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Egyptian cotton sheets are very comfortable and durable, and they are perfect for year-round sleep. Our buying guide is based on thorough analysis and research, and it can help you find the best egyptian cotton sheets available on the market.

Throughout the past three centuries, Egyptian cotton has prevailed as one of Egypt’s most significant advantages on the always competing market. Read on to learn why products made of Egyptian cotton are considered one of the best and highest quality products in the world.


Types of Cotton

Cotton is a very popular and extremely versatile material used to create hundreds of different kinds of goods, from clothing to towels, bedding to upholstery. However, not everyone knows that there are many different types of cotton. Here are some most commonly used types.


Organic or natural cotton is another excellent eco-friendly fabric. It is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or other chemical fertilizers, and is better for the environment and your health.


It comes from Gossypium Barbadense, the same plant used for the Pima cotton. Long staple fibers are woven into a high-quality fabric after being spun into extra-fine threads. It’s all about the fiber when it comes to making quality sheets. Many consider Egyptian cotton fibers to be the best because of their length, strength, and softness.


Pima cotton is the second type of extra-long staple cotton. Extra-long staple cotton means that each of the individual fibers that make up the fluffy cotton bud is at least one and three-eighths inches in length. Longer fibers ensure a finished woven product is softer, stronger, and more durable. Pima, despite originating in Peru, earned its name from the Pima tribe of American Indians who pioneered the cultivation of this superior strain of cotton in the south-west United States.


Grown in the USA, Supima is a superior type of cotton, and makes up for less than 1% of the total world cotton production. What makes it unique is the extra-long staple fiber that gives softness, strength, and color retention. Supima is very luxurious, soft, naturally resilient, and with rich color.


Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton has not gained the reputation of being the best without reason. Egyptian cotton is undeniably the world’s finest, and the following characteristics are what sets it apart from other natural fibers:

  • The length of the fiber, without sacrificing the strength of the yarn, makes it possible to create the finest threads.
  • The strength of the fiber makes fabrics more robust and more resistant to stress.
  • Fabrics are given deeper, brighter and more resistant colors due to the material’s ability to absorb liquids.


The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets of 2019

Before you shop for your new Egyptian cotton sheets, it’s best to do your homework first. These comfortable and durable sheets are perfect for year-round sleep. They’re cooling in summer and cozy in winter. They are among the softest and longest-lasting bed linens on the market. Check out our list of the most popular models of the year below.


Parachute Percale Sheets

Initially charmed by Italy’s hidden treasures and picturesque hotels, Parachute’s founder and CEO went on a mission to find and buy beddings like the ones she fell in love with on her travels. These efforts were soon proven futile, as the market was filled mostly with bland, similar designs, while anything remotely reminiscent of the comfort and quality experienced in Europe sat safely outside of most individuals’ budget. This prompted the inception of the company and the Parachute Percale Sheets line.

Parachute sheets are now well known for their delicate, buttery softness and admirable resilience due to their percale weave. Crafted in Portugal, these beddings are created entirely out of long-staple Egyptian cotton enabling excellent airflow and improving temperature regulation of the mattress it’s placed on – yes, even memory foam. On top of that, Parachute sheets are OEKO-Tex standard 100 certified, which guarantees they are chemical-free and fit for use.

Available in seven colors and six different sizes, this set includes a fitted sheet along with two pillowcases. Additionally, you may choose to get the optional top layer which will cost you a bit extra compared to the usual Queen size price of a $103.2. Once the purchase has been delivered to your door, the countdown of your 90-night sleep trial begins. During this time, you may choose to return your set – the company covers both the shipping and return costs.

Parachute Percale Sheets may be machine-washed using a mild detergent and dried with Wool Dryer Balls rather than the standard dryer sheets. Parachute also offers a variety of other sleep and comfort-related products, including mattresses, towels, bathrobes, and more, all crafted in their four factories across the globe.


