The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Down Pillows

Down pillows are very comfortable, moldable and gentle. They are an ideal option for sleepers who prefer soft sleeping surfaces. Down pillows offer exceptional softness and they are naturally lightweight. Take a look at our buying guide for the best down pillows, based on verified customer reviews and research.

If you want to get enough good night’s sleep and wake up well-rested and full of energy in the morning, you need to have the right pillow. It is crucial to take into consideration relevant factors that have an impact on the quality and the duration of sleep, such as softness, thickness, temperature regulation, and more. In case you prefer very soft and gentle pillows, a down pillow is the right way to go. If you sleep on a down pillow, you will feel as if you are sleeping on air.  

Down pillows are filled with the insulating underside feathers of geese and ducks. Unlike exterior feathers, down is exceptionally lightweight, puffy, cozy, and soft. These pillows are especially popular among people who prefer sleeping on very soft surfaces. Sometimes, the down filling is combined with outer feathers to add support by reinforcing the pillow, but in order for a pillow to be considered a true down, it needs to contain at least 75% down. If it contains less than 75% down, it should be marketed as a feather pillow instead of down.   

On the other hand, pillows that are not supplemented with outer feathers have 100% down filling. It is also crucial to make a difference between down and down alternative. Down alternative is made from polyester and it mimics the soft feel of natural down. When it comes to down vs down alternative pillow, you can expect the down alternative models to be more affordable than natural down pillows. 

Down pillows are considered one of the most comfortable types of pillows that you can have. They offer exceptional softness and excellent support. They are also very moldable, which makes them an excellent option for pillow snuggling individuals. These pillows sleep fairly cool, and they are naturally lightweight and silent when compressed. However, they are more expensive compared to pillows made from other materials. Also, 100% down models are costlier than those that also contain outer feathers, and they are pricier than down alternatives. Additionally, they can trigger allergies. In this case, down replacement from polyester is a better choice as it won’t trigger allergies. 

If you prefer sleeping on soft surfaces, and you are thinking about buying a new down pillow, we can help you choose the right model. Here are our top picks for down pillows, based on verified customer reviews, extensive analysis, and product research: 

Royal Bedding Luxury Down Pillow 

If you are looking for a comfortable and soft pillow, Royal Bedding has got you covered. Their Luxury Down Pillows are sold in the set of two, and they have a very soft and lofty feel. They are an ideal choice for value seekers, as well as people who prefer very soft sleeping surfaces. If you prefer sleeping on your side or back, you should consider getting these pillows as they are considered one of the best down pillows 2018. 


The cover of this pillow is very luxurious, and it is made with 100% cotton. It looks exquisite, and it is quite comfortable and soft to the touch. Luxury Down pillow is filled with 90% down for a lofty and soft feel, and 10% of the fill comes from sturdier feathers that add support to the entire pillow. It is an excellent option for people who want to sleep on a soft surface that provides the right level of support. 

Royal Bedding Luxury Down pillow is a perfect choice for people who sleep mostly on their side or back, as it provides the cushy feel of down, and at the same time, offers the proper support to the sleeper’s head and neck. It is one of the best down pillows for side sleepers. It is also encased in 500TC cotton with thick piping at the seams, which prevents the filling of the pillow to escape. This pillow is very durable, and it has a long lifespan, and it is also considered hypoallergenic. However, you shouldn’t use it if you are allergic to down.  

This pillow is one of the best luxury down pillows, and it is very affordable. In standard size, this pillow is available in a set of two, and the set is priced around $160, which is very close to the average price of one down pillow of the same size. 

Recommended for people who: 

  • Want a soft yet supportive pillow 
  • Sleep on their side or back 
  • Want an affordable pillow 

Parachute Down Pillow 

Parachute Down is another fantastic down model that you should consider when buying a pillow for your bedroom. This pillow is very comfortable, supportive, and breathable, and it is an ideal option for every sleep position. It is the best pillow for combination sleepers. Also, it is made from quality materials and has a long lifespan.  


