Best Blackout Curtains – Top Picks and Useful Advice

If you are a light sleeper looking for a way to minimize sleep disruptions, you should consider buying a blackout curtain. Blackout curtains will block the light coming from the outside, and they will help you get enough rest. Take a look at our buying guide and top picks for best blackout curtains, based on analysis, research, and verified reviews.

If you are a light sleeper, you know the struggles of tossing and turning on your bed and on top of it, if the street light is too bright, it will make it impossible to fall asleep quickly. That is why it is vital to have a sleep-friendly bedroom. Our bedroom environment affects our sleep more than we think. To minimize sleep disruptions, it might be a good idea to consider buying a blackout curtain. Why is it important? 

Our natural sleep cycle depends a lot on daylight exposure. Circadian rhythm is made in that way to wake us up when the sun goes up, and make us feel tired when the sun goes down. In a perfect environment, we can keep our circadian rhythm healthy, but as we all know life interferes. Often, we have jobs or responsibilities that require us to stay awake. It can be due to our shift work, sleep disorders like insomnia or because we live in an area where it’s busy, and there are many bright street lights. Newborns and kids can also have this problem as they nap during the day.  

Blackout curtains come in handy to minimize daylight exposure, and in that way, it also regulates temperature in the bedroom making it warm when the months are cold and vice versa. Some of them have the ability to reduce the noise coming from the outside. Here are some of our product recommendations  


Utopia’s Thermal Blackout Room Darkening Curtain 

Utopia’s Thermal Blackout Curtain is very budget-friendly, offering its sets at a price for lower than 18 dollars. The products come in a set of two panels of curtains. They include two tiebacks and seven hooks giving you the option to hang it how you like. The materials are machine washable on cold temperature and low tumble dry. Almost all of the light is blocked, the noise reduction is around sixty percent, and the thermal insulation might cut down your bills. Also, its design is as elegant as it is practical. 


Color options are available, and since you can buy Utopia’s products exclusively through third-party representatives like Amazon, you might want to inquire more about returning policies and sleep trials. 

Recommended for:

  • People who prefer to choose liner of the curtain
  • People who want to save energy
  • People who want complete dark in their bedrooms

Key Points:

  • Multiple Size options
  • Multiple color choices
  • Tiebacks and hooks to hang at your convenience


The Ultimate Liner by ThermaLogic 

ThermaLogic Ultimate Liner stands out for many reasons. Like blackout curtains, it almost completely eliminates daylight exposure and provides noise reduction and thermal insulation. The simple design of it can match well with pleats grommets and others.


It is not complicated to use at all since it already has a rod opening and built-in hooks. A great thing about it is that you can wash it and dry it in regular household machines. The material consists of 80 percent polyester, 20 percent cotton and the backing 100 percent acrylic suede.
Since it preserves the existing temperature, you will save money on heating bills. ThermaLogic offers a variety of dimensions, and like the previous product, it can only be bought through the third-party representatives that will give you more details.
The colors available are white and red. 

Recommended for:  

  • Curtain owners who want two pass blackout curtains
  • People who want to save energy
  • Curtain owners who want to block the outside noise

Key Points:

  • Blend of cotton and polyester
  • Two options of color
  • Easily pairable with other designs


Thermal Insulated Curtains from Deconovo 

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Curtains are 100 percent high-quality polyester. Deconovo is one of the rarest brands that offer such variety when it comes to color and size. Since this curtain is not made to provide complete light isolation, if you wish it to provide a minimum to none light exposure, we recommend you to buy the darkest shade available, which would be black. 


One cool feature is that one side is black and the other side is silver, and it doesn’t contain liner which gives it longer than usual lifespan. Washing machine friendly. The design is modern, simple and not difficult to maintain. The curtain won’t turn a room into a dark cave, but it will dim the outside light enough for you and your kids to take a nap or sleep comfortably. So, this is a great choice for blackout curtain for kids. Deconovo ships to the US and it’s free of charge. 

Recommended for:

  • People who want to save energy
  • People who do not want complete darkness
  • People who want to have dimension options

Key Points:

  • The curtain is two-pass
  • A variety of dimensions and colors
  • Design that is durable and light


Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain by H.VERSAILTEX 

H.Versailtex’s Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain is our final choice because unlike other curtains that are two-pass; this one is three pass with a liner that is built-in. This guarantees that it will block 95 percent of daylight and will protect you from harmful UV rays. Due to these characteristics, it will keep the room temperature warm during cold weather and cool when it’s hot outside as well as reduce the noise coming from the outside. 


You can use the curtains in a variety of rods, and the panel contains 8 grommets. H.Versailtex offers by far the broadest range of color choices; up to thirty-one color options and four liner options. This ensures that the curtains will match your needs and style preferences. The company provides customers with a warranty of ten years in addition to thirty nights trial. 

Recommended for:

  • People who haveanoisy neighborhood  
  • People who want to save energy
  • People who want to have built-in liner curtains

Key points:

  • Variety of colors and sizes
  • Excellent noise and light reduction
  • A curtain that is three-pass


Crucial Factors when Buying a Blackout Curtain

When comparing models and brands keep these points in mind:

Budget planning – Blackout curtains vary in prices from less than 30 dollars to over 100 dollars so make sure you know how much you are willing to stretch your budget. Don’t forget that you will need to buy an additional window panel or a new liner if you are purchasing a curtain that is two-pass. 

Do you need 3-pass or 2-pass blackout curtain? – This is a matter of your taste. If you prefer complete darkness three-pass is for you, but if you prefer some extent of light in your room, you should get a two-pass since it doesn’t completely block the sunlight. 

Your window dimensions – You might fall in love with one curtain model, but if they don’t match the dimensions of your window, it will be difficult to make it work the way you need it. Make sure you always measure beforehand both length and width, then review the measurements when deciding on a model. You can even check the tag of your existing curtains to see which measurements would be suitable. 

Curtain material – The weight of curtains mainly depends on the material that is used, and it also affects how easy it moves over the rod. Canvas and velvet are the heavier options, and the lightest options are lace or tulle. 

Attachment to the rod – There are various mechanisms like rod pockets, grommets, rings, etc. So, this mostly depends on your preference and style that fits your décor. 

Curtain maintenance – Most of the fabric can be washed in a washing machine, which is more affordable options than those that need to be dry cleaned. 

Warranty and return policy – Some brands provide their customers with a trial period. and you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied as well as up to ten-year warranty coverage. Unfortunately, some don’t so it’s best to inquire on the spot. 


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