Best Dog Beds – Our Picks and Buyer’s Guide

If you need help choosing the right bed for your pet, our buyer’s guide and top picks can help you make the right decision. Take a look at Counting Sheep’s guide to choosing the best pet bed and pick the perfect model.

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Last Updated: Wed, July 24, 2019

One of the best things after a long day at work is when you open the front door, and your furry little (or not so little) friend starts jumping around happily because you are home. We can all agree that seeing them excited can be just the pick-up we need, to be motivated to do the rest of the things that are planned for the day. Having a dog is scientifically proven to have many beneficial effects on our life. Not only do they provide a therapeutic comfort to make you feel less lonely and help out during a depressing episode but they also can improve our physical health. Experts say that just petting the dog can lower blood pressure and you’ll get more exercise while taking them out for a walk. 

Since dogs help us more than we realize, we should do the same right? I know I know, most of you are very responsible dog owners, getting them the best treats, food, and toys. But there is one thing we might neglect and that are dog beds because dogs need to feel comfy during sleep as much as we do. It is a safe space to call their own. 

We will review some of the best choices for dog beds based on their size comfort and of course the price.
But first, let’s consider some important factors before purchase. 


Buyer’s Guide – Important Factors 

  1. Budget – Think ahead how much are you willing to pay for the dog bed, because some can cost up to 400 dollars and are designed for larger dogs while some can cost less than 150 dollars depending on the construction. 
  2. Height – Consider how much space your dog takes when he is lying on the side to determine the right size for the dog bed. 
  3. Weight – Depending on the weight, your dog might need extra cushioning to feel comfortable. This doesn’t just include heavier dogs. Thinner breeds might need it as well because their bones will be prone to develop joint pain and pressure points due to lack of proper support. 
  4. Breed – The size depends a lot on the breed of the dog. Dogs like Newfoundland, Danes, etc. require a more massive dog bed due to the breed’s length and weight. It works the same way when you have a small one like a Chihuahua that requires small dog beds. 
  5. Fur – Some breeds shed a lot of fur, so the best choice for you would be a dog bed that is low maintenance, but if a dog has little fur, so it’s often cold, it would be a good idea to get a heated or burrowing bed. 
  6. Age – Elderly dogs sleep more often and are prone to experience joint and pressure pain. That is why it is necessary to get a bed that is durable and provides enough cushioning to make them feel comfortable. Also, due to aging, they might have a problem of controlling their bladder, so a waterproof lining or base is vital. 
  7. Size of the room – Get right the measurements of the room to ensure you buy a bed that will fit in properly. 
  8. Outdoor or indoor – If your dog sleeps outdoors the best option is to get a bed that has a raised cot. This kind of bed usually has legs which are raised so your pet won’t feel the cold or the heat from the ground. If you choose ones that do not have raised cot, bear in mind that it will deteriorate faster due to outside exposure. 
  9. Your dog and anxiety – Some models like burrowing or nest can provide your dog the sense of safety during specific conditions like when the room gets darker. 
  10. Dog bed and certified foam – The best choice to get a bed that is CertiPUR-US certified. This proves that the material does not contain any harmful or toxic substances like fire retardants, mercury or some other heavy metal. This is not a problem for foam beds, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Most of the beds will indicate it on their label. 

The Purple Pet Bed 

The brand Purple is known for its SmartGrid system used in their mattresses. The Purple Pet Bed is no exception. The SmartGrid system gives your dog great comfort and support due to column gel that is distributed evenly throughout the grid made of elastic polymer. The gel has a cooling effect that can be helpful to dogs that tend to overheat.  


The cover of the bed is waterproof because it is made of durable polyester that can endure tear and wear well, is stain resistant and machine washable as well. It is also anti-microbial which means it eliminates the odor to a significant extent.  

The Purple pet bed comes in Large, Medium and Small size to fit any dog. It is a bit higher price starting from 149 dollars, but its quality justifies it. The brand Purple also offers free shipping in 48 states of the US. You also get a 1-year warranty with one hundred night’s sleep trial. 

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The Griffith Pet Bed by Brentwood Home 

This bed is particularly suitable for older dogs because most of them develop chronic pain in the joints which can affect their mood, mobility, and sleep. Orthopedic beds for dogs are designed in a way to provide pressure relief due to additional cushioning. The construction of the Griffith pet bed proves to be outstanding due to memory foam out of a gel and polyfoam layers high of density to give needed support. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified. In addition, the cover is made of fabric that is stain resistant and anti-microbial. 


The Griffith Pet Bed by Brentwood Home is made of non-toxic materials and comes in various sizes like large, medium and small to fit the needs of your dog and your space. It also contains an inner liner that is waterproof so you won’t have to worry about the damage of the foam due to water or other fluids. Lastly, there is a possibility for a replacement. 

The brand provides customers with free shipping and a warranty of three years with thirty nights of sleep trial. Free returns are also available. 

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The Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet 

It can be a difficulty finding the best dog bed for larger dogs such as Rottweilers, Great Danes, etc. but no matter their size, all dogs should be able to sprawl out and rest their paws. That is why the Bagel dog bed is a great solution, offering even the extra-large dog bed. Since most larger dogs are heavy, this bed is made thicker to endure it and give proper support. It also comes in various sizes that are suitable for smaller dogs as well. 


The construction includes a denier base that is waterproof, soft-polyfill so it protects the mattress when an accident occurs. The cover of the bed is made of poly/cotton twill, which makes it breathable. This is an excellent choice for dogs that tend to sleep hot. The bonus point is that it’s machine washable and you can use a dryer but dry on low heat. 

The Bagel dog bed is a quality dog bed for a reasonable price that varies from 50 dollars to 80 dollars. They offer to ship to the US, and you get a warranty od sixty nights. 

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The Ultimate Pet Bed by PetFusion 

The best dog beds for smaller breeds are the ones where your furry guy or gal is comfortable and supported, having enough space without feeling too large. The Ultimate pet bed is an orthopedic dog bed designed as a sofa type that contains microfiber polyester fill that is recycled and is an excellent choice if you’re looking for memory foam dog bed because its base includes memory foam. Due to its construction, your dogs will feel pressure relief and firm support. 


Its main size is 21 inches wide, 16 inches long and 2 inches thick, so most small dogs will find it suitable, but you can get a larger size if you prefer. You have three colors to choose from – chocolate brown, sandstone, and slate gray. The Ultimate pet bed also has a cover made from cotton and polyester twill, that is an odor, tear, and water resistant. Removable covers are available and machine washable. It can also be a comfortable bed for cats. 

This is an Amazon Prime dog bed, so prime members will get a discount and lower shipping expense when they order it. Pet Fusion gives customers a 2-year warranty and a thirty-night sleep trial. 

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The Bolstered Dog Bed by Nest Bedding 

Nest Bedding Bolstered dog bed is our editor’s top choice because of its eco-friendly donut design that is made from recycled plastic fill which is non-absorbent and breathable at the same time. The cover is made from cotton fabric adding to the simplicity of the design so that your pet can be cozy while resting on it. 


The edge of it is bolstered to give your dog pressure relief and support. This is a unique feature that keeps the dog bed in the same shape as you bought it. Most competing models do not have this system; therefore, the bed will flatten and sag as the time passes. 

The whole bed is machine washable which is an excellent way to prevent odor from sticking around but make sure to hang dry it after washing. The current price for Bolstered dog bed varies from 69 dollars to 149 dollars which is lower compared to its competitor models. Nest Bedding offers customers a 2-year warranty with one hundred night’s sleep trial. 

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