Mayfair Linen Egyptian Cotton Sateen Set

Behind the creation of Mayfair Linen lays the idea of supple, clean, and, above all, affordable beddings. The reason is simple: everybody deserves luxury when it comes to sleep! And the Mayfair Linen Egyptian Cotton Sateen Set brings just that.

Made of 100% long staple pure cotton and carefully monitored through every step of the manufacturing process, these sheets feature a 600 thread count and don’t pill. They are not only Sateen weave-signature soft, but also cleared for use by individuals whose sleep is often disrupted by allergies. The fabric is also highly breathable and thus suited for hot sleepers.

Mayfair sheets come in seven generously fitted sizes and a palette of eleven mono-color choices for a minimal, elegant look in any bedroom. A single set consists of one sheet, two pillowcases and a top cover for around $55 in Queen size, making it an extremely high-value pick. Did we mention that shipping is free, too?

Taking care of your Mayfair sheets is easy: machine-wash on a normal cycle, throw them in the dryer just for a short while and don’t use chlorine or bleach your set is colored.


Luxor Linens Egyptian Cotton Sheets

This company is based on clear parole: “what you put in, is what you get out.” This company firmly believes that the tasks we repeat daily must run effortlessly to keep us ahead of the curve and ready to tackle whatever comes our way. This may be achieved by investing both our time and money into finding the perfect pick and settling for nothing less. The Luxor Linens Sheets line aims to provide such a service with a 1200 thread count certified and responsibly sourced Egyptian cotton.

The Luxor Linens Egyptian Cotton Sheet set comes with a range of assets, providing the most comfortable, silky feel one may hope to find, without sacrificing the material’s durability. But what truly sets these sheets above many others is the customizable, personal design available upon request. The company offers tailoring to humor your unique needs, and as such, provides an excellent solution for individuals whose beds don’t fall under the usual sizing categories.

The colors and sizes are many to choose from, even without the custom options – monogramming is also an option. In Queen size, these sheets come at a steep $300, but the shipping and returns are free during the 30-night trial period.

The Luxor Linen sheets may be machine-washed and dried with standard settings.


eLuxury 1,000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets

An American-based company, eLuxury produces and sells top-notch bedsheets, covers, and towels for reasonable prices. The golden middle in the context of this article, eLuxury 1,000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets feature long staple cotton grown in the Nile River Basin, providing a balance between extraordinary resilience and a snug, velvety texture comparable to many high-end products on the market.

eLuxury sheets are manufactured with a single ply sateen weave, keeping them light and breathable enough for hot sleepers. They come in ten colors and four sizes, including Full, Queen, King, and California King, promising to fit most couple-sized beds up to 18 inches thick.

An eLuxury set includes one flat and one fitted sheet, as well as two pillowcases. In Queen size, this would cost you $155.99, which is a steal considering these beddings feature a 1000 thread count. A 30-night trial begins when you receive your order; shipping and returns are free.

These linens should be washed on cold temperatures and tumble-dried on low. The vivid colors don’t fade, and your sheets won’t shrink. However, they will feel even softer over time, after the first couple of washes.


Saatva Lofton Sheets

Saatva prides itself in its sustainable, eco-friendly business that combines quality and accessibility. First launched and best known for selling mattresses, this American company expanded its product line to include pretty much anything you can think of related to sleep. Featuring a 300 thread count, organic and responsibly sourced cotton, Saatva Lofton Sheets are the epitome of those ideals. From farm workers hand-picking the cotton to the skilled craftsmen perfecting the design, everybody is thought of and appropriately compensated – Saatva takes transparency very seriously.

Saatva sheets are characterized by a surprisingly soft feel considering the thread count. Manufactured with single ply weave, these sheets enable good airflow and keep you cool during the night.

A set typically consists of a flat and a fitted sheet along with two pillowcases for all sizes barring Twin and Twin XL. Offered in only three colors, but six different sizes, these sheets are appropriate for beds up to 15 inches thick. Queen size comes at $195, and the shipping is free.

Saatva Lofton Sheets should be washed on cold temperatures and without bleach. To ensure a longer lifetime, stick to tumble-drying.

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