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Considering that every person spends a significant part of their time sleeping or resting, a bed is an integral part of everyday life. Since it is an ordinary household object, not many people spend time thinking about its importance. But, having a quality bed will improve your sleep and productivity. Besides its practical use, its decorative side is almost as crucial, giving your bedroom character and improving your mood.

Canopy beds have both of these qualities. They can be very comfortable and even have a mattress that will help if you have any back or neck problems. Their size and specific design make them the centerpiece of every bedroom. Additionally, these beds are famous for their durability and sturdiness, so once you buy them, they won’t trouble you for a long time. These beds are also perfect for cold winters, due to their ability to preserve heat and keep you warm throughout the night. If you live in warmer climates, certain models offer cooling.

When it comes to looks, a canopy bed is similar to a four-poster bed. A typical model usually features four posts, one at each corner with an average height of four feet above the mattress. The space between these posts has curtains made of ornate or decorative fabric, and the ceiling is typically made of canopy or a solid swath of cloth. This part of the bed keeps the warmth. Furthermore, when curtains are closed, they offer privacy, which many people prefer.


The history of these beds goes back as far as medieval Europe. They were primarily used by nobility so it might seem that they were made for decorative purposes. Their main feature was the curtains that kept the warmth inside and provided privacy.

On the other side of the world, in pre-Republic China, canopy beds were an essential part of any significant household and were also commonly used as a bride’s dowry. The beds were often decorated with motives related to fertility, longevity, and a happy marital union. Owning this type of bed was also a sign of status.

Material Types

If you have decided to buy a canopy bed, researching as much as you can about it is necessary. There is a wide variety of these beds, with different designs, mattresses, frames, etc. Materials from which they are made can make all the difference. Depending on what you want from your bed, this crucial component can affect its durability, aesthetic, weight, or even how much it costs. Here are the basic materials that you can expect and their benefits and downsides.

Wood – This is a traditional material that most beds are made of. It is also the cheapest, so if you are searching for an affordable canopy bed, look for a wooden one. A bed can be composed of different kinds of wood, and each affects the look and quality of the bed frame in a certain way. The most common are mahogany, oak, pine, and walnut, and they will give your room a homey and rustic feel. On the other hand, wood can’t last as long as other materials, and there is also the risk of breaking it. It should also be cleaned from time to time. If you choose to buy this type of bed, make sure that it is made of high-quality wood.

Metal – Even though it is a little costlier than wood, it might be worth it just for the durability. Beds with metal frames can last very long so you won’t have to think about changing it anytime soon. This material can make a bed look particularly nice, with its shiny finish. Most canopy beds provide the proper back support thanks to central support and additional bed legs. The sturdiness of the bed can depend on the quality of welding, so keep this in mind when shopping. If you plan on moving it often, know that, because of its metal composure, it can be really heavy.

Wrought iron – Certainly the sturdiest material that this bed can be made of, wrought iron is also the most durable and eye pleasing. All of these traits make it the most expensive choice. Canopy bed with a frame made from wrought iron can be very beautiful, as it is usually adorned with astonishing shapes and decorations so that curtains or drapery are a cherry on top. The only downside is that it is heavier than usual and can be somewhat pricier.

Mirrored – This is a modern design that can be very aesthetically pleasing. It is best used in bedrooms with good lighting. Mirrored materials are usually part of modern beds, but can also be combined with a more traditional structure. Due to its nature of reflecting the light, this type of bed should be stationed in a larger bedroom. Since this material can be broken easily, its maintenance can prove expensive.

Painted – Most bed frames come pre-painted, and you can choose the color that will best fit your bedroom and the rest of the furniture. You can paint it yourself as well, just make sure you find the materials that are easiest to work with. When buying paint, you should get the type that isn’t lead-based. Furthermore, be careful when moving furniture, because the color can be easily scratched off.

Fabric – This material is usually used in beds’ headboards, and the most common choices are leather and linen. Bed frames can also be wrapped in fabric, making it perfect for warmer types of canopy beds. Lack of this material can improve cooling, so the time of the year or climate are vital when deciding whether to include fabric. Keep in mind that washing it regularly will be necessary because it will get dirty now and then.

Design Types

Design of a canopy bed is also crucial. It should fit well with the accompanying material as well as the rooms’ aesthetic. Each design type brings something special with it, making the bed centerpiece of the room if chosen well. These are some of the most prominent options.

Classic – Traditional style of bed with beautiful decorations and usually in warm wood tones. It is inspired by 18th-century designs adorned with luxury fabric or leather.

Modern – These popular beds are made without a top cover, and have only four connected posts, which makes for a solid and straightforward but also stylish look.

Gothic – Gothic era started the trend of canopy beds, and that’s when hiding the bedposts with fabrics became popular. This is a traditional and stylish option that is sure to be the center of attention.

Romantic – This style is influenced by Italian and French renaissance era, but also takes ideas from Mediterranean parts.

