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Time to Upgrade Your Sleep: Ikea Mattress Reviews

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IKEA or Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd is one of the largest home furnishings retailer in the world. And it is perhaps the best time to get up close and personal with IKEA starting with their mattress line. Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd has been a well-known home furnishings retailer in the mattress industry for some time now and is looking to promote its roll packed mattresses.

This home furnishings store’s approach is quite different compared to the other online mattress companies. With thousands of IKEA retail establishments across the globe, and fifteen contrasting mattresses putting up its line, IKEA focuses less on online sales and more on its in-store experience.

Even though consumers are able to or can buy their mattresses online, there’s a broad range of mattresses available in the market, making the list quite confusing. Furthermore, the shipping isn’t free, unlike the vast majority of online-only mattress companies.


If you’re looking for an affordable and new mattress, the Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd brand is the best option due to its wide range of sizes and styles. The brand also utilizes informative and credible reviews for its mattress lines that serve as reference for potential buyers. But, how  do IKEA mattress reviews differ to other reviews of competing brands?

Mattress reviews are a useful and advantageous tool for consumers, as they give you some insights about its pros and cons, performance, service and other features of ownership that might be challenging to determine just by visiting a store.

Although this popular home furnishing company gives more emphasis on affordable products. You might have questions about durability and comfort, and IKEA mattress reviews can and will help you evaluate and assess  if it’s the right brand for you. In this review, we’ll collate IKEA’s mattress lines and examine at how their reviews compare to industry averages.

Also, with regards to efficiency, IKEA is capable of supplying all a customer’s needs within their extraordinary range of beds. Other than the efficiency, IKEA is fully and entirely committed to providing and delivering the best for its clientele base.

The Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd Group is a value-driven corporation with a definite passion for life at home. Each merchandise they manufacture helps turn your home into a much better sanctuary. IKEA’s mattress lineup might be a small portion of the entire company, but it’s presence in the industry is huge.

About the Company

Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd is a big-box housewares retailer from Sweden. The company have plenty of showroom sites near the metro areas in the major cities of United States.

Plus, they also sell selected products online too. IKEA is known on a very basic level for it’s prepared to-amass, reasonable furniture which involve bedding accumulations and sleeping pads. The company’s items are mass-delivered in some countries.

It’s vision is to build a better daily life for the people. They put their concern and interest at the heart of the business. IKEA’s business idea reinforced this vision by providing a wide range of functional, well-designed home furnishing products at lower prices so that a lot people can and will be able to purchase them.

Where are IKEA Mattresses made?

A few of us judge the nature of an item according to where it’s made – and keeping in mind that the viability of this criteria varies from item to item. For a sleeping cushion, this remains constant: a bedding that is made in Asia, for instance, should be delivered in a holder, and in the event that it is as of now made of less expensive materials, the way it’s packed may influence its lifetime.

It’s how Chinese producers frequently utilize below average practices to cut costs. There’s uplifting news to the extent made IKEA worried, for their beddings are made in North America, and a few of them are roll-stuffed for advantageous transportation without harm.

The IKEA Mattress Lineup

IKEA offers more than 15 distinctive innerspring, froth and cross breed beddings extending from exceptionally modest to mid-run in cost. The sleeping cushions shift in quality and materials, yet all accompany multi day trade strategies and multi year constrained guarantees. All sleeping pads are sold exclusively, with establishments and backings accessible independently.

IKEA Foam Mattresses

Adaptable foam sleeping cushions are perhaps the most undisputed top choice since they have the stunning capacity to fit in with the body for ideal weight help. They are likewise ideal for legitimate spinal arrangement amid the night, as long as your immovability level matches the way you rest. In case you’re a side sleeper, you’ll need something on the medium side.

If you’re a back sleeper, you’ll require something that is medium-firm. On the off chance that you are a stomach sleeper, you’ll require a solid bedding to provide you maximum support and comfort throughout the night.

Flexible foam likewise comes in such a large number of choices regarding solidness and cooling capacities. On the off chance that you tend to rest warm, you’ll need a sleeping pad that has some sort of cooling innovation in it, for example, cooling gel, dots, or open cell froth. Fortunatey, IKEA does offer sleeping pads like this.