This pillow has a 100% sateen cotton shell reinforced with a double stitched piping seam which holds the pillow together nicely and prevents the filling from escaping. This cover is very soft and breathable, and it allows people to sleep cool on it, without waking up in sweat. The pillow is filled with luxurious European white down which gives it the luxurious and supportive yet breathable quality. Besides 85% white down, this pillow also contains 15% feathers, and they provide the extra stability to the pillow. This pillow is probably the most supportive down pillow. The Down model sleeps very cool thanks to excellent air circulation throughout its interior, which makes it an excellent option for people who tend to sleep hot. 

The Down can be dry cleaned, and it can also be washed in a washing machine. However, if you opt for machine washing, make sure you wash it cool, on a delicate cycle, using mild liquid laundry detergent. This pillow is available in multiple firmness options. You can choose from soft, medium, and firm settings, depending on your comfort preferences. The soft option is the best for people who prefer sleeping on their stomach as it keeps the neck in a neutral position. The medium firmness has a medium amount of fluff, and it is the best solution for back sleepers. The firm version of the Down is the densest, and it is very supportive. It is recommended for sleepers who prefer side sleeping position as it requires a lot of loft to maintain the proper spinal alignment. The Down is available in two sizes – standard and king. It is quite comfortable and provides the right amount of bounce. Also, it cradles cozily to the sleeper’s head, and it is very lightweight.  

The Down Pillow by Parachute comes with a 60-night sleep trial period and a 3-year warranty. The shipping is free to shoppers in the continental U.S. 

Recommended for people who: 

  • Tend to sleep hot 
  • Want a breathable pillow 
  • Sleep on their stomach, side, and back 

Downlite Extra Soft Down Pillow 

Extra Soft Down model from Downlite is one of the best pillows for stomach sleepers and back sleepers. It is a flat pillow, and it is an ideal choice for sleepers who find most bed pillows too full. This pillow is very comfortable, which is essential to stomach sleepers, but it still provides the proper support and keeps the spine properly aligned, which is critical to people who sleep mostly on their back. It also offers excellent support for people who sleep on their side. 


The pillow has a very breathable cotton damask cover, and this cover allows it to sleep cool, which makes it a perfect option for people who tend to sleep hot. It is very soft and comfortable and feels good on the sleeper’s skin. The fill of the pillow is 100% white duck down, and it is hypoallergenic. Thanks to being all-down, this pillow is highly compressible. 

Downlite Extra Soft Down pillow is cleaned easily as it can even be washed in a washing machine. It can be easily shaped, and even folded for support if necessary. Also, it is perfect for layering with other pillows. This pillow provides the sleeper with the right level of support and comfort, and it has a long lifespan. It has excellent pressure relief on sensitive areas, and when it comes to firmness, it is medium. Additionally, it is available in three sizes – standard, queen, and king, and it is very affordable compared to most of the others 100% duck down pillows. However, the downside of this model is that some sleepers can find it too thin to match their preferences. 

Recommended for people who: 

  • Want to sleep cool 
  • Prefer medium firmness of pillows 
  • Need great pressure relief 

Down Perfect Pillow by Canadian Down & Feather Company  

Down Perfect is a perfect model for people who prefer sleeping on their side, and it can be a luxurious addition to any bedroom. This pillow provides the proper support, and it is very comfortable. It is an ideal option for every sleep position, and it is one of the best down pillows for side sleepers. Also, it is an excellent solution for value seekers. 


The cover of the Down Perfect is made with 100% 255TC fine cotton that is very soft and breathable. It allows the filling to breathe and prevents down and feathers from escaping the pillow. This pillow is filled with small white goose feathers that provide the resilient and firm support that sleepers need, and natural white goose down which provides the softness and luxury. It is one of the best goose down pillows 2018. Also, it has three chambers – one center core chamber which is filled with small feathers, and two outer chambers filled with down. Outer chambers provide the softness to the entire pillow and add comfort, while the core chamber offers the support of feathers. The fill of this pillow is considered hypoallergenic, and it won’t trigger allergies in sleepers.  

