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Saatva’s latex bed mark, Zenhaven, satisfies the organization’s notoriety for extravagance and quality while giving the special bit of two solidness alternatives.

On the off chance that you are searching for a hypoallergenic latex bed made with characteristic materials, Zenhaven offers a top notch answer for your requirements. With quality development, this bedding is worked to last and give a critical rate of profitability.

Purchasers can anticipate that considerable investment funds with Saatva’s immediate should customer demonstrate when contrasting with brands found in stores. Equivalent beddings cost roughly $4,000, making the Zenhaven an incredible incentive at its cost.

The Zenhaven sleeping cushion is a flippable, 100% latex bedding. With the two-in-one plan, Zenhaven has made a bedding reasonable for most sleepers needs. Both the rich and delicate firm sides offer abnormal amounts of help, weight alleviation, and skip.

Moreover, the 100 percent latex configuration makes for an increasingly normal sleeping pad. Accordingly, the sleeper who is searching for a progressively common bedding with incredible help, weight alleviation, and skip, this is certainly an extraordinary choice to consider.

Zenhaven Mattress Review: Introduction

Have you, at any point, needed to attempt two sleeping pads at the cost and accommodation of one?

For ecologically cognizant people hoping to catch a bed that’ll fit into their green ways of life, the all-latex Zenhaven sleeping pad from Saatva could be an incredible choice. Developed with rich New Zealand fleece, natural cotton and American Talalay latex, this bed is about as all-common as it gets.

Zenhaven has two immovability levels in one carefully assembled sleeping pad – which means your ideal fit might be one flip away. It is made is by Saatva, a notable online-just extravagance mark. Since the brand offers a 120-day time for testing, there is a lot of time to choose which side is directly for you, and this item is considerably less costly than practically identical showroom beddings.

Zenhaven, as a backup of Saatva, is an extravagance latex sleeping cushion with a double sided plan. On one side of the Zenhaven the bedding has a Medium Soft (4) immovability rating, while alternate has Firm feel, or a 7 on the solidness scale.

The double solace layers of the Zenhaven are developed from Talalay latex, which has an increasingly steady cell structure that makes for a gentler, more pad like feel. The Talalay latex in the solace zones of the bed offer incredible padding.

Given it’s double sided development, the both solace layers of the Zenhaven share a similar help center, which is made of a firmer, progressively thick Talalay latex. The three layers of latex connect to give a brilliantly steady rest. As far as keeping your spine adjusted for the duration of the night, the Zenhaven is out of the ordinary.

You will love this bedding whether you:

Zenhaven surpasses client’s desires. Yet, not just that, this bed got through our testing procedure as the champion latex bedding for all assortment of rest styles and loads.

Unrivaled help for back sleepers, who appreciate the responsive, yet even feel of the bed. In any case, in addition, frequently bothersome side sleepers – who regularly discover issue territories in their shoulders and hips while resting in their favored position – were similarly fulfilled by the weight mitigating parts of the Zenhaven.

Stomach sleepers require not stress over their buy here either; the Zenhaven really underpins your crotch, instead of giving it a chance to dive in like numerous different beddings. You won’t get up toward the beginning of the day griping about your lower back hurting on this mattress.

As a flippable, two-comfort alternative sleeping cushion, in the event that you aren’t happy on one side, basically flip the Zenhaven over.

  • Need a hypoallergenic bed – The regular materials utilized in Zenhaven will make them feel great all around. Its Talalay latex is impervious to form, microorganisms, and residue parasites, making it a more beneficial alternative than numerous different brands.
  • Rest hot – Latex opposes body warm. Rather than feeling profoundly bended by memory-style beds that trap warm, latex will bolster you with a breathable open cell structure. What’s more, pinholes and a 1-inch layer of fleece further support wind stream.
  • Need to locate the ideal fit – With two dimensions of immovability in one bed, you can locate the side that works best for you. With a 20-year guarantee, you can rest guaranteed that you will appreciate the ideal fit for a considerable length of time to come.
  • You are searching for a long haul speculation – Talalay latex is a high caliber, solid material. Along these lines, the sleeping pad should face long periods of utilization. In the event that you need a sleeping pad to last you for quite a while, this bedding should work for you.
  • You are a back or stomach sleeper – On the off chance that you rest on your back or stomach, you should discover the help you require on the Zenhaven. Likewise, given this is a flippable bedding, you ought to have the capacity to locate the correct side to help you without flaw.