Memory Foam Series Price Feeling Main Materials Thickness (inches) Available Sizes
Minnesund $89 – $179 Firm Polyurethane foam, non-woven polypropylene 3-7/8 Twin, Full, & Queen
Meistervik $149 – $229 Firm Polyurethane foam, non-woven polypropylene 4-3/4 Twin, Full, & Queen
Morgedal $199 – $449 Medium Firm Polyurethane foam, high resilience polyurethane foam 7-1/8 Twin, Full, Queen, & King
Matrand $299 – $549 Firm Polyurethane foam, high resilience polyurethane foam 7-1/8 Twin, Full, Queen, & King
Myrbacka $479 – $649 Firm Non-woven polypropylene, polyurethane foam, cold foam 9-1/2 Full, Queen, & King


There are five froth sleeping cushions that you can think about purchasing, including:

Minnesund Foam Mattress

Meistervik Foam Mattress

Morgedal Foam Mattress

Matrand Foam Mattress

Myrbacka Foam Mattress

Who Can Buy IKEA Mattress Lines?

IKEA flexible foam beds are reasonable for weight point alleviation, back or spine arrangement, relieving and forestalling back torment. The Morgedal, Meistervik, and Minnesund highlight versatile adaptable foam that completes an incredible activity of retaining the developments of your body furnishing you with all-finished help for appropriate back/spine arrangement.

The Matrand and Myrbacka memory froths are exceptionally successful at embellishment to the shapes of the body, which calms weight focuses. They have safe places, which give exceptionally exact help in addition to weight alleviation on the hips and shoulders. All the IKEA froth beds are particularly intended to diminish and forestall back pains.

The IKEA memory froths are most appropriate for side sleepers, since they are made to form and additionally support your body. This enables you to change sides easily without weight focuses. These beds are likewise a good option for sensitive sleepers. Aside from repulsing dust bugs, they are impervious to allergens.

Who is Not Suitable to Buy IKEA Mattresses?

Are you used to the additional ricochet and edge bolster offered by innersprings and mixture sleeping pads? In case you are, IKEA adaptable foam beds are not the perfect options for you. They are unquestionably good at body shaping, IKEA mattresses are not all that great when it comes to giving edge bolster.

The IKEA froth may sooner or later hold body warm, a feature that may not work well for you in warm or sweltering climate. These beds are probably going to create an odd substance smell amid unpacking (off-gassing). It may expect you to sit tight for no less than multi day before you can mull over the bed. The delicate quality of the froth may not be appropriate for babies.

IKEA Latex Mattresses

Latex sleeping cushions are exceptionally solid but are extremely costly due to the materials they are made of. In the event that they are totally characteristic, that implies they don’t have any sort of engineered foam mix to them. They would be normally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, dust bug and allergen safe. They are produced using the sap of the elastic tree and are amazingly eco-accommodating.

Also, IKEA just offers one totally normal latex sleeping cushion and two manufactured latex beddings. As such, it has the tendency to be more firm than conventional adaptable foam and they do hold more warmth, similarly as an expression of caution. In the event that they do end up being too firm, it’s nothing that a decent bedding topper can’t settle.

Memory Foam Series Price Feeling Main Materials Thickness (inches) Available Sizes
Matrand $299 – $549 Medium Firm Synthetic latex 7-1/8 Twin, Full, Queen, & King
Myrbacka $479 – $649 Medium Firm Synthetic latex 9-1/2 Full, Queen, & King
Morgongava $799 – $1,199 Medium Firm Natural and synthetic latex 7-7/8 Twin, Full, Queen, & King
Mausund $799 – $1,099 Medium Firm Natural and synthetic latex 7-7/8 Twin, Full, Queen, & King

There are four latex beds created by IKEA, and they include:

Matrand Latex Mattress

Myrbacka Latex Mattress

Morgongava Natural Latex Mattress

Mausund Natural Latex Mattress

Who is Suitable?

The IKEA latex beds are reasonable for individuals with sensitivity issues. Latex is outstanding for its ortho-friendly features among others. Regular latex is a superb center material for IKEA sleeping cushions. This material is impervious to microscopic organisms, buildup, and form, and residue bugs won’t live in a characteristic elastic condition.

All IKEA latex beds are made of normal latex, which forms your body shape to viably give exact help and assuage weight focuses. A portion of the beds are consolidated with safe places for unrivaled weight alleviation on the hips and shoulders. They additionally include delicate filling for solace and support.

Who is Not Suitable?

IKEA latex beddings are not reasonable for people who have never utilized a latex bed. Like most latex bed producers, IKEA does not state regardless of whether their latex is 100% regular latex. Be that as it may, the meaning of “100% normal latex” isn’t entirely characterized by laws, so it might incorporate engineered materials.

IKEA Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring beddings are the most mainstream sorts of sleeping cushions available and the following biggest determination for IKEA. They are extremely reasonable, purchasers know about them since they have been around for so long, and they have distinct durability and comfort choices. Sadly, innerspring beds have a tendency to have an underneath normal solidness rating in light of the springs getting exhausted so rapidly, which is the aspect IKEA guarantees would prove to be useful.

