Best Bed Sheets – Our Top Picks And Buyer’s Guide

Looking for new bed sheets? Counting Sheep can help! We tested the best bed sheets on the market. See our reviews of the top-rated sheets to make an informed decision.

People often don’t pay much attention when buying bed sheets. They usually get the ones that look nice or match the interior of their bedroom or the ones that are simply the cheapest option. But there is so much more to buying the perfect sheets than that.

To see which one are the best, you should learn about the materials that are used to make bed sheets, and compare different brands. All of them have different textures, softness, weight, ability to wick moisture and many more different aspects you want to look into.

If you are thinking about buying new sheets, check out our best sheets buyer’s guide, products reviews and top picks for 2019. We hope our guide will help you make an informed decision.

Our Top Picks

Threadmill Home Linen Extra-Long Cotton Sheets


  • Organic, GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified
  • Sateen design
  • Lightweight
  • 15” pocket depth
  • The all-elastic perimeter for better grip
  • Available in seven colors

The Threadmill Home Linen Sheets are made from extra long staple cotton fibers with a thread count of 800. Because of that, the sheets are very soft, strong and extremely durable. The sateen design is silky to the touch, and it will keep you fresh during the hot summer nights.

The set consists of a fitted sheet, a long sheet, and a pillowcase. The 15” pocket depth on elastic fitted sheets will match pretty much every mattress.

Threadmill Home pays a great deal about the environment and sustainability, and are organic-certified. The factories are entirely powered by wind and solar energy, and there are no plastics used in packaging. Sheet sets are packed in the reusable bags made of 100% cotton.

The Threadmill Home Linen Extra-Long Cotton Sheets are one of the more affordable products on the market, and you can also choose between 6 standard sizes and seven different colors.

Magic Linen Sheet Sets


  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • 100% stone-washed flax
  • 10” and 18” pocket depth options
  • Good durability
  • 30-night sleep trial

The MagicLinen Sheets are made from linen derived from European stone-washed flax for added softness. Linen is a great bedding material, it is as soft and breathable as cotton, but it has a much longer lifespan, which makes it the many customers’ favorite.


The sets are available in all the regular sizes as well as 13 colors and patterns. Every set contains a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. And if you don’t need it all, don’t worry, you can purchase every product separately.

There are 10” and 18” pocket depth options for a fitted sheet, which makes it suitable for pretty much every mattress on the market.

The fabric is OEKO-TEX certified, which means that no harmful chemicals are used when making these sheets.

The Magic Linen Sheet Set comes with a 30-night sleep period, and it is one of the most affordable sheet sets on the market. You’ll get excellent quality linen sheets, and the company also offers free shipping to any purchase over $250.

Parachute Percale Sheet Set


  • OEKO-TEX 100 certified
  • 16” pocket depth
  • Light construction
  • 7 colors
  • 90-days sleep trial

The Parachute Percale Sheet Set is made from luxurious Egyptian cotton with a thread count of 400 to give it a unique soft feel. The set includes a fitted sheet and two pillowcases, and a top layer can be purchased for extra money.

The Parachute Percale Sheet Set has a soft, silky feel even after a long time of use. The cotton is a very breathable material, so it will keep you fresh during the night, making it a good choice for hot sleepers.


The sheets have a 16” pocket depth, so they will most certainly fit most of the mattresses sold today, even the ticker ones.

The set comes in seven color options, and with a sleep trial period of 90 nights. Parachute also offers free shipping all around the US.

Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Microfiber Sheets


  • 14” pocket depth
  • Durable
  • 6 colors
  • 120-days return policy
  • One-year warranty

Brushed Microfiber Sheets by Brooklyn Bedding are made entirely of polyester, so you don’t have to worry that they will wrinkle or shrink, as sometimes happens with natural fabrics. The microfiber is finely woven into incredibly soft sheets. The fabric also makes it moisture-wicking and very lightweight to enable cooler sleeping.

The set includes one fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. The layers are very elastic, and the high-quality materials keep it from pilling.

The Brooklyn Bedding Brushed Microfiber Sheets come in eight different sizes and six colors: white, ivory, sage, khaki, charcoal and blue mist, so you’ll surely find a perfect fit for your bedroom.

The sheets come with a trial period of 120 nights, which is much longer than with more manufacturers. You’ll also get a warranty of 1 year on this product.

Pinzon Signature Flannel Sheets


  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified
  • 17” pocket depth
  • Heavyweight material
  • Available in eight different colors and three floral patterns

The Pinzon Signature Flannel Sheets are made from cotton that is 100% combed for durability, extraordinarily thick and weigh only 190 grams. The fabric is brushed on both sides so that the sheets will feel velvety no matter how you turn them.

Many flannel sheets tend to be expensive, but this Amazon brand comes at a very reasonable price. But don’t worry, you’ll still get high quality and very durable flannel sheets that won’t pill no matter how many times you wash and dry them.

The soft, heavyweight, breathable moisture resistant sheets are great for the cold winter nights, as you’ll feel cozy and warm, all night long. The fitted sheets come with a 17” pocket depth, that can fit almost every mattress on the market.

You can pick between eight color options as well as three floral patterns, and the sheets also come with a 1-year warranty.

Luxor Linens Valentino Sheets


  • 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton
  • 19” pocket depth
  • 30-days sleep trial
  • Customized monogramming option

Luxor Linens Valentino Sheets are made from luxurious extra long staple Egyptian cotton with a thread count of 1200. This offers an incredibly crisp and soft feel, as well as excellent temperature regulation due to material breathability.

The set contains one fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. A fitted sheet comes with a 19” pocket depth, that will fit on most of the today’s mattresses, even the thicker models.


The long-staple Egyptian cotton has been mercerized for additional softness and durability. You can wash and dry it in the machine without affecting its softness.

There are eight different sizes available, and for about roughly $15, you can customize your Valentino product with a monogram of your choosing.

Valentino Sheets come with a sleep trial period of 30 nights. Luxor Linens also offer free shipping across the US for all purchases over $49.

Saatva Lofton Organic Sheets


  • Fair Trade and GOTS certified
  • 15” pocket depth
  • Luxurious fabric, with a soft, light feel
  • 45-night sleep trial
  • 1-year warranty

The Saatva Lofton Organic Sheets are made from organic cotton, which is a popular bedding material for a few reasons. It is very soft and highly breathable, so it is an excellent choice for people who sleep hot at night.

The set contains a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and one or two matching pillowcases depending on the size you choose.

The long-staple 300 thread count organic cotton will feel extremely light on your skin. The fitted sheet has a pocket depth of 15”, that can be used on most of the standard mattresses.

The Lofton Organic Sheet Set comes with a 45-night sleep trial and a 1-year warranty. Saatva also offers free shipping to most locations in the US and Canada.

How To Select The Right Bed Sheet Material?

The most important thing when buying bed sheets is to choose the right fabrics. Here is the quick review of the most common materials, and how they compare to others:

Egyptian cotton
It is a luxurious fabric, especially the cotton with extra long, strong fibers. Egyptian cotton is soft, durable, doesn’t pill and is highly breathable. These sheets can be a bit costlier, but they are an excellent investment.

Cotton blend
These sheets are part cotton, part some other component that can be natural or synthetic. These blends are an excellent option because they offer the best qualities of different materials.

These sheets are incredibly soft and somewhere on the heavier side because they are made from wool, cotton or some other synthetic material. It’s a perfect choice for winter months, or, if you are a cold sleeper, you can use it all year long. The weight determines the quality of flannel, and you also want to look for the higher quality that doesn’t pill.

These sheets are made from synthetic fibers, and they are very durable, moisture-wicking and resistant to stains. They are very easy to take care of, and they don’t wrinkle. Polyester is also one of the most affordable materials, and it feels great, so it is always an excellent choice.

Another synthetic option made from tiny strands to create an ultra-thin, durable, strong sheets. They also feel so smooth, so they are an excellent option for people with sensitive skin.

These sheets are made from all natural fibers of the flax plant. The linen sheets are very luxurious; they are highly breathable, soft, they wick moisture, and are very durable as well. Linen sheets aren’t woven so tightly, so they are perfect if you are a hot sleeper, or simply for the summertime usage.

Silk is luxurious and one of the most expensive fabrics. The silk sheets offer an exceptionally soft feel, they wick the moisture off during the summer and keep you warm during the winter. They are also very durable and hypoallergenic so that they can be a good fit for people with asthma.

The fibers from the bamboo plant are made into a pulp and then dried into long threads that are later woven into fabric sheets. Bamboo sheets offer a nice soft touch; they are anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, as well as temperature-regulating.

Other Things To Consider When Buying Bed Sheets

Most of the sheets are offered in all the standard sizes, but you want to check if they match your bed before you buy them.

You want your sheets to look nice so look for a design you like. You’ll feel better if you like the design of your layers, which will make you fall asleep easier. Also, look for more neutral colors and low-contrast, as they draw less attention, so it will help you relax and fall asleep faster.

One more thing that can give you the perception of quality is a thread count. Thread count represents the number of crosswise and lengthwise strands that are found in the one square inch fabric section. Every type of material has a different optimal thread count, and here are some:

Egyptian cotton: 300-400 thread count
Bamboo: 300 and more thread count
Linen: 100-200 thread count

The quality of some materials is rated by its weight:

Silk: 14-19 pound weight
Microfiber: 90-120 grams per square meter
Flannel: 5+ ounces or 170+ grams per square meter

But keep in mind that higher thread count doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, as some manufacturers will try to boost the thread count artificially.

You also want to consider the price as it can vary quite a bit. Make sure that the content of your purchased set has all the pieces that you need, and check about the return policy and warranty before buying. Most sheet sets come with a 90-night sleep trial period as well as 1-year warranty, but you better double check. Lastly, read the online reviews and take into consideration everything you read in this guide, and you are sure to get the perfect bed sheets for yourself.



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