You probably won’t care for this bedding whether you:

  • Need a memory feel – This common latex bed has more responsiveness than flexible foam. In any case, it likewise has more grounded edge support and remains cooler than customary adjustable foam.
  • You need a progressively moderate bedding –  While this is a decent incentive for an all-common latex sleeping pad, regardless it accompanies a more expensive rate point. In the event that you aren’t hoping to spend so much, a latex sleeping cushion probably won’t be the best decision for you.
  • You are a side sleeper – Despite the fact that this bedding has opposite sides, nor is a solid match for side sleepers. In this bed, you won’t feel great weight alleviation on either side thus, on the off chance that you rest in this position, you should need to discover something gentler by and large.
  • You do not prefer a bouncy sleeping pad – The latex in this sleeping cushion has an exceptionally fun, responsive feel. In the event that you don’t care for this vibe and want to sink into your sleeping pad, you should need to take a gander at an alternate bedding.

Materials and Quality

Zenhaven is a 10-inch latex sleeping cushion intended to be utilized with a strong stage (not slatted bases). Not at all like numerous other online brands, it isn’t packed in a container.

A sewed natural cotton cover encompasses the bed. There is a characteristic look to the cotton as Saatva chose to keep away from unsafe dying specialists that would have brought together the cover’s shading. It hints at no shortcoming when pulling or pulling at the best and sides; the sewing is solid.

As there are two particular sides with various solidness levels – Luxury Plush and Gentle Firm – we will separate the layers on the Luxury Plush side, as this is the side utilized most by proprietors.

The principal layer under the cover is 1 inch of 100% natural New Zealand fleece. The fleece normally makes a fire resistant hindrance and retains and wicks away dampness. Moreover, it helps air flow and temperature direction.

The second layer is 1.5-crawls of Talalay latex that fills in as the restrictive “5-Zone Comfort Layer.” This implies there are isolated segments with pinhole structures of various densities that cooperate to advance spinal arrangement and solace. There is included help in the hip and shoulder locales.

The third layer is 3 crawls of Talalay latex that gives improved help. It is gentler than the following dimension. The fourth layer is 3 creeps of Talalay latex that is firmer than the past dimension. Subsequent to flipping the sleeping cushion, this firmer layer gives prompt help to the individuals who require it.

The fifth layer is 1.5-crawls of Talalay latex that makes up the Gentle Firm side of the bed, which is encompassed by fleece. It is firmer than the solace layer on the Luxury Plush side.

Note that the brand is made with American Talalay latex, which indicates the broad procedure the latex experiences as it changes from a fluid to strong state. The procedure makes bigger cells and wind stream than a less-thorough Dunlop process, along these lines assisting with expanded temperature control and sleeping cushion breathability. Since the Talalay procedure is refined, it delivers very predictable material that is marginally increasingly costly.

All-normal latex, common fleece, and natural cotton meet up to shape an extravagant affair for the sleeper. The brand intensely asserts that their everything characteristic latex will outlive all other latex dependent on solidness tests, which the length of their guarantee remains behind.

Support and Feel

A great many people favor a medium-dimension of solidness since it suits sleepers of almost every position. This dimension normally gives an equalization of weight alleviation and support.

As referenced, there are two diverse solidness encounters for purchasers of this sleeping pad. The brand says the Gentle Firm is 18% firmer than the Luxury Plush. We have evaluated the Luxury Plush a 4.5 and the Gentle Firm a 7 dimension of solidness on a 10-point scale with 10 being the firmest.

