter
  • Night vision camera
  • Compatible with both Nest and Amazon Alexa
  • With microphones and speaker
  • I have 3 hours recordings for free stored in cloud plus a storage options subscription with Nest Aware
  • 2-year limited warranty

Nest Cam Outdoor and Indoor


  • Offers wide-angle lens that can reach up to 130 degrees, 1080p HD camera and with 4x optical zoom
  • 24/7 live streaming
  • Waterproof cable, adapter, and camera
  • Night vision camera
  • Compatible with both Nest and Amazon Alexa
  • With microphones and speaker
  • I have 3 hours recordings for free and stored in cloud plus a storage options subscription together Nest Aware
  • Limited warranty for 2 years

This security camera offers you a 24/7 clear live streaming whatever time it is already and how the weather gets. Nest cam outdoor is a waterproof camera that includes night vision. No will no longer worry about its battery dying and losing out the feed since it is a wired camera.  This outdoor camera has the same features with Nest cam indoor; it will also alert you with any suspicious activity or any suspicious movement by Nest app on your phone. This outdoor camera also includes numerous options when it comes to mounting, with a removable mount and built-in magnet, cable clips, wall plates, and screws. This camera is also compatible with both Alexa and Nest. It also has a speaker and microphone so you will be alerted and respond to it through your app. Moreover, to view the footage from 10 up to 30 days and set up person alerts, you have to upgrade to Nest Aware.

On the other hand, the Nest Cam Indoor is a wired camera with 1080p HD clear camera and 8x digital zoom and a night vision. Since this camera is wired, you cannot place it anywhere, but you need to position it somewhere near an outlet. You can unscrew the base of this camera and set this up to your tripod. Furthermore, this camera is compatible with the Nest smart system, as well as for any voice command in Amazon Alexa. The Nest Cam motion sensors are sensitive yet, intelligent. Hence, you will not get blitz with false alarms. With the two-way audio, you can quickly speak into you, and your voice will be relayed to the camera’s attached speakers. Moreover, the Nest Cam Indoor holds the footage history for free for about 3 hours. To views up continuous footage back up in the cloud for about 10 or 30 days ,  you need to upgrade your device with Nest Aware to set up Person alerts.


  • Excellent hardware design
  • Compatible with Google Assistant
  • Advance alerts and smart video features
  • It has good quality for day or night imaging


  • It is costly
  • Some of the features of the camera require subscriptions
  • Very expensive

Wyze Cam


  • Affordable camera
  • Wide-angle lens up to 110 degrees and digital zoom for 8x with 1080p HD camera
  • Wyze cam is working  with Alexa choice command
  • Audible for two-ways
  • Maximum of 30 feet night vision
  • 14 days  recordings for free stored to cloud
  • Limited warranty for about a year

This security camera offers you a very affordable price but holds some features of other security cameras that are priceless. The Wyze cam is compatible and working with Alexa voice command. The night vision holds up to 30 feet away so you can even monitor a large room. Also, you can easily talk back and audible for two-ways.

Furthermore, the Wyze up which is available to Android and iOS devices, you have the central control for  the various Wyze cameras. You talk back and set up customers with speaker, share different footage recordings, and you can view footage for about 14 days through the cloud. In this camera, you can also have separated microSD card seeing more significant storage. When installing this camera, you will no longer worry about the screws because this is very easy to setup since it has a adhesive metal plate, magnetic base.


  • Easy to install
  • Higher camera quality
  • Access speed
  • More top application quality
  • Capacity to pan up and down
  • Solid WIFI camera
  • No need for subscriptions
  • Motion tracking
  • With flexible design


  • 12 seconds video clip length
  • Limited settings
  • There are no areas for email alerts
  • Requires electrical power

Ring Spotlight Cam


  • 140 degrees spacious-angle lens and with 1080p HD camera
  • A night vision camera
  • With siren alarm
  • Audible for two-ways
  • Higher degree Fahrenheit from -5 – 120 waterproof camera
  • It is compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Seven days recordings for free plus Ring Protect and storage option subscriptions
  • Warranty limited for a year

The Ring Spotlight Cam were the first security camera that clenches a substantial measure of security. This camera will not only alert you if there is a suspicious motion, sound or movement, but it also light up the area with the bright of 375 LED spotlight, and set off a siren and that will surely discourage the intruders. And with viewing field up to  140-degree that makes it more aloft with other security cameras. This security camera is working with Alexa and compatible with Amazon Echo Devices. For listening audio and viewing on-demand footage, for notifications on your phone, you can simply sign up on yo tablets, laptop, or computers. You can remotely stimulate the siren through the app of your phone.

Furthermore, you can ascent your device with  one of these two: Plus or Basic which is a Ring Protect subscription tiers. Recordings on clouds are also free for seven days. This security camera is available with two colors-white and black. You can select depending on your taste and which fits better to your home. Ring Spotlight Cam offers you lifetime protection since they will replace your camera if it is stolen.


  • With siren alert
  • Easy installation
  • The ring controller app hold scores of features


  • Recordings of video require the subscription
  • Delay of editing motion zones

Logitech Circle 2


  • 180-degree spacious-angle lens with 1080p HD camera
  • A night vision camera
  • Waterproof camera
  • Audible in two ways
  • 24 hours of free recording and storage option subscriptions
  • It works and compatible with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit,  and Amazon Alexa
  • Warranty limited for a year

Almost of the security cameras are known to be working by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This security camera is known to be working with voice assistants consisting of  Apple HomeKit and Siri. This certain indoor or outdoor camera could be wired or wireless and has a waterproof feature. It holds up to 180 extensive views and long cable up to 10-feet. This camera is way better for bantam areas since it only shows 15-feet for night vision. The 24 hours footage of the camera is surely stored in cloud, and it is for free. It also holds the ability and capacity to upgrade and install person alerts and activity zone.  Also, to views scores of day’s storage. Moreover, you can efficiently monitor what is going on with your place through the mobile app notifications with a thumbnail image. You will also have a 30-day Brief that will surely notify with any activities with a quick brief for you.


  • It is easy to set up
  • It can show time lapses of the day
  • With mounting option available
  • It is compatible with Amazon, Apple, and Google hubs


  • With choosy mount options
  • Some features require payment
  • Regular charging of batteries

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