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Best Buckwheat Pillows – Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Buckwheat pillows offer a wide range of benefits, including flexibility, close conforming, pressure and pain relief, temperature neutrality, and excellent air circulation. Take a look at our in-depth buckwheat pillow buying guide based on extensive research and analysis.

Even though buckwheat pillows were first popular in East Asia, they have become popular in the U.S. as well. The contents of the pillows are simple – buckwheat hulls. If you are wondering what those are, they are the outer casings of buckwheat kernels. These pillows offer a wide range of benefits. They are very firm, but they are also flexible and able to conform closely to your head, shoulders, and neck. This construction provides the sleeper with excellent spine alignment and can help alleviate aches and pressure points. And you have good airflow and temperature neutrality when sleeping on them. Buckwheat pillows have an adjustable loft, which means you can remove or add hulls to adjust the thickness – to either increase or decrease it. They typically have cotton or organic cotton covers, making them an excellent eco-friendly option to consider buying when choosing your new pillow.

This article will give you the necessary information about buckwheat pillows. We will provide you with the characteristics and benefits of these pillows, and you can also see our top 4 choices for buckwheat pillows you can find on the market.

Top 4 Buckwheat Pillows:

  1. Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow
  2. Zen Chi Organic Buckwheat Pillow
  3. Hullo
  4. ComfyComfy ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow


Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow


The Sobakawa buckwheat pillow has a thin and soft cover made entirely from organic cotton. However, there is no zipper on this model, which means you cannot remove or add hulls to it. But not to worry, it has a good amount of hulls that will give you excellent pressure relief and conforming. With its molding quality, the pillow will help align the sleeper’s body in a very natural position. The model sleeps relatively cool, but if you want it even cooler you can put it in your freezer and get an extra-cold surface to sleep on.


The price for buckwheat pillows is usually high, but the Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow is an exception, and provides you the same pressure relief and conforming as any of the high-end models. This best pillow model is perfect for side and back sleepers in all weight groups (light, heavy, average) who prefer to sleep very cool and individuals that suffer from neck and shoulder pain. You can find it Queen and Standard sizes, and for the extra prices, you can get a cover.

Zen Chi Organic Buckwheat Pillow


The Zen Chi buckwheat pillow is made from entirely organic buckwheat hulls. No chemicals were used in the process making, and it won’t interfere with your sleep quality, and you can sleep safely. Because of the organic hulls, it also has good airflow, and you can sleep very cool. The pillow has excellent conforming and can help ease pain and aches in the areas of your shoulders and neck. The inner part of the pillowcase is made from very thin white cotton. It has a very convenient zipper which you can use to remove or add hulls. It is essential to remove the hulls when washing the pillow. The model is hefty, with its weight ranging from four to twelve pounds, depending on the size and number of hulls.


The model will suit every type of sleeper (stomach, back, side, combination) in all weight groups (light, heavy, average who sleep hot. And since it is wholly made from organically-grown hulls, it is an excellent choice for eco-friendly shoppers. You can find it in four sizes – Queen, King, Standard and a smaller Japanese size. The size choice is a huge exception among other buckwheat models that usually have a limited size choice. It has a 30-day sleep trial, and is available for purchase through Amazon and other third-party retailers, with the possibility of different sleep trials. If you are not sure about which model to get, this is an excellent choice for you. And you can even return the product if you are not satisfied with it and get your money back with the Zen Chi’s redeeming guarantee.




The Hullo buckwheat pillow is wholly made in the U.S. by the company Hulltex LLC. The case is made from entirely organic cotton twill grown in the U.S. The zypper comes from a Tennessee company Dunlap Zipper. The filling of the pillow – buckwheat hulls, are grown and milled in North Dakota. It is an all-natural product, with no chemical-based feathers or foams that could impact your health and sleep.


The model sleeps exceptionally cool, even for buckwheat pillow standards. It has excellent airflow in the pillow, a very breathable natural cover, and an adjustable loft. Even though buckwheat models are firm, the firmness allows the pillow to conform to the shape of your head, shoulders, neck, and spine. It might feel hard at first, but it has excellent support for these areas. The shape of the pillow is very adjustable and customizable, with the option to remove, move or add hulls to the pillow, making this product an excellent choice to help with head and neck problems.  

