Best Wedge Pillows – Buying Guide and Top Models

If you are looking for a perfect pillow for back problems, our list of best wedge pillows in 2019 can help. Our top choices are based on thorough research and analysis, and verified customer reviews. Wedge pillows can ease your back problems and help you get enough quality sleep.

If you are looking for a perfect pillow for improving your back problems or your overall health issues, then a wedge pillow is the right option for you. Learn more about best wedge pillows, their benefits, and our top picks!


Wedge Pillows

Wedge pillows are moderately firm, have a tapered incline, and are place on top of mattresses to raise your head, torso, or legs during sleep. It helps improve your circulation, keep your spine aligned, relieve pressure points, provide additional support for your body and alleviate some common issues you may experience around bedtime, like GERD, snoring, varicose veins pain, and more. It all depends on the sleep position in which you spend the majority of the night and what you need the pillow for in the first place.

Common Characteristics of Wedge Pillows


When it comes to size, wedge pillows are usually 20×20 inches at the least. This size suits the majority of people, but especially those whose mattresses are in Queen size or above. Those who sleep on single beds may find smaller pillows to fit better.


From 2 to 12 pounds, these pillows come in a wide enough range for anybody to find their match. Heavier designs are more challenging to lift and move, but that is a plus for sleepers who often switch positions during the night, such as stomach sleepers or insomniacs attempting to fall asleep. The lighter models won’t pose such inconveniences and will generally suit most people.


The inclination is one of the most significant properties to consider when purchasing a wedge model. Usually, between seven and twelve inches high, those with a lower angle are meant strictly for sleep; designs with a higher inclination may also be used in a half-sitting position, for additional support to one’s neck or back while performing a passive activity like watching a movie.


A vast majority of wedge models are made of higher or lower density memory foam. Polyester, bamboo, and rayon fabrics are common for the covers that come with these designs.


Cushions will generally be on the firmer side of the spectrum, but medium firm and softer models are available, too. Many of them will have gradually changing firmness levels on opposite ends of the surface, so sleepers with different preferences can have their needs met using the same design.


This category is hard to determine as a lot depends on the frequency of use and the quality of the material a pillow is made of. Warranties often last up to three years. They cover for product deformations done in the manufacturing or shipping process, but not the damage inflicted onto pillows due to the owner’s misuse.


Benefits of Using a Wedge Pillow

Enhanced comfort

Wedge pillows are designed to provide you with exceptional comfort whenever you want to rest, read, or watch TV.

Conforms Well To The Body

The outer part of these pillows is made using a high-quality viscoelastic material which can perfectly conform to the body’s shape and weight. A robust polyurethane foam core improves the support even more and increases their durability.   

Prevents Snoring

Although not considered a serious problem compared to other sleep disorders, snoring is a rather annoying issue both for the sleeper and their partner. By lifting your torso using the wedge pillow, your airway passages unblock, and your throat pressure relieved. It can help both you and your partner to sleep better.

Prevents Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a very common problem and mostly affect women of all ages, and sometimes men. This disorder causes the veins to bulge and swell over the surface of the skin, especially on legs, causing a lot of pain.

By using a wedge pillow, you can prevent this condition. This cushion acts as a leg support system which elevates your extremities when you lay down to promote better blood circulation through your veins.

Helps alleviate GERD symptoms

GERD, or Gastroesophageal reflux disease, is a condition that causes your stomach acid to come back up through your esophageal muscle, irritating the lining and causing nausea, heartburn, abdominal pain, and even teeth corrosion. GERD happens due to weakening of the gateway muscle placed between your stomach and throat. Think of it as a lid meant to keep your food down, only, when you have GERD, the lid unlocks, leaving the job up to gravity.

It means that the way you are positioned makes a significant difference in which direction your stomach contents will go. As GERD symptoms usually occur immediately after eating, you won’t have major difficulties as long as you stay upright. However, laying in bed with your whole body in a straight line leaves a good opening for acid reflux to strike.

Stomach sleeping is not an option in this case, but side or back sleeping can be manageable. That is where a good wedge pillow comes in handy, ensuring your head is adequately lifted and securing reflux-free sleep.