The cotton cover is delicate and satisfying to the touch. There is a snappy reaction time in the wake of squeezing in and discharging.

You should lay over the bed rather than in it. While resting, repositioning is simple and there is a slight bob to each side.

Most back sleepers will be agreeable on either side of the bedding because of the exclusive zoning structure. Be that as it may, they will encounter somewhat more help from the Gentle Firm side, which they may favor.

Side sleepers should be aware of having enough weight help in the hips and shoulders. Along these lines, they will need to attempt the Luxury Plush side first. The zoning in the second layer adds support to these regions, and there ought to be satisfactory weight alleviation.

Stomach sleepers find included profit by the Gentle Firm side. It gives more help to the hips and shields them from sinking into the bed and disturbing spinal arrangement. In any case, most will be agreeable on the Luxury Plush side too.

Fundamentally heavier back and stomach sleepers may need to attempt the Gentle Firm side first for extra help so they don’t sink excessively far into the bedding and askew. Altogether heavier side sleepers will need to attempt Luxury Plush to get the advantages of weight help.

A gigantic incentive in picking this sleeping cushion is the capacity to discover the immovability level that works best for you. On the off chance that you choose to attempt the opposite side of the bed after conveyance, the Zenhaven group will return to your home and flip the sleeping cushion for no extra expense.

Movement Transfer

Despite the fact that not exactly as cutting edge as adjustable foam with regards to movement exchange, latex beds will in general perform well. While this isn’t as essential for profound or solo sleepers, it is critical light sleepers or those effectively aggravated by an accomplice getting up or repositioning amid the night.

Zenhaven performs particularly well as a latex bed concerning movement separation. Despite the fact that there is a touch of skip, the impacts are negligibly exchanged all through the bed.

Edge Support

Not at all like numerous other online-just brands, Zenhaven isn’t compacted and dispatched to your entryway in a container. While these brands can offer an improved dimension of accommodation, customarily they come up short with regards to edge bolster. There are two sorts to think about when purchasing – sitting on the edge and lying on the edge.

When sitting on the edge, the Zenhaven performs superior to customary boxed froth sleeping cushions and somewhat superior to anything other latex beds we have checked on (see the majority of our bed surveys).

While lying on the bed, the edge bolster stays acceptable. There is insignificant pressure and you should remain in one place as opposed to learning about constrained of the bed.

Zenhaven Mattress vs. Saatva Mattress vs. Loom & Leaf Mattresses

On the off chance that you are taking a gander at the Zenhaven sleeping cushion, you should need to know how it analyzes to alternate beddings from The Saatva Company. Looking at this sleeping cushion the Saatva, the Zenhaven is a latex bedding, while the Saatva is an innerspring sleeping cushion with a pad top.

The latex gives the Zenhaven a bouncier froth feel, and the Saatva has that customary spring, pad top feel. Additionally, the sleeping pads are shut as far as solidness. The Saatva and the Gentle Firm side of the Zenhaven both feel like a 7/10.

The Loom and Leaf sleeping pad is an all-froth bedding. The bedding has a solidness of 6.5/10, which is basically equivalent to the Luxury Plush side of the Zenhaven. Regarding feel, the Zenhaven has that fun froth feel, while the Loom and Leaf has that adaptable foam feel. The Zenhaven is substantially more responsive, and you will sink into the Loom and Leaf more.

As far as value, the Zenhaven will be more costly than the Saatva and the Loom and Leaf. It costs a considerable amount to normally source latex, so this is nothing unexpected. With this more expensive rate, you get progressively solid sleeping pad. The Talalay latex should make the Zenhaven a more extended enduring sleeping cushion than the Saatva and Loom and Leaf.

Pricing and Sizing

SizeDimensionsHeight Price
Twin38W” x 75L”10 inches$1,249
Twin Extra Long38W” x 80L”10 inches$1,349
Full54W” x 75L”10 inches$1,699
Queen60W” x 80L”10 inches$1,899
King38W” x 80L”10 inches$2,499
California King36W” x 84L”10 inches$2,499

Sleep Trial Warranty

Saatva offers a 120-night rest preliminary for all Zenhaven sleeping pads.

