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Security cameras are among the best surveillance and technological devices, and they can help keep your home safe and keep the burglars away. If anything wrong happens, they will record it and collect the crucial pieces of evidence. Counting Sheep’s guide to choosing the best security cameras contains product suggestions based on analysis and research, and useful tips to picking the right model that fits your needs.

Technology serves us well in many ways, but one of its roles particularly stands out, and that is safety. We use cameras mostly to create memories, either in the form of a video or photography, but they can be used in many other useful ways, and that is why today we will be discussing security cameras.

People’s need for safety is just as old as time, and this is something which we always tend to improve and keep on the highest possible level. Currently, the security cameras are among the best surveillance and technological devices, and most people are aware that monitoring is in favor of our safety. If anything wrong happens, they will record it and collect the crucial pieces of evidence, while on the other hand, they can also be the reason why the burglars will avoid your home.

It has never been easier to install a safety device, which only speaks about the fact that as a society we have created a world full of potential dangers, and how hard are we now working on our defense system. 

We are already used to the fact that every time we enter a bank, a shopping mall, or almost any store, we are being recorded, even many public places such as squares and main streets are covered with cameras, so in a way we are being filmed almost every day when we step out of our house. Since they are available and some more basic models can be found on an affordable price, many people decide to invest in their peace and safety by placing monitoring devices in front of their doors, inside of the house, or covering their entire yard. 

Perhaps almost as famous as the real cameras are the dummy ones, fake devices that are meant to be placed on some visible spots to turn off the burglars. However, since today not everyone can be a “good” burglar, the ones who do these things are almost professionals, they know well how the technology works, and they can easily recognize a fake device. Buying a dummy can hit you back like a boomerang, so be aware that that is not the best idea. But if you opt for a real one, you can be at peace even if you are away from home because modern versions use Wi-Fi to connect to your phone so that you can monitor what is going on.


How to Use Them?

The vast number of crimes, fights, and thefts is the reason why cameras have become the necessity of our time, if you are thinking about starting a business or opening a shop, they are already on your must-list because no one wants to gamble and take the risk. And if you already want to protect your business, why not protect your home, possessions, family, the essential things. That is why anyone who can afford to buy them does not hesitate much to make that purchase. 

But it is not that simple, and there are a few things which you should take into consideration if you decide to use them, so here is our list of advice which you should follow to ensure the highest level of protection with them.

  1. Selection. Of course, the most important thing is finding the right one, the one which will serve you well and be in your budget. For our suggestions, keep up reading to see our top list of security cameras.
  2. The position. After you have decided which one to take and bought it, the next crucial thing is to decide where to place it, or them, if you purchased more than one. It should be high enough to be unreachable, but on a spot from which it can record a wide angle and take clear shots. If you are buying several devices, make sure to leave no dead corners, and to cover your entire back or/and front yard.
  3. Keeping records. One of the vital functions and the primary purpose of using recording devices at the first place is their ability to record a live video, so keep that in mind because not all of them have that option, and if they have it, check the duration of the recorded material on the tape.
  4. Motion sensors are some of the customer’s favorite features of these devices because these sensors will monitor and notify the owner if anything unwanted is going on around their home.


How They Affect Sleep?

When you think about the things which can impact the quality of your sleep, probably among the top items on the list would be products such as a right mattress, pillow, quiet surroundings, perhaps some sleeping pills, but we rarely think outside of that box. There are a lot of things which are not so obviously connected to sleep, but they can create a significant difference. 

Many people who have installed these devices claim to sleep more peacefully than before because they know that they are as safe as they could be. Can you remember how many times did you woke up in the middle of the night because you heard something, and then had to get up, look around, check the locks, etc.? Those situations are never natural, and even though it usually turns out that it was nothing, you cannot go to sleep peacefully, because your mind is aroused and all your senses are on.

Your home should be a place where you can feel secure and protected. Having a high-standard safety device can ensure that you and your family sleep soundly and without any worries on the mind. Nothing compares to the inner peace while you are sleeping at night knowing that you are secure and protected from burglars and intruders.


