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The Best Bedwetting Alarms

Need to find a reliable bedwetting alarm for your kid or senior? Take a look at our reviews for the best bedwetting alarms currently sold on the market.

Sleep enuresis or urinary incontinence is something that affects adults, usually elderly population or people who have recently undergone surgery, but it is also common among children who are around ten years old. This condition is recognized as one type of parasomnia which stands for any undesired event that occurs during the sleep. It is estimated that around 5 million children in the U.S. experiences nocturnal enuresis, and it is a bit more common among boys than girls, but in both cases, it is an uncomfortable and stressful experience for children and their parents. All inconveniences aside, this can also be a significant cause of sleep disruption, and be harmful not only for the child’s mental health but also for their sleep routine and development.

Some of the most common causes of sleep enuresis include hormonal imbalance, constipation, diabetes, sleep apnea, small bladder, anxiety, genetics and old age. The good news is that this problem can be solved with the use of bedwetting alarms, which were proven to be the most efficient ’cure’ for bedwetting. These devices are programmed to alert the sleeper with noise, vibration or light when they sensor the very first drop of urine. Active use of these alarms will train the sleepers to wake up on their own when the time comes.

Since technology has come up with many gadgets that are making our lives easier, it has also brought us bedwetting alarms. While adults and elderly people are mature and conscious enough to deal with this problem correctly, we all know how children can be sensitive at that age, and that is why it is crucial to help them overcome bedwetting and the following feel of embarrassment. The great news is that most of the children respond well and want to use bedwetting alarms.

Counting Sheep’s Best 5 Bedwetting Alarms

  1.      Nytone Bedwetting Alarm for Kids
  2.      Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm
  3.      TheraPee
  4.      DryBuddyEZ
  5.      Chummie Premium

Nytone Bedwetting Alarm for Kids


Our first pick is a classic among the bedwetting alarms since it was one of the first alarms sold and introduced to the market during the 1970s. Due to its long tradition, Nytone Bedwetting Alarm has gained the trust of many parents and children who use it nowadays. Tradition is an essential factor, especially when it comes to products for kids because parents are always looking for the most reliable and quality products for their children. However, parents are not the only ones who recognized Nytone’s quality, as many doctors also recommend this model because of the clinically proven treatments. In fact, Nyton was the first bedwetting alarm that undergone clinical trials to determine its effectiveness. According to the studies, this alarm significantly improves the bedwetting issues within the first two weeks of use, and sometimes it cures the problem entirely during that period.


This alarm is designed to be wrapped around children’s upper arm with an adjustable, soft band, it weighs only 1.7 ounces, so it would not cause any pressure or discomfort while sleeping. To prevent any skin irritations the sensor has been coated, and it can be safely placed undergarments. You can attach the alarm to the garment with built-in clips for additional stability. Depending on the personal preferences, this alarm can be set on vibration, one of three different sounds or light signals, two Lithium batteries are included. For deep sleepers, they included loud noises and strong vibrations, which will awake the sleepers on time.

Many parents reach for medications to try solving the bedwetting issue faster, but the truth is that with the bedwetting alarm the results are long-lasting and the regular use will change those behavioral habits permanently. Another important thing is that bedwetting alarms are a completely natural solution, unlike chemically based medications.

Since, after all, this product is intended for kids, the designers tried to ‘cheer them up’ and make them love this product as much as their toys, by including a set of colorful stickers which will customize each alarm and make it more appropriate to their age.

The Nytone alarm is our top recommendation, the number of satisfied users and its long tradition guarantees the efficiency of this alarm which by the way has an affordable price tag.

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Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm


This award-winning Malem bedwetting alarm is suitable for children and adults. This company has been on the market for around 30 years, and they started with just one bedwetting alarm, but now they produce more than 20 different models which can suit everyone’s needs. Doctors highly recommend their Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm, which features eight different sound tones including those loud enough for deep sleepers, vibrations, and light. For all those sleepers who like snoozing their alarms, this one will give you the option to turn off the alarm two times. Most bedwetting alarms do not have this option of a second turn-off. Sleepers can combine sound and vibrations or set them separately, but all settings have the following flashing light.


