Editorial Policy

Counting Sheep aims to provide data, research, guides, and other useful information that are sleep-related. In this field, we cover a variety of topics close to the sleep industry, including reviews and comparisons of bedding products, different sleep problems, and habits, lifestyle recommendations, and similar. Here we would like to explain how we choose and review the content that appears on our website, how we seclude different types of content, how finances or other things impact our company, and how to contact us in case you have any suggestions, questions, or recommendations.

About Our Policy

When referring to “countingsheep.net,” “Counting Sheep,” or “We,” it stands for Counting Sheep, including potentially other companies that are under our control, subsidiaries, for example. Referring to “website” implies on our internet presentation, countingsheep.net. On our site, you can find the About section, which explains what we do and how to contact us.

This Editorial Policy applies for countingsheep.net. We recommend reading editorial policies on other websites after leaving countingsheep.net. However, we are not responsible for how other sites manage their editorial policies once you leave our site.

Editorial Policy Changes

Smaller changes to this policy may occur over the course of time, but they will not affect or change the general goals of this policy. If the policy changes in a way that it has a significant impact on the way we handle our editorial, we will be clear about it and notify our users about the change. Any changes in policy will be published on our website promptly.

Editorial Policy

Counting Sheep is committed to providing you with well researched, balanced, and accurate information on sleep. Counting Sheep in its team has editorial professionals who are responsible for the selection of content, further development, and maintenance of the website. We are aware of how significant it is to stay clear and divide our editorial content from the materials and advertisements that are influenced by our sponsors. Hence, we organized different sections of our website to separate our educational and promotional content appropriately.

Sources of Information on Our Website

Any material that can be found on our website, and it is presented as our own, is either created by the members of our team or gathered from other content providers whose editorial processes were evaluated and considered acceptable. The content we create is written by the writers from our team, or by the freelance journalists who are commissioned for their work. Our in-house editors are evaluating all the content and making sure that everything is well-balanced and that the reading material is meeting particular learning objectives. For our third-party editorial content, we use sources such as universities, sleep studies, and essential providers of the latest news and information about the topics we cover. Before the content coming from outside sources is published on our website, members of our editorial staff review it for accuracy, completeness, and balance. After that, the content will get its place on our timeline and be published on our website. In some instances, when it is not possible to do a complete review, we rely on our previous evaluation of information sources, spot-checking, and on the editorial policy of the information provider. But in the vast majority of cases, the content we obtain from others has also gone through reviews of the providers in-house staff, or by some independent authorities from the same field. In some parts of our website, we have available content that is related to our partners or sponsors, and those areas are designed in a way that they make it clear to the readers that the content has not gone through our process of editing. Counting sheep aims to review its published content frequently to keep it relevant, up to date, and to correct any mistakes. Incorrect and out of date content is either corrected, updated, or purged. We use editors notes to highlight places where this occurred.

Linking to Other Sources

Logos and links to other sources are available to users throughout our website. However, their appearance on our website does not have an intention to imply that we approve or recommend them to users. In the cases when we are making a recommendation, that is clearly stated and followed by appropriate links or logos. Our website is designed so that it makes clear to our readers that when they are leaving it for another site, their terms of use, privacy, and editorial policy are in effect.

Finances and Outside Influence

At the moment, Counting Sheep relies on sponsorship and advertising, just like many other information websites. This includes banners, sponsored posts, video advertising, and native advertising. Here are the principles we obey when publishing sponsored content:

  • We aim to clearly separate sponsored and non-sponsored content evidently
  • In some cases, we may obtain revenues from third parties such as commissions from consumers purchase, advertising revenues, or fees based on the use of links.
  • Unless we explicitly state that something is our recommendation, none of the logos or links on our website are there with an intention to trick our readers into thinking we are making a recommendation.
  • A lot of our content presents results from different sleep studies and university research; hence, we always tend to disclose the source of information or the author itself.
  • All authors contributing to our website with their content need to fill an interest form which requires disclosure of any affiliations or financial influence that may have an impact on their content. If we estimate that the conflict is significant, we demand their public disclosure from the content on our site. The same requirements are expected from those who are in our various editorial boards.


For any comments, recommendations, or questions regarding our editorial policy, please fill out the contact form on our website countingsheep.net.