  • There is no required break-in period related with this rest preliminary. Clients may restore their bedding anytime amid the rest preliminary in return for a full discount.
  • The rest preliminary starts on the date of conveyance.
  • Sleeping pad proprietors are in charge of a $99 conveyance expense for their bedding return, yet Saatva will take care of every single other expense.


Saatva offers a 20-year non-allocated guarantee on Zenhaven sleeping pads:

Guarantee inclusion is as per the following:

  • For the initial two years, Saatva will totally supplant a sleeping cushion at no additional charge on the off chance that it is esteemed ‘damaged’.
  • Throughout the previous 18 years, Saatva will fix and re-cover a Saatva sleeping cushion for a transportation charge of $99 every way.
  • Saatva’s ‘Reasonableness Replacement Option’ incorporates the accompanying:
  • Amid years 3-5, proprietors may get another sleeping pad (instead of having the present one fixed) for 25% of the first cost.
  • Amid years 6-10, proprietors may get another sleeping pad (instead of having the present one fixed) for half of the first cost.
  • Amid years 11-20, proprietors may get another sleeping pad (instead of having the present one fixed) for 75% of the first cost.
  • Saatva won’t charge a conveyance expense for new sleeping pads for clients who pick this alternative.
  • Regardless of how old the guarantee is, clients can keep the first sleeping pad at no extra charge in the event that they choose to acquire another bedding at the rates recorded previously.
  • The guarantee is dependent upon the utilization of an appropriate emotionally supportive network. The guarantee will be voided if a Queen or King sleeping cushion is utilized with a metal bed outline that does not have a five-or six-legged help structure. The guarantee will likewise be voided if a Twin or Full sleeping cushion is utilized with a metal bed outline that does not have four legs.
  • The guarantee will cover the accompanying deformities:
  • Drooping or body spaces that are 3/4? or on the other hand further and don’t result from proprietor abuse.

The guarantee won’t cover the accompanying:

  • Hanging or spaces that don’t gauge 3/4? or then again more profound. These are viewed as standard mileage.
  • Consumes, cuts, stains, and different sorts of physical harm that happen because of proprietor abuse, inappropriate cleaning, or lacking help.
  • Clients must advise Saatva recorded as a hard copy with respect to any cases.
  • The guarantee is solely accessible for unique proprietors that buy their sleeping cushion from Zenhaven or an approved retailer. The individuals who purchase or get their sleeping pad from the first proprietor or a non-approved retailer won’t be qualified for guarantee inclusion.

Final Verdict

In the event that you are searching for a latex sleeping cushion yet would prefer not to pay extreme costs, the Zenhaven could work for you. It isn’t the most moderate sleeping cushion in any case, for a latex bedding, it is a decent arrangement.

Back and stomach sleepers and those agonizing over resting hot should discover what they require on this all-normal bedding. Be that as it may, side sleepers and the individuals who like to sink into their bedding should need to look somewhere else. The Zenhaven accompanies a 120-night rest preliminary, a 20-year Warranty, just as free dispatching and in-home setup. Financing is additionally accessible.

With regards to latex sleeping cushions, Zenhaven is up there with the most elite. It’s absolutely pricier than a considerable lot of its adjustable foam partners, yet close by comparative quality latex alternatives, it’s really a decent esteem. Latex sleeping cushions are increasingly costly in light of the fact that they are the most strong, longest-enduring beds out there.

Where the Sleep On Latex meets the spending latex customer, the Zenhaven and the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss are standard latex beds. The Spindle is another extraordinary decision given it’s latex construct, however a lesser on quality, yet you will spare more too.

Peruse our determinations underneath to perceive how the Zenhaven coordinates. Go to our full audit of every item by means of the connections beneath on the off chance that you’d like to find out about these similar sleeping pads.

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