Their advanced sensor uses ‘Quick detect’ technology which will sense the first drop of moisture and rapidly alert the child. The clip-on sensor can easily be attached to the underwear, and the Secure Grip technology will keep it in place.

The millennials and Z generation will appreciate the free app for smartphones which provides all the information, answers, videos, tips, etc. to help them use their alarm correctly and achieve a positive outcome. This alarm is available in purple, blue and pink color, its dimensions are 2 x 2 x 0.8 inches, it weighs 0.8 ounces, and it comes with two AAA batteries.

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Our next model, the TheraPee alarm, is known as one of the most advanced bed wetting alarms on the market. Unlike other alarms that need to be wrapped or attached, this one comes with a pad that should be placed beneath the sleeper. This pad is so thin that the sleepers will barely notice or feel that something is beneath them, so the chances that this alarm will disrupt their sleep are minimal. Also, it can work even underneath the sheets, so it will not be in direct touch with the skin, while the alarm itself is connected to the pad with a thin cable and can be placed on a nightstand or nearby chair.


Once the parents purchase this alarm, they also receive licensed TheraPee online software program, which they can customize to fit their child’s needs and preferences. The special button serves to set the level of sensitivity so that there are no false alarms due to sweat or humidity. The only slight disadvantage of this alarm is that it offers only sound alarm, no vibrations or lights have been included. On the other hand, they offer ten different sounds with a wide range of sound volume from quiet to exceptionally loud.

With this alarm, children can relax and sleep without any objects or wires attached to them, and since it does not use a radio transmitter, there is no risk of radiation, which makes this bedwetting alarm probably the safest on the market. This high-end model has a high price – around 300$. It comes with four AA batteries and weighs 1.6 pounds.

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As seen in our previous recommendation, enuresis alarms can cost a lot of money for such a small device, that is why we now represent you the cheaper alternative. The DryBuddyEZ bedwetting alarm can be found for less than 35$, which is an excellent price. Majority of people believes that the high price means high quality, but this product is one of those positive exceptions so let’s check its features.


The alarm box is designed to be attachable to any part of clothing by using its safety pin or built-in plastic clip. The sensor cable is 34 inches long and the unique „Hold-tight“ sensor clip grips around 50% tighter than any other. If the clip is open, the alarm will not work, and when the clip is closed the alarm will work if it has wet cloth in it. When it comes to cleaning, the clip should be washed with warm soapy water and gently dried with a towel. It features sound and vibrations, and these modes can be set individually or combined. The loudness of the alarm is 90dB when it is placed 4 inches from the ear, or 87dB when around 8 inches from the ear, the continuous volume control will allow you to adjust the loudness from 0 to 90dB. Two AAA batteries are required, but not included.

This alarm is slightly heavier and bigger than other models, its dimensions are 4.7 x 3.9 x 1.6 inches, and it weighs 4.2 ounces (with batteries).

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Chummie Premium


The Chummie Premium bedwetting alarm is one of the best bedwetting alarms for deep sleepers. Sensations such as bright lights, strong vibrations and volume control of different sounds are brought up to wake up the deepest sleepers rapidly. The two-step turn-off is also included for all those sleepers who need extra stimulation to wake up.


The Chummie sensors are made from silicone which is flexible and soft and features larger than the average area for urine detection. It will rapidly detect the very first drop and alert the sleeper for a quick reaction. This patented IntelliFlex pad-like sensor should be placed flat, outside of the underwear. Thanks to its rounded corners it will not poke the sleeper or cause the feeling of discomfort during the night. The sensor should be rinsed under warm water after each use but without any detergents or soap, and dried with a cloth. You can also shake it for 30 seconds, and after that, it will be ready for use again. Since there are no exposed metal parts, this sensor will never lack in their sensitivity or corrode and will perform well every night. The alarm box can be wrapped around the arm or clipped onto the shirt collar.

A free smartphone app is available to all users for any additional questions, tips, or support team contact. It is designed in three colors – green, blue and pink. The dimensions of this alarm are 2.5 x 2 x 0.5 inches, it weighs 6.4 ounces, and it works with two AAA batteries which are included.

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