Advantages of Security Cameras

Technology and innovation have both advantages and disadvantages, they can help us, but they could also harm us, it all depends on the way we use them. If you are thinking about buying a device which will enhance your security, but you are still hesitating, take a look at our list of benefits of using security cameras:

  1. Lower risk of crime. This is the first and most apparent benefit you can get after installing the recording device. After the installment, you will forget about the safety-related concerns and focus on other things. You can use them in your home or at work; it does not matter; their purpose is the same, to protect everything that matters. The installment of security devices can deter intruders and criminals from doing something illegal since it is now easy to determine their identities and caught their criminal deeds on a video. Moreover, having a surveillance device keeps your home, family members, properties, and workplace, away from becoming an easy target.
  2. Recording of activities. In everyday encounters of people, numerous unexpected events and scenarios might happen. In a workplace context, it is very comfortable to work when cameras are placed all around to monitor everything that is going on. Security cameras can differ in size and function, it all depends on what you are expecting and looking for, but they all can be positioned anywhere. Some models are tiny enough to be hidden among plants, tables, books, photo frames, vases, etc. and they would not make other people feel uncomfortable because they are being recorded. It is suggested and recommended to stop buying dummy cameras for safety reasons. Intruders and criminals are intelligent enough to distinguish whether it is a dummy or a real one; hence, there is no point to buy it. Real ones, on the other hand, are a genuinely reliable measure of safety, and they keep a record of people entering your home, property, and workplace and monitor every detail of their actions. Moreover, they help you keep an eye on suspicious people coming to your place. 
  3. The always present witness. Installing security devices in hidden and strategic places lifts the opportunity of gazing not only the actions of people but also the audio records of particular events. Furthermore, more modern types of cameras do not only clinch the high-quality recorded scenarios but the precise history of audios as well. Video footage can often help affected families to reach justice and get their stuff back. When the eye witness of a specific event tends to forget a particularly important part of the full scenario or clarify what had happened, videos are the ideal proof which cannot be knocked down.
  4. Keeping vital records is a desirable feature, especially when you find out that something happened days ago. If that is the case, you can only rely on your recordings to check out what happened. The recorded material of either a crime or a simple tiff helps the authorities to investigate and find the ones who broke the law.
  5. Some people tend to protect and defend individuals who are close to them without listening to the other side. However, with the use of records, it is easy to make a conscious decision towards something that happened. Footage can help with the right and fair settlement of a dispute. Furthermore, it can also assist you in dealing with minor disagreements within your family members, workplace employees, staff, and customers that need your keen attention.


Disadvantages of Security Cameras

Like anything else, technology is not free of mistakes and drawbacks, and it is always possible to find a con, so to be objective, we now represent you the list of potential disadvantages.

  1. When installing security devices for the sake of your safety, privacy is the utmost concern of the vast majority. It is an antonym when we talk about security. Installing some of the best models on the market will uplift the chances of decreasing the numbers of criminalization; however, privacy will suffer. Your personal life will be invaded since all your actions and behavior are being recorded. There are always going to be some personal scenarios and happenings that got recorded without the permission of the people involved. In a workplace context, it can be argued if the installment of supervising electronics implies that the employees are already assumed to do something wrong or illegal. 
  2. Installing these devices requires the customers to be well informed about their prices because most of them are not as cheap as you may assume. Different models could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on their size, functions, features, and the number of devices you plan to buy because one is often not enough. After the installment, they require maintenance that can also cost you some bucks, so yes, these appliances can guarantee you extensive safety in your home or office, but with a high price in exchange for your protection.
  3. Although their primary role is to protect and secure, ironically, the recording devices can also be the reason why you got in trouble. Nowadays, there is a high percentage of individuals who are capable of hacking your accounts, personal information, and even your surveillance cameras. It is ironic that you install them for security purposes, but you can also become a victim of your own. More and more tech-savvy criminals can distinguish and understand how the technology works and how to disable devices from their power sources. Intruders can turn the table around, and in some cases, your cameras can be used to spy on you. These are some reasons why security these gadgets can harm customers and make their users vulnerable.
  4. People tend to use dummy cameras to deter intruders, but there is no point of doing that. Intruders and criminals are now more aware of technology and can distinguish if your device is authentic or not. Dummy recorders are very affordable and do not require maintenance, authentic ones, on the other hand, can record and document everything and can help solve minor disagreements or professional settlements. To preserve the efficiency of the security cameras, you need to maintain them and make a call to professionals to fix the device if it is needed and do regular check-ups to be sure that it is still functioning.
  5. The most significant disadvantage of installing even the best recording devices is the fact that they cannot stop criminalization from occurring. In today’s generation, intruders are no longer illiterate and shallow; they are now more conscious of keeping their identities unknown. Their focus is on making strategic plans to commit illegal actions without being caught. These cameras can deter some intruders, but criminalization can still arise with tech-savvy intruders.


Useful Tips and Tricks

Nowadays, security devices are easily connected to the internet and Wi-Fi connection, driven by customers for easy access to the recorded material. Security cameras can be indoor, outdoor, wireless, hardwired, or doorbell, depending on their functions, features, needs, and the client’s budget. In this time of insecurity, the heightened safety of houses, different infrastructures like offices, malls, business houses, and hotels must be a priority.

Here are some measures of precaution that should enhance your use of the recording devices.