Spring sleeping cushion are additionally not favored to relieve discomfort like how flexible foam does. The springs have a tendency to complete a number on hips, shoulders, and feet. They’re bad at dividing out the solace or complying with the body. In case you’re on a tight spending plan and these aren’t an issue for you, it’s an extraordinary convenient solution.

Memory Foam Series Price Feeling Main Materials Thickness (inches) Available Sizes
HASVAG $129 – $199 Medium Firm Bonell spring coil 8-1/4 Twin, Full, & Queen
HAUGESUND $179 – $399 Medium Firm Incased pocket spring coil 9-7/8 Twin, Full, Queen, & King
HAUGSVAR $299 – $549 Medium Firm Incased pocket spring coil 11 Twin, Full, Queen, & King
HESSTUN $399 – $649 Medium Firm Incased pocket spring coil 12-5/8 Twin, Full, Queen, & King
HJELLESTAD $679 – $849 Medium Firm Incased pocket spring coil 15-3/8 Full, Queen, & King
HOLMSBU $779 – $949 Medium Firm Incased pocket spring coil 17-3/4 Full, Queen, & King
HUSVIKA $120 Firm Bonell spring coil 5-1/8 Twin

There are seven innerspring sleeping pads produced by IKEA.

HASVAG Spring Mattress

HAUGESUND Spring Mattress

HAUGSVAR Spring Mattress

HESSTUN Spring Mattress

HJELLESTAD Spring Mattress

HOLMSBU Spring Mattress

HUSVIKA Spring Mattress

Who is Suitable?

IKEA spring beds are reasonable for individuals with a tight spending plan. Spring beds don’t cost much to deliver. A portion of the IKEA spring beds are accessible at everything costs. You may just pay somewhat more for the bigger sizes, for example, the King and the Queen.

These beds are likewise reasonable for individuals who need more ricochet and edge bolster. The vast majority of the spring beddings are incorporated with separately wrapped pocket springs that comforms to the movements of your body amid rest, making them perfect for stomach and back sleepers.

The autonomously wrapped loops detach developments to guarantee that you don’t aggravate the rest of your accomplice. The majority of these sleeping pads do likewise highlight a delicate filling layer that offers extra help and solace.

Who is Not Suitable?

IKEA spring beddings may not be a reasonable decision for side sleepers. They have a tendency to be firmer notwithstanding for their medium immovability models. You are well on the way to encounter weight focuses in the event that you are the sort of sleeper who likes to switch sides much of the time.

These beds may likewise not be a decent decision for individuals who need a long haul speculation. It’s good since they have a tendency to lose support and they may hang following several years. This is paying little heed to the long guarantee time frame.

Overview of IKEA Mattress Reviews

IKEA keeps developing in notoriety as they grow over the US, basically focusing on bringing down value focuses. Their costs may go up as high as premium brands, yet aggressive with other markdown and passage level lines.

The organization does not permit audits on their site, which can leave numerous individuals hunting down IKEA sleeping cushion surveys online to perceive how the brand looks at. In this area, we will take an outsider survey sources and contrast them with industry midpoints.

While comfort will change contingent upon your individual inclinations, surveys can offer accommodating knowledge into factors like toughness, which are critical while picking another bed.

As per autonomous survey site, 75% of IKEA bedding audits report being happy with their sleeping pads. Separated by classification, 64% of innerspring proprietors are fulfilled, while 78% of flexible foam and 80% of latex proprietors report fulfillment. These numbers are in reality near industry midpoints, yet somewhat low for the flexible foam classification.

IKEA Mattress Reviews: Advantages

General IKEA sleeping cushion surveys demonstrate fulfillment for the most part in the normal to marginally better than expected range. Most solace factors, similar to movement confinement, simplicity of development, scent, and resting hot likewise appear around normal numbers, so general IKEA sleeping cushions complete tend to offer reasonable solace and execution.

Since IKEA offers lower than normal evaluations, it implies the organization has esteem potential compared to other brands with comparable or lower fulfillment. IKEA also has an entirely substantial determination of alternatives, including springs, flexible foam, latex and half and halves with a range plans and value levels.

Guarantee is another favorable position for IKEA sleeping cushions, as the organization offers 25 long stretches of constrained scope on all beddings, which is longer than normal particularly for the less expensive alternatives. This guarantee covers absconds in springs for innerspring beds, froth centers for froth sleeping pads, and latex centers for latex beddings. It doesn’t cover “ordinary wear and tear” and there are no reasonable rules as to profundity of impressions secured in any case.

IKEA Mattress Reviews: Disadvantages

Despite the fact that IKEA has numerous bedding alternatives, they have a tendency to for the most part be firm to medium-firm, and as per Sleep Like The Dead, bigger people and side sleepers may experience issues finding an agreeable bed.