Reviews of the best Canopy beds

There are many good canopy beds, with different styles that can suit any type of sleeper. Whether you like to sleep cool or warm, prefer beds that are comfortable or luxurious, there will surely be a model perfect for you. We present you with our top six picks based on quality and versatility. If you have decided to buy a canopy bed for yourself or someone close to you, maybe one of these will be just right for you.

DHP Modern Canopy Bed

It is an ideal combination of modern and medieval, giving it a timeless look. For people who love simple, traditional design, this is the perfect addition that will enhance their bedrooms’ style.  It features sturdy metal frames with a sleek finish that gives this bed its modern look. Built-in side rails increase durability so this bed won’t give you any trouble for a long time. Added central frame make DHP Modern Canopy Bed very stable.

Bed’s base is made of 22 metal slats which are designed to let the air flow freely beneath the bed and towards you, providing a cooling effect and keeping the mattress fresh for longer. You will have no troubles adding your favorite mattress because bed base and box spring aren’t required. Adding some luxury bedding or bed curtains is also up to you, thus creating a look that is entirely your design.

This model comes in different colors, and you can choose between pink, grey, white, or gold. There are also various sizes available, including twin, full, king, and queen.


  • Sturdy construction makes it very durable
  • Central legs for added support
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fits in a standard ceiling room
  • Multiple colors and sizes
  • Shipped in one box


Inspire Q Solivita Metal Canopy Bed

If you want a stylish, luxurious bed, Inspire Q Solivita Metal model will make your bedroom a center of attention. With its spacious, queen size and a metal frame with shiny black nickel finish, this is one of the best looking models available. Keep in mind that the room that you put this bed in should be large, as its dimensions are 86 x 64.5 x 83 inches.

Solivita’s metal frame isn’t just pretty, but also very durable. In addition, it features three metal slats and two side rails for extra support. The headboard is button tufted, and you can choose from three different upholstery options. It comes in dark grey and off-white linen, and black leather so you can pick which one best suits your style. This bed is shipped in two boxes, so assembly is required.


  • Durable construction
  • Luxury design
  • Multiple upholstery options
  • Comes in spacious, queen-size

Inspire Q Evie Chrome Canopy Bed

This eye-catching new model from Inspire Q is sure to make any bedroom the place you will want to stay in throughout the day. The chrome metal frame is adorned with a gleaming metallic finish. Evie has an extra tall headboard which is softened with a linen fabric fitted with foam. Three upholstery alternatives are provided: dark grey, grey, and white linen. The frame has a set of hollow rails that are very sturdy, and three metal slats.  

Inspire Q Evie Chrome has full, king, and queen sizes available. An assembly is necessary, but they can also send a team of professionals to do it for you. Although, you will have to pay extra for this service.


  • Hollow but sturdy rails
  • Multiple upholstery options
  • Sleek, chrome finish
  • Possibility to ask for professional help

Zinus Metal Framed Canopy Bed

Zinus Metal Framed Canopy Bed comes with metal frame that has a modern, stylish look that many people look for. Its strong slats and durable metal frame will prevent the sagging of your mattress, and prolong its overall life as well. Furthermore, they will provide support for any type of mattress. There is no box spring required for this model. Additionally, this bed features a very practical and useful design. It has 13 inches of space underneath that can be utilized for storage.

Assembly is needed, but it is quite simple. In case you want someone else to do it for you, for an additional fee they will send a professional to help you. If you change your mind, or something is wrong with the bed, its warranty lasts 5 years.


  • Box spring is not necessary
  • Clearance beneath the bed for storage
  • Supports different kinds of mattresses
  • Easy to assemble
  • 5-year warranty

Home Styles Bedford Canopy Bed

Contemporary and traditional design come together in this simple looking, beautiful bed. Its straight and curved lines, flared legs and stylish black finish, make it a great fit for any bedroom. The frame is made of hardwood solids and engineered wood with unadorned, simplistic legs. The Home Styles Bedford Canopy Bed features raised panels on the headboard and footboard.


  • Simple, but beautiful design
  • Raised panels
  • Stylish finish
  • Flared legs

Novogratz Marion Canopy Bed

This is a modern bed through and through. If you want a bed that doesn’t have a single old-fashioned characteristic, this is the one. Novogratz Marion Canopy Bed is made of solid, sturdy metal that makes it very durable. It is supported with metal slats that do not need foundation. Built-in headboard and footboard have a sophisticated design that adds to its modern look. Additional side rails and center legs provide support for your mattress and comfort for your body.

Beneath is an 11-inch clearance that is perfect for storing your things. This classy canopy bed comes in two different colors: black and gold. There are multiple sizes available: full, king, and queen. Mattress and bedding have to be bought separately. You will have to assemble it yourself, but it is relatively easy to do so.


  • Clean, classy look
  • Central legs for added stability
  • Storage space underneath the bed
  • Multiple color and size options


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