  1. Always change the default username or password after the installment. It is recommended to use a different, robust username and password to lower the chances that someone could break your password. You can use your favorite combination of numbers, colors, birthdays, or whatever, the more complex, the better.
  2. Make it sure that your monitoring device has the latest features installed for that specific model. This is a way of defense against unauthorized access and hackers.
  3. Check your security logs regularly. To be honest, who reviews the footage regularly unless there is a need to do so, or you have observed the presence of suspicious people. But, keep in mind that regular check-ups should become a part of your routine.
  4. Never allow any stranger to enter your home while you are absent. Each stranger could be a potential intruder who is trying to figure out how your security system functions.
  5. Always maintain your recording devices regardless of the cost. Keeping your device working without checking if it is still functioning is quite useless. Support for technological appliances is indeed expensive, but it can guarantee you full footage of actual scenarios.
  6. Place your monitoring device in a spot from which it can cover the entire area, and make sure that those devices are far away from children. Children below nine years old are capable of damaging electronics since they are not aware of the possible consequences.
  7. Choose a company which you can trust for the purchase and installment process. There are a lot of replicas and imitations of security appliances which can seem exactly like the real deal, but in reality, their performance is far from it.
  8. Select the best model that will satisfy your needs and fit your budget. Also, make sure you choose the model that does what it claims, so check out the reviews and compare a few models to see how they perform.

Following the recommended tips will protect your home, business, property, from different illegal and damaging scenarios which can occur. At the same time, this can serve as a small guide for future customers.


Counting Sheep’s Top Security Cameras

Due to the growing popularity of security cameras in the past decade, and with the advancement of technology, these recording devices are now available in many different designs, options, and sizes. They could be indoor or outdoor, wired, wireless, or doorbell, all of them can surely prevent various kinds of criminalization or any unwanted scenarios from happening.

Some of their features are undoubtedly priceless and totally worth it. For example, some models are waterproof, which means that they can be positioned anywhere, while others have two-way audio. Despite having some differences, all of these models can guarantee security and broad protection towards your family members, business, and possessions.

After tackling everything you need to know about the use and functions of these cameras, it is time to choose which one to purchase and install. Here is our list of recommended models and their features and functions.

Nest Cam Outdoor


  • 24/7 live streaming
  • Wide-angle lens reaches up to 130 degrees, 1080p HD, 4x optical zoom
  • 3 hours of recording for free, storage in the Cloud, plus additional storage option for subscription together Nest Aware
  • Limited warranty of two years
  • Night vision 

This model offers a 24/7 clear live streaming whatever the weather conditions are. Nest Cam Outdoor is a waterproof model, wired, so there is no need to worry about the battery life, and it has many features that are the same as the Nest indoor model. This model also includes numerous options when it comes to mounting, with a removable mount and built-in magnet, cable clips, wall plates, and screws. It is also compatible with both, Alexa and Nest; it has a speaker and microphone so you will be alerted and able to respond to it through your app. You can also watch the footage from the previous up to 30 days and set up alerts, but you have to upgrade to Nest Aware. 


  • It does not support SD card or other types of local storage
  • Wi-Fi only
  • Expensive cloud storage


Nest Cam Indoor


  • Wired model
  • Night vision 
  • 130 degree wide-angle lens, 1080p HD, 8x digital zoom
  • Limited warranty of two years

The Nest Cam Indoor shares many features and similarities with their outdoor model, but it is a wired one so you cannot place it anywhere, it needs to be positioned somewhere near an outlet. The base can be unscrewed and placed upon a tripod, for example. 

This model has smart motion sensors, which means that the chances of false alarms are barely existing, which is a problem that many other motions sensors are struggling with. It also has standard two-way audio, and it is compatible with the Nest smart system and Amazon Alexa for voice commands. 

A potential drawback is that it can only hold 3 hours old footage, which is sometimes not enough. If you upgrade your device with Nest Aware and set up personal alerts, it will bring you a lot of benefits such as holding the footage from 10 up to 30 days. 


  • Some features are available to subscribers only
  • It is a wired type, so it cannot be placed anywhere


Arlo Pro 2 by NETGEAR


  • Weather resistant
  • Wide angle lens, up to 130-degree, and 1080p HD 
  • It has free Cloud recordings for seven days, plus local backup storage and subscription storage options
  • Suitable to use with Samsung,  Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and SmartThings
  • 1-year limited warranty

Arlo Pro 2 by NETGEAR offers customers the absolute fluctuation and functionality of the camera. It is a weather-resistant model, and you can position or set it up anywhere you want, either inside or outside. This HD, wire-free security model is audible for two-ways; it can connect to both, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for any voice instructions, and it has automatic night vision towards dim lighting. It is also working with Samsung, Amazon Alexa, Google, and it is a certified smart security camera. It comes with an Arlo app that can help the customers get alerted when there is a presence of a rare motion or a sound. 