There are additionally potential strength worries to some degree higher than normal grumblings of early hanging or impressions in IKEA sleeping cushion surveys, especially with the innerspring beds.

The other potential negative is that IKEA offers a trade of just merchandise exchange, allowing clients 90 days to trade a sleeping pad one time as it were. This implies you can’t take back your money in case you will not like the mattress you bought.

Trial Period and Exchange Policy

The IKEA Group has an extremely liberal time for testing for their extraordinary lineup of sleeping pads. The organization offers you a 90-day testing for you to break in your bed. The brand trusts that it requires investment for you and your sleeping cushion to become accustomed to each other. The ninety days offer you enough time to choose whether or not the sleeping pad is good for you.

On the off chance that there is no science amongst you and your bed, the brand enables you to pick another bed that will best suit your necessities. When you locate your ideal decision, you can continue utilizing the new bedding for a considerable length of time realizing that you have a 25-year guarantee period that ensures the strength.

IKEA has a no non-jabber merchandise exchange. The organization needs you to be completely happy with your buy. In this way, if trading your sleeping pad for a superior item does not work, you can simply restore the bed inside 365 days.

The organization will give you an entire discount. The discount will be made in a comparable way as the first installment. You can just profit your sleeping cushion for condition that it is in a re-marketable state. The company may deny return if the profits terms are not totally met.

IKEA Mattress Guarantee

The IKEA sleeping cushions have attempted to agree to the organization’s strict gauges for toughness and quality. The brand trusts that it has met the most astounding guidelines for superior mattresses. Furthermore, it’s the reason IKEA offers a 25-year guarantee against deserts in workmanship and materials.

The guarantee for sleeping pads alongside other bed adornments stays substantial for a long time from the season of procurement. You are relied upon to have the first receipt with you for the guarantee to be legitimate. The guarantee applies to the following:

The IKEA Group will watch the returned sleeping cushion and choose if the harms are secured under the IKEA bedding guarantee. The organization will supply or fix up the faulty sleeping pad.

On the off chance that the imperfections are secured by the 25-year guarantee, the organization will bring about expenses of movement for repair staff, work, save parts, and repairs.

The 25-year guarantee does not have any significant bearing to the following:

Who Should Get IKEA Mattresses?

Who Shouldn’t Get IKEA Mattresses?

Grown-ups with a BMI esteem higher than 25 are discouraged to go for low thickness beddings (making up a lot of IKEA’s putting forth) except if they are explicitly looking for an ease, temp arrangement that won’t last in excess of several years. There are a lot of different alternatives which will last you far longer, but at a higher cost.

In case you’re persuaded to purchase from IKEA, I’d prescribe spending some additional money on the adaptable foam and characteristic latex alternatives on the off chance that you need the best as far as comfort and value are concerned.

Final Verdict

Regardless of whether you’ve been a bit put off by the objections about strength, remember that these aren’t premium quality mattresses. That being said, they’ll offer a respectable level of comfort for the normal sleeper, if they aren’t overweight. Consolidate it with their amazing returns strategy, and you have an item that gives surprising blast to the (constrained) speculation it requires.

General IKEA sleeping cushion surveys are sure and on par to different alternatives in comparative value ranges. Their latex and latex/innerspring hybrid beddings appear to have the best audits generally speaking. Although, they are more costly, they are likewise liable to be more tough. Spring sleeping cushions are for the most part normal as far as solace and execution, and however the IKEA froth beddings do gain higher evaluations, despite everything they fall behind normal fulfillment for adjustable foam.

Given that IKEA’s fundamental advantage lies in their markdown estimations, their beds may for the most break the budget plan of the customers or those looking for transitory arrangements. In such manner, audits show that IKEA beddings execute of course at the cost run. Their mid-extend accumulations improve audits, yet to some degree, are less aggressive as others in the $800-$1000 value range can and improve appraisals.


IKEA is a Swedish organization offering home furniture, including sleeping cushions. The organization centers around giving latex, froth and spring sleeping cushions. IKEA sleeping pads shift from the more affordable spring beddings to higher estimated latex and adaptable foam choices.

IKEA is also known for their quality furniture and we will investigate their sleeping cushions to assist you with deciding whether they are justified regardless of your speculation.

Latex beddings from IKEA are known for their great quality which gives the required support to the hips, shoulders, elbows and different parts of the body for lessened weight focuses. Flexible foam sleeping cushions from IKEA are intended to give molding which guarantees that the beddings are supporting your body well.

IKEA offers a scope of spring sleeping pads at a reasonable price range. The sleeping cushions are accessible in various outlines, and every one of the beddings has its own advantages and is focused towards particular clients. 

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