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Deciding to break up with your old mattress can be very hard, but what’s even harder is shopping for a new model. With so many options available, selecting a new mattress is often a long and painful process. What makes things worse is pricing that goes from a few hundred dollars to a small fortune and persistent salespeople that are continually bearing down on you like a wild animal stalking its prey.

That’s where Counting Sheep comes in. Our website is dedicated to helping you discover the best mattress options and models based on your budget, sleeping preferences, personal taste and other key factors. Each mattress review on our website was created with careful research and analysis. Our team of experts is continuously updating this list with new information, as well as new reviews as they become available.

It’s time to find your perfect mattress!

Englander Mattress Review: Here’s What You Should Know

by | February 15, 2019 | Mattress Reviews | 0 comments