Types of GERD Wedge Pillows

Miracle Wedge

The Miracle Wedge has an incline of 7 inches and is made with a 24-inch by 24-inch memory foam. It’s best suited for people who tend to sleep on their side or back. The cover can be removed and washed, and it’s also hypoallergenic – unimportant for some people, but a great deal for those whose sleep regularly gets disrupted due to allergy-related issues.


Medslant elevates the torso by 7 inches and is a 32×24-inch pillow. It allows safely sleeping on your side or back by slightly lifting your head and minimizing the chances of acid reflux.

This wedge pillow can be used with or without a regular cushion. It comes with a washable travel cover and is made with 100 percent hypoallergenic polyurethane.


Specially designed for people with moderate to severe acid reflux, Posthera’s Comfort Lift wedge pillows are some of the most valuable investments you can make in such a situation.

Three respectful sizes: small, medium, and large, all work to elevate your torso by 30 to 40 degrees. If you happen to have GERD in combination with back pain caused by problematic posture, this is a perfect match.


The Best Wedge Pillows of 2019


Xtreme Comforts XW Wedge Pillow

With a 30-degree slope, the Xtreme Comforts XW Wedge Pillow is a perfect fit for those suffering from issues in the lumbar region of the back. It is made in two layers out of deluxe body active memory foam with a medium firm surface that cradles to your body, providing a sufficient amount of support for any weight group.

Xtreme Comforts XW is designed for individuals struggling with breathing at night, acid reflux, coughing, or poor blood circulation. It may also alleviate leg pain if placed under your knees or at the foot of the bed.

This pillow comes with a warranty that lasts a lifetime. Shipping is free within the US.

Features and Design

  • 30-degree angle incline is perfect for your bed as well as a sofa, daybed, and any similar area where you usually spend time resting or sleeping.
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort.
  • Medium firm with high conformity level.
  • Regulates body heat.
  • The soft, supple bamboo cover is hypoallergenic, which means it won’t aggravate your symptoms.

Good For

  • Sleepers in all weight groups (light, average, heavy)
  • People who snore or experience acid reflux
  • Hot sleepers
  • Sleepers who prefer moderate pillow inclinations


Helix Wedge Pillow

At 24×24 inches and ten inches thick, the Helix Wedge Pillow provides a solution for people who tend to snore or suffer from acid reflux. This triangularly shaped model is available exclusively in medium firm options, and it’s made from polyfoam and gel-infused memory foam to promote healthy temperature regulation.

The Helix is known for quality contouring, which allows for proper weight distribution across one’s body excellent pressure relief. Depending on which way you face during sleep, your ankles, wrists, hips, shoulders, or back will appreciate the much-needed relief.

Shipping is free within the US except for Alaska and Hawaii. A 100-night trial period begins the moment you receive your order, and the warranty lasts three years.

Features and Design:

  • Made in the United States
  • Infused with gel and with a quality rayon and polyester cover
  • Helps with symptoms of GERD and snoring, and can improve your posture
  • It can also be used as a headrest or additional back support

Good For

  • Hot sleepers.
  • Those who desire a medium firm sleep surface
  • Individuals who experience acid reflux on a nightly basis or regularly snore
  • Any weight group


FitPlus Premium Bed Wedge Pillow

This pillow has a 1.5 inches thick memory foam layer on top of a premium poly foam base. Its selling points are its close body conformity and centered support, worthy of more expensive competing models at half the price. Medium firm and average in size, the FitPlus Premium Bed Wedge Pillow quickly molds to the contours of your shoulders, neck, and head, but doesn’t sag under their weight because of its strong core.

At 7.5-inch thickness, the angled position of your head when using this pillow will make breathing much more comfortable, promoting uninterrupted sleep despite allergies, snoring, and GERD.

Sold at and a select few others, the FitPlus pillow will cost you between $35 and $60. Shipping and returns vary among the sellers, and the pillow’s warranty covers two years.

Features and Design

  • By closely conforming to your shoulders and upper back, this model improves posture and elevates your head to soothe acid reflux or breathing issues.
  • Its sturdy support system is strong enough for sleepers in any weight group.
  • It has a removable cover that is breathable and soft.
  • Machine washable cover.

