Overcoming 5 Most Common Couple Sleep Problems

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When you are sharing a bed with your better half, you are also forced to share each other’s sleep problems. Some of the most common couple sleep problems are snoring, restlessness, and insomnia. These problems do not only interrupt the snooze of the person suffering from a particular problem, but also make thing difficult for their bed partner. Even small issues such as one person texting after lights-out and stealing covers can seem like a never-ending nightmare. However, even though you are sleeping with a snorer, cover thief or a hog, there are ways to meet the sandman in peace.

It is important to say that common nighttime disturbances are genuine sleep disorders, such as insomnia and sleep apnea. A doctor must treat these conditions. So, if your partner falls into this category, there is nothing you can do without professional help. The following practical solution should help you both have a better night sleep.

A Snoring Bedmate

This is the most common and also the most annoying sleep problem a couple can deal with. If you are not a light sleeper, earplugs may help. If you can’t sleep with earplugs, try using a white noise machine or play some calming music in the bedroom. Also, giving the non-snorer time to drift into slumber may also help. Once the non-snorer is in a deep sleep, it is less likely he or she will be awake by noise.

If you are a light sleeper and you don’t want to sleep in another room without your significant other, you should wake him up to change his position. Most people snore sleeping on their back. However, no matter how your partner sleeps, when he snores, wake him up, and ask him to turn over.

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress and using a special pillow will also help reduce snoring. If you are sleeping on an old mattress or if you use pillows that don’t provide quality support to your neck and spine, you should replace them.

If snoring is caused by nasal problems, the snorer must visit a doctor to address the issue. Excess weight and alcohol consumption can also exacerbate snoring.

Never-ending Tossing and Turning

Restless sleeping is always caused by something. It is not a normal sleep pattern. Frequent tossing and turning can be caused by stress or a sleep problem known as the Restless Legs Syndrome. Getting a bigger bed or a mattress that minimizes movement will significantly help not to disturb your partner.

A Cover Thief

This one is easy. Just cover yourself with a different set of sheets. You can use individual set of sheets, and place a big blanket over both of you.

Night Owls and Early Risers

If you or your partner or not ready to go to sleep, don’t force them to go to bed with you. Spend time in bed together before the other partner feels sleepy. Once your partner is asleep, you can get out of bed and resume other activities. If you are an early riser, also don’t force your better half to get up when you do.

Nighttime Tech Use

Your bedroom should be used only for sleep and sex. It should be an individual’s sleeping sanctuary and heaven for couples. Blue light emitted by smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs can significantly disrupt sleep, so it is best to remove all tech out of your bedroom. We all have a technology-saturated lifestyle, so we should at least try cutting it down before bed.

If none of the mentioned solutions work, you should consider sleeping in different beds or rooms. Spending time together right before sleep is very important for maintaining a relationship. However, that doesn’t have to include actual sleeping together. If you sleep in separate rooms, spend more time before sleep and nurture your closeness and intimacy any way you can.

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