The Hullo pillow is suitable for individuals in the average and heavyweight groups that sleep on the side and back, those who sleep hot and suffer from neck and shoulder pain. It is available in three sizes – Small, Standard and King, and it comes with a 60-day sleep trial and free shipping for the U.S.


ComfyComfy ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow


The ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow is the best choice for buyers with a bigger budget. It has a higher price than other models, but it offers many benefits. Among those benefits are free shipping for any location in the U.S and a 60-day sleep trial to see if it suits you or not. The pillow also has excellent support with the adjustable loft, and an invisible zipper put there for you to remove or add hulls. The product is very suitable for all types of sleepers in all weight groups (light, heavy, average), individuals that sleep hot, and eco-friendly buyers.


The cover of the pillow is made from entirely organic cotton, and the pillow features organically and  USA-grown buckwheat, without any chemicals or fumigants. This model is a very healthy option that will help with your sleep quality. They are designed to be firm with little response to pressure and a moldable feel, even though buckwheat is not a hard material. The firmness happens because thousands of the hulls are stuffed into the pillow. Instead of the pressure response, the cushion permits the sleeper to shape it how they want. It prevents the sleeper from sinking too deep, creates the appropriate position for the body, and excellent spine alignment. However, it does have a soft feel and a breathable surface that improves your sleep quality. It is available in five sizes – Standard, Queen, Traditional, Classic, and Classic Plus. The last three sizes are perfect for reading or traveling. Depending on the size, the weight ranges from four to eight pounds. And it does not have any odor because it is organic and natural, without any chemicals or fumigants used. Because it is firmer, it is an excellent fit for all sleepers, but it might be more comfortable for back sleepers than for those who sleep on the stomach or side.


Buyer’s Guide for Buckwheat Pillows

We’ve discussed pillows made from buckwheat, but you may be wondering what that is exactly. It is a plant with edible seeds that is often used as a cover crop. The hulls are husks that protect the seeds of the plant. These hulls are what the pillows are filled with. Buckwheat pillow benefits are very diverse and excellent. Because they are very dense, they can be firmer, but still very supportive and able to conform to the body. The molding of the hulls gives great pain and pressure relief.

Pillows made from buckwheat hulls are completely natural and hypoallergenic. They do not have any odors or hazardous materials that will interfere with your health. And because they are completely natural, they have lifespans that are much longer than the average.

But these pillows are not entirely flawless or perfect. Like all things, they have their downsides. The hulls can clump which can cause the pillow to deform and lose its shape. The loss of shape is very bad for the body, and it will require additional adjustments while laying on it. Apart from that, these models can also be heavy, with a weight of ten or more pounds. And the price is significantly higher than other pillow types.

Characteristics of Buckwheat Pillows

Although buckwheat models are more expensive than other types and generally hard to find, they offer a wide range of benefits you cannot find in other models. Because of their stable and adaptable surface, they can easily conform to the shape of the body while being firm. They provide exceptional support to the shoulders, neck, and head, and give excellent spine alignment. Because of their natural materials, they are hypoallergenic and best pillows for allergy sufferers, unlike pillows made from materials like latex, down or feathers. And due to their environmentally-friendly construction, they also have excellent air circulation, and because of that, they retain a small amount of body heat.

Because of their excellent support, the buckwheat models provide a stable surface, and they keep your head upright in order to stop and prevent snoring for individuals that experience these issues. And with their excellent airflow, they are the best cooling pillows.  Even though they are made from natural materials, they tend to have some odor that might be unpleasant. The hulls are very durable and hard, which is why these pillows have a long lifespan.

However, pillows made from buckwheat are very heavy, with the average Standard size model having ten pounds, and Queen and King size having more. Their weight makes them hard to move while adjusting your sleep position. And they tend to make cracking sounds when you apply weight on them the first few times. But the sound disappears over time. But they mold to the sleeper’s body to create a shape suitable for the body, with the exception of the models that don’t have adjustable loft.

With these benefits and disadvantages, they are most suitable for back and side sleepers. These sleepers will be comfortable in buckwheat models because of above-average conforming and very stable surface. Since it has excellent airflow and a breathable cover, it is an excellent choice for those who sleep hot. And the natural materials make it suitable for those who snore and have allergies. But they might not be ideal for individuals that tend to snuggle with their pillows or struggle with moving the pillows because these models are very heavy.  And since these models can be loud, it is definitely not a good choice for those who wake up easily.


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