Good For

  • Light, average, or heavy sleepers.
  • Shoulder and neck pain sufferers.
  • People who experience acid reflux or snore.
  • Those with poor circulation.


Brentwood Home Zuma Foam Wedge Pillow

This 1.8 PCF memory foam cushion provides the perfect support for your legs or upper body. With three different thickness options to choose from (including seven, ten and twenty inches), The Brentwood Home Zuma Foam Wedge Pillow covers the needs of a wide customer audience.

What sets this model apart is its excellent cooling property rarely found in memory foam products, mostly thanks to its breathable bamboo cover. This property is essential for those struggling with excessive heat during the night who also require a sturdy support system, a combination otherwise hard to find.

The cost of this pillow is way lower than those of competing products. At only $39, anybody suffering from poor circulation, acid reflux, difficulty breathing, hiatal hernias, back, or neck problems will benefit from purchasing the Brentwood Zuma.

Features and Design

  • Made in the US
  • It provides healthy, comfortable night’s sleep and is perfect for watching television on the floor or reading in bed.
  • Provides relief from neck and shoulder pain and eases respiratory problems.
  • It can help with digestion, acid reflux, and can increase circulation.
  • Has a super soft, removable, stretch-knit cover that’s washable for easy care.
  • Dust-resistant and hypoallergenic.
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Foam.

Good For:

  • Light, average, and heavy sleepers.
  • People who prefer headrests when sitting up in bed.
  • Those who experience acid reflux or snore.
  • Hot sleepers.


Avana Kind Bed System

While most wedges come in one piece, the Avana Kind Bed System comes in four incredible pieces that work together in harmony to bolster your body while sitting up in your bed. With different inclination levels (between four and ten inches), this makes the Avana system highly customizable and useful for a broad range of issues.

The Back Scoop offers firm yet supple lumbar (lower back) support, which can be adjusted by sliding the Scoop Cradle up or down to fit your body. The Headrest acts as a base for your neck, filling the space below it. Last but not least, the Knee Rest ensures that you stay lifted in place and have a natural position for relief in your joints.

As a result, you are provided with a number of options to suit your needs for maximum coziness and support that you can later switch up as desired for reading, watching TV, or meditating. All Avana parts are firm and wrapped into a removable, washable cover.

The price of this system is above the wedge pillow average, as is to be expected. At around $173, this product is a luxury well worth the price for those who can spring for it. Shipping is free within the US, and the warranty for this cushion configuration lasts two years.

Features and Design

  • Offers complete support.
  • Includes Scoop Cradle, Back Scoop, Headrest, and Knee Rest.
  • Comfortable, supportive, medium-density urethane foam.
  • The removable covers feature a lush, velvety top with soft microsuede on the side and are machine washable.
  • Measurements: 32.5×24 inches.
  • Made in the US.

Good For:

  • Sleepers in all weight groups (light, average, heavy)
  • Neck and back pain sufferers
  • Those who prefer a customizable pillow system
  • Higher-budget shoppers


InteVision Foam Wedge Pillow

This US-patented product is specifically indicated for people who need a higher incline to improve blood circulation. The InteVision Foam Wedge Pillow has a 2-inch memory foam layer and a resilient foam base. As tall as 12 inches, this firm cushion serves its purpose well, elevating your legs high enough without feeling uncomfortable.

Built-in channels have also been added to enhance air circulation, keeping the memory foam clean and responsive. Due to its Egyptian cotton cover, the pillow provides admirable thermoregulation, too, which helps alleviate some itching caused by the restless legs syndrome.

This pillow costs around $33, placing it well within most people’s budget. It can be found on and is also being sold by some other third-party retailers.

Features and Design

  • The product is US-patented
  • It is designed to help patients with acid reflux, snoring, allergies, or any other condition impairing one’s breathing in the supine position
  • At 12 inches thick, it can be used for sleep in an elevated position after surgery or to improve blood circulation
  • It helps reduce back pain
  • Comes with a machine-washable white cover

Good For:

  • Light, average, or heavy sleepers
  • People with restless legs syndrome or poor circulation
  • Hot sleepers


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