Furthermore, customers can upgrade and customize the sensors with Arlo Smart and can quickly contact 911 during emergency or insurgencies even if the screen is locked. You can watch the live stream on your smart TV or other smart home devices after setting up the IFTTT. With Arlo subscription, increased storage options are available, while with the basic package, you will get seven days of recorded material. Recorded and documented videos are stored for free in the cloud for seven days, and you can merely save the footage by plugging in a USB or hard drive towards the base of the camera. This model is waterproof from 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit; it has an automatic 25 feet long night vision, and a 100-bluster alarm.


  • Video recordings made during the night are slightly darker than expected; hence, it can be difficult to notice some details
  • The Arlo app still has some bugs
  • When working on battery power, the device needs between 6 to 10 seconds to “wake up” and start live streaming


Amazon Cloud Cam


  • 120-degree lens width, 1080p HD
  • Limited, 1-year warranty
  • Night vision
  • Indoor device

Amazon Cloud Cam will allow you to watch footage from the previous 24 hours; you can watch it on your computer or smartphone. The night vision can be turned off if you want to save the device’s battery life. Twenty-four hours of free footage are included for up to three cameras; if you have more devices or you want to have longer video history, you need to upgrade to Cloud Cam Plan, which will be free for the first 30 trial days. The upgrade brings a lot of useful features such as creating activity zones, enabling alerts, and a higher number of devices and stored footage.

Besides utilizing Amazon Alexa for voice control, this model comes with many other built-in Amazon features. Through the app, you can rotate the device 180 degrees to cover all the areas in the room.


  • Expensive subscription
  • Amazon retains your recording on their cloud


Wyze Cam


  • Budget-friendly
  • Free footage storage for up to 14 days
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Wide-angle lens up to 110 degrees, digital zoom for 8x with 1080p HD

For anyone who is looking for a model with high performances, great features, and an affordable price, Wyze Cam is the one for you, since it can be found for only $25 and it works. The Wyze works with Amazon Alexa for voice control and has a decent night vision for around 30 feet away

The Wyze app is available for Android and iOS devices, and through it, you can control your Wyze devices, share videos, and provide access. It comes with cloud storage suitable for 14 days of footage, but it also has a slot for SD cards, so you can easily expand the place for your recordings at a small price.

This model is also one of the easiest ones to install since it comes with a metal plate and a magnetic base, so no screws or anything that could require professional assistance, the cable is long enough, so you do not have to place it right next to the power source.


  • No email alerts
  • It requires electrical power
  • Limited settings


Logitech Circle 2


  • 180-degree spacious-angle lens with 1080p HD 
  • 24 hours of free recording and subscription for extra storage
  • It is compatible with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit,  and Amazon Alexa
  • Night vision
  • Waterproof

Most of these recording devices are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, but this model can work with Siri and Apple Home Kit, which is not so common. Logitech Circle 2 works well indoor and outdoor, and it can be used wired or wireless, depending on what you need, the 10 feet long cable should be long enough to fulfill your needs. The devices stores only 24 hours of footage; of course, more space is available upon the free subscription. You can also upgrade it to use personal alerts and activity zone. The app for this model is one of the better ones, not only that it allows you to watch and control everything, but it has the option to create a short, 30 seconds long video, in which the most notable things that occurred that day will be represented. Many parents who are into baby gadgets adore this function since it allows them to track their baby’s behavior during sleep.


  • Batteries have to be charged regularly
  • Some features require payment


Ring Spotlight Cam


  • 140 degrees spacious-angle lens and 1080p HD 
  • Waterproof 
  • Seven days of recordings for free, Ring Protect, and extra storage with the subscription
  • Limited, 1-year warranty

The Ring Spotlight Cam was the first model that came out with a high level of security and set the standard for the others. This cam will not only alert you if there is a suspicious motion, sound or movement, but it will also light up the intruded area with the brightness of 375 LED spotlights, and set off a siren which will all together discourage the intruders for sure. You can remotely stimulate the siren through the app of your phone.

This device is working with Alexa, but it is compatible with Amazon Echo Devices too. For listening to audio recordings and viewing on-demand footage, or for notifications on your phone, you can sign up in the app on your tablet, laptop, or computer. You can enhance your device with two types of subscription, Plus or Basic. When it comes to appearance, this model comes in two variations, white and black, which are universal colors that will fit into any exterior or interior. Excellent customer service is what makes this company stand out; they offer you lifetime protection with the option to get a new model if your current one ever gets stolen.


  • A lot of features require a subscription
  • Delay of editing motion zones


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