This pillow is available in medium and firm option, and both of them offer adequate support. The entire pillow is very breathable and sleeps cool, which makes it a perfect model for people who tend to sleep hot. Thanks to its e chamber design, the pillow maintains consistent and full shape and requires only minimal fluffing. You shouldn’t wash it in the washing machine as it will shrink and may cause the loss of the filling. Also, if the filling stays even a bit damp, it may allow mildew growth. This pillow should be dry cleaned only, and you can spot clean it by holding the fabric away from the filling, and using mild soap and warm water. It is an environmentally-friendly pillow, and it is available in three sizes – standard, queen, and king. The price of this model is below average, compared to similar models. 

The Down Perfect model from Canadian Down & Feather Company comes with a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects, which is very long for down pillows. 

Recommended for people who: 

  • Sleep hot 
  • Sleep in all positions 
  • Want a very comfortable pillow 

The Luxe Pillow 

The Luxe Pillow is a great model for people who prefer sleeping on soft pillow surfaces. It is an excellent option for side sleepers and back sleepers. Premium materials are used in the production of this pillow, and it also has an intricate design. This pillow is a perfect combination of support and comfort. 


The cover of the Luxe is made with 100% 300 TC cotton damask. It is very soft, breathes well, and it allows the entire pillow to sleep cool. It also has double-stitched piped edges. The Luxe is filled with down and feathers, and it provides better support than models made with 100% down. Down adds comfort and softness to the entire pillow, while firmer feathers help stabilize it and prevent the sleeper’s head from sinking into the pillow too deeply. The Luxe Pillow has three separate chambers. The core chamber is filled with feathers, and it provides support and stability to the pillow and prevents it from falling flat. Two outer chambers are filled with white goose down, and they provide buffering and unique softness. Thanks to these chambers, this pillow feels firm and soft in all the right places.  

The Luxe Pillow is crafted from sustainably sourced feathers and white goose down, and it is also one of the best goose down pillows in 2018. Additionally, it is available in standard and king size. Although it contains feathers, this pillow is certified as hypoallergenic, which makes it a suitable option for allergy sufferers as they don’t need to worry about the pillow causing any health issues. This pillow is very breathable and allows sleeping cool. It is also super soft and lightweight, yet strong and durable thanks to its inner-core. It cradles to the sleeper’s neck and head, and it adjusts quickly.  

This pillow comes with a 100-night sleep trial period, free shipping and free returns. 

Recommended for people who: 

  • Suffer from allergies 
  • Sleep on their side or back 
  • Want a comfortable yet supportive pillow 

Available Sizes of Down Pillows 

It is not always easy to choose the right size of the pillow. Sometimes, determining the right size can be a daunting task. Pillows vary in shape and size, and it can sometimes be a bit difficult to choose the size that accommodates the sleeper’s personal preferences. If you are thinking about buying a new pillow but have no idea which size to pick we will help you. We will explain the available sizes in detail so that it is easy for you to make an informed decision when shopping for a pillow. 


Standard sized pillows are the most popular and mostly sold. Standard size is the most compact one, the shortest and the cheapest as fewer materials are used compared to larger options. The dimensions of standard pillows are 20” x 26”, and they are an excellent fit for everyone. 

Super Standard 

Super standard pillows are a bit longer than standard options. The dimensions of this size of pillows are 20” x 28” and they are a perfect option for sleepers who think that the standard size is very compact.  


The dimensions of these pillows are 20” x 30”. As you can see, they are a bit longer compared to standard and super standard size, and they are an ideal solution for sleepers who toss and turn a lot or change positions while sleeping. Also, they can be used in queen and standard size pillowcases. 


The king size of pillows is also great for sleepers who tend to toss and turn during the night. Pillows of this size can also be used as backrests and headrests for those who work on a laptop, watch TV, or read a book in bed. Their dimensions are 20” x 36”, and they are also excellent for people with broad shoulders as they need additional support. 


