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Are you searching for the best cotton sheets on the market? Counting Sheep’s buying guide can help you make the right decision! Take a look at our top picks, based on analysis, research, and verified customer ratings.

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Finding the best cotton sheets can be a difficult task due to a wide variety of available choices. To pick the best ones, you have to consider various features such as thread count, types, weaving, and other things. The guidelines that will be presented in this article will help you find out more about the most recommended brands of bed sheets. We will talk about the benefits you can get while using cotton sheets. Apart from that, we will go over options, usage, and other factors that you need to consider when looking for the best sheets that offer a good night of sleep. You will also find out all the details and information that you need to have before going shopping. 

Top Choices for Best Cotton Sheets


Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheets


Cotton is a material that comes in many variations, from high-end to cheaper forms, but there are quality sheet sets that have a reasonable price. This is where our Editor’s Pick comes into play. Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set offers a comfortable and soft material for sleep. It has pillowcases and sheets made from Indian and Egyptian cotton, which are very durable with a 480TC. The pillowcases contain envelope enclosures that keep the inside of the pillows in one place, so there won’t be any clumping. Pillowcases and sheets are easy to maintain – they can be machine dried and washed. The set is available in six different sizes, from large ones such as California King to smaller sizes like Twin. Brooklinen has a satisfaction guarantee that includes free replacements and exchanges.


Boll & Branch Solid Hemmed Sheet Set


We picked the Solid Hemmed Sheet Set as the best luxury sheet. The set comes with pillowcases that are made from a mixture of Portuguese and Indian organic-cotton, as well as a fitted sheet and flat sheets. All of these are available in eight different sizes, from Full-size to three King sizes. This material combination offers excellent cooling for hotter periods with a silky-soft feel. With a thread count of 300, these sheets provide excellent durability and softness. The fitted sheet has 17″ of pocket depth, no matter which size you choose. It has an ideal pocket depth that fits most mattresses available on the market, including innerspring and hybrid models. The Boll & Branch Solid Hemmed Sheet Set is available in seven color options, with a 100-day sleep trial. 


California Design Den Combed-Cotton Sheets


Shopping for cotton sheets involves having a specific budget, which means you will be looking for a product with a reasonable price. With our best value choice, you will get excellent quality at a low price –  less than $50 for any of the seven sizes available. The Combed-Cotton Sheet Set from California Design Den contains pillowcases and sheets that are made from long-staple combed cotton. The material is very light and soft, with exceptional breathability and cooling abilities that people who sleep hot will appreciate. They also have an OEKO-TEX 100 certification that guarantees there were no chemicals used during production and a 400 thread-count, both of which can rarely be found at this price. The fitted sheet has an 18″ pocket depth that is suitable for most mattress models. The California Design Den is available in 23 colors, with a satisfaction guarantee.


Pure Parima Yalda Sheet Set 


Egyptian cotton is a very luxurious material for bedding. Just like Supima cotton, it has extra-long staple variety, but it is only made from fibers grown in Egypt, which is rare and expensive. Because it’s expensive, many companies use blended Egyptian cotton and sell their products at a lower price. Best Egyptial cotton sheets that we picked is the Pure Parima Yalda Sheet Set. Pillowcases and sheets are made of Giza ELS cotton, with a Cotton Egypt Association certification. The fibers of ELS cotton are very resilient, and both the sheets and pillowcases will have much longer lifespans. The Yalda Sheet Set contains one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases, all of which are available in sizes from Full to King sizes. Pure Parima also gives a sleep trial period of 100 nights and a full refund for this set. 


Gryphon Comfort Washed Sheet Set


Our choice for best Pima cotton sheets is the Comfort Washed Sheet Set from Gryphon that has pillowcases and sheets made from Supima cotton, which is an extra-long staple version of Pima cotton grown in the U.S. Pima is known for its natural cooling abilities and silky texture, but the material gets softer with each wash. Supima cotton in this set has an OEKO-TEX certification that guarantees no chemical agents and treatments were used during production. The set contains one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases that are available in five colors and all sizes, for less than $170. All products have a thread count of 300, and fitted sheets have an 18″ pocket depth. Gryphon also gives a 100-day trial with a return period.


Parachute Percale Sheet Set 


For the best cooling sheet, we have chosen Parachute Percale Sheet Set, with 400 thread count blended Egyptian cotton. The material is supposed to mimic the natural breathability and the silky-soft texture authentic Egyptian cotton has. Each set has one fitted sheet with 16″ of pocket depth and two pillowcases. For additional $60 to $90, you can get a top sheet in the same size as the set. All products are available in seven different colors, with a 90-day sleep trial and free shipping.


Cotton Sheets Buying Guide

From the standpoint of the quality of sleep, cotton sheets are the most comfortable ones. But, the weaving method, the weight, the type of cotton, and other characteristics are essential, as well.


Cotton is a natural fiber, which makes it the best option for sheets. It is breathable, so it lets the air circulate, thus raising the comfort and helping you sleep better. That property is essential for keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also absorbs moisture, again helping you sleep comfortably. Cotton does not lose its softness with time, unlike synthetics. Finally, its texture feels gentle on your skin due to it being a natural fiber. There are a lot of eco-friendly variants you can choose from, but you need to check whether the label shows 100% cotton because there are a lot of blends.

Organic cotton is gaining popularity as people become more and more aware of the necessity to protect and preserve the environment. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and chemicals and was not subject to rough processing. It is usually hand-picked and hand-washed with soap, to avoid chemical solutions. The colors used for dyeing need to be natural, too. Even though there are different natural fibers in the market, such as silk and bamboo, cotton is available all over the world and still a preferred fabric to use.

Natural fibers are especially useful for people prone to allergies or with sensitive skin, but regular cotton is also more suitable for them than any synthetic material since it is not irritating for the skin. The best cotton is considered to be the one with long fibers (long-staple) because it means softer fabric and less pilling. Also, you can choose from the variety of cotton fibers, from silky Sateen to cool Egyptian cotton sheets, depending on your preferences and price.

There are some downsides to cotton, as well. It is prone to wrinkling, but it is easily ironed. Even though it keeps its softness over time, its lifespan is shorter compared to synthetic materials. Cotton sheets with higher thread count are more durable, but their price is higher as well. So, for smaller budgets, it may not be affordable to buy high-quality sheets. Cotton shrinks while washing, so it needs to be washed on a warm cycle and hung to dry.


As for the types of cotton, the best one is Egyptian cotton, which grows only in some regions and is hand-picked. It has splendid long-staple fibers and produces a silky material. Pima cotton also has very long fibers which ensure strong and soft fabric, but it is still of lower quality than Egyptian cotton. When produced under a trademark Supima cotton, it indicates that it was grown in the USA. Regular cotton comprises several varieties, such as American upland cotton. Regular cotton is made from plants with short fibers, so it is not as durable as the mentioned ones. Such sheets are less expensive, but they can be rough to the touch.

Thread Count

The thread count is a crucial issue with cotton sheets. It is calculated by counting the number of threads per 1” square section of the fabric. If there are 250 threads lengthwise and 250 threads crosswise, you get 500 thread count. If a thread has one strand, the calculating is easy, but if it has multiple strands woven into one strand, then this 400-thread might be considered an 800-thread count and labeled as such. What you need is to look closely what the true thread count of your potential sheet is. It should not be too high since tighter weave can cause the material to be less durable.

The optimal range for each sheet fabric differs. The Egyptian cotton should have between 300 and 400, Pima cotton should have between 200 and 400, Linen should have between 100 and 200, Percale should have between 250 and 300, Sateen should have between 300 and 600, and bamboo sheets should have a count from 300 and higher.


The manner of weaving is vital in terms of softness and durability. With Percale style, the producers weave the fibers vertically and horizontally one by one, and the number of threads must not be less than 180. That ensures the equal feel on both sides. The weave is tight and even, so the texture of Percale sheets is light and cool, making them perfect for people who want to have a cooling or warming effect while sleeping. Especially if the sheets are ironed, it gives them that luxurious touch and enhances their cooling ability.

Sateen style presumes the producers weave the fibers in a long lateral pattern and expose it to a chemical process called mercerization. As a result, we have a satiny, radiant material, ready to dye. Since it comes out heavy, it is more suitable for warmer sheets. It also has a silkier feeling than Percale. Sateen sheets are easier to maintain due to the fact they do not wrinkle. They are less durable than Percale, though, and may even lose their radiance in time. Jersey style means the cotton is not woven but knitted. It is very soft and excellent for T-shirts and people with sensitive skin. However, it is less durable than the others and prone to pilling.

Other Choices

When it comes to other preferences, such as size and color, most sheets can be found in a variety of sizes and colors. You need to measure your mattress and inform yourself of the sizes that various brands offer and the depth of their fitted sheet pockets. Colors should be neutral since bright colors can distract your attention from sleeping. Also, if your skin is sensitive to chemicals, you may opt for natural-colored sheets. Going after fashionable patterns or colors might not be a good idea, since fashion changes, and the best choice is the one offering you the most comfortable sleeping environment.


When it comes to maintenance, it is easy to take care of cotton. It is important to wash your cotton sheets every week or two. It may look clean to you, but there are residues of sweat, oils, skin cells that you don’t see, but that attract dust mites.

You should avoid excessive laundry products, as they only cause breakage of cotton fibers. Bleach is also not recommended, as it can also cause damage. Stains should be treated before washing with an enzyme solution and then washed with a ph-balanced detergent gently, avoiding extra-hot cycles. Even though cotton tolerates high temperatures, such treatment may provoke pilling.

It is best if cotton sheets are hung to dry on sunlight because it disinfects the material and keeps it fresh. If the dryer is used, make sure you turn no-heat or low-heat program. Hot air can change the texture of the fabric.


In brief, you should choose cotton sheets which are gentle to your skin, having in mind the right size and whether you need a cooling or warming effect. Also, consider what the bed sheet set comprises of, since they come in various combinations, with or without a fitted sheet, with 1 or 2 pillowcases, etc. The best option would obviously be to choose a brand that offers a sleep trial or a return policy so that you can be sure you picked the right product.


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