Euro pillows are available in several sizes, and they have several purposes. They have a square shape and can be used as reading pillows and for décor. In some European countries, people use these pillows for sleeping. They can also be suitable as backrests and headrests. 

Pillow Size  Measurements 
Standard  20” x 26” 
Super Standard  20” x 28” 
Queen  20” x 30” 
King   20” x 36” 
Euro  26” x 26” 
24” x 24” 
22” x 22” 
20” x 20” 
18” x 18” 
16” x 16” 

What are the Benefits of Down Pillows? 

Down pillows are a symbol of comfort and pure luxury. They are very lightweight, extremely comfortable, and very fluffy. It is not a surprise that many people want to use them. Down pillows can help you sleep comfortably throughout the night and wake up refreshed and full of energy in the morning. However, the same as other types of pillows, down pillows also have their advantages and disadvantages. These pillows may be a perfect solution for some sleepers and not work for other sleepers. Here are the most important benefits that you can expect to get from a down pillow: 


One of the most important benefits of down pillows is that they are very durable. They can last for a very long time, even up to 10 or 15 years, depending on whether they were taken care of properly or not. Down becomes finer and softer with time, which helps these pillows outlast models made from other materials, materials that tend to become coarser or degrade over time. 


Down pillows are extremely soft and comfortable. They are very pleasant to the touch and are a perfect option for people who like to sleep on soft surfaces. 


This type of pillows conforms to the sleeper’s neck and head and offers adequate support and comfort no matter the weight of the sleeper. These pillows also tend to hold their shape well. 


Another advantage of down pillows is that they don’t have any noise. They are virtually silent when the pressure is applied to them. They are silent when the pressure is applied, which makes them a perfect option for people who tend to wake up easily during the night. Also, they are an excellent sleep solution for couples, especially those where one of the partners tosses and turns a lot during sleep. 


Down pillows have superb insulation properties. They retain some warmth, but they don’t get extremely warm. Also, they are very breathable and won’t get unusually cold either. Although the head and neck of the person sleeping on these pillows are kept at a pleasant temperature, the sleeper doesn’t have to worry about feeling sweaty during the night. These pillows remain very close to the ambient temperature, no matter if you are sleeping on it or not. 


If you want to buy a lightweight pillow for your bedroom, you should consider pillows made with down. Down is naturally light, and so are pillows made with this material. You can move the pillow or lift it without any effort. 


In case you prefer snuggling with a pillow while sleeping, you should consider getting a down model. They are an excellent option for people who snuggle with a pillow. 

What are the Disadvantages of Down Pillows? 

Some of the drawbacks of down pillows include: 


Down pillows are very moldable, and they continue to sink around the contours of the head during the night. Something like this can cause the pillow to get too flat and too compressed, which can cause discomfort and, in some cases, contribute to neck pain. Most of these pillows have low or medium loft when compressed, and they may not be an ideal option for some sleepers. 


These pillows need fluffing on a regular basis so that they maintain a decent loft and consistent shape. Fluffing is also necessary to replenish the pillow with air as well as to help it retain its softness. Additionally, it may be a bit difficult to clean them. Down pillows must be dry-cleaned, or spot cleaned with warm water and mild soap. They can’t be washed in the washing machine as they can shrink. Also, if the filling of these pillows stays dump, it can contribute to the development of mildew. 


Down pillows are made of natural fibers, and it is difficult to make sure that they are entirely hypoallergenic. They may carry microbes that can trigger allergies in some sleepers. However, some pillows of this type are treated during the process of manufacturing to remove the allergens. If you are prone to allergies, you should opt for down pillows that are certified as hypoallergenic. 


Some down pillows can get potentially lumpy. Moisture and oils from the sleeper’s body can interfere with the filling of down pillows after a long time of use and cause it to clump together, which can interfere with the smooth